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Our Children’s Legacy:
Debt And Environment

By Frosty Wooldridge


Our second president, John Adams said, “There are two ways to defeat any nation. The first is by the sword and the second is by debt.”

Today, our country and all of us citizens run a $16 trillion debt. We stand up to our eyeballs in debt. War debt, poverty debt, welfare debt, interest payments of over $600 million a day on debt, energy debt, trade debt and the list could run off this page.

More of our citizens suckle off the system and we add millions every year. Four years ago at the beginning of the Obama tenure, 36 million Americans and non-citizens utilized our extravagant food stamp system. Ironically, because Obama could not and did not create more jobs as promised, those poor now stand at 47.7 million people feeding themselves on the rest of our backs. Within the next four years, their numbers could exceed 55 million by recent projections. Our debt will increase.

While Obama inherited a $12 trillion debt, he jumped it to $16 trillion in four years. Experts project the debt to exceed $20 trillion within the next four years of his administration. Clearly, he suffers incompetence up to his eyeballs as to our national debt. He clearly lacks any talent or the intellectual horsepower to hire top people to bring the debt down or create jobs or get those 47.7 million Americans working.

What does that mean? It means that more people feel entitled to freebies, a free ride and “Why should I work?” They get it, too. They enjoy Electronic Benefits Transfer credit cards that allow them to do nothing all day while they tap into an endless amount of money, food and assisted housing. Paid for by your tax dollars! At the same time, our U.S. Congress adds 100,000 legal, green card holding immigrants into the mix every 30 days, month in and month out, year in and year out—over 1.2 million annually. Not only do those numbers displace Americans from jobs, it’s changing the founding demographic of this country.

It’s like France importing so many immigrants from Africa or the Middle East, that the French become displaced from their country, their culture and their language. Hint: it’s actually happening. Same with UK, Belgium, Holland, Norway and other countries!

What’s amazing to me stems from the fact that Africa, now at nearly 1 billion people, will skyrocket to 3.1 billion by the end of this century. Thus, their overflow accelerates. Thus, they could very well change all of Europe into an African colony. Or, the Middle East in places like Egypt at 82 million will hit 150 million by mid century, thus plenty of refugees heading toward Europe and they will change all of Europe into a Middle Eastern colony. Guess what, it’s happening already.

As you can see, John Adam’s quote illustrates our predicament. What happens when you as an individual cannot pay your bills? You will lose your car, your house and everything else. In other words, your world collapses. That’s where our country gallops toward: collapse.

Not only will our kids inherit a debt legacy they won’t be able to solve, we bring them even more sobering environmental debt. What’s that you say?

For example, today, the Mississippi River spews chemicals, oil, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and more filth into the Gulf of Mexico—that the endless effluent creates a 10,000 square mile dead zone. That means that most vertebrate marine life cannot exist in the filthy water. Thus, they exit. Any creature left suffers contamination.

Our cities pour massive amounts of carbon particulate and chemicals into the air 24/7 from car and smoke stack exhaust numbering in the millions of tons. Whether you like it or not, understand it or not—those freak tornadoes tearing up the country are not so “freaky” anymore. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy will become the norm as we warm the waters of the Atlantic and they collide with the moving cold air masses.

Our chemicals and carbon output forces the oceans into acidity and imbalance, so much so, that we kill the reefs and the fish stocks that the oceans once supported.

What am I saying? Not only are we leaving our kids a horrific debt predicament, but an ugly environmental legacy. And, guess what, our U.S. Congress, always wise and always alert to make things better for all Americans, remains on course to add another 100 million immigrants into the mix to create an even greater financial and environmental nightmare legacy for all our future generations.

How about let’s changing course toward a positive future rather than the one we currently will give our progeny? How could we stop the onslaught? We need to curtail immigration down to less than 100,000 annually rather than maintain it at 100,000 each month. How about joining these four outstanding organizations for free and start phone calling, faxing and participating in the future of your children’s lives for a successful future?

Join ; ; ;

Otherwise, we will discover four ways to collapse our civilization: by the sword, by debt, by immigration and by environmental destruction of our biosphere.






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