Bicycle Across America With Frosty - You're Invited  
Bicycle adventure coast to coast across America with
Howard and Frosty Wooldridge in the summer of 2012

From Frosty Wooldridge


Join us as we pedal from the Pacific Ocean on the Oregon coast to Washington DC on the Atlantic.  You may pedal with us for some, part or all of the adventure.  You may camp it, motel it or hire camping valets to care for your every wish.

We will be following Howard’s coast to coast horseback route from his epic ride in 2003.  You will enjoy majestic mountain passes, raging white water rivers, enormous wilderness beauty, spring flowers, hummingbirds, migrating fowl, buffalo and spectacular wild animals. Above all, this ride will fill your bucket list with breathtaking moments.

We will video the entire journey for a documentary that features sights, sounds and the amazing experiences that occur on this bicycle adventure.  You will share with the wild, crazy and interesting people along the way.  Additionally, Frosty will write a book:  Bicycle Adventure Across America: Pounding the Pedals for Life, Joy and Laughter.

Make plans today to join us on this unique and inspiring two wheeled adventure across America. It will change your life, thrill your body, accent your spirit and provide you with pictures, hilarious moments, a boatload of memories and a boatload of pictures to remember for your lifetime. It’s a dream trip, so come with us and live the dream.

Start: Newport Beach, Oregon

Time: April 21, 2012

Finish: June 1 to 10th, 2012 at Virginia Beach, Virginia

Miles: 3,500

Bikes: Mountain expedition touring machines and regular touring bikes as you wish

Ride: You may ride for the entire journey, two weeks, one week or even a few days as we pass through Denver, Colorado.

Contact: <>  , 303 666 6186

Details: Complete pack list provided, bike suggestions, anything questions will be answered.

Thanks for sharing the road with us this summer.

Love, laugh, ride, dance and pedal,

Howard and Frosty Wooldridge



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