The Clock Is Ticking!
By Jim Kirwan


With the first day of this New Year the universal clock has begun to tick. This is that SILENCE of the universe, depicted in the NIGHTWATCH, which is our proof that we are not alone contrasted by the balance of the various voices of the global Caduceus of human COMMUNICATIONS, which keeps our lives in sync with one another…

What makes this monumental is that until now we have always assumed that “everything goes,” and that virtually everything is possible in this world ­ but that is simply not true: Because you see there really are limits to what can be done by humans to other humans, on this tiny blue orb. That is why the clock has begun to tick, because it is measuring just how much longer the world will tolerate the obscenities that have surpassed any and all of those standards that are intrinsic to the viability of the planet and the people who try to live on the earth.

This is a bit of a Metaphor for the predicament that comes up from time to time, whenever any nation decides to screw all the rules and just steal the planet outright. The current form of this particular attempted theft has come from roots that are literally thousands of years old. These concepts have grown quietly upon the global society like a massive parasite that has finally reached the point where the parasite is about to finally devour the host that has kept it alive for all these centuries.

Ronald Reagan became the catalyst for this particular phase of this criminality when he introduced the modern world to “GREED is GOOD”! Because if ‘GREED is GOOD’ then just think how much better purely-arrogant obsessions can be, when practiced without limits, by any society that has openly turned upon the natural balance within a healthy and prosperous world. Reagan became the Emperor of possession-envy, the ringmaster of open and often glorified hatreds of any and all who dared to live their own lives, in spite of all the little-people with too much money and no soul or consciousness to ever worry themselves with.

 In Ronnie’s “Shining City on the Hill” the leaders never needed to work, and from the distance that he preferred the world should see this ­ there were things that no one noticed. Here you can see what lay beneath the towers of the rich & totally disgusting. Of course this was only a sketch of what was being suggested, while Reagan was just a governor of California, as he had yet to ascend to being the glorified leader of the “Free World” that he would have to wait until 1980 to attain.

However while he was governor of California he began to build his baggage for the presidency. He pioneered the PRIVATIZATION of every public function, every public agency and the theft of every thing that the public at that time still owned. He crusaded against free-speech and his Chief of Staff in Washington, Fat-Ed Meese actually was responsible for the creation of the plastic zip ties that are today a part of every cops “must have” weaponry. They were created when Reagan had theBerkeley protestors confined inside a stadium, guarded by thug-helicopter-cops; who needed a fast and easy way to cuff the thousands that they had arrested: And “FAT-ED” filled the gap! Reagan was an unrivaled piece of shit whose reputation in reality is just barely known, but that’s a story for another time.


The story here is about a nation that began to consume itself to death very early (at least in the lives of most of those still alive today). The most prominent case of a TREASONOUS “president” was the obscenity of “Dirty-Harry” Truman. The Zionist- mob-related politician that had been the VP for Roosevelt, who assumed power after FDR died. And Harry was on a mission that would end up trying to kill this nation from 1945 onward.

He brought us The National Security Council that quietly replaced the Congress, and began to eliminate the public voice in congress, turning the critical issues over to meetings behind closed doors that served the special interests of the Corporations even that far back. Truman also honored the Balfour agreement that introduced the vile Zionists of the Fourth Reich into the world as “Israel” ­ the poor and beleaguered victim of the Third Reich that had suffered so horribly under the NAZI’s—while failing to mention that those same NAZI’s were sponsored by the entire Bush Clan who were profiting as WAR profiteers throughout WWII, in secret. (1)

“Dirty-Harry” also brought us the beloved CIA (a totally illegal organization) and he was able to set a tone which implied that the American public was too stupid to have any of the real information about what the government was actually doing, to be trusted with real knowledge. Truman was an arch Zionist collaborator as well.

So by the time that Ronnie had the reigns of this run-away-nightmare securely held within his fists, we had already endured the TREASON generated by LBJ and his War on Poverty inside the GREAT Society; then Nixon and his enemy’s lists, along with the WAR on Drugs and all that came after them all.

By the way we just happened to have lost every one of all those“WARS” that in reality were created to increase whatever they were supposed to have ended. And the damned public refused to see or even guess that this is what happened: Yet that too was all just part of the script that we’ve all been adhering to for DECADES! (2)

All of the above was just the preamble for what has now come true. Today we are just waiting for March third, 2012—when the NDAA obscenity will be acted on by the US military inside the USA in order to begin to murder the citizens, systematically. The unsaid portion of this seizure and destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is only supposed to apply to “SUSPECTED TERRORISTS” but that’s just a smoke-screen because the way the language reads in the Bill is that it shall apply to every man, woman and child in the United States ­ any one of whom could easily become a target if anyone inany government agency decides that this person might be a terrorist. Since there does not need to be a charge, there will be no trial, no evidence required, that means that anyone could eventually be condemned to being arrested for a crime or crimes which they cannot defend themselves from (by design). Of course the “good people that agree with government now” just could never believe that THEY could ever find themselves beneath that microscope that will lead them straight to abject poverty, possible torture and possibly death. But like everything else this is why there will be no resistance—originally. But by the time the reality dawns, it will be too late because most of those that could have been there to fight for them will be gone.


And here’s a few facts that will take place in the interim which many might want to think more about; because very soon these shortages will become part of everyday existence: unless the government is STOPPED COLD and forced to REVERSE this DECISION to kill the whole nation! (3)

At base, the policies of this place have turned vicious and are dehumanizing at best. What is at stake is the survival of the world. When Ronnie introduced his scheme to turn every Amerikan into a thief a cheat and a liar for unearned profits stolen from others: He and his followers forgot that there are limits to this theory of self-gratification beyond all natural bounds. Because at some point those who work for their money and who have created the society at large, are going to become frustrated with having everything they own being constantly stolen, crushed raped or murdered and their contributions to a better more beautiful world being constantly bombed back to the stone age, by these twenty-first century Outlaws.

In short there are limits on how much can be constantly stolen from any society before they rebel openly and with a rage that will end the lives of everyone involved in this catastrophe.

Most privateers in the past were hands on kinds of thieves and bandits. However our monsters are behind the scenes looters that always leave the heavy lifting to the small time thugs. So where a drug-dealer that becomes a king-pin has a life expectancy of say a year and half or two years before he is replaced by his enemies—these bastards think they will live FOREVER. Look at Kissinger, Rothschild, Cheney, the entire Bush family, Rumsfeld; hell they all act as if they will live forever: but everyone KNOWS that everyone DIES, no exceptions, no extensions: Every single human being that has lived will DIE!

But when you look up there at the beauty and mystery of the midnight sky, you have to know that we are not alone here; which means that what is done here does not stay here—unlike Las Vegas, our deeds or the lack of them will follow wherever we are all bound to go, because at the end of the day whether King or Dictator, business man or woman, artist or chef, plumber or banker: all of us are the same in the darkness when we need no clothing, but these arrogant bastards seem to have forgotten all about some of these very basic facts. . .

Nature will not tolerate a massive imbalance in natural life for long. And there is a physical limit on how much can be stolen from any society because eventually there will be nothing left to steal, because it will all have been destroyed. But perhaps the most overlooked point of all is that when the murdering thieves run out of victims to kill, to rape or torture: Then they will have to turn on each other and that day is perhaps a lot closer than most of them realize. So you see that the sooner the end comes, the closer these creatures are to being DEAD. So in reality the really big forces are on the side of the most of us and stand firmly opposed to the fat, ugly beasts that are impersonating real people while they drown in their unearned possessions and shoddy goods because they’ve already stolen all the good stuff ­ so they have only the scraps to fight over now.

That is what the new clock is measuring: Just how long will it take for these Barbarians to kill themselves by continuing to over-reach!

1) History of the Bush Family ­ short video

2) Oklahoma, The State of the Nation 1966

3) The Shock of a New Paradigm ­ 4 min video



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