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From my Book ‘Death of an Evil God’

Chapter 8


By Dr. Joseph Chiapplaone

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"The whole religious complexion of the modern (western) world is due to the absence from Jerusalem (and the Vatican) of a lunatic asylum."   Henry H Ellis (1859-1939)


It is generally taken for granted that the Bible (really there are many bibles for there are many versions) is the basis of Christian doctrine in Western Society. And, just like society which is evil and corrupt, the Bible is a compilation which also contains evil distortion and corruption. Just read the war-mongering and bloodthirsty passages of the Old Testament if you do not believe that this is so! For example, Jehovah is said to have killed 50,070 as well as Uzzah for looking into the Ark of the Covenant. Who can take the God of the Bible seriously? He/it is a revengeful, blood-thirsty warmonger, always wanting blood sacrifices, and urging his people to wage merciless war. Even today's transparent Palestinian genocide is a direct result of the Old Testament's influence on modern Israelis.


The various versions of the Bible have layers and layers of additions and corrections and they have been perverted throughout the ages in order to serve the function of the master of this plane, the evil demigod. The Jews have rewritten their version to present themselves in the most favourable light inspite of the facts, and the Catholic Church rewrote its version to give it the power and authority which it did not really have or deserve. Throughout the more ancient texts the word "God" has been substituted for "Goddess", the Divine Mother. And the extant codices which differ from one another and from the King James version of the 17th century are there for all to examine.


There are many examples of plagiarism and perversion throughout the Bible, in the formation of Christian doctrines and in the establishment of an hierarchial institution. Those interested should seek other literature that is now available, by many other authors, to find more examples than the ones I gave in the last chapter and the ones below.


-- An Egyptian Hymn to Isis has been copied directly into the Bible as Psalm 89.14.


-- The Isis cult was absorbed by the 4th century into the Madonna cult of the so-called Christians, and, in fact, all the pictures of the Madonna and child are

pictures of Isis and Her Son, Hours. Many of the sayings and parables have been lifted from elsewhere.


-- The Lord's Prayer is a collection of sayings from the Talmud and many other prayers are derivations from earlier Egyptian prayers to Osiris. The Talmud itself was of Babylonian origin.


-- From the cult of Osiris comes the 23rd Psalm: " The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not Want..."


-- The Sermon on the Mount had no original material and this revelation may shock some people. It was made up of fragments from Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, The Secrets of Enoch and the Shemone Esreh. This Sermon was unknown to the oldest Gospel, the apocryphal Gospel of Mark.


-- As I have already stated, the Wisdom of Jesus (Sophia of Jesus) after the Resurrection, is a direct copy of the speech of Eugnostos the Blessed which was written centuries before.


-- Even the Golden Rule as contained in Leviticus, 19-18 comes from an Akkadian maxim. It is a proverb of Maat, the Mother of Justice in the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, and in Greek doctrine, it is the law of the Goddess, Dike.


Immediately when one confronts the Christian Church with evidence of interpolation, perversion, corruption and plagiarism, the same old rhetoric is used like the one the Catholic Church used when one of its dogmas, the Trinity, was questioned: "How, if these verses were an interpolation, could the Holy Spirit who guides and directs the Church, have allowed Her to regard this lofty affirmation of the Trinity as authentic, and permitted its insertion in the official edition of the Sacred Books?" Well, from the information I have revealed in these volumes, you will know that it was not the Holy Spirit, or the Divine Mother or Her Grace (Shakti) guiding the Church. In fact, it was the evil essence of the demiurge who not only allowed these interpolations and corruptions, but actually augmented them, in order to deceive the True Beings trapped on this plane.


And, just by the way, if you think this sort of tautological ecclesiastical thinking was something to do with long, long ago, reconsider. As late as 1897 the Congregation of the Index with the approval of Pope Leo X111 forbad any further research into the origin of the text dealing with the Trinity. The Church forbad not only research but also reading of the Bible by laymen. From earliest times and throughout the Middle Ages possession of a Bible written in the vernacular was a crime, punished by burning at the stake! To stop people thinking for themselves the church went further. As literacy grew, and minds were being enlightened out of the cloistered darkness, the Catholic Church forbad its clergy from reading newspapers and periodicals in 1854. It condemned socialism, rational thought, civil liberties, freedom of speech and of the press and condemned other religions.


Of course, during the period of the Reformation, which is generally taken to have begun with Martin Luther's objection to the excesses of the Church, (and mind you he called the Vatican the seat of the Antichrist) there was more Bible reading, because the Bible was then more available and, of course, far more scepticism of its authenticity was created. This was especially so as Luther compared the Greek and Latin gospels and found, like others before him and others since, many manipulated and purposeful mistranslations which gave the church spurious scriptural authority. It is a fact that many researchers and scholars throughout the ages have concluded that the Bible is a garbled jumble of borrowed texts and perverted Epistles and Gospels which did not represent the Truth.


A. Richard Simon in his 17th century "Critical History of the Old Testament" came to this conclusion and in particular, to the conclusion that Moses did not write the Pentateuch.


B. Doctor Alex Geddes in the 18th century came to the same conclusion.


C. The Lux Mundi of 1889 admitted that the Bible is a confused mass of myths, legend and garbled history often contradicting provable facts.


Many other authors now consider that the Gospels cannot be taken as literal Truth but only as romantic symbolism. But even allowing for this latitude, it has often been stated that many orthodox theologians have no idea of the meaning of the myths in the Bible because they do not study the myths and legends of other cultures. They simply condemn them. The church destroyed not only the books and libraries which contained them, but also the people themselves.


From a sociological perspective, it must be stated that THE BIBLE IS NOT UNIQUE. It is a compilation of many myths coming from many parts of the world. All the cultures of the world share the same fables of creation, of the flood, of a magic garden, of the Tree of Life, of its primal couple, of the wise serpent, of the Heaven-piercing Tower (of Babel), of divided waters, of a chosen race, of virgin mothers, of saviours, etc. Scholarly research has shown that both texts of the Bible are quite recent and relatively corrupt derivations from the world-wide cycle of Gnostic Truism which has been labelled Archetypal Myths.. We see in the Bible the adoption of distorted myths attached to every saviour God of all cultures. Examples follow:



Adonis was born in a sacred cave in Bethlehem, of a consecrated Temple maiden, like Mary. Like Jesus and Attis he was sacrificed at the (Northern) Spring Equinox, (the 21st of March) eaten in the form of bread and rose again from the dead on the third day as He was part of a Ritual Resurrection. Attis and Jesus were also said to be born from a virgin birth as were many others. Attis was associated by the Gnostics, and others, with the Christ spirit as were many others. The Church later made the exclusive association of Jesus and the Christ energy to suit its evil purpose. The Church did not choose the dates for the Crucifixion of Jesus and His Resurrection (the Easter dates) until the 7th century. This shows how fraudulent its claims of authenticity really are. Even Palm Sunday was copied from the Procession of Palms which glorified the sacred Kings in Ancient Babylon.



The culture of Attis strongly influenced early Christians. But the story and symbolism have been reduced to virtually useless myth: He was the Son of the virginal Goddess Nana (another aspect of the Great Goddess, the Divine Celestial Mother) who conceived Him by eating an almond. He was slain in order to bring salvation to mankind. His body was eaten by worshippers in the form of bread and he resurrected as the most high God. This Passion of Attis was celebrated at the Spring Equinox and His birth was on the 25th of December, the time of the Winter Solstice. So you see, Christianity claimed the same dates for the conception and birth of Jesus. When quarrels ensued between the plagiarizers and those who knew the significance of the myths and the plagiarism that the Christian Church was engaged in, the Christians declared that: "The devil had established pagan mysteries in imitation of Christianity before there was a Christianity." This was actually quite ridiculous.


Attis cult members eventually lost the battle, as did the followers of Adonis, Mithra, Apollo, Orpheus, Tammuz, Osiris, Hermes and others who were all inter-related aspects of the Christ essence. The so-called Christian Church took over. The 25th of March was made the day of the Enunciation by the Church and of course, the 25th of December was made Christmas Day. But these dates were not accepted by the Church until 656 AD The day of Attis's death was known as Black Friday or the Day of Blood, for then the God Attis died and was buried. He then descended into the Underworld and on the third day He rose again from the dead. And this was Sunday, the Day of Joy. Familiar? Of course it is, for you see, the Rites of Easter have arisen from the mysteries of Attis.


Like the risen Christ, Attis arose when the sun made the day longer than the night for the first time in the new cycle. Attis in the myth, is the God of Vegetation and came from the Phrygian region of central Turkey. He was known as the Son of Zeus, the leader of the Pantheon and this myth has been traced to the 12th century BC


The day of Attis' death was also the day of His cyclic reconception. Symbolically, Attis represented a rejuvenation of spirit, but this became corrupted into a rejuvenation of earth and a cyclic salvation of crops, important to those people who depended on the production of crops.


Zeus was of the Godforce essence and was the Father (essence) of Orpheus, Apollo, Dionysus (Adonis) Hermes, Osiris, Isis, Horus, Moses and Jesus, as well as Mithra, Tammuz and Attis. Adonis (Dionysus) was equivalent to Tammuz. Hence, what we truly have is the same energy with different names. These are all representatives of the Christ energy.


Of course knowledge of these connections had been destroyed by the vandalism of the Catholic Church. However, little traces remain. In the Siena cathedral Hermes Trismegistos is revered as the contemporary (and brother in essence) of Moses. Horus is represented there also. "What, in a Catholic cathedral?" What did the ancients know that has been kept from us? Did they know that Moses was the incarnation of Horus? Yes they did! They knew it was the same essence, just as they knew that all those I have named above were "brothers in Christ" and of the same essence.


They knew that Hermes was the Light of the World as was Dionysus, Mithra, Jesus, and Apollo (who became canonized as St. Benedict under his title of Benedictus) and all the others, and they knew that Zeus was their Father. When this is realized the patterns of the Archetypal myths all begin to make sense do they not?


Zeus was the Divine father of Dionysus, who in turn was the Divine father of Orpheus. Zeus was none other than an aspect of the "Masculine" energy of the Godforce. Do you see how this early knowledge of inter-connected Divine Beings was perverted into myths which still had some basis in spiritual terms and were further distorted and applied directly to the sacrifice of Jesus and His Resurrection?


Titles and Honours too were plagiarized with great abandon: Osiris was described as the Good Shepherd. Mithra was described as the Light of the World. Dionysus was described as the King of Kings, and God of Gods. Vishnu and Mithra were both the Son of Man and the Messianic energy. These were all described as Saviours of the World. These labels are quite familiar, for the Church plagiarized them and misused them to describe Jesus ONLY.


Plagiarism knew no bounds. The miracles supposedly performed by Jesus also have many precedences.


-- The Dionysian Rite practised at Sidon in Alexandria gives us wine from water - the very miracle Jesus performed at Cana.


-- The priestesses at Nineveh cured the blind by applying their spittle to the eyes.


-- The Goddess Demeter, a form of the Great Mother, multiplied loaves and fishes, healed the sick, raised the dead and performed exorcisms.


-- In the Magic Papyri, anointed ones (Christs) walk on water.


But of course when these things were pointed out to the oppressing, plagiarizing, so-called Christians who controlled the church, they insisted that the older deities and their miracles were invented by the devil beforehand in order to belittle their forthcoming doctrines of faith. This of course was not so. By the time the so-called Christians (but really evil minions) took control, there were many sources which conflicted with what the church wanted to teach. And so it was, as I have mentioned elsewhere, that, by the year 450 AD, some 200 different Gospels revered by the Church of the Diocese of Bishop Theodore of Cyrrhus were destroyed except for the four Canonical ones. What was the church to do? In order to hide its own criminality, it had to destroy the evidence. And that is exactly what it did. Wanton destruction of nearly all the ancient texts which could reveal its borrowings and plagiarism occurred.


There were many versions of the Gospels. In fact, one of them stated that Jesus was not crucified but that Simon of Cyrene actually took His place. I have dealt with the Resurrection at length below. However, it is interesting to see that Jesus directed those who saw Him after His resurrection to touch Him not. Now if He was PHYSICALLY resurrected, there would be no reason for him to say this. It was all a false interpolation. If He was an ETHEREAL being, He would ask beings not to touch Him for it would reveal the nature of the ethereal body. This revelation of being ethereal would then blow away forever the myth of the physical body's resurrection.


The Gnostics vehemently claimed that there was no Resurrection of the flesh and the Church of course had to go directly against them and silence them. Gnostics called the literal view of the Resurrection the "Faith of fools".


Nothing in the myth created around Jesus occurred by accident. The evil force driving these so-called Christian minions made sure that every detail of a formal sacrificial tradition (which they labelled as pagan later) was included in the myth. There is also ample evidence that borrowings from the life story of Buddha also occurred. The oldest Gospels contradict one another and we know from research that the various codices still in existence are different from one another. It is interesting to note that the Epistles of Paul were collected by the Gnostic teacher, Marcion, who was later excommunicated as a heretic for denying that the scriptures were mystical allegories. He knew they were forged concoctions.



At the time of the created myth of Jesus, Tammuz (Thomas), also called the Only Begotten Son, was a Christos or sacred King, who was sacrificed annually in symbolism in the Temple at Jerusalem. He was dedicated to the Goddess, Ishtar or Mari, the Queen of Heaven and He was the Hebrew version of Dionysus (Adonis). Tammuz was equivalent to Osiris and to the Sumerian Saviour God, Damu. Each year on the Day of Atonement, He was sacrificed in the form of a Lamb. Hence, all these, like Jesus, were the manifestations of the same energy. But the Church sought exclusivity. So you see that the myth that was eventually formulated around Jesus was one which was fairly widespread at the time. I mention these facts, not to detract from the Divinity of Jesus, but to demonstrate the destructive exclusivity the so-called Christian church sought to give itself in order to trap the True Beings and gain power and wealth. And in these things, history tells us it succeeded for almost 2000 years.



Dionysus, otherwise known as Bacchus, Adonis and Pan, was not only known as the Wine God (as a corruption) but also as The Liberator. This is a Gnostic term found only in Gnostic Eschatological Doctrines. He was the son of Zeus whom I have identified as the "Father" energy. Hence, he was the son who would rescue the Mother. This being was quite significant before the Church destroyed the writings relating to, and the memory of, the implication of this being. Dionysus was of such importance that He was represented, in fact, on one side of a coin the other side of which portrayed Jehovah, an aspect of the evil demiurge which took over the whole show. It was Jehovah who eventually displaced Dionysus as God in the culture which grew around Jerusalem. And the Hebrews became Jehovah's chosen race. But we can conclude that at least some people at some stage felt that Dionysus and the others were celestial Beings. The Saviour myth was also applied to Dionysus and He too was eaten after sacrifice in the form of bread and wine which represented His flesh and blood. And this was the classical Dionysus Sacrament at Eleusis. This makes a mockery of the Last Supper myth does it not?


Dionysus is said to have later reincarnated as Orpheus. He was known also as the King of Kings, the God Begotten, the Virgin-born and the Anointed one, the Christos. At Eleusis, Dionysus was represented as the Holy Child in a manger.


Apart from these various Saviours, the VIRGIN BIRTH was also attributed to Zoroaster, Sargon, Persius, Jason, Miletus, Minos, Asclepias, Zeus and Plato.



The Moses myth is really a compilation of 3 antecedent ones as well as other stories:


A. From India there was the Hindu myth when Kali gave birth to the Sun God and placed him in a basket of rushes on the Ganges.


B. The same myth was reproduced for Sargon, the King of Akkad, in the 3rd millennium BC King SARGON, a son of a virgin bride of God, was set afloat on the river and rescued by the Divine midwife. He then spent a period of exile in the wilderness where he was tempted by evil spirits and later was elevated to the throne. The fatherless hero born of waters was a universal image of the Saviour king and has been repeated in the myths of Persius, Horus, Jason, Oedipus, Joshua and Jesus.


C. An Egyptian model existed: The miracles attributed to Moses have been derived from Egyptian myths for there is an Egyptian model for the myth of Moses in Heracles of Canopus.


D. Other stories added to the myth include:


*  The Parting of the Waters, as attributed to both Kali crossing the Ganges and Isis.

*  Mother Rhea striking water from a rock.

*  She had also given Law tablets on a Holy mountain.


The story of the TEN COMMANDMENTS which were supposedly given to Moses on the Mount was copied from


I  The story of the Canaanite god Baal-Berith, the "God of the Covenant".


Ii  The Commandments of the Buddhist Decalogue.


Iii   The life of Zoroaster who had also received the Law from Ahura Mazda from the mountain top, and


Iv  King Hammurabi who received the Laws from the Babylonian God from a mountain top also.


The basis of the myths concerning Moses also included the expulsion of Jews from Egypt during an outbreak of pestilence. Other sources (Choeremen, Manetho, Lysimachus, Tacitus) say that the oracles blamed the infection on foreign workers who were called the Children of Israel and the offenders were evicted from Egypt and sent into the desert. This is very different from what has been written in the extant Old Testament which claims the Jews were liberated by Jehovah's intervention.


The Jews claim they are the Chosen race of God. The True Jews, and not all born into the Jewish race are True Jews, in fact, were the chosen race of the demigod Jehovah (JHWH, Yaldabaoth). According to the Roman historian Tacitus, the Jews were "a race detested by the gods." I will discuss why this was so in a later chapter. Tacitus, who has given us much insight into non-Christian history, also claims that everything before the Exodus was from non-Jewish sources.


Many stories of the Old Testament were changed. For example, the story that the firstborn of Egypt were killed by Yahweh who spared the Jewish firstborn, for the Jews had redeemed their sons with the blood of the lamb, was a fabrication and the Passover myth was an Egyptian custom which had originated in China. Hence, like the Christian Church which rewrote the New Testament, the Jews rewrote the Old Testament to create a mythical, self-aggrandizing history for their nation out of customs, sayings and legends borrowed from others.


True Beings should never, never forget that religious doctrine is created by men, using the evil essence. And, as Lactantius, a Father of the church in those formative years admitted, "All religions are based on fear and they resist True knowledge and aspirations."


Pope Leo the Great endorsed the death penalty for erroneous beliefs in order to defend what the evil beings were doing. There is no doubt that the myths the church created did oppress the people. The ones around Jehovah were both irrational and vindictive for they punished the whole race for an alleged "Original Sin" and metered out punishment in Hell which lasted forever in merciless agony. The Church ruled with an iron fist and not only did it prevent the people reading the Bible and endorsed the death penalty for erroneous beliefs, but it also insisted, as it did again during the Reformation, that it was the sole interpreter of the scriptures. And of course this oppression, its overt evilness and the exposure of its manipulation of texts, and its profiteering by selling indulgences, eventually led to revolution and the Reformation.


Much of the Old Testament was distorted and plagiarized also. It is generally conceded that the Pentateuch, supposedly written by Moses, was re-written by the priest, Ezra, much, much later.



The early Christians saw Mithra, the Persian Saviour, as a rival who was more successful than the myth that they created. Those so-called Christians copied the Mithra religion in great detail. Mithra too was born on December 25th of a virgin. His birth was witnessed by shepherds and by Magi who brought gifts to his sacred birth cave. He performed miracles and raised the dead, healed the sick, made the blind see and the lame walk. He cast out devils and, as Son of the Petra Genetrix, He carried the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. He ascended to Heaven at the Spring Equinox (Easter), but before His ascension, He celebrated a Last Supper with His 12 Disciples, the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. In memory of this, his worshippers partook of a sacramental meal of bread marked with a Cross. (Holy Communion). This was one of the seven sacraments and was the model for the Christian sacrament called the Mizd (Missa, Mass).


The Mithraic doctrines also had the story of the Great Flood, a story based on the Hindu flood version of Manu. Hence, it is obvious the story of the flood went from the Hindu states to Persia to Babylon and into the Old Testament and each version contained within it the story of the end of the world which would be by fire, and the story of the battle of the forces of Good and Evil.


It is from the Mithra religion that labels such as the "Saviour of the World", and "Soldiers for Christ" were obtained, for Mithra was the Supreme Patron of the Roman armies. From it, we celebrate Sunday and from it arises the claim that the Saviour's death was marked by an Eclipse. Mithraism had seven Sacraments and a pope, for the Mithraic High Priest was called the Pater Patrum.


Mithraism and Manichaean Christianity (Persian Gnosticism) had much in common. They contained the same Gnostic truths. In the Mithraic Festival of the Epiphany, the Magi come to the child Saviour with gifts. This was adopted by the Christian Church in 1813, as the Festival of the Epiphany, eighteen centuries after the birth of Jesus.



The Christian Sign of the Cross was taken from the knowledge of Hermes, who was called the Logos by the Neoplatonists. Hermes was the "God within". Until the Middle Ages, Hermes Trismegistos was acknowledged as the one who gave knowledge to Moses, hence his presence in the Siena cathedral. Hermetic lore described the Arabic numbers and Alchemy. It is felt that in 1460, the occurrence of the Corpus Hermeticum being given to Cosimo de Medici began the renewed epistemological movement which became known as the Renaissance. The writings of Hermes were of Gnostic Truth.



Osiris, the consort of Isis, was also known as a Son of God, a Light God and the Lord of Death. He was the Lord of Lords, King of Kings and God of Gods. He was the Resurrection and the Life; the Good Shepherd. He was the God/man who suffered and died, rose again and reigned eternally in Heaven. His coming was also announced by Three Wise Men and they are represented by the three stars on Orion's belt which point to Sirius. Sirius is taken to be the Messiah and is a symbol of Hermes. Osiris was also a devoured Host and Communion was taken by eating cakes of wheat, the plant of Truth which bestowed a total life to the partaker. From the cult of Osiris comes the 23rd Psalm -"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want... etc."


The Christian Cross comes from his Ankh and the Bishop's Crozier comes from the Osirian Shepherd Crook. The Rosary was also copied from Egypt.


What one can conclude is that the same symbolism was used in the stories of each of these "Myths" which represent the same Celestial Being, be it by a different name in each era or area.



Dionysus, Orpheus, Apollo, Hermes, Horus and Moses are the same energy (from Zeus). Note that from Osiris (through Isis) Horus was born. Hence, Horus was also Osiris the Lord, the Life. And being the same essence as Hermes, Horus was another aspect of the Hermetic Messiah. Moses was the incarnation of Horus, and Elijah was the reincarnation of Hermes. The beings existed, it is just that the myths around them were fabrications for the most part.


Who accompanied Jesus at the Transfiguration, a symbolic representation of the Father/Mother/Son Trinity? Moses did, and he who was the same essence as Horus, who was of the essence of Osiris, who was also the essence of Tammuz, who was also the essence of Dionysus (Adonis) who was from Zeus, the "Father energy", the Masculine Aspect of the Godhead. And Elijah did, for He was of the essence of Hermes, who was also of the essence of Isis. And Isis was the Feminine Aspect of the Godhead. She was the "Mother energy". Jesus represented the "Son Energy." This Trinity theme is very much a Gnostic one, as I explained in the discussion on the Celestial Error. It was distorted into the Father/Son/Holy Ghost Trinity by the so-called Christians to exclude the Divine Mother. More about this exclusion later.



Who is Shiva, the Hindu destroyer/rebuilder, in ontological terms in these myths? Osiris was taken as one of the forms of Shiva in neolithic Egypt. Shiva, who is said to reincarnate as needed in the foothills of the Himalayas, or elsewhere if necessary, was none other than the Babaji (Holy Father) whom Jesus went to see in India. So Jesus went to see the energy of Osiris (the consort of Isis, who was the Divine Mother energy).


And Osiris was of the energy of Zeus, the Divine Father energy. Babaji later reincarnated as King Arthur who was known in Celtic Mythology as the Messiah, the Liberator, the CELTIC ZEUS. So you see, from an ontological view, when the Essence is recognized, it all makes sense. And Gnostics of those areas recognized the Essence of the Beings, just as they do today. That is why the same titles were given to them. If this was not so, why would groups as diverse as the Celts, Egyptians and Hindu, and others, bother to share the same symbolic concepts and attribute the same honours to their deities?


Osiris was also connected with Hermes who was taken as a contemporary of Moses. Moses has connections with Jesus as witnessed in the Transfiguration account and Jesus has connections with Shiva as a result of his Himalayan visitation. Lord Shiva (Babaji) was, and is, in ontological terms, Osiris, Horus, Moses, ZEUS. As Moses he accompanied Jesus in his Transfiguration, for he was the "Father" in essence. So ontologically these energies are connected. It was the Church which distorted things and extracted Jesus out of the Divine Hierarchy and made Him unique, a one and only, for selfish reasons, and this of course was quite wrong.


The Church points at the Mithraic cults and the Osiris religions and others and says they are pagan for they are represented by a variety of beasts. That is due to a misunderstanding of what the beasts represent. Human sacrifice was stopped very early on by most peoples, except by the Jews who were the last to do so, and it was replaced by animal sacrifice. Symbolically, these Saviours like Mithra and Osiris were made to reincarnate into a variety of beasts. Hence, the Apis Bull was said to have died to atone for the sins of Egypt (again a distortion under Jehovah's rule) and so on. It was a symbolism very much like many symbolisms that the Church has retained but given its own exclusive significance. Unfortunately, many have been fooled by the gross deceit.


It is not unreasonable to suggest that the evil hierarchy of the developing new Christian movement many hundreds of years after the life of Jesus, and against His will, actually created a Myth around Him by using all the facets of previous religions that were available and then set about destroying as much of the evidence as possible about these religions, in particular the Orphic, the Mithraic and the Dionysian doctrines. Others are coming to this conclusion. And, in a nutshell, Christian doctrine and religious doctrines are all about temporal wealth and power, and metaphysical destruction of Divine Beings.


So there were two elements that gave rise to the doctrines that we have today. One was the rebellion of Jehovah, in the non-material realms, to take over a particular dimension. This evil demigod rebelled against the Divine Hierarchy and declared itself the one and only God.


Secondly, in the last 2000 years in Western civilization, the evil hierarchy of the Christian movement took over the religious doctrines of other institutions and declared them its own with exclusive authority and power to do as it wished. The new movement had already been taken over and perverted by evil. The so-called Christianity that evolved was not a representation of Jesus' teachings at all. It was, and is (for it still exists, albeit in a moribund condition) simply the new thrust for the evil demiurge's work.


This is the exact same mechanism which had perverted Manichaeism, Zoroaster's teachings, Buddhism, and Islam, and so on. It is not unique. However I will focus on it as a matter of convenience.



Like all the other religions, Buddhism, as it exists now, is a gross distortion of the Gautama's original message. How many will accept that Jesus was the same Being (or Avatar, or Divine Consciousness, or Energy) as Buddha? The same being has played the roles of these avatars. Hence, even as Manichaeus called Jesus his Celestial Twin, he was, in reality, referring to his Higher Being!


Modern Buddhism has no answers at all to the genuine searcher because of evil distortions. There are many sects within Buddhism, however there are basically 4 major ones. Those who embrace Buddhism totally and accept all that occurs on this plane unconditionally, for they erroneously think it is all a plan of the Divine, are submitting themselves to the full control of the Evil demiurge and his evil, exploitative system.


Many will disagree with this information and point to the harmony and tranquillity many find in religions. Well, let me explain. If any True Being is in complete harmony with this plane and dimension, and the evil systems, including its religious institutions, it means that such a being has postponed, or worse still, totally lost the struggle against evil. Some of these beings may be simply fooled and trapped and still have a chance to awaken. Of course the lives of those who succumb to evil appear to improve as they become trapped in any of evil's systems, and such systems include the totally perverted teachings of the religions including Islam, Judaism and Hinduism as well as Christianity and the minor ones, sects, and others which have been taken over by evil archons.


And as trapped beings comply with the evil dictator's realm, they are more totally programmed and are further subjected to the illusional harmony of Maya. Such trapped beings often receive that which they ask of the system, things such as popularity and status, more wealth, fame, health, outer mind contentment, etc., so that they convince themselves that they are on the right path. Of course they do not realize that they are being deluded and exploited by these traps.


A spiritually damaging harmony will be experienced by True Beings when they live subserviently in the evil system. And not only do the True beings become oppressed, but they also become trapped, exploited and neutralized so that they cannot express their true nature. In time such trapped True Beings will regress! That is, they will be spiritually assassinated even while they incorrectly think they are in harmony with the "right Force". The illusion into which such trapped and fooled True Beings allow themselves to fall, destroys their true perception and vision. Their True Divine Essences become nullified. Such Divine True Beings are for all intents and purposes functional robots of the evil system. And the evil system does what it likes with them, including using them to trap and exploit others.


Many may think they have avoided some of the pit-falls of this plane by being very religious, but it can still be, and usually is, that they are trapped in a greater fraudulent illusion. Even within religious vocations many have grave doubts, as many others have had in the past, and they receive very strong stimuli to awaken to the Truth. Their inner conflict, if left unresolved, can be devastating and can cause great mental anguish and mental disease. But now in the Final Generation of the Planet, the Inner Being will, by force, make Itself heard in all True Beings! Everyone will be forced to awaken to the illusion in order to allow the corrective process to take place.


Where does all this lead us? What is the significance of all these avatars and Sons of God and Liberators, etc., etc.? Well, if we try and rationalize them, there is very little sense to be made of it all. They are simply characters in a mythological landscape that obviously stretches over the centuries from the dawn of time, long before writing was even used, in this last epoch of the human era. Hence, in themselves as historical figures they cannot be more than caricatures of fables and myths. It is only when one ascribes to them a mystical significance that they can be accepted as any more than this. It is only when one acknowledges them as representing some Divine force which is working for rectification of this mess, as promised for this earth in this generation, that they can be taken in a context of some significance to our lives. If we cannot make this acknowledgement then they remain as entertaining mythological figures. To make this acknowledgement one needs to use the Inner Mind, the one beyond rationality, beyond history and beyond the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination. This can only be done by those with an Inner Mind obviously. And the ones with such a mind are only the True Beings.


Regardless of what labels we give these beings, their significance to us can only be their ability to contain the energy for eventual rectification of this mess. If we cannot accept their relationship to this rectification and their destruction of Jehovah and his evil system and all evil, then the whole exercise of trying to find out who they are or represent is pointless. The periodicity of this corrective process is relevant only to us stuck in this time-warp, as I discussed in Volume Two. The fact that it has taken so long to rectify this mess avers to the extent of the problem and the perseverance of these Rescuers.


Some may want to point to the fact that these Avatars all seem to be ancient historical figures who have had time to be matured into godlike figures by embellishing storytellers. But that is not so. For the same energy as these ancient Avatars has incarnated in each generation, knowingly and unknowingly, to assist the trapped True Beings and continue the push for rectification. It comes as groups of beings. I will identify one such group: Haydn, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, and others of their era, represented that energy. And those who are familiar with the history of Babaji, the guru's guru, so-called, will know He has reincarnated three times in this century alone, and still pays periodic visits as a short-term stand-in.

Copyright Dr J Chiapplaone
January 8,2012





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