The Essence Of True Lies
By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, MD

If you have understood my writings, you will have gained the awareness that we are living in a temporary Virtual Reality which is about to be dismantled, thus liberating those trapped within it who are not part of the Virtual Reality.

From the very beginning of this dimension, the Virtual Reality has been built and maintained by LIES.

Earliest documents from the beginning of this epic of Humanity’s history talk of the Existence of Evil, of Evil’s ability to engulf the plane, of the need to sort out the Good from the Bad, and for total eradication of the “World”.

Thus, the existence of Evil and the End of the ‘World’ are part of the Ancient Wisdom.

That Evil exists is obvious, inspite of what New Agers say. Just look at the state of the World. Can the unending lies, deception, dishonesty, destruction and murder be anything but Evil at work?

More than that, many are gaining their true Spiritual Vision and seeing Demons in human bodies. Demons are creations of Evil.

In the Ancient Wisdom, the “World” means all the physical manifestation. Mistranslations make a mockery of the Truth. Thus, when Jesus said this World would end within His generation, the word ‘generation’ is not an accurate translation. It should be within this ‘epoch’ or ‘era’. There have been 6 other previous eras for Homo sapiens. Before that, there had been other eras for different manifestation on Earth.  

Do we have any evidence for the existence of man in other “eras” before this one? Yes, is the answer. Such things as active batteries found in Mesopotamia, and the history of flying crafts and nuclear wars in the Vedas allude to that concept.

Many can be regressed to a time before the Pyramids which were built over 25,000 years ago. Many recall Atlantis. A few I have regressed (I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist) can recall their escape from Vulcan, the planet that exploded before our era. It now forms the Asteroid Belt.

I cannot repeat often enough what Jesus said in John 8:44 to the Pharisees, “You are liars and murderers from the beginning, just like your father (the Devil, Jehovah, Saklas, Rex Mundi, Yaldabaoth, the Moloch etc.).

Here is the King James interpretation:  “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

Why is it that many cannot admit to the Existence of Evil, to the visitation of this planet by visitors from other planets and dimensions, to the Message of Finality as told to us by all the Spiritual Masters and Avatars (Sons of God) who have reincarnated on this plane, as Jesus also gave?

·        As I said, the existence of Evil is self-obvious.
·        Evidence abounds for proving “aliens’ have visited the planet.
·        Look at the cave paintings depicting them;
·        Read the history of the Dogon tribe in Africa and their knowledge of the Sirius binary system, the existence of the rings of Saturn, of the moons of Jupiter. Where else could they get such advanced astronomical knowledge but from visiting space travellers?
·        Read the Vedas and their contents of Nuclear wars and space crafts.
·        Study UFOs on the Internet.

Millions of people have been on space crafts.

I have been on them repeatedly.

The fact that the fools cannot accept that knowledge does not make it any less real.

The fact that they deny Evil, the Separation of the Good from the Bad (a final Judgement ­ which has already occurred, by the way - and the Correction I have described in minute detail does not invalidate them.

In this day and age, only fools ­ evil fools- or the very ignorant - deny the existence of Aliens, UFOs, the existence of Evil, and the end of this dimension. It is because they are part of the Virtual Reality, creations of Evil who are there to maintain the Illusion with their Lies.

Throughout history, various Archons (those in charge of the Virtual Reality) have created lies by which to harness the trapped ones, and punish them in due course. The History of the Catholic Church is replete with examples.

Of recent times, 2 lies of maximal intensity and effectiveness have trapped us and blackmailed us into silence. But, this will not last long.

1        The first is the Jewish Holocaust.
This Myth was created before the turn of the Twentieth Century and an attempt to implement it was made immediately after the First World War, but that attempt failed. Then 20 years after the Second World War, the Zionists tried again and this time their mendaciousness germinated. By then the Archons had full control of the Media as never before and were able to do what they liked. But, Truth is Truth and lies are lies.

2        The Second Mechanism of entrapment came with the attack on the New York Trade Centres Towers on 9/11.

There is a great deal of material on the Internet that will leave you in no doubt that this was orchestrated by sections of the American Government, acting in concert with those of the same essence  who instigated the lie of the  Holocaust.

As these two lies now become exposed, the trapped beings will be liberated, and the Virtual Reality will be seen by all for what it is, in preparation for its total destruction.

I am aware that in some countries, exposing these two lies, the Holocaust and the false reason for the 9/11 attacks with stating the fact that elements of the USA Government, colluding with Mossad, carried out the murders can bring punitive legislation against those who will argue for the Truth. But, since when has the Truth required protection with punishment?

What more evidence do you need that these of Untruth a Liars and Murderers?

But, they are not to be feared. They can only kill the body.

He who can annihilate the Spirit is the One these of Evil must now fear for that Being spells their Doom.

I explained above why the many cannot see the absurdity of these lies. I repeat, it is because they are either still somnambulant, programmed to accept the Falsehood or else part of the Evil Lies But, it will not be long before the duped ones awaken. Time has accelerated, it is short, and the End is very near.

As I said above, there are thousands of articles exposing the LIE OF 9/11. What is truly amazing, and not acceptable, is the hesitation of true spirited ones to bring the evil perpetrators to justice.

On the subject of the Holocaust, the book “The Holocaust Hoax exposed” by Victor Thorn, is essential reading. It is published by The Barnes Review.

 Copyright Dr J Chiappalone
April 30, 2012




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