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Dividing To Conquer

By Jim Kirwan


In the coming confrontation the size of this place is paramount because it puts the lie to everything USI has done to date. This country is not like any other-place that USI has practiced its war games on. Their WAR on the USA will be massively different from anything these criminals have ever had to face before. And that’s a Fact!

Dividing” in order to “Conquer” will remain as a pillar in the DHS pre-emptive attack on the people of America. That does not mean that their policy can or will work here. This huge unrecognized reality, Divide & Conquer is the key to understanding what’s about to happen. This 51 min Video tracks our efforts to repeat and repeat every crime-against-humanity. This is what we did to create the savagely-divisive war inside Iraq. That preemptive war was launched to stabilize that country; yet it left Iraq in absolute ruin.

On the 10th anniversary of the Iraq invasion the allegations of American links to the units that eventually accelerated Iraq's descent into civil war cast the US occupation in a new and even more controversial light. The investigation was sparked over a year ago by millions of classified US military documents dumped onto the internet and their mysterious references to US soldiers ordered to ignore torture. Private Bradley Manning, 25, is facing a 20-year sentence, accused of leaking military secrets.

Steele's contribution was pivotal. He was the covert US figure behind the intelligence gathering of the new commando units. The aim: to halt a nascent Sunni insurgency in its tracks by extracting information from detainees.

It was a role made for Steele. The veteran had made his name in El Salvador almost 20 years earlier as head of a US group of special forces advisers who were training and funding the Salvadoran military to fight the FNLM guerrilla insurgency. These government units developed a fearsome international reputation for their death squad activities. Steele's own biography describes his work there as the "training of the best counterinsurgency force" in El Salvador.

Of his El Salvador experience in 1986, Steele told Dr Max Manwaring, the author of El Salvador at War: An Oral History: "When I arrived here there was a tendency to focus on technical indicators … but in an insurgency the focus has to be on human aspects. That means getting people to talk to you."

But the arming of one side of the conflict by the US hastened the country's descent into a civil war in which 75,000 people died and 1 million out of a population of 6 million became refugees.” (1)

In the WAR that’s coming, the forces that will be arrayed against the people of this place, will not have been trained to do much of anything except mimic what previously ‘trained’ thugs have done everywhere else. Americans will deal effectively with that part of this pre-emptive attack and millions will needlessly die.

The portion of this conflict that has not been foreseen is that despite some very scary threats in semi-segregated areas of the country—this tyranny cannot work on a nationwide basis here, as they did in those other places that are now in ruins. America is simply too huge to “be contained” into local-backwaters or cut-off by isolation in order to effectively intimidate and control the population.

That said, this country will not bend-over and surrender to these creatures, except in isolated circumstances. Americans have been preparing for this WAR since Obama first took the office that he claims he now owns. Neither he nor any of the criminals from previous administrations will be capable of crushing this nation or its people. When that becomes clear, there will be a bloodbath of a totally different kind. This cleansing will brutally destroy the same people that have designed the end of this nation and the world. This is long overdue.

Many think that nuclear attacks may well be used to open this attempted conquest on our shores. Many believe that all DHS has to do is to mop-up and finish terrifying those who might escape their next false-flag-first-attack on us. I doubt that because there are still huge plans for imprisonment of the population. (FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS) imply that millions are needed (alive) for something more.

Speaking of this: There’s a massive disconnect between what will happen to the country if we are attacked before the public has thought about the possibilities versus how it would be if the public knew the inherent dangers of an imminent attack. The first casualty, if we adhere to what we’ve done everywhere else, will be the three main areas of survival: Water, Food & Medicine. Beyond that there will be a disconnect between the nearly 50% of those that now depend upon the government for survival. Business will cease. Without jobs there can be no income. Without the semblance of stability, of any kind, only the CAMPS will offer anything. But the fact that quite literally “Everything is directly connected” cannot ever be overlooked. What this means is that there will no longer be anything that in the past has always been thought of as “normal”.

Transportation will be a nightmare and access to transportation will cease. Checks from the government in any form will stop. Banks will cease to function. People with any kind of dependency on drugs or care, of any kind, will simply be ignored. Most of those people will die, very soon after whatever method is chosen for this ugliest of all possible outcomes.

One of the reasons that so many Americans will fight will be because there will be nothing left to do but observe the slaughter—or defend yourself! This will happen in far too many places. That is why the war should be prevented. But only the OUTLAWS can prevent the coming slaughter and they are not known for their patience or their willingness to back-off from anything they begin. This pre-emptive-attack was their preference. Never forget they’ve been hell-bent to create this obscenity for decade now.

The very existence of "HOMELAND Security" is an abomination against the only two documents which ‘that-creation’ claims to be protecting: The Declaration of Independence & the U.S. Constitution. By definition there is no room for something as savagely-primitive as a FATHERLAND, much less a "HOMELAND" ergo there is no room for fascism in any guise in this place at any time in history—but especially not now!

Part of the proof of their treachery is inherent in the introduction of their ideas. It began with The Department of HOMELAND Security that was designed years before 911 ever happened. The same was true of the USA PATRIOT Act. This feral-government wants the public to believe that these two documents were written after the attacks of 911. The truth is they were written well in advance of the theft by Bush of the White House on 12-12-2000.

Each and all of these criminal takeovers were incrementally created, to kick-in as if they were not part of any overall-plan, but were instead a natural outgrowth. Why then has this place only continued to sink like a falling meteorite with every passing second? Given that there was a stabilizing-surplus at the end of Clinton’s term; which was trashed immediately and then became this gargantuan failure. Public DEBT is now over $211 Trillion or $2.1 Quadrillion by the latest accurate assessment of our national failure on the global-stage.

All that DEBT could be given back to those who created it. But that would take guts and determination which apparently this country no longer has. The fact that so many depend upon government hand-outs is more than a factor in all of this. It’s what’s driving us straight to hell. Only a total-house-cleaning could change anything. That might come with the arrest and imprisonment of the thirty-people being charged with Crimes Against Humanity in Brussels. Don’t hold your breath. Because if that went forward then all those USI & Israeli TRAITORS would soon have to follow! Just try and imagine that…

There is a very long way to go—still. But it would seem that this new false-flag will be coming much sooner than most have planned for. Whatever happens, the only real survivors will be among those that keep their eyes and senses open to every possibility. While that can’t protect anyone caught in a ground-zero event: Those who get past the initial attack might still have some chance, provided that they stay focused and learn to get past the horror of the blood-bath that’s coming…

1) From El Salvador to Iraq: Washington's man behind brutal police squads ­ 51 min VIDEO





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