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Blood In The Streets

By Jim Kirwan


The global-clock of deadlines is coming tomorrow. Even at this late hour the world is still taking serious notice of real options that have previously not even been considered. Banks & Governments have become the hugely-bloated pigs that sit at the center of every financial and legal problem facing virtually every country in the world right-now.

A bank is first of all a bank, and nothing more. Greed has led many countries to allow banks to enter into every conceivable scam, to illegally “profit” from institutions that are essentially criminal in nature. All that the world has to do is follow the international-example set by Iceland and we can all begin to free-ourselves of everything that is financially-threatening every man woman and child on the earth.” (1)

What is finally being ‘looked-at’ are the essential-governmental-structures in every country. Most have too many banks and too much government. This diet of monetary junk-food created overweight-criminal-organizations along with private-corporatized-interests, which are supported by mercenary-armies. This insures that the world will supposedly stay on the wrong-course which will take us all back to the time before the wheel was even invented.

(Reuters) - A small island on the edge of Europe teetering under the weight of its bust banks. Sound familiar?

Like Iceland and Ireland before it, Cyprus is battling to prevent an outsized and overextended banking sector from dragging the country into the ground.

Cyprus's parliament has overwhelmingly rejected a proposed levy on deposits as a condition of a European bailout, throwing the country's future into disarray.

But the experiences of Iceland and Ireland show that however Cyprus decides to deal with its crisis, pain is in store.

While Reykjavik let banks fail and introduced capital controls, making financing its economy difficult, Dublin nationalized most of its financial sector, helping to quadruple its debt burden and ensuring years of austerity.

Both countries are growing again, but underlying problems remain with households in both nations still swamped in housing debt, Irish unemployment stuck at 14 percent and Iceland fearful of lifting its capital controls for fear of a damaging outflow of foreign funds.”… (2)

Iceland set the course and tone for the only ‘track’ available to end the international-bloodshed that’s about to begin. The world has been altered by outlaws from individually-designed polices to satisfy foreign-needs. The result has been pre-packaged slave states that are run on separate tracks that cannot be deviated from.

Ireland has begun to make some progress. But every major nation must take this course seriously. If formerly viable nation-states are to survive, unlike the already nation-state-free EU: We must directly destroy what’s already been built and what “THEY-SAY” is the only option. To end global-slavery we must get off “their track”. Think about it for a moment…!

The cost of doing business has massive pre-costs attached. The heaviest costs for any start-up are in the front-end. For example: Farmers need to clear the land, buy seeds and plant. At every step there are expenses. Once the crops have been harvested, initial profits will off-set the costs and lead directly to larger-profits in the future. In that process duplication and excess must be eliminated in order to maximize available funds. To make success possible in this world our lands must first be freed from the weeds of corruption!

There are duplications. Continued global-mafia criminalization and collusion do produce changes: Nothing from that change is positive! ‘Success for countries’ was never the point. The supposed ‘powers’ only pay lip-service to their promises. There is never any real profit produced by any government policy. Government polices allow profits to be stolen from us, which are then sent straight back to the banksters; while all our needs get dumped. None of the original needs or loans are met! Farmers or investors are forced to pursue new loans, again. Meanwhile the outlaws keep the profits: The public is forced to pay all costs, plus interest and penalties. And that is where we are!

The overblown-banks & the feral governments are feeding their outsized-greed and global-addictions to control every human field of endeavor. This is called Full Spectrum Dominance.

Criminally-designed-theft contains an added bonus, for the traitors, trapping the citizens of the world under colossal mountains of debt. This debt is so huge that it exceeds the combined-totals of all the current-deposits in the world. Debt-of-that-size must be written-off!

The world is facing a choice between real PASSION and the killer-form of DENIAL that can only embrace SURRENDER.

There is no question that anything as catastrophic as $1.2 to $2 Quadrillion dollars of DEBT could ever be dealt with: Except by canceling it.

The N.W.O. insists that every cent of this fraudulent money be repaid. Yet banks are the only part of every society that must be protected, according to them—while everyone else must go straight to hell!

Choices: The depth of choice has been out there long enough to demand the chance to be reviewed. This should begin by emulating what Iceland did and continues to do.

There is another choice and Iceland decided to pursue it. Back in 2008 they also had an epic collapse and in fact their banks defaulted on $85 billion dollars: And especially for a country the size of Iceland that is gigantic… Their debt to income ration, back in 2008 was an unbelievable 240%. So the size of their problem was even larger than our problem when you look at it per-capita and proportionally. Huge problem. Well then obviously you need to make sure that the banks are afloat—right? Otherwise they can’t take the action that they need to take. Here’s what the people of Iceland decided instead—

Ah NO, We’re coming for you.

And not only did they have protests, when they were starting to throw rocks at the Parliament Building, and saying “We’re not going to take this crap.”

Instead this is the route that they went. They indicted their former prime-minister, in September of 2009, for his role in the crisis. And then they decided that’s not enough so let’s go let’s go ahead and arrest the former chief-executives of the three biggest banks. …Over two hundred criminal charges for the bankers. Now wait: We were told here in the United States that

“You can’t do that! ­ these are the BANKERS! ­ you’ll destroy the economy!”

In fact not only did they do that but a former CEO of one of their top banks …got stints in solitary confinement. They “Bradley-Manninged him” We Bradley Manning people that are trying to expose what the government is doing wrong: They do it for people who actually destroy their economy—who is more logical?” More at the link below (3).

What the USA must-do is go after the retired people from Goldman-Sachs, the Federal Reserve and the top six banks in this country. We need to begin with Henry Kissinger; all ex-presidents beginning with George H.W. Bush, all the way through to Bush junior.

Barry Soweto presents additional problems. Seizing his predecessors will go a long way toward solving this. This corrective action, by itself, will create the metaphorical “Blood in the Streets”. More importantly, this will set this nation on exactly the opposite track from this ‘Down-Bound-Train that is taking ‘us’ into total Oblivion - which is just days away if we don’t act now!

In reality the Criminal U.S. Congress & US Court system will balk at any attempt to alter US policy when it comes to the banks or the government: The time for tolerating these Traitors is long-gone. This is put-up or shut-up time for any who have not yet grown ‘a pair’!

Either the American people follow the example set by Iceland and chose FREEDOM and financial-recovery - or this place will crumble to the global-cabal that wants nothing more than to include the USA in the EU-GLOBAL-SURRENDER; together with all other nations, to their damnable polices of one-world-government.

The United States needs to adopt Iceland’s clear response:


We Must Go After the Bankers & the Politicians!

1) Reversing Structures ­ Ending Global Banks

2) Cypriot banks on brink in Icelandic flashback

3) Ron Paul: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov't Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers ­ 6min 26 sec VIDEO





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