The Destruction Of Christmas And The Truth
By Dr. J Chiappalone MD
As most of you know there is a push in Zionist circles all over the world to destroy the idea behind Christmas. Again I am using the ontological meaning; not the racial or religious meaning for the true essence of Zionism transcends race and religion.
Archons want to destroy the notion that someone like Jesus even existed. They want to deny the Truth that permeated that era, the Truth once again presented to this level by a Gnostic representative of the Light who did, in fact, exist as a flesh and blood Warrior for Truth.
We all know the documents purporting to be of that life and that era are inaccurate (see my book Death of an Evil God for details), but we also know the Spirit of the Avatar and His Message are true. The details are minor as a little scholastic research will show. They have been distorted both in the first century A.D., and especially in the Councils of Nicaea in the fourth and eighth centuries to suit the Evil Archons who control the masses. St Jerome, Iraneus, and others did their best to destroy any truth in the documents we now have. Such things as the Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Sea Scrolls suggest the massive distortions that have occurred to what is today presented as Truth.
As a side issue, note the message of Christmas now: Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Men.
But if you look at the conduct of those on Earth, what has resulted is the very opposite: Perennial War on Earth and Ill-will to all men everywhere. You may think this is a cynical approach, but have you read a history book of the Christian Church lately that does not hide the facts? There have always been wars in families, in regional communities, in countries, between countries, between religions, between the sexes, between the rich and poor, young and old, between the gays and heterosexuals, between the gentry and slaves. And so it goes on.
There has never been Peace on Earth or any Goodwill that lasts more than a few seconds. Even love-making, for the robots and demons, is fornication with an exploitative content, promoted of course by hormones which themselves are products of an impulsively Evil System as I have explained elsewhere. Love, and sex are two different things.
"Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Men". Ha, ha. Phew!
This should have been the case in a non-evil dimension. But in this evil Dimension, it is a false message, invented by the Archons to lull the True Beings back into somnambulance. The Archons well knew this planet was a battle zone, resulting in Spiritual Death for those whom their exploited of energy. All that is by them presented is a Virtual Reality to keep the True Beings trapped in ignorance.
Jesus did not give that message of Peace on Earth, etc. He came with a sword to separate the Viables from the non-Viables. He came to expose the War of Essences. He came to expose who was running this evil show (the evil Archons) and for this he was murdered. But the evil ones turned that into a farcical entrapment too, by saying he died for the sins of Mankind, and to open the Gates of Heaven. This is stupid nonsense. But it has fooled so many with tragic consequences.
Thus, as you can prove conclusively for yourself from data present in our very lifetime, these Evil Archons seem to have the capacity and ability to turn Truth into Untruth, and v.v.
With ease they seem to be able to fool the masses and turn their ungodly Untruth into their version of truth which they protect with their laws that punish those who question them.
The classical examples in our lifetimes of this manipulation of fraudulence is best seen in these 2 situations:
1 The Zionist created "Holocaust".
2 The attacks of 9//11 where a few rag-headed impostors supposedly destroyed the twin towers.
All true, honest research proves conclusively these are fraudulent creations of the very ones whom Jesus said were the Sons of the Devil, liars and murderers.
Of course they hide the "truth of these two mechanisms" from the masses, and want to punish anyone who questions them. But genuine scholars have seen through these evil practices.
All truth about the Holocaust in particular has been buried, and this lie will get larger and larger as those with living memory of the events around the 1930s and 1940s die off. In the meantime, by taking control of the Laws and legislature of many countries, these Evil Ones have attempted to sustain their Untruth by punitive measures, and jailing those who oppose their untruth.
As I said, they have meticulously hidden any relevant truths about the era, and continue to bombard the masses with their Untruth, for the masses are now mainly Robots and Demons who respond to the Evil-controlled media.
In the case of 9/11, we can all read the data. Only fools believe what the USA Government says about the cause of this murderous disaster, and their reasons for killing many more people and stealing their wealth with the ensuing wars.
But, who are they kidding?
As I have said often, these two evil, untrue mechanisms, the Holocaust, and 9/11, are the Keys for the collapse of the Zionist control of the world and the destruction of the Zionist controlled, fast-sinking United States of America.
The fact that Evil always repeats its mistakes and always overdoes things, as it is doing with its Holocaust propaganda, its 9/11 in-your-face BS, and its irreverent destruction of other nations, signals its undoing, and even total self-destruction.
I have predicted this many times. Watch and see. It will happen. And as I am writing this, I am reminded once again of Luria of Safaads's prophecy, that the world will rise against the evilness he saw in his Demonic race, and will destroy it forevermore.
When he made that prophecy, it was interpreted along racial and regional lines, but I can tell you, he meant it in a Final Endtime Eradication of all Evil.
I remind you of the axioms I have used in the past:
· This is the 'Generation which will not know Death', meaning we have the knowledge that the Consciousness of Viables will proceed elsewhere. The Clinical evidence of Life after Death as described by Near Death Experiencers avers to this. Some of us have already been to the New Dimension prepared for us to dwell in when this one is no more.
· All will be exposed in their ontological nakedness. In other words, we shall all know who is who. The demons will be unmasked, and they will fool nobody any more. The significance of understanding the fraudulence of the Holocaust and 9/11 is in fulfilment of this prophecy.
· Psychic ability will be restored to all. Already many are seeing who is a robot in the body, who is a demon and who is a Viable consciousness.
· The physical dimension is all but finished.
· Each will receive exactly what it deserves, not more and not less.
· Those found wanting will undergo a Transmutation Process which is just. It is not simply a mechanism for the eradication of Evil by sending its consciousness to eternal quiescence. It is a process of True Justice, by which Evildoers will need to spiritually restore the damage done to the victims. It is not a process without suffering for the unjust. It is True Justice metered out as it is required, automatically. And True Justice is not tempered with Mercy, for Mercy can only be of value to the contrite. Evil Beings are anything but contrite.
· Those found fit to continue an Evolutionary Process will do so as I have explained in my books. It will not be in the physical dimensions.
You should note that the Sciences, in all their subforms, have concealed these Truths, for they are all part of the Virtual Reality to hide the Greater Truth of Existence.
In the main, Science and its handmaidens, like Psychiatry and Psychology, Physics, Astronomy, Quantum Physics without its Metaphysical Aspects, and Geology, have done their best to obscure and bury the truth about spiritual existence and the finite nature of this miserable Evil-created dimension which is nothing but a prison for the exploitation of true Consciousnesses. Its time is over, and we are the generation that will witness its demise.
This Physical Universe and all its dimensions have been closed off in preparation for what is to occur.
If you know anything about Entropy within a closed system, you would know this is not a World Without End.
From my book "Thoughts of a Gnostic volume 4.
On December 25 each year, I always say,
"Happy Birthday Jesus. My love to You.
I will ignore the evil exploitation
of Your birthday by cynical commercial
interests and the historical nonsense
They have published about Your life.
I am saddened that You had to be born
in this realm of evil fools
and were assassinated for revealing Truth.
Even today such Evil runs rife.
Simultaneously I am gladdened You came
to help the Liberation Process
and that I had the opportunity
in this life to hear of You.
Such thoughts help when, by the inevitable
attacks from Evil I'm feeling blue.
I acknowledge You as a Liberating Christ
and honour You in all the earthly forms
such as Rama, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Manichaeus,
Mohammed, Columbus, Galileo, Mozart, Nietzsche, and
many, many others, which
I now know were all of your consciousness too.
Oh, how I long to be with all those
aspects which form the Complete You."
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