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The Crime That Ends
The Demonic Reign

By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It


This essay gives a metaphysical explanation of the tumultuous and fulminating Final Days and the occurrence of the End of Days. The faint-hearted should reconsider before proceeding.

As I will demonstrate in this short essay, the events of 9/11 form a Key of Knowledge all must know about, if they are going to awaken out of the Illusion of the Virtual Reality.

It is a Key that will demonstrate in no uncertain terms, the existence of the Two Feuding Creations, as the Ancient Gnostic Knowledge so forcefully postulates.

As we go along, you will learn more about why I call this a Demonic World, and what is to be done about it. You will gain a glimpse of why things are the way they are and what the Ultimate Solution to our woes is.

This is what you will find about 9/11 if you look it up in Wikipedia:

The September 11 attacks (also referred to as September 11, September 11th or 9/11 were a series of foursuicide attacks that were committed in the United States on September 11, 2001, coordinated to strike the areas of New York City and Washington, D.C. On that Tuesday morning, 19 terrorists from the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger jets. The hijackers intentionally piloted two of those planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, into the North and South towers of the World Trade Centercomplex in New York City; both towers collapsed within two hours. The hijackers also intentionally crashedAmerican Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and intended to pilot the fourth hijacked jet, United Airlines Flight 93, into the United States Capitol Building [2] in Washington, D.C.; however, the plane crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania after its passengers attempted to take control of the jet from the hijackers. Nearly 3,000 people died in the attacks, including the 246 civilians and 19 hijackers aboard the four planes, none of whom survived.

To those in the know, this is a complete fatuous fabrication, and a purposeful misrepresentation of the real situation.

If you need to refresh your memory of the reality of 9//11, I suggest you watch these videos and read Chris Bollyn’s book then proceed with my essay:

·        Questions
·        9/11: Explosive Evidence Experts Speak Out ,Was Presented On Colorado Public Television

·        All the Proof in the World
·        September Clues

·        Chris Bollyn’s book

Alas, the official Government explanation implies this: “You, useless rabble, are fools and morons, and you will believe what we, your masters, tell you to believe, or else”.

Just like the UFO saga, hey?

But the imposition of the Patriot Act, of restrictions for Homeland Security, restriction of personal Civil Liberties,  and destruction of Constitutional Rights have punished the Nation before even one thought of protest was mentally formulated or even before one word of protest was uttered.

Punishment was implemented before anyone had a chance to even object to the iniquitous ways the tragedy was handled with illegal removal of evidence and so on, and long before crimes against the State, the People and Humanity were conceived in the minds of the righteous few.

Well, The Times They Are a-Changin’. Read on!


I was in Flagstaff, Arizona, when the ‘planes’ struck the towers. And, after being alerted to the news, watched the TV broadcast of a pre-fabrication.

Within hours I spoke with Jeff Rense by phone and told him it was an ‘inside job’. Shortly after that we did a show together in which I repeated that assertion.

I knew I was one hundred per cent correct, just as I am 100% certain about:

·        The Awakening we must all undergo,
·        The sorting of Viables from non-Viables,
·        The Evacuation of Viable Consciousnesses,
·        The total and permanent Destruction of the Physical Dimension, and
·        The Transmutation of non-viable consciousness.

For the explanation of why I know these things are absolutes, you will have to wait just a little longer.

Thus, from the moment it happened, I knew that a portion of the US Government instigated this murderous calamity for its own specific agenda.

Who would dare do such a thing?

They are the same people, of the same essence, that Jesus of Nazareth, one of the bearers of the Christ Light in His era, exposed. He is quoted in John 8:44.

Before those fools with half-baked brains start screaming irrationally, let me explain why I refer to this passage in the Bible. By the way, saying what He did cost Jesus His physical life. By saying what He did, Jesus revealed what the Archons did not want revealed and so they killed Him. They have continued to kill all Gnostics throughout the ages for the same reasons.

I have previously written that the Bible is an evil-inspired, evil-instrument created in order to trap minds in a damning mental cul-de-sac in order to prevent people finding out the Truth.

The Bible is a compilation of:

·        Older knowledge, some true, some false, which existed before it was compiled,
·        Parts of the Ancient Gnostic Knowledge, some distorted, some pristine,
·        Sumerian and Akkadian Legends, some misidentified, some changed to suit the scribes of the Bible and their Nation,
·        Various homilies, and
·        Distorted regional and non-regional History, Myths, Fables and Legends.

History was distorted purposely to present certain groups in a favourable light, and give them, according to them, their claimed uniqueness as ‘Chosen Ones’. I give extensive details in my book ‘Death of an Evil God’.

The book supposedly is the word of a prejudiced god!

The Bible also gave them the spurious authority and power to destroy others with specious commands from their evil ‘god’, Jehovah, which are written in the book. There are also similar spurious commands to steal as they wished, as they have done with Palestine in the last century.

A few centuries after the murder of Jesus, parts called the New Testament were edited for the benefit of the ruling Archons in order to control the ‘rabble’ even more closely.

Earlier, unauthorized possession of a Bible by a layman was punishable by death!

In the early part of the 16th century, William Tyndale, a theologian, translated the Bible into Modern English, and for his effort was burned at the stake! Later in that century, Erasmus on the European mainland made a translation, which was in large part copied by King James to complete his version a little later.

These Bibles all differed from each other. Thus, there is no one bible, and God forbid that any thinking person should or could believe it is the word of the True God.

I have written a whole book about the subject and about the Bible. It is called ‘Death of an Evil God’.

The relevance of John 8:44, and what I just wrote about the Bible, is in the answer this question:

Who committed the atrocity called 9/11?

The answer is this: The same people Jesus exposed in John 8:44are the ones who:

·        Committed 9/11;
·        Killed JFK and many others who worked for good;
·        Start wars with lies and false flag operations; Most readers know examples of these by heart these days: Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Vietnam, the USA-Spanish War of 1898, etc., etc.
·        Practice regicide and genocide;
·        Orchestrate financial collapses by which they fleece the ‘goyim’ in EVERY GENERATION without fail;
·        Invade nation after nation to plunder, cause mayhem and murder, for they gain energy and wealth by doing so;
·        Program the masses deleteriously (with false knowledge) via all forms of the evil media and of late, Hollywood. Never underestimate the evilness and power of Hollywood to program minds into lunacy.
·        Restrict freedoms whenever, however they can;
·        Write nonsense like the Bible, journals, pseudo-scientific papers, etc., to keep the plebs, the herds, the Goyim, mentally harnessed in idiocy;

·        Hide the Truth (again as Jesus said) ‘The sacerdotes have taken the Keys of Knowledge and hidden them’;

English Standard Version (©2001)  Matthew 23:113: “But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. For you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go in.

·        Conduct the Eugenics Program to eradicate the ‘useless eaters’ as they see them; repeatedly, many of the Archons have said there are too many people on the planet and that the number must be culled.
·        Create Chemtrails, GM foods, Vaccines, etc., by which the ‘cardboard boxes’ (physical bodies) we are forced to use on this level will be poisoned and destroyed.
·        Co-operate with Aliens from other regions of the Physical Dimension to create greater and fiercer weapons of mass destruction and other technological marvels such as the transistor. Alien technology led to the splitting of the atom, to the Philadelphia Experiment, etc.
·        Hide the truth about their activities, their contact with UFOs, the existence of Evil, etc., etc.
·        Murder or imprison permanently any who do not obey them or who turn against them. In recent times: Saddam Hussein, Noriega, and many others.

·        Have no scruples.

One can extend this list considerably.

Below is an extract from my book ‘Death of an Evil God’:

In the "Gospel of Thomas", a text discovered as part of the Nag Hammadi Library in 1945, and first published in English in 1959, Jesus said this: "The Pharisees and the scribes (that is, the ecclesiastics and other evil beings) have taken the Keys of Knowledge and hidden them."

And then He said: "A grapevine has been planted outside of the Father, but being unsound, it will be pulled up by its roots and destroyed."

This grapevine was known to be the realm where particles of Light (True Beings, Theomorphs,) were trapped in evil matter. Illusion was common here and the Gnosis (or saving knowledge) was required to re-educate the True Beings as to their true origin and the promise of Liberation. But the evil ones had hidden the Keys of this Gnosis and distorted the Truth into myths.

The first paragraph is clear enough: The Pharisees and scribes were the Archons, the controllers of knowledge.

The second paragraph is even more important to understand the illicit creation of the Physical Dimension as I have explained at length numerous times in my essays and books.

The Physical Creation is unsound ­ unhealthy ­ not good ­ Not of Goodness. In other words, it is Evil.

And it will be pulled up by its roots and destroyed.

That is the message I am giving today.

It is even more complete in that I have pinpointed this generation for the final elimination of this cancer called the Physical Dimension.

All spiritual philosophers who have come onto this plane since the time of the precipitation of Physical Matter have given this message of the eventual eradication of the Physical and of keeping only that which is Viable.

Those who committed 9/11 are the Liars, the Thieves and the Murderers from the beginning, like their father Jehovah, the Devil.

Well, who are they in essence?

They are members of the DEMONIC CREATION.

Their consciousness is of undiluted Evil.

They are the Masters in this Physical Dimension.

They are the ones who eventually entrapped the non-demonic entities that were here in the dimension before they, the demons, were created. They then bred the non-demons as cattle to be milked for their profit. These ‘cattle-like’ individuals have been referred to as the ‘Goyim’.

I will give a brief explanation to clarify this point:

An experiment called the Celestial Error precipitated the matter of the Physical Universe (a la the Big Bang). The Error served no purpose as the essence that developed in it was inimical to the others. It was to be corrected but the essence that arose in the Error (Evil) refused correction.

That Essence declared itself the Superior Energy (‘I am the one and only God’, etc. It was given self-awareness (consciousness) by the experiment, very much by mistake.

‘I am the Lord, and there is no other; there is no God but me: I will make you ready for war, though you had no knowledge of me: Isaiah 45:5’

Although it became aware, it had no awareness of things before it, or of the fact that it was the result of an experiment gone wrong.

Note that it denies its creators, the gods who conducted the experiment, and that it was belligerent from the start.

And so, the Principal Essence involved in the experiment said: ‘Thou art a fool Saklas, and you have insulted the Pleroma (The Universal Abundance).

With these words, the War of Essences began for the Fool shut itself off from the True Light. It is this war that is now to be resolved.

The Inimical essence, thereafter called Evil, entrapped some lowly Theomorphs within the confines of the Physical Dimension it created. Theomorphs were/are the real God-created consciousnesses.

At first, more energy was poured in to correct the Error and many artificial creatures were created with pure Divine energy and the incomplete energy of the Error. These became known as the Robots.

When it was seen it was useless to continue pouring in energy with no beneficial effect, for the Evil Essence only got stronger with it, the Light Workers retreated and devised the Plan of Rescue and Correction we are now following.

In the meantime, the Evil Essence from the Error began creating ARTIFICAL CONCIOUSNESSES WITH UNDILUTED EVIL ENERGY to rule the whole Physical Dimension and its sub-dimension. This was the Demonic Creation.

The Demons are the Rulers. They are the Archons.

They live by exploiting the robots and especially any trapped Theomorphs (who are creatures of real Light). They are the ones with the energy the Archons are after.

The Archons/Demons are cruel liars and thieves. They murder for fun.

We all wear the same cardboard boxes in the physical. Hence, unless you have developed your psychic skills you cannot tell who is a Theomorph, who is a robot and who is a Demon! But, that ability is being restored.

The Archons from various areas of the Universe created the cardboard boxes via trial and error. They are in the process of creating differing boxes for changing conditions, but time will beat them.

Please understand that I am giving the most simplistic of outlines of a long, long and complicated story, in order to arrive at the identity of Archons/Demons, Robots, and Theomorphs. This War and its resolution involve ALL the Physical Universe, and in fact, most of it has already been corrected and no longer exists.

It is just that we here on Earth and in our peripheral region of the Universe are not aware of it. But soon, we will note the lights of distant stars disappearing from the skies. And that too, I wrote in ages past, was to be a definitive sign of the End.

In a previous essay I discussed the time sequence of all this. For us on this level some 14-16 billion years have passed since the Error arose. At the level it arose, the Error is of momentary existence. This is a concept very difficult for the physical mind to comprehend.

The demons are all of an Essence called Zionist. My meaning for Zionism is that it is a spiritual, ontological characteristic. It is not a religious, racial or regional description. Thus, not just Jews are Zionists. And, of course, most Zionists are not Jews.

Zionists/Demons/Archons are now 30% of the population of Earth. That percentage is increasing because other demons are coming into the cardboard boxes on this level via the mechanisms of Possession and ‘body-snatching’. I have given explanations of how these mechanisms work elsewhere.

Thus, you can be evicted from your own body by a demon or demons if you become spiritually polluted enough. Such pollution can also force you to share your body with one or more demons. This can lead to classical examples of Mental Illness such as Schizophrenia.

Note that the possession may be temporary or permanent, partial or complete.

As a consequence of the percentage of demons increasing on this level, what would you expect to happen?

We will see more of what demons do. We will see an increase in demonic behaviour as we are already witnessing. There will be more:

·        Crimes of all types including assaults, robberies, break-ins, rapes, murders; car-jacking;
·        Violence against young and old;
·        Wars at all levels;
·        More frequent and more vicious Terrorism;
·        Disharmony in all lands, in all sectors;
·        Pornographic activities; paedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality;
·        Hypocrisy;
·        Hate;
·        Greed;
·        Greater financial Collapse and scandals and bankruptcies;
·        Global Depression in previously unseen proportions;
·        Lust and Depravity;
·        Destructive gambling;
·        Intolerance of race, colour, religion, ideologies;
·        Dishonesty in business, in the home, schools, professions, etc.
·        Lying, unfaithfulness and deceit with more marriage failures;
·        Illicit drug use;
·        Slavery of women and children for sex;
·        Greater alcoholism;
·        Carnage on our roads;
·        Rage ­ on roads, planes, ships, games, schoolyards, etc.;
·        Sports to the death of humans and animals;
·        Cannibalism;
·        Child and animal sacrifices

·        Satanic rituals;

You may add to the list as you wish.

We have seen all these horrible manifestations of Evil escalate especially in the last 50 years. They will be much worse as the End approaches. Evil ones will flaunt their evilness unashamedly for all restrains have been lifted. Everyone will see who is who, and everyone will be revealed in its ontological nature: Demonic, robotic, Theomorphic, viable or non-viable.

The increase in Demonism is not just in the Human Level of consciousness. It will be equally reflected in the lower and higher levels of consciousness for they too have increasing numbers of demons present in them. Thus, the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms will become more expressively evil, as will the Deva and Galactic Levels of Consciousness.

What does this mean? As an example:

·        ‘Mother Nature’ will be more violent with instability as never before. Indeed, she too will suffer the Terminal Madness of the Endtime;
·        Land faults will collapse more easily;
·        Volcanoes will erupt more often and more massively;
·        Tsunamis will escalate in number and enormity,
·        Animals and plants will be of more abnormal behaviour;
·        The Earth itself will be unstable and will not only change polarities but also flip onto its side and fracture erratically;
·        Comets will be erratic;
·        Galaxies, whose collective consciousness is way above that of humans will become erratic and pursue distorted courses as has been demonstrated by astronomers lately;
·        Black Holes will escalated their scavenging maliciousness;

·        Suns will fragment faster as our Sun is, and so on.

Remember this has all been allowed to happen, by removing the constraining energy of Light, so that Evil will expose itself and self-destruct.

These occurrences will increase the Madness of unprepared minds.

The Process of Clearing cannot be stopped. Only fools would vainly attempt to stop it. Humans are kidding themselves in thinking they can.

No one will be left in any doubt that it is a Demonic World that must come to an end.


Back to 9/11:

You may have heard that the planning of 9/11 took 10 years.

The question is this; how can so many people, that it obviously took to co-ordinate such a mammoth task, co-operate so well over such a long time to plan the murder of their own people so maliciously without anyone finding out? Some did find out, of course, and they were silenced one way or other.

Some more knowledge of Metaphysics will serve you well for the complete answer.

These archons are NOT human consciousnesses. They are not limited as Class 4 beings are. Generally speaking, most human cardboard boxes have Class 4 consciousness in them. I cannot explain everything in this short essay. For details of classes of Consciousness, you will have to refer to my books.

The demons communicate and co-ordinate on another level as if with one mind.

Hence, they plan activities as a unit. Of course, there are limitations once they manifest in the bodies and mistakes occur.

They are a team who work as cogs of one machine. They have done this throughout the Physical Dimension since its inception. We, in the physical, cannot recall this because of the vastness of time and space and because of the Filtering Mechanism the brains of the cardboard boxes have which won’t allow such recall. That filtering was placed there by Evil on purpose, otherwise we would all remember and would know of the evil plans formulated to disadvantage us, and we would do something about them.

As demons are the controllers, they can do what they like. In the case of the 9/11 crime, they had control of the buildings, the planes, the missiles used, the traffic, the abilities to kidnap and murder the passengers, the responses to the fake attacks, the surveillance cameras, the Military, etc., etc.. Hence, they could enter and exit at will to do what they liked, even implant their bombs and incendiaries, as they did.

They were in charge of Security so they could let only those they wanted to enter into the building proceed.

Demons lie at will. Hence they could tell the workers anything if they were spotted doing something unusual. And this they did.

They take people for fools and steal evidence. For example they simply stole the cameras of the Pentagon strike and gave the BS version of what happened.

They avoid, ban or murder witnesses with the truth as they did at and for the 9/11 hearings. And, in the hearing about JFK’s murder too.

They are masters of iniquitous dealings.

They did the same thing with the planning and murder of JFK, with the planning of destruction of nations and the murder of the people of Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, etc., etc.

With 9/11, any who accidently came across their evil plot were either eliminated or silenced by threats or ridicule. Some were jailed.

Realize that they plot over centuries to achieve their aims. They do this because it is the consciousness inside their cardboard boxes that does this, not the cardboard boxes that die off in time.

Of course they are limited by the physical as the rest of us are. But, most of us have scruples. The Demons DO NOT have scruples.

They think they will get away with their iniquities forever, for they believe they are gods, just like their father Jehovah! That is where the New Age idiocy of them believing that they are gods comes from. In fact, truth be known, by stating this, the New Agers are declaring themselves to be demons!

Demons do not believe a Correction will come.

Once they do make that realization, and they will make it soon, they will go insane. Thus shall we have the Terminal Madness of the Endtime at its maximal capacity.

They plot such things as 9/11 and other lies to rule the masses and to give themselves the excuses for conduction their wars and their Terror! That fact is obvious with 9/11.

The Jewish Holocaust was another mechanism by which the sheople were blackmailed into submission by a Horror that never happened.

It was in the planning for 100 years before the hoax was finally promoted.

After 9/11 is exposed fully, the Holocaust will be next to be revealed for all to see as a hoax.

In the meantime, read this book: ‘The Holocaust Hoax Exposed’ by Victor Thorn, and published by The Barnes Review.

HIV is another demon-inspired and created hoax to subjugate the sheople. But that sort of backfired, so they are working on other viruses for mass destruction of the robotic populace.

These Archons/Demons are predators. Here is a partial list of the countries they have invaded:

 History of US Military Interventions since 1890

BTW Archons rule all countries, all regions, not just the USA.

Why do they invade to conquer other countries that are run by demons anyway? It is because the countries are there! They love war and thrive on the energy given off by suffering and misery. Never forget that point. They are bellicose and belligerent and live for war. That is their nature. It is that nature that will lead them to self-destruction, as we shall see.

The Demons ruling China who moved out of the USA a few years ago are even more potent than those ruling the USA today. They said they will destroy the USA in due course. They have never lost a war against the Archons controlling the USA. It is a case of Evil vs. Evil.

Now here is some alarming detail that Americans may not want to believe.

The Archons that control the country, that rule as government and Archons in general have no more interest in the people than a cattle or pig farmer has for his cattle or pigs and for feral animals in the woods.

He will tend to his animals for profit. That is what the Archons do with the Goyim. And he will shoot the feral animals mercilessly if they cause him the slightest concern. He fattens his cattle or pigs to make as much profit out of them as possible. If they were to cost him money, he would destroy them.

With the Awakening, the people are going to severely limit the profits the demons make. Their ruse will be up! The Archons know that, and so they will react like the pig farmer would to pigs that cost him money: he would eliminate them!

Seeing that the Demons have sucked the people financially dry with the latest Financial Scam, culling is what the archons are planning to do to the citizenry now that they, the Archons, have been exposed and the populace is awakening en masse to their evil. I have said previously that this awakening must occur. The end result is going to be savage Civil War, for people are not pigs, even if the demons see them as milking cattle and pigs.

The Archons created banking institutions (Usury) to feed off the populace, not to make them, the people, happy and well. Surely you now realize this since the last financial meltdown, which is going to be repeated shortly? How many of the simple non-demonic people saw one dollar, just one, of the bail-out money?

Demons use the people, the sheople, the Goyim, to milk wealth out of them via taxes and by printing money and charging interest (usury), so they can carry on their business which is invasion, war and inevitably imposed pain, suffering and misery as history so clearly demonstrates. Just look at how The IMF and World Bank destroy poorer nations, making the few rich people richer and the poor people more desperately poor.

Are you beginning to grasp the reality of this level outside of the illusion of the Virtual Reality yet? That Virtual Reality was purposely created by Evil to blind us to this very fact: that we are to be used and abused as milking cows, and ever-propagating pigs for profit. But, the propagation process has gotten out of hand, thus plans for culling!

If the Archons were worried about the citizens’ welfare in the USA, do you think they would allow over 40% to be without medical care? The recent moves to improve the situation are a sham consisting of window dressing. Only the foolish are fooled.

Do you think they would destroy jobs with Agreements such as NAFTA if they really cared about their citizens?

Wake up! These Demons are not your friends as you have now seen with the 9/11 crimes and the blackmail they imposed via the non-existent Holocaust.

They can lie as much as they want. Evidence is Evidence. The proof of these two demonic activities is irrefutable.

Now, here is further proof of their wrong doing: They suspected something was about to change and the demons started preparing.

That is why you have the following:

·        Underground cities which the Archons built as strongholds against the rabble;
·        Holding camps for millions of dissenters that they don’t shoot immediately;
·        UN soldiers invading US soil to shoot US citizens on their own soil in due course;
·        Massive numbers of body bags for the ones shot,
·        Restrictions of personal freedoms as never before so the common man will not be able to assemble or co-operate with like-minded individuals,
·        Spying on every citizen with whatever means is at their disposal to cut off any action against them, the Archons;

·        Laws for incarceration without cause, without trial, without legal assistance, etc.

The possibility of revolt once the people awaken is the reason why they want to dumb down and tranquillize the populations around the world with vaccines, Chemtrails, pornography, illicit drugs, etc., etc.

They know the robots will rebel and they are preparing themselves.

Alas, the USA is no longer the Land of the Free!

But it can still appear to be the land of the Brave if enough awaken to what has happened to them and seek the Light and true freedom.

What the Demons/Archons do not yet realize is that they are doomed, physically and spiritually.

This is no joke. Those declared non-Viable will be eradicated from the face of creation.

Thus, you now see why they committed the atrocities known as 9/11. It is because they are demons that they could plan 9/11 and can kill 3000 of their own people as a matter of cause. But really, they do not see the people as their own even though they milk them mercilessly. To the Archons, 9/11 was a great success. You will know that is so if you recall how Israel’s Netanyahu greeted the news of 9/11.

The reality is demons do not see people as their own. They will do whatever they want against them. Watch and see. They may even explode a small nuclear device in the midst of them to gain total military control via Marshall Law at the first signs of Civil War. To kill a few million in Los Angeles or Chicago, etc., in such a way is not beyond them.

There is the story of course that the Jews collectively knew about the incident of 9/11 beforehand, and that some were on rooftops to film it while all of that race where apparently warned by texts not to go to the World Trade Centre area that day. But I cannot produce proof for the latter other than the TV clip and the news reports of them facing court and being immediately freed to fly back to Israel.  But, in the context of what we know, all that issue fits into the plot.

So where are we going with this?

Archons have instilled the population with so much national hubris that the people, fooled, have allowed the demons in charge to do what they liked. Hence, the invasion of many countries followed, as did the destruction of so many lives. What does it take for you to realize that is wrong? How can anyone be proud of perennial murder? Is it pride in one’s country or pride in one’s country’s crimes?

Of all the US Presidents only 3 were Theomorphs, and one was a Viable robot. All four, in attempting to better the lot of the common man, by standing up to Evil, were assassinated.

·        Abraham Lincoln gave personal freedoms that cost the enslavers dearly;
·        James Garfield exposed massive corruption in the Republicans;
·        William McKinley introduced the Gold Standard Act which curtailed the profits made by usurers;

·        J.F. Kennedy attempted to outlaw the Federal Reserve whose iniquitous existence continues to this day.

Notice how they had to do with making money matters more honest, as they attempted to foil the money lovers? Is not the love of money the root of all evil?

As I explained elsewhere in detail, Demons have 3 characteristics:

1   Lust for Money: Hence, the assassination of the above 4 who interfered with the demonic accumulation of wealth. Demons own the World’s Banks. War means wealth to the victor. That is why the USA wages perennial wars.

2   Lust for Sex: The stories of sex slaves, paedophilia, ‘hard-sex’, pornography, etc., are explicitly found in many publications and books about the lifestyles of Archons as revealed at the Bohemian Grove, etc.

3   Lust for Power: Hence, the greatest bully on Earth exists with the greatest power, for now. And looming is the Might of China. This colossal Chinese Might and Power is very real. China will soon be the Number One Superpower on the planet.

About elections:

In most cases the cardboard box of the candidate elected will have a demonic conscience. If he is not a demon, he will be overshadowed very quickly by one, and if he follows the Archonic agenda, he will survive.

So you see, it really does not matter who is voted it. It is all a sham. No Theomorphs are now here to take on that role, so from what I am telling you, you know it will be a demon representing the country, as usual. He will just be a puppet whose strings are pulled by greater demons in the shadows.

(In the essay called ‘Phase of the Shells’, I advised of the mass evacuation of Theomorphs from the planet in November 1999, in preparation for the total disintegration of the planet. I, and about 5,000 assistants scattered around the world, have remained on the planet to energetically support, with a special energy, the NGE, the Viables until our final departure. )

And what is the first thing a new President does on taking Office in order to ‘cut his teeth’ in the new position? He follows orders and declares the bombing of another poor, weakened nation. Iran, say hello to Uncle Sam’s bombs!

All the hullabaloo of elections is just that: a heated waste of energy, and a thrust to increase the illusion for the mushrooms. Alas, it is no different in Oz or any other country conquered by the rapacious Uncle Sam.


Avatars such as Christ called the demons HYPOCRITES. In fact, when one is called a hypocrite, the connotation is that s/he is a non-viable or a member of the Demonic Class.

This hypocrisy is manifested everywhere that DEMONS do business.

In the case of 9/11, they promoted massive grief for the relatives of victims. People of other nations who initially felt genuinely sorry for the USA joined in too. But no more; the Demons have worn out their sympathy.

The Archons sponsored this grieving, not because they cared, but because of these reasons:

1       Grieving people are far easier to manipulate and push into vicious actions for vengeance against their perceived enemies. Thus, the Archons had a readymade path to attack whomever they wanted, and they attacked Iraq, for they had planned that war for 10 years also, even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. But it had lots and lots of oil, the profits of which went to the Archons, not the people of Iraq or the people of America who paid for the war with their money and the lives of their sons and daughters. Cute hey? No, it’s not! It is blatant evil!

2       Demons inflame the grieving process making it more and more energetic, for they feed on the energy released by emotions! Now you know why another Avatar, Buddha, who later returned as Jesus, asked people to be detached and unemotional.

Now we come to a stumbling block:

Why can some people not accept the truth about 9/11, namely that members of their own government committed this heinous crime? Many, in fact, refuse to believe the truth of 9/11.

Why is that? The answer is simple. They are robotic consciousnesses (no offence there) with such strong programming that they cannot as yet break it. But, in time they will. Once they see who is who, and when they obtain the complete explanation, they will not only accept it but they will want revenge too.

That is why the government has prepared so massively for a Civil War. It will not be a Civil War as such, but rather a revolt against the ruling class, against the Archons, a la French Revolution of 1787-99. Many such battles against the Archons have occurred throughout history in this epoch and in previous ones, for this is not the only epoch of humans on Earth. Such battles have also been common on other planets some of which the Archons managed to blow up. They blew up Maldec, also known as Vulcan, in this solar System and now its remains form the asteroid belt.

One battle that was similar to the situation that is about to develop and which I wish to mention specifically is the slave revolt led by Spartacus against the Roman Republic. Spartacus reincarnated shortly after as Jesus of Nazareth! Four hundred years later, Jesus reincarnated as King Arthur, who was known by the Druids as the Celtic Christ, and also as the Once and Future King who would come again to take His own (the Viables) back to Annwn (the New Dimension). I mention these details to demonstrate that the real Truth is very different to the Myths the Archons want us to believe. How are you to know I’m right? You don’t, unless you resonate with my energy.

The programming that controlled the minds of all robots is breaking down, that is why we have People Power manifesting against the ‘authorities’ all over the world. That is why people are rebelling. They are seeing the way they have been treated as sheople, morons, mushrooms, etc.

(A thought pool, which I have called the Negativity Pool in my books, surrounds the planet and feeds programming into susceptible minds, meaning those of the robots, and those with no idea of protection. It is that pool which is fracturing. Strengthening by way of HAARP, microwave technology and Chemtrails has not fully succeeded in reinforcing it. It is breaking up and minds are escaping its control. The pool can be likened to Carl Yung’s Collective Unconscious.)

Never in the history of this Human Era have people awoken so swiftly to the trickery that has subjugated them.

The truth of 9/11 is challenging fundamental beliefs that people have been programmed to accept as true. They are the beliefs that have kept them stupefied and ignorant in the Illusion of the Virtual Reality.

Those beliefs were never true. They have always been part of the scam of this Hell in which we have been trapped.  We are simply unable to remember how much we have suffered life after life after life.

My knowledge that comes outside of the Illusion is what has allowed a new way of looking at the world. This new perspective is what is allowing the Awakening.

It is what is allowing the breaking down of Evil’s programming.

It is what is setting all of us free.

All of you will have to know this truth.


Alas, the majority of robots will not let go of the Evil and they are scheduled for Transmutation. As I stated elsewhere, some 650 million of them will continue. Thus, just on 9% of the population are scheduled to continue existence and evolution outside of this dimension which will be totally eradicated, just like Jesus said.

I can report that no Demon has turned to the Light.

Demons are blind to the True Light.

They do not know True Love.

They do not respond to True Love.

They only respond to the programming, energy-draining, Evil-created Emotional Love which consists of lust, sex, wants, possessiveness and domination of others.

Emotional love is always shadowed by the Fear of Loss.

Hence, all Demons, with no exceptions, are to be transmuted. Their fear will be great. Pity them not, for they have caused great fear and extreme anguish in innocent, loving beings for a long, long time.

With their transmutation, Evil will have been eradicated forever.

All that will remain will be Good people and Light Consciousnesses in all the Classes of Consciousness who will live in eternal True Love, Peace and Harmony.

Copyright Dr J Chiappalone

September 11, 2012



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