The Coming Dementia Pandemic
How To Minimize Your Risks
By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD

This a brief, general essay on a disease state that is going to affect most of us.

The Medical Fraternity and Governments all around the world have been aware for some time that more and more will suffer DEMENTIA as the population ages, and with little therapy to arrest the rising numbers, the fear is that the world will not cope. We will run out of nursing homes, of carers, money to look after these people. Sufferers may run out of money to buy medications; erratic Behaviour will cause more problems, and families and relatives will be stressed to the max. In fact, this is already the case in the region where I practice. Soon, Government sponsored Euthanasia may well be seen as the solution.

There are a number of reasons for the increased numbers of Dementia sufferers.

·         We are all living longer and therefore the risk of brain dysfunction increases exponentially with age.
·         The rise in Diabetic states increases the risk due to a number of factors which decrease nourishment to the brain.
·         Metformin, an oral hypoglycaemic, the best in fact, for type 2 diabetes, has been found to destroy Vitamin B12 in the body. Low B12 leads to dementia. I will elaborate on that shortly. Metformin reduces cardiac death in diabetics by 30-40% and must not be stopped, unless one cannot tolerate it. 80% of diabetics die of cardiac disease.
·         Many are genetically predisposed to a form of Dementia called Alzheimer’s.
·         Atherosclerosis, a disease of the modern era due to our faulty diet and lack of exercise can lead to carotid stenosis and small cerebral vessel disease, precursors of dementia for the brain is starved of oxygen and nutrients.
·         Heavy metal poisoning due to petrol fumes, mercury fillings, and other factors  etc., lead to dementia. You would be wise, if you can afford it, to have all your mercury fillings replaced. Some dentists are still denying this danger. Ignore them. They are members of the “Cultivated Ignorance” I have pointed out before in other essays.  

There are also herbal preparations which aid the elimination of heavy metals from the body. One can measure the levels to see if they are in the toxic range. See your doctor for this investigation.

·         High lipidaemic states, whether genetic or diet caused are risk factors for dementia.
·         Low Co-enzyme Q10, (CoQ10) a molecule that is essential for ATP production in mitochondria and very important in cardiac and cerebral function leads to dementia.
Note that statins, which are one reason why we are living longer, for they reduce the death rates from cardiac disease and cerebro-vascular accidents, actually lower Co Q 10 and this can lead to Dementia in the long term, especially in diabetics who have other predisposing factors such as high blood sugars and microvascular disease.

·         Low Vitamin B12 from whatever cause leads to dementia.

This is NEW: Low levels of Vitamin B12 have reached pandemic proportions. Previously Vitamin B12 deficiency was due to:

I               Castle’s disease, (Pernicious Anaemia) wherein certain people would be unable to absorb the vitamin due to specific gastric atrophy and loss of an intrinsic factor necessary for its absorption. This is genetically determined. Untreated, the condition is fatal. But today no one dies of this disease for it is easily diagnosed. Treatment is periodic B12 injections for life.

Ii              Dietary deficiency, as classically seen in vegetarians:  After about 5 years of a vegetarian state, B12 deficiency is almost certain, as the liver can only store the vitamin with a quantity to last 5 years. I suggest all vegetarians have a blood check of their B12 status annually. If it is low, an injection of B12 every few months is all that is needed. Oral replacement with tablets is too indeterminate.


Thus we are all in danger of Dementia, regardless of how good our diet is, and regardless of how much we have minimized all the other risk factors.

The fibres we have all inhaled from CHEMTRAILS are actually destroying our Vitamin B12.

In a discussion with Queensland Medical Laboratories, I recently pointed out the unprecedented low value of B12 across a spectrum of patients whom one would NOT have expected to have B12 deficiency.

In the mid-1990s in a show with Jeff Rense on the radio, I predicted that the governments of the world would be spraying the atmosphere with molecules with sinister effects.

I stated then that the main purpose OF CHEMTRAILS was MODIFICATION OF MENTAL FUNCTION IN HUMANS AND ANIMALS. The morons on hearing this laughed.

Well, one side-effect that occurred was Morgellons disease in which the fibres extrude from the skin in some people. We all have these fibres. This disease is being denied by the Medical Fraternity and instead is labelled by doctors as a mental illness - more of the “Cultivated Ignorance”.

Now we have the rising risk of DEMENTIA from the CHEMTRAILS. That will definitely modify mental function big time. It is unavoidable, but we can reduce the risk. Read on.

You will no doubt not miss the fact that, with this destructive mechanism, dementia is no longer a disease of the elderly. It is going to affect people of all ages!

We shall see children with dementia, and young adults. Of course, writing “demented teenagers” is an oxymoron.

Go back and listen to that show if you must. I think the expression I used was that the aim of Chemtrails was to “dumb people down and keep them zombified”. The dementia will certainly do that.

This is part of the Eugenics Program of the Evil Archons to eventually eradicate some 6 out of the 7 billion of the cardboard boxes containing spiritual components on this level, regardless of whether they are artificial consciousnesses or otherwise. For details of that discussion you will have to read some of my other essays.

About 12 months ago, I also said that solar changers were the cause of Vitamin D deficiency in the general population. Vitamin D is essential for cardiac and cerebral function, and the proper functioning of osteophytes (bones cells) with proper calcium-phosphate balance. Deficiency states are being seen even in those who get adequate sunbathing, who have high sterol diets and no other problems of absorption. Is our dying Sun killing us? YES, IT IS.

Let us put this into perspective.

I have told you that we are in a Terminal Phase for the Physical Dimension. See my other essays for detailed explanations.

While we await evacuation, we want to be as healthy, fit and able as possible. Avoiding Dementia therefore is a good idea.

Here are my suggestions for minimizing the risk of acquiring dementia, even if you are genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s. You will know that from your family history.

Doctors at Monash University in Melbourne just published the results of a 5 year study on the role of Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 in age related dementia.  Their conclusion was that all people over 60 should take these supplements as a matter of course.


1              Take Folic acid 5 mg once daily with a meal.

2              Take Vitamin B12 daily in tablet form. Better still, if you are over 65, have an injection every couple of months of 1000mg. It is very cheap, and you can learn to give it to yourself.

A study was published recently by Medscape Daily News ­ an American magazine for doctors ­ where a ward of advanced dementia patients was divided into two equal groups. One group was given B12 injection monthly for 6 months at the dose I suggest to you. The other group was given its normal medication and no B12 injections.

At the end of 6 months, those who had received the injections were able to get dressed, go home and live a purposeful life back in the community, needing no inmate care or carers. Those of the untreated group remained as zombies.

3              Eliminate all dairy products from your diet ­ butter, cream, cheese and yogurt.  These cause the production of chylomicrons which block small vessels and starve the brain, just for starters. Some of the protein molecules in dairy products are also carcinogenic as are the hormones they give to cattle. This practice, of giving growth hormone, especially is now illegal in most countries, but it continues all the same for it increases profits. Never forget we are in the Kingdom of the Demons!  The more you become aware, the more you realize this fact, that we are living in an Evil, injurious Virtual Reality!

Substitute soy products if you have to. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Besides, soy will protect men from Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and Prostate Cancer. It may reduce libido a little, but hey, no one has ever died from abstinence! In women it aids with menopausal symptoms.

4              Add Cinnamon powder to your coffee. Again a report in Medscape noted cinnamon taken regularly can actually destroy plaques that form in Alzheimer’s dementia. Grandma was right! Mums, add it to your cooking.

5              Eliminate STRESS in your life. Stress increases Insulin resistance and therefore predisposes you to Diabetes Type 2. It increases lipids in the blood which lead to cardiac and cerebral atherosclerosis, a cause of Dementia, to heart attacks and cerebrovascular accidents (and death).

6              Do brain exercises, crosswords, read books and test your recall, etc. Don’t remain isolated for long periods. That is known to be a risk factor for dementia. Engage in energetic conversations where you have to recall facts and figures, etc. Play chess, mind games on the computer, etc. I get my elderly ones to try and find a winner in the racing form. They spend 3 hours and more at it to bet 5 dollars. The three hours of memory work does wonders, even if they do lose their 5 bucks.

7              Do Physical Exercise every day. Exercise improves blood flow to the brain, lowers lipids and blood sugar, causes release of endorphins etc., making one feel better and able to think more clearly. Isometrics in the elderly are essential   

7              Practice your mathematics. These days with pocket calculators, children can’t add 2 and 2. In certain early forms of dementia, the ability to do mathematics is the first sign of trouble. Pay attention to it. I tell my elderly to look at their grocery bill once they have paid it and to add it mentally to see how accurate they are.

8              See your Health Care Provider to see if you need aspirin, or other blood thinners.

9              Get your blood lipids measured. There are criteria for those who qualify for statin treatment (Lipitor, Crestor, etc.) If you do take them, make sure you take Co Q 10 as a supplement.

10           It is essential that you take FISH OIL. You need a minimum of 9 capsules of 1000mg daily. I actually prefer the liquid preparation and advise one tablespoonful daily. In those at higher risk, I advise 2 tablespoonfuls.  It’s great for arthritis too, in humans and in large animals such as dogs.

11           Various brain stimulators are worth trying. Some respond to Ginkgo Biloba, Bacopa, as well as Donepezil and other prescription only drugs, etc.

In conclusion, just realize that by the time gross memory loss is noted, dementia is well established.

Clues to its presence can include things such as:  erratic behaviour, poor business and personal decisions, labile emotions, road rage, rudeness in a previous stable person, scholastic failure, new levels of incompetence, dumbing down of speech, writing, etc., loss of interest in things one was previously enthusiastic about, diminished personal hygiene, reduced ability to relate on an intimate level, erratic drinking, gambling, new detracting habits, loss of interest in work, family, spiritual matters, appearance, hygiene, diet, etc.

Persistent or recurrent dizziness should also be checked out. It may indicate, among other things, plaques in the internal or external carotid arteries feeding blood to the brain. If they are narrowed or obstructed, they need to be dealt with.

All these may be pointers of cerebral dysfunction. I suggest that if you note any such changes in ones close to you, get their B12 level measured and corrected if it is low. Note the similarity of symptoms to mental disease and brain tumours, and demonic possession, so take things seriously.

It is a relatively simple procedure to diagnose the deficiency and it is within the financial means of most to correct the levels in First World countries, thus minimizing the risk of dementia.

But, in the Third World, (and don’t forget, 40% of Americans live in Third World conditions,) it is going to be a major, major problem. In many Asian and African nations, the cost of an aspirin is beyond the resources of some. Can you imagine the plight of billions of demented humans on the planet? Thank you, Jehovah and your Archons; you are all indeed Liars and Murders as I have said often enough in the past.  Now can you see why this Abomination, this Universe, which is a spiritual Cancer on the face of the True Creation, needs to be corrected?

As a precaution, take my advice and add those things I have mentioned above to your diet and regime, in order to minimize your risks of becoming a zombie, and of being another victim of the Terminal madness of the Endtime.


To even think of destroying lives like this with Chemtrails, as governments have done, is evil. Those in charge of Governments around the world have created this diabolical scenario. They are evil. They are demons. Now do you see why this level needs to be corrected?

Where do their presence and their ability to do this to us leave those who would deny Evil?

Copyright:   J Chiappalone

April 23, 2012



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