Let’s Cut To The Chase
By Jim Kirwan


What we have now is total insanity masquerading as “total protection" for every citizen in the middle of a FREE-FIRE Zone where the same people that are supposed to be protecting us are trying to kill us all.

On the one hand we have the government who believes that they must make every single decision for every person about every single thing that any of us do every minute of every day. In other words instead of treating us like adults, the government has decided, with no prompting from the public, to step into every decision that we each make every day and night. No matter what it is the government is there: Telling us what we MUST do, what we CANNOT DO, and fining or charging us for every single unwanted decision which they are trying to force us to accept. This is true for every human need or desire, every decision surrounding food, diet, medicine, education, jobs, reading or entertainment event: And now they insist on government approval for programs or video that we might watch, but only with their permission! Government also wants to control who we speak with, what we talk about and what we may NOT talk about. Sorry that was last year:

This year it’s what we may be ALLOWED to think as well,
because this year we can now commit THOUGHT CRIMES too.

And since the government has appointed itself to watch and respond to everything we do or do NOT do: The only thing left for the government to do to us is to assign each and every one of us “a personal minder.” This was used by the Stasi in East Germany, and we know how well that turned out for the East Germans. But this is Amerika and apparently Amerikans are just too stupid to make any of their own decisions for themselves. So we “NEED” the government; according to the government, just so we don’t hurt ourselves psychologically, physically, mentally, or even accidentally? WOW, it’s amazing how we have gone from having a Bill of Rights & Freedoms to being totally PROTECTED, but NOT from the Government.

Your government is there to keep all of the above from happening to each and every person,
24-7, 365 days of every year—and no one ever asked them to do any of this!

Oh and since there are now thousands of federal agencies, instead of the handful that we could never find the money to fund, our DEBT to the government for all these unwanted and unneeded protections has put this country into national-debt that borders on Quadrillions of our own money that we are all “on the hook for” for at least the next thousand years: Unless of course we do what Iceland did and tell the government to “shove these collective costs up their collective ass”!

On the Other Hand

The same agencies that are so concerned for every aspect of our health and welfare are also the same agencies that want to fine or imprison us for every minor infraction of the traffic laws, the environmental agenda from the UN, which must be directly paid into, by us, for our individual carbon footprint. On top of that now virtually
every law on the books no matter how small can now suddenly be treated as a felony—if and when it is committed by a non-Zionist who is already a wholly OWNED slave.

None of these new laws will ever apply to the elites, no matter how grievous, no matter how obscene: They will never be charged with any crimes at all—because the Department of Justice does not apply to leadership, to the lobbyists, the bankers, or the leaders of major corporations—it only applies to the great unwashed and to the radicals that might disagree with this all-caring-government.

Ah but the most formidable aspect of this government is its intention to keep every Amerikan safe from every contrary thought or possibly controversial idea that might be lurking somewhere in the everyday world which is obviously far too dangerous to allow ordinary people to enter that world; without the government’s protection for every step that any ordinary slave must take. But just as there are obviously not enough people to individually monitor every person - who will be responsible for each and every one of us?

People once-upon-a-time had a congress that was suppose to act as a mediator between the overkill of the immense powers of the Federal Government and those that this same government was supposedly created to protect. But the congress during Bush, accepted Israel’s system of bribes that put the Congress completely on the side of a foreign power, which is still acting against the interests of the people and the government of the USA. Over 300 of the 535 members of congress have already signed Israel-First loyalty oaths, which invalidate their own oaths of office. At the same time the US president has become nothing more that a very public BITCH for the rogue state of Israel. This impasse has left the public with no where to turn since our elected officials in all three branches of government have sold the nation to the Zionist State of Israel. Today 95% of us have no where left to turn, except to the streets!

Somehow however when it comes to any public gathering or meeting in those streets, wherein dozens or more people might chose to get together—the government always responds by sending in RIOT TROOPS, dressed for WAR to break up those un-permitted gatherings, even if they are being held in public spaces which the same public actually owns.

The public is becoming weary of this criminal-farce and may soon begin to answer the government’s brutality and over-the-top violence in their own way; whenever some brain-dead cop picks on the wrong few people, there will be a public explosion that will alter everything. Meanwhile . . . Every time these unruly people persist in shouting or marching or sitting down in front of these all-powerful and dressed-for-mortal-combat-thugs: Ah then the government does exactly the opposite of what it says it exists to do: It proceeds to taser, to torture and beat, to strip search, and sometimes to KILL the same people they are in the streets to supposedly protect? Last year only 27 cops nationwide were killed in the line of duty; but hundreds of citizens were murdered by them, and no charges were even filed.

How Can the Criminal Government Explain Itself?

No government can ever be everything to every person. It hasn’t enough people to furnish “a personal-minder” for every one of the 340 million people here. Nor can it expect the technology and the Fear combined to intimidate the entire population into simply surrendering to the Criminal State without a fight. What we see now is a supposed-state that is totally insane and completely bereft of any idea that it had ever had, about how to run a nation-state. What is clear is that the people of this place must come together as ordinary people to take back this government because its very existence is a criminal fraud upon the public and the number of treasonous acts they routinely commit each and every day is astounding. Ending this nightmare must become a priority before these homicidal maniacs succeed in involving the world ever-deeper in the genocides of millions-more; in yet more countries in the name of saving their sorry asses from the hangman’s noose that they have evaded for far too long.


However in addition to being able to recognize our problems, there is also the fact that nothing will be coming to the aid of ordinary people, in these star-crossed times, which we purposely did come together to create. The only people that can end this nightmare are the people that stood by and let it all happen in the first place.

I was on a radio program this morning with Mike Harris on RPN radio and a caller suggested something interesting. He mentioned that “WE” actually does not apply because basically “we” no longer have any shared values: Then Mike pointed out another truism which is that “no one can build a national-economy on criminality alone”, which is of course what has been the case since Reagan announced that GREED is GOOD”! Thanks to the extreme left this nation has been carded, tagged, intimidated and coerced into the worst kind of segregation from our fellow beings that has ever existed. The so-called laws are patently illegal as they involve prior-restraint (assuming facts not in evidence) concerning what may or may not be discussed. This has left Amerikans alone and terrified of everything they must now face.

What makes this so horrific is that the solution for our common-problems today, lies in these forbidden conversations with those of us who share these criminal-excesses, which are multiplying like flies-in-the-desert-heat upon the corpse of what was the USA. And all of this is part of the design to end us as a people and a nation; but this cannot happen if we individually begin to fight back! We cannot hire anyone to do this for us; we must finally be willing to literally RISK EVERYTHING if we want to save ourselves and those we love. But to be successful we must begin by doing whatever we see that needs to be done: Quietly. Organization is the quickest road to outright failure because just like both major political parties (that have been infiltrated since the Death of JFK); every effort to come together will be infiltrated now from the very beginning—so don’t waste your valuable time.

Figure out what you can do and do it! Collectively all of this counts; and the ‘machinery’ of government is incredibly vulnerable to any glitch in their systems: Ergo, lots of glitches that continue to mount can bring Goliath to an immediate halt! The entire criminal-edifice is about to combust upon the global stage, and we need to be ready to refuse to help those that caused this from escaping. When this happens the planet needs to tell the bankers and their owners to go straight back to Hell. The world needs to follow the international example set by Iceland: Tell them to eat their own debts, and let them all just go bankrupt so that the invisible and illegal-debt-burden can just disappear, while the world begins to rebuild after those that directly profited from these massive crimes have been found and dealt with—globally!

The power to do these things belongs to each and every one of us—but we MUST come to the place where we individually have accepted responsibility to deal with this massive mistake in which each of us has had a part. It may be too late already, but if we chose to fight instead of to SURRENDER, there may still be a chance to turn back the events that were planned for us oh so very long ago. . .

WE must stop lying to ourselves about everything political; if that’s too much to ask; then get out of the way because you’re already dead to the rest of the world. Whether we like it or not we are responsible for this planet, and for our actions on it. This is not nearly as simple as economics or corporate-speak would have anyone believe—this is about the LIFE & DEATH of the entire world, and everyone living here today. If we get this wrong, then there will not be a future for anyone, any longer. The PRETENDERS must be eliminated. (1)


(1) The Pretenders



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