One, Two, Three Just Like Clockwork
By Jim Kirwan
David Icke's new video: They Want to Trigger WWIII (1)
Back in the days BEFORE the very early Bushwhacker era, there was a 1996 film called 'WAG the DOG.' In that period war-criminal Clinton's phony-wars were part and parcel of his administration, but the world just didn't talk about them until Cheney came along during the Bushwhacker era ­ when suddenly "WAG the DOG made sense! Bush simply added to Clinton's War Crimes and increased the hubris and the arrogance taking everything to an entirely other level.
What many Amerikans still do not realize is that in 1996 Joe Biden wrote the USA PATRIOT act, eleven years before the Iraq war broke out (for the second time). Clinton rammed home all the trade-agreements that put the TREASON and the TYRANNY in place even before Bush was even a wet dream: And Clinton began his own series of illegal and unilateral bombings of other countries, based on his opinion and not upon wars that had been approved of or called for by the Congress. Bush then began his illegal and unilateral spying upon Americans in February of 2001, seven months before 911. Everything else about all of this has been proceeding apace since Ronald Reagan's days of Death-Squads for any and all that opposed American-colonial powers, anywhere upon this earth!
David Icke's been doing this for about 20 years. I've been at it much longer and have lived with their results day after day after day. Separately we have each added to the unraveling of the nightmares, usually in different ways, but with the same goal in mind: Ridding ourselves and the world of this global cancer that is devouring its global host with every day that passes.
Today I received a phone call on my unlisted line. I was trying to sleep so I let it go to voice mail, Here is what was played back to me from a video by Judge Napolitano, in his video "What If the Government is Wrong" except that when I went to this tape, the ending on the phone call does not match the words on my voicemail?
"What if I'm right and the Government is wrong. What if it's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. What if it's better to perish fighting for freedom than to live as a slave? What if Freedom's greatest hour of Danger is Now!" (2)
I took this to be some kind of threat, but whatever the intended purpose was ­ nothing from me will change on this subject unless it might be to further press the issues.
What we are seeing today, and in Part Three of Icke's video is nothing more than the natural progression of events, as they were designed for us so very long ago. So the goal of WWIII has always been 'in the cards' for the elites, for the bankers and for the entire New World Order that continues to seek to own and control the entire planet. . .
What we are all seeing now are the exact same scenarios as were played out in Iraq, having therein emulated what happened in Vietnam and then in Iraq. Then this charade moved into Libya and on into Syria, soon to be in Yemen, Pakistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and other countries that are all involved in the still unsettled border dispute created by Israel's demands for their GREATER STATE of Israel. This map was drawn in the 1970's
Icke is talking about the Illuminati plans that would have Zionists and Muslims destroying each other; when in fact the First World War, was created to prepare the way for the formulation of the NAZI's (and laid the foundation for the Balfour agreement, that would by the end of WWII be running the startup to WWIII, via the now 88-year old regime of what was then said to be the thousand-year Reich.
Proof of the continued viability of that plan could be seen just two days ago when the United States failed to endorse a UN resolution that sought to denounce THE NAZI'S ­ in every country. The nations of the world, including Israel all signed on except USI. Israel had to sign, to maintain the fiction that they are NOT related to the NAZI party. But American credentials for Nazism run very deep in this country, so deep that we cannot afford to go against them even now, when it's been 66 years since the end of WWII. (3)
The US refused to sign because we have always been the true sponsors of the NAZI ideology, in both practice and deed. This included IBM who made the early computers that were used to track the prisoners in the camps by their IBM tattooed numbers. And a number of major American manufacturers who used slave labor in Germany to make trucks, munitions and machinery for the Third Reich. (4)
The programs and the war machine of the Nazi's continued after WWII here, in the eugenics, the war-machine and the nuclear industry as well as intelligence and mind-control operations that all had their start under the Nazi's during WWII.
Where Icke and I agree is that the world must come together and withdraw our support for these token stand-in's that claim they can end this ­ when the only people that can actually assure a real ending to this nightmare are we ourselves ­ forget these foreign 'tokens" and just come together to crush the FED, and the TRAITORS in the US Government. . .
'We are many, they are few.' All that separates us from victory over them is our continued failure to 'COME TOGETHER' & WITHDRAW OUR very real POWER FROM THEIR grizzly GRASP!
1) David Icke: They Want to Trigger WWIII
3) What If the Government Controlled you? ­ 4min 12 sec. VIDEO
3) United States refuses to condemn Nazism at UN - RT 101223
4) The Bush Family

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