Call For Intervention In The USA
No-Fly Zone On US-Mexican Border

By George Paxinos

Observers world-wide must agree it is time that the world intervened in the USA.

Shocked foreign nations watch as daily more and more restrictions are placed on US citizens by a totally rogue government that usurped power in the year 2000, in an election now widely acknowledged to have been fraudulent, and imposed a tyrannical rule over its formerly free peoples.

Hundreds of citizens are tasered to death annually by secretive police forces apparently recruited from the worst and most psychopathic twilight elements of society, with with their darkest corners filled in checkpoint security service thugs who routinely harass women, children and even toddlers with intimate cavity-inspections on the mere suspicion that law-abiding citizens and their children and babies might pose a deadly threat to society. This is contrary to all constitutional rights guaranteed to the American People by their much-revered Constitution.

As a largely law-abiding society placed those perverts in positions of power for to serve that law-abiding society, the question then becomes legitimate as to exactly whom it is those minions fear might suffer hurt by those law-abiding citizens : The answer is of course to hand : they fear for themselves and for those who give them their orders to harass and bully, cajole, and Intimidate, Dominate, Control.

The population of the USA, groaning under jack-booted administrations that have unilaterally turned over its pension and medical-aid funds to unscrupulous bankers under no real oversight into their doings but with widespread secretive international connections, finds its jobs being outsourced, its workplaces closed and only reopened under allegedly resuscitative economic plans entailing conditions of drastically-reduced wages, longer hours, cut or totally excluded social benefits, and with an increasing incidence of wage-earners having to take a further one, two or even more additional jobs and working unacceptable and exhaustingly long hours, just to make ends meet and feed their families.

Such conditions must be universally deplored in any country, harking back to the Middle Ages and its robber Barons, whose hooligan minions at personal whim terrorised half-starved serfs and their families, and dark dungeons into which prisoners would disappear and never be seen again, with no right to a trial or habeas corpus or court appearance.

This parallel can be seen in the resuscitation of the modern dungeon using hi-tech torturing methods in the standing opprobrium to all human decency that is the USA's concentration-camp at Guantanamo Bay, into which hundreds of innocents picked up in America's ongoing colonial wars of conquest, have disappeared.

This recent rejuvenation of elitist blood-lust greed, reconstituted by an alleged 'terrorist' attack in New York City in 2001, in actuality a controlled demolition of two major asbestos-polluted buildings aided and abetted by a foreign intelligence service on the correct evaluation that the USA's home-grown services were too klutzy to do it right themselves (cit : the CIA's funniest home videos, et al), has now cost millions of innocents their lives world-wide, even in continuing remote-controlled drone attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and anywhere on earth the world-bully USA wants an illegal foot in the door of some hapless country.

Especially ominous is that the present alleged 'President' of the USA, now widely questioned as to his legal right to hold his present office, due mainly to dubious legal provenance except as having been installed with help from the monied elite behind America's current rampaging Fascism, has recently arrogated unto himself the right of judge, jury and perhaps even remotely-present executioner of anyone on earth, even US citizens, anywhere on earth, just on his own suspicion that they might be terrorists. In recent articles in mainstream media, he has even indirectly boasted that he makes the final choice, especially from presented photographs of suspects, of whom to assassinate next on his constantly-updated hit-list as presented him by his so-called security organs of government. People like Al Capone, the Mafia Don, would have been sentenced to death for less.

The final assessment of US crimes against the world far outstrips anything Hitler and the Nazis ever did : Germans never polluted millions of square miles of territory with Depleted Uranium ('DU'), poisoning arable land for all eternity, never mind with genetically-damaging Agent Orange and cluster-bombs that still plague most of South-East Asia since the Vietnam War, a failed war of conquest.

Due to bombing with ammunitions containing DU in Afghanistan, even the Indus Valley, the 'Breadbasket of Asia', must sooner or later be evacuated, presaging death by nano-particle toxicity or radiation poisoning or pure starvation, of millions of people in coming generations.

Deformed babies born in all these areas due to the USA's use of 'DU' are a direct crime against Mother Nature Herself, worse than any war-crime ever committed by anyone in our present historical record, except by the USA itself : a small sampling of only a few of the Iraqi babies deformed by the use of so-called 'DU' :


This situation cannot be tolerated further ! -- the world must intervene ! A Regime-Change MUST be implemented in the USA in the immediate future, and with all alacrity ! We cannot sit idly by whilst these atrocities continue world-wide, and if the American people are too weak to rise up against their criminal regime that has now turned its baleful glance on them, with internal spying on every level, illegal searches and arrests and disappearances, then the world itself must rise up against these crimes and intervene in American internal affairs !

It might been suggested that as a first step a No-Fly Zone be set up on the US-Mexican border to prevent the further slaughter of innocent Mexicans seeking work in the USA and presently targeted mainly on the basis of their skin-colour.

Previous US administrations have been characterised by murderous psychopaths in high office : if mere students' legal political protests can now be labelled 'terrorism' by the present US administration (see events in Chicago during the recent NATO rally there), then how can one not classify a self-confessed mass-murderess, once Secretary of state of the USA, for that which she was and is ? Why has she not been indicted to appear before the World Court at the Hague ?

Watch an obviously distressed, real woman, a caring woman, with real feelings for children, as women normally possess, confronting a human buzzard with a question of simple human empathy, and listen to what it said and the expression on its face as it admits to a horrendous crime beyond all human proportions :

Madeleine Albright on '60 Minutes' : “The Price is Worth It”

And the present US Secretary of State ? Hillary Clinton ? Watch a true, self-confessing sadistic psychopath getting her criminal jollies before camera while paraphrasing words spoken by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, 'veni, vidi, vici', 'came, saw, conquered', a man who was both a fearless fighter, general and also an educated intellectual, here parodied by an ageing, self-indulging sadist for a group of admirers' and her own aggrandisement, with majestic self-delusions in her use of the personal pronoun plural “we” (Caesar was man enough to use the third-person of himself “He did this, etc ...”).

Clinton is seen here speaking of the US murder of former Libyan leader and ally, Maummar al-Qadafi, at the end of the USA-instigated NATO invasion of a once-prosperous Libya, after first sending in infiltrating mercenary and special-forces agitators to murder their way into corporate-media news and justify another US War Of Invasion and Conquest, just as it is attempting in Syria today :

Hillary Clinton : “We came, we saw, he died” [and sadistic laughter] :

Where is the USA's psychiatric establishment in all of this ? For that matter, where are the world's psychiatric establishments hiding ? Why don't they get together and declare these individuals criminally insane and have them put away or at the very least arraigned before the World Court as insane war-criminals ? How can anyone be allowed to still hold office after statements such as these ?

If the USA can't save itself from its own internal tyranny, then the world must save itself from the USA by invading it and setting it right.



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