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The Great Awakening
...Awakening To What?
Part Two

By Joseph Chiappalone MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It


Why should there be an Awakening? We need to awakening in order to mentally accommodate tremendous changes in our lives and understand developments of a very serious nature over which we have no control.

Every living entity is involved in the changes, and our awakening is to dispel Ignorance, Fear and Untruth from our lives. The points I give you are to accelerate your awakening to the True Reality of existence.

We simply cannot know too much about the situation in this Endtime. It behoves us to exert maximal effort into awakening to the Reality that is about to turn our existence on this level upside down and inside out, culminating into the eventual termination of the entire Physical Dimension.

Levels of understanding vary from individual to individual. But if you are sincere, you will awaken sufficiently to make a triumphant exit from this decaying Hell. The effort must be your own. I place this material before you as I have been asked to do, but you have to exert yourself.

Ultimately you are going to use this knowledge and its energy content to make a connection between your lower mind and your Higher Mind. These are terms you will understand as you read my material.

You will make realizations as you read my words, and certain facts are highlights and milestones in your progress in the Awakening Process which hopefully will fulfil your desire to answer your most fundamental queries: Am I a spiritual Viable? Will I spiritually survive this Process that will end all Evil and all its temporary structures?

The physical changes that are going to occur, such as wars, natural disasters, climatic change, destruction of Earth, our Sun,  and other Solar Systems,  extinction of Species, etc., so that we can all eventually leave the physical, are mere details.

Far more important are the internal mental changes which each of us will undergo. Those changes can lead us to the ecstasy of Victory or the Gloom of Terminal Madness. Hence, take your efforts to awaken seriously and do your upmost to be honest and true to your Higher Self!

My writings point out that nothing is as it seems in this World of Illusion and that there have been continuous efforts throughout History to prevent the Truth from being known in its fullest.

Let me state clearly again that no answers to Life’s mysteries can be attained within the Evil System, without contemplation of the Numinous. The Evil System has been developed in order to hide the Truth. I have given numerous examples in my writings.

Do NOT be lulled into stupidity by the illusionary and very transient beauty of this Physical Dimension. Such fraudulent manifestation is there to lure minds into a comatose state in which they will forget who they are, what they are doing here, and what exactly is going on. Fooled by the fraudulence, they become sheople who are much more easily exploitable.

When one awakens sufficiently, one realizes that there has always been a well-orchestrated conspiracy against exposure of the Truth and of the controlling Evil Essence, and prevention of Revelation of the Truth.

The aim of my writings is to stimulate certain people intellectually, philosophically and spiritually so that their process of awakeningcan be facilitated.

Sooner or later, an awakener will come to the realization that, inspite of apparent scientific progress, this plane is run on ignorance, deception, confusion, stupidity, emotional exploitation and hatred which form the Maya or the Illusion of this world, the Virtual Reality.

Time is accelerating as many of you have noted, and it will soon run out for the dimension is scheduled to implode. Hence, there is a certain need to awake up!

As I have explained previously, the basic tenets of my writings are as follows:

·        DUALITY: Consciousness and the physical body are two separate and distinct things,

·        Existence of certain consciousnesses is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL,

·        The physical mind is limited in its ability to comprehend all the factors that make up the Reality in which we live, which is not always the Reality we perceive and of which we are aware.

·        Hence, you must connect to your Higher, Purer, Spiritual Mind, if you have one.

Theomorphs have such a mind, unless they have sold out to Evil.

Robotic consciousnesses which have been deemed viable will have additions to their spiritual structure so that they will acquire such a Higher Mind.

Archons-Demons-Beasts do not, and cannot, have a Higher Mind simply because of their ontological nature. Thus ALL of them are doomed!

·        We are caught in the midst of a War of Essences that is about to be resolved. It is a war between the True eternal Creation and a temporary, illicit and evil creation that will soon exist no more.

In this Process of Awakening, there are many answers we need to find:

Is there really a Superior Consciousness which some people call God or are we, as others called atheists contend, an Accident of Nature which, like all accidents of Nature, are prone to boom and bust, to resurgence and extinction?

One cannot answer these questions without making a very clear distinction between the physical component of existence and the spiritual one.

I shall now write a little about the corrupted and corrupting ‘boxes’ called the physical bodies in which we are placed. You will note they serve Evil, for they efficiently and maliciously drain the energy of the spirit within.

Here is a clear example of what I mean: Your body, which I call a Cardboard Box, in other words, a container for something, is limited in its function, capabilities, mentality and length of existence. For a moment accept the fact that incarnation exists. The reasons why it does are very important and part of the trap that has been sprung on us, but I have written about that at length in my books.

The Cardboard Box, the vessel, contains within it something that outlasts it. It is what is in the box that is important! That is the real you.

Once the box deteriorates and dies, as all containers must, the contents are liberated, and they recycle back onto this plane in a new or already existing box.

In other words, as far as this planet and all the planets in the Physical Dimension are concerned, we undergo this very unfair process of Re-incarnation into the physical boxes. In-between, most live in ethereal planes. Thus, you see, we are NOT just physical beings.

I stress again that the boxes are not who we are.

And yet, those unawakened see themselves as the box and nothing else. Science, a handmaiden of Evil, inspite of the work of Avatars to elevate this level to some semblance of Truth, has been much too happy to keep us in utter ignorance about these facts, and insists we are just the box and nothing else. But, that idiocy is being eroded by excellent work by more astute scientists.

Here is an example of Evil presenting Untruth:

Thus, over the millennia that we have existed as spiritual beings, we have been contained by many ‘boxes’, or physical expressions. The containers have not always been the developing ‘human’ boxes. Many consciousnesses have been placed in large animal bodies, in large birds, reptiles, such as snakes and crocodiles, in whales and other large mammals and fish.

Would it surprise you to know that many of the whales, dolphins, eagles, elephants, and larger mammals, including domesticated pets contain HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS? Many of noted the human characteristics and behaviour of some of these species.

But, you should now know that the consciousness may not be from Earth. Many Class 4 human consciousnesses from other planets and solar systems are kidnapped and transported to this particularly evil, exploitative, belligerent planet as prisoners.

All physical bodies are Evil-created and Evil-serving. It is the consciousness within that is classified as Demonic, Robotic, Theomorphic, and Viable or non-Viable.

Once Viables realize the body is a trap for the spirit, they can’t wait to exit and return Home.

Demons instead, have a destructive, pathological Fear of Death, because they sub-consciously know they have to return to demonic realms where all inhabitants are mercilessly exploited. That is how the Evil Principle built them, and built those places, which were intended to exploit trapped Theomorphs.

A corollary of this status quo is that the body is NOT you and it is not yours! In other words, you do NOT own the body you are using. The Evil essence owns it.

·        For Theomorphs, the Physical Body, the Cardboard Box, is a prison. It prevents expression of the Divine contents. That is why Theomorphs were trapped in matter as I have explained in my books.
·        When Edgar Cayce transmitted these exact same words in trance, he, a Theomorph and Gnostic, at first had difficulty understanding the concept on his outer mind,

His trance transmissions were the basis for books written by his family and colleagues, and read by millions. But, how many knew the significance of what he said? ‘Very few indeed’, is the answer. Instead, the material he transmitted was perversely altered to destroy its true meaning. We have seen this often, have we not, with pristine work that reaches this level?

Thus in these books based on his transcriptions, the truth of the ‘true spirit being trapped in evil matter’ became ‘god expressing himself and letting the souls ‘he’ created trap themselves in murderous matter to experience physical life. What BS. What else would you expect from those who do not have the Gnostic Keys to the Greater Reality?

Under those circumstances, the ‘god’ that would do that entrapping would be a ghoul, a sadistic, malicious ‘god’ who was happy to see souls inexorably suffer life, after life after life, as they struggled to be free of Evil’s matter that attempted to destroy them.

Thus, you see, without the Gnostic Keys, knowledge becomes absurdity on this level, and the evil Demiurge, the creator of this Abomination, would have it no other way!

See here the absurdity into which Cayce’s words were transformed:

Now perhaps you understand more clearly why I say that ‘When one awakens sufficiently, one realizes that there has always been a well-orchestrated conspiracy against exposure of Truth and of the controlling Evil Essence and prevention of Revelation of the Truth.

·         Evil can do what it likes with the body, the box, and usually does its best to cause pain and suffering through its abuse of the body.  It uses the body, to
a        block expression of the Divine Higher Consciousness,
b        trigger mechanisms in the body which drain the inner Divine Consciousness of its precious Divine Energy.
Thus, you see, the War of Essences is all about energy!

Evil mechanisms such as injury and disease are programmed to abuse the body and make it suffer, for the fear and pain that result then allow drainage of the energy from the spirit within. That is why Buddha, one of the Divine Aspects of the Divine Universal Avatar and World Teacher, said to be detached from all suffering and emotions. Buddha reincarnated again and again, even as Jesus and later as King Arthur, and so on, as I have written previously. The variations in the doctrines of Avatars that we see are due to the morons hacking the pristine works of the Divine.

The more you know about Metaphysics, the more you will know that injury, accidents and disease are not coincidental events in our lives. They are Evil-created mechanism to purposely abuse us and drain us of energy. (And yet, we have the stupid and very ignorant New Agers tell us to love our disease, accommodate them and crave them, etc., for they are supposedly teaching us. Have you ever heard more ridiculous nonsense? I repeat such negative events in our lives are orchestrated to abuse us and drain us of our vital spiritual energy, even if it results in physical and spiritual death!)

Anything that makes us suffer is teaching us that there is Evil all around us, and that we are being drained of our energy and unfairly exploited by a demonically evil system!

For example, the fear in a young woman in her prime with breast cancer is devastating for her and her loved ones. The Evil System gains much energy with such sorts of diseases and the exploitation they cause.

To watch a previously healthy, loving, productive and intelligent individual, regardless of sex, age, religion, race, etc., slowly dying from cachexia, from whatever disease,  before our eyes is soul-destroying too.

In these circumstances, not only is the victim of the disease drained maximally, his or her loved ones are too. And they suffer terribly in the prolonged process of dying which is encouraged by the Evil System mind you. Merciful Euthanasia would put a stop to the evil System’s energy pilfery. Instead, the relatives are often scarred for life. Who could love a ‘god’ under those circumstances? They do not know it is the evil demigod doing all this unless they awaken to the Truth, as I am attempting and urging them to do.

Have you seen the devastated bodies, minds and spirits of parents on being informed in an Emergency department that their little 5 year old ‘angel’ has been crushed to death by the school bus?

I shall deal with the evil trap of filial and emotional attachment another time.

We all question the imbecility and senselessness of such waste of life, such mechanisms to traumatize us continuously, and the need to scar people in this way for life.

Even nursing our dying pets till their last day can be a harrowing experience.

Who can blame those who become angry against the ‘mad lunatic of a creator’ who set up such a mercilessly painful and exploitative system? And yet the demons, as sacerdotes in their party dresses, excuse away the sins of their satanic creator by telling us ‘he’ works in mysterious ways.

‘He’, the evil demigod, works in ways that produce maximal pain and suffering and energy collection for ‘him’. And until you wake up, you don’t know any better. Once you do wake up, you realize we are in a prison that maximally traumatizes and exploits us, inspite of infrequent episodes of emotional pseudo-happiness that are supposed to make us forget the awfulness of the rest of the time.

You also come to the realization that most times, nothing of value is really lost in this evil charade, apart from some energy. But if that drainage is allowed to continue unchecked, the spirit can expire eventually. Awakening helps to minimize that energy loss, for, as I said, massive energy loss can have grave consequences for the individual.

Having explained all that, you now see the importance of this Awakening Process we must undergo, and the need to remind ourselves that deliverance is at hand!

Thus, you see, the bodies, the cardboard boxes, are War Zones if a Theomorphic consciousness is trapped within. This explains what Yung meant by all humans being shadowed by Darkness or ‘having a dark side’. He almost had it when he described the Shadow as being comprised of the sex and (physical) life instincts. But, his answers were incomplete and he made excuses for the Darkness to which he eventually turned. He did not know about the Two Creations. He was not a Gnostic. He was not a Theomorph or a Viable. He did not know about the Celestial Error and that this creation is a temporary, illicit creation by the Plato’s evil demiurge.

After these few points, surely you realize the importance of Discipline for the rampaging physical body so that it will fall into as few traps as possible and that drainage of energy can be minimized.

Cleansing is also of paramount importance as I have discussed at length elsewhere.

And finally, take care of it, in a sensible way, not in a pathologically attached way, so that breakdown, injury and disease are minimized for the very reason that they cause energy drainage.


In contrast to the above, here are some points about Demons who were the second wave of beings created by the demiurge for very specific purposes.

1                   They control of the entire Universe with their totally evil nature.
2                   One of their functions is maximal exploitation of the trapped Theomorphs to drain them of their Divine Energy which was and is still needed to run this illicit Empire. The outer source of the Divine Energy has been cut off from it. I will discuss this is detail in the future.

The cut-off of Divine Energy that sustained the System, for Theomorphs were trapped in it, is the reason for the massive accelerated decay we now see in the Universe.

As I have explained elsewhere, Theomorphs have, in the main, been evacuated from this dimension. Read my essay called ‘The Phase of the Shells’.

3                   Demons are predators and spiritual vampires.
4                   They are instruments of a malignant, and very destructive, enforced exploitative scheme which eventually leads to the spiritual death of their victims who are the Theomorphs, and Robots that have turned to the Light.
5                   Demons are the ‘Chosen Ones’. They now make up 30% of the population since the Theomorphs were evacuated. A few remain to assist me in this work till the End.
This percentage of demons is increasing rapidly, for the demonic consciousnesses of other levels that are fracturing faster are coming onto this plane. As well as being born in infant bodies, they are possessing bodies and snatching them.
6                   They have no scruples. They murder at will. Thus you see how capable they are with these characteristics of culling the population as it suits them best. Now you know why they destroy populations as if they are playing a sport.

Look at how unscrupulously they dropped atomic bombs on innocent people AFTER WW2. The war was over.  It was the energy released by suffering that they wanted.

Look at how they so easily murdered the 912 men, women and children in Jim Jones’ camp in British Guyana in 1978. Who did the demons blame?

Look at how they incinerated the inmates of Koresh’s compound in February 1993. 80 in all were burnt to death, including 24 children. Who did the demons blame for that?

Only demons can kill their own people as they did in 9/11 to gain an excuse to commit more murders.

History is punctuated by such cruelty and ‘inhumanity’. The can easily do these brutal things, because demons are not human!

Only demons can do these atrocious things. Make no mistake about it.

When you read about these episodes, ask yourself, ‘How close were Jones and Koresh to the truth?’

They both called the government members agents of Satan! Hummm.

Regardless of what you think you know about them and regardless of what nonsense the media has published about Jones and Koresh, know that they were modern day Gnostics.

7                   Demons think they are god! This is where the New Agers, most of whom are demons, get the idea that they are ‘god’ comes from.
8                   They are blind to the True Light.
9                   They do not respond to True Love.
10              They are the Archons who control everything in this Universe, not just Earth.
11              They are extremely bellicose and destructive.
12              They are self-destructive, for that is their nature.
13              Not one of them has turned to the Light for they cannot conceive the True Light.
14              They are impregnated with 3 lusts which characterise them
i    Lust for Sex,
ii   Lust for Power over others
iii  Lust for Money.
Now you see where the expression of the ‘Pure of Heart shall see God’.
One cannot be pure of heart with these lusts in one’s nature.
15              They are all scheduled for transmutation.

In the final phase of this War of Essences, the Light has removed all constraints from the activities of the demons.

Thus you see unrestrained demonism exploding all over the Earth, and the whole Universe, for that matter. For the latter, you will just have to take my word for now.

Demons cannot control themselves.

They start wars which will destroy many.

All their evil activities will culminate in their own physical self-destruction.

Once they are out of the physical, they will be rounded up and placed in Transmutation vats.

They did not have a chance to turn to the Light for their Creator, the Demiurge, which goes by many other names, including Jehovah, built them to be blind to Truth and the Light. In that way he calculated they would be maximally destructive in their quest to rip energy out of his and their enemies, the Theomorphs.

Thus, in a sense, these beings were the victims of Pre-determination.

So, Pre-determination DOES exist.

When Augustine of Hippo wrote about this topic, he, a demon, had other things in mind. His was a direct attack on the Gnostics of his day who rejected him totally.

They knew he had no chance to see the Light let alone embrace it, for they, the Gnostics, knew he was a demon.

Thus, on being rejected, he mocked them saying ‘god’ has predetermined who will go to Heaven and who will go to Hell!

What he did not know, for being a demon he had no knowledge of the two feuding creation, even though he was in the thick of that battle, was the fact that his evil creator, his demigod, had built him with no chance for salvation (actually liberation from this Hell).

And, after such a scathing attack on the Gnostics, what did the Catholic Church do to this demon?

It made him a Saint, a Doctor of the Church no less, and set about slaughtering all the Gnostics who knew the Truth.

Read the poisonous errors in the Catholic encyclopaedia as it writes about him and his conflict with the followers of Mani whom I have previously identified as none other than Jesus re-incarnated:

Unfortunately, his faith, as well as his morals, was to pass though a terrible crisis. In this same year, 373, Augustine and his friend Honoratus fell into the snares of the Manichæans. It seems strange that so great a mind should have been victimized by Orientalvapourings, synthesized by the Persian Mani (215-276) into coarse, material dualism, and introduced into Africa scarcely fifty years previously. Augustine himself tells us that he was enticed by the promises of a free philosophy unbridled by faith; by the boasts of theManichæans, who claimed to have discovered contradictions in Holy Writ; and, above all, by the hope of finding in their doctrine ascientific explanation of nature and its most mysterious phenomena. Augustine's inquiring mind was enthusiastic for the natural sciences, and the Manichæans declared that nature withheld no secrets from Faustus, their doctor. Moreover, being tortured by the problem of the origin of evil, Augustine, in default of solving it, acknowledged a conflict of two principles. And then, again, there was a very powerful charm in the moral irresponsibility resulting from a doctrine which denied liberty and attributed the commission ofcrime to a foreign principle.

That should tell you what the true essence is of the Catholic Church.

I am going into this at length to demonstrate these main points:

1                   The obfuscation of Truth on this level.
2                   The fact that this War of Essences is, and has been ever-present.
3                   It is just that the evil controllers made sure the inhabitants on this level did not wake up to the truth of the struggle.
4                   The Physical Body was, and is, instrumental in keeping us somnambulant with its distracting functions, made to appear so very necessary for physical survival, when, in fact, they are murderous for the True Spirit trapped within.
5                   The Demons and their evil creator knew that if the Theomorphs and Viables awoke en masse, as is occurring now, their pilfery would come to an end, as it is doing now.
6                   Under those circumstances of total revelation of the Truth, it is game over!
And that will conclude the Endtime.

On a more mundane level:

Demons love their bodies for they can disguise their evil nature in them and exploit their victims more easily. But, as I have stated elsewhere, we are all regaining our spiritual vision, and are starting to identify demons in their bodies so that we can put an end to their energy pilfery.

It is demons, robots and deluded, and unawakened or failed Theomorphs who are obsessed with physical looks, supposed sexual charms and attributes. They are also easily dissatisfied, often, with their physical, and make plastic surgeons rich beyond imagination, even though the end results of surgical interventions are usually more dissatisfaction in the demons and robots, for they are never satisfied, if truth be known.

They are expressing their dissatisfaction, not because their bodies are necessarily ugly or disfigured, but because they know how ugly they truly are in spirit.

Why do some become prostitutes and gigolos so easily even when there is no need for them to work in such degrading professions? It is because they know they can gain much energy from positive beings far more easily by using their bodies for sexual exploitation. It is the energy they are after, and they don’t care if they have to take drugs, have surgery in an attempt to look and feel better, be abused by pimps, run the risks of sexually transmitted diseases, get infected with potentially fatal Hepatitis C, be prosecuted by the Law, be open to blackmail, etc., etc., etc. All in those professions are demons or demon-possessed, with no exceptions.

Rehabilitation procedures carried out in great numbers in South East Asia, where prostitutes were released from the control of their pimps and made financially stable in order to lead normal, non-prostituting lives, failed miserably.

It was found that as soon as they possibly could, the women, men and boys, returned to prostitution, even though they were no longer in financial need. The prosaic practitioners could not understand why that was so.

It is the ‘energy’ of their victims that the prostitutes are after. And there is an agreement with the Evil System that they keep a percentage of that energy for themselves. The major portion goes to the Evil System. That last point is metaphysical, and while you may not fully understand it, it is accurate. Jehovah set it up that way. Now you know why prostitution is called the oldest profession in the world. The evil Principle would have it no other way.

Here is a recent article from Live Science (July 16, 2012) demonstrating that demons express even before the Age of Reason:

Energy extraction of some by others leads to one or more of the most disastrous experiences most of us endured when we were younger, as we were led by the nose by our hormones and their evil-created emotional love into the ‘time-dishonoured’ ridiculous Concept of Marriage. Invariably a highly evolved, True Spiritual Being is married, as if by choice but really by evil programming by evil vectors such as the aforementioned hormones, and Emotional Love, to a demon. This allows massive energy exploitation of the victim.

BTW, it is now well known that Emotional Love, falling in love, and wanting to copulate, are emotional and psychological states created by exchange of salivary antibodies, release of dopamine, suffusion of pheromones, etc., when one kisses another. Your mind really has no say in it. Freewill on this level? What Freewill?

The more dissimilar the antibodies, in particular, the greater the fall into emotional love, regardless of other circumstances and operating factors. A temporary situation is created and those involved ‘fall in love’.

When progeny is produced, and the antibody factors diminish, they fall out of love, often with the outcry ‘What the Hell was I thinking’! Well done O Evil Demiurge. Once again, you got your way.

Here is a rather wishy-washy article on this topic. You can gather the gist of what I have written by reading it with your open mind.

Now, as I have pointed out before, as our true vision is restored and we see who is who, such marriages will collapse all the more quickly for energetically, Viables will not be able to associated with demons or failed robots.

This again leads me to this point: The more you awaken, the more will you be intolerant of evil beings and non-Viables. Even their voice or proximity can cause one to feel unwell. Often nausea becomes prominent in the Viable. This occurs even if Archons-Demons-Beasts are speaking on a television broadcast or at a rally, etc.

Do not be thrown off balance.  Such reactions in you are a positive sign that you are awakening and can now identify the scum from their putrid energy.

You will find you will automatically seek means of alienating yourself from such evil creatures in preparation for total separation with lift-off to the New Dimension.

Having written that, as a physician I must warn you that if you have symptoms that will not go away, as soon as you distance yourself from negative beings, seek medical help. If you have nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, mood swings, intolerance to most you meet, etc., etc., please see your health provider.

If the symptoms are due to your increasing awareness and sensitivity to negative energy, your discomfort can be mitigated somewhat by Protection at all times, and extra protection if you know you are going to interact with a demon.

After the exchange, thorough Cleansing of your Centres is mandatory.

Some profession cater to a higher percentage of demons than others. If you are in the midst of ones you tolerate less and less, you may need to move, just like in the situation in which you may need to leave a partner for energy reasons.

Like will seek like, in energy terms. And this will become very, very obvious as we progress with greater and greater speed to the End Point.

Finally, pay attention to your reaction to beings, to their voice, and to their energy. Many demons know how to camouflage themselves with a false aura, especially if they exaggerate their physical attractiveness by the means available to them which we all know.

Sense their energy. It is all about energy. Look beyond their obvious aura if you are able.

Forget how friendly they seem to be. After all, conmen and women are the friendliest people you will ever meet, right? If they weren’t, they would con no one.

Forget about their looks, especially if they are alluring femme fatales. They will try to distract your higher mind by triggering your hormonal cycles.

The human brain, especially in males, is programmed to respond to curves. A plunging neckline in a shapely female body can really distract a male, who is in the age group where he is prone to hormonal stimulation. She is not after your body nor does she want to have your children. She is after your energy! In these circumstances, a demon will always take the initiative, regardless of whether you are male or female and regardless of whether the demon is in a male or female body.  I know, because I know, that there is a higher percentage of demons in female bodies. It is simply due to practicality: they find it easier to seduce using female bodies.  Review the article about the 6 year old girls I posted above.

Hormonal and sexual excitation will dilute your protective aura and allow easier access to your Centres from which energy can be drained.

This demonic ploy of triggering brain function with pre-programmed stimuli, then hormonal release with uncontrollable physical responses is often seen in teenage males who can actually ejaculate in their pants with no chance of controlling themselves under these circumstances. I have seen many such patients. Luckily low doses of SSRIs can help them control these urges. Can you think of anything more evil than this embarrassing impost on a young man who has his Freewill overridden in this way?

There are many other programmed reflexes that the physical body can express that destroy the concept of having freewill on this level. As I said, they are mechanisms to block the expression of the True Spirit from within, and they serve to drain it, especially when they lead to problematic situations, and activities the evil institutions then label as ‘sinning’.

Did you understand that last paragraph fully? The Evil System programs you to fall into traps, against your will, and then punishes you for it. What an evil system, hey? Who but demons can defend such a wicked system?

All such programming is evil as I have explained in my books, even though each type of programming seems essential for physical existence. The end result is loss of Divine Energy.

Once understood, there can be no mistake when saying it is evil to do this to a being.  Thus the assertion that the True Spirits have been trapped in matter stands. It is not a pleasant experience as the New Agers contend.

Existence on this level is an evil trap that leads eventually to physical and spiritual annihilation of True Beings who are the enemies of Evil but are Invaluable Children of the True God, Sparks of Light that are precious. Thank this True God that deliverance from Evil is nigh for deserving ones!

As the article above demonstrates, Demons are programmed from a young age to act as the trigger mechanisms, and an astute person/therapist can recognize it in preschool girls. Yes, it’s an evil system alright.

It is not a ‘normal’ reaction to propagate the species. It is a purposely programmed destructive reaction to drain Theomorphs of their precious energy.

You will know if they have been successful in draining you of some energy, for often demons whom you have met purposely or incidentally during the course of your day may visit you nocturnally, during which time you may be sexually excited. They are back for more energy. You may think I am joking. Wait and see. If most people were honest (they are not) they would own up to such experiences.

Aliens too may come during the night to steal ova and sperm, and therefore energy. These are related to some of the stories of Succubi and Incubi in literature who more often than not are demons and discarnates who seek to copulate in vain but still drain some energy from their victims.

This mechanism for energy extraction is the reason for the explosion of Pornography and prostitution which has been legalized just about everywhere.

The only time you should take particular notice of the physical expression of ones you suspect are demons is when you are going to look intently into their eyes. If you do that, sooner or later you will see the eyes of reptiles like I did in Amitakh Stanford, and her husband Steffan. They are the vile demons who wrote the infamous essay, ‘Promenade 10’, to try and stop my work to awaken the Viables. From that essay, and from their intentions, you know what side they belong to. They are of Darkness. I refer back to this point again for they have trapped many people, and drained them of their money and energies.

Amitakh is an especially successful con-woman who has convinced many old people to leave their possessions to her at death for she has convinced them that she is the Mother of Creation no less.

After the first time you recognize reptiles via their eyes, that exposure is unmistakable.

When biologists/scientists/ignorant sacerdotes speak of evolution, they are referring to the boxes. In other words, they associate who we are with the boxes, the physical bodies, which are a work in progress for evil experimenters such as the Anunnaki.

They have been developed step by step from basic building blocks by more advances consciousnesses who reside in their own types of boxes, as well as in these human boxes. These, called Anunnaki by some, come from other areas of the Physical Universe. These are the aliens identified in early records of the Sumerians and other races.

Consciousnesses were trapped in all modes of physical expression as I mentioned above: Insects, fish, birds, reptiles, rodents, mammals, etc. These DNA pieces form our nonsense genes. Under hypnosis, some recall their lives as these expressions. Many humans were in dinosaur bodies.  As well as that, Class 4 human consciousness was in other sub-dimensions at various times: in the soil, under water, in mountains, in the hollow of the Earth and other planets, on the various moons, including our own, on larger, stable asteroids, etc.

The fact that there is constant development of the boxes to suit changing conditions is obvious scientifically and esoterically.

Thus, Darwin noted such Evolution of Species simply by observing the changes of the boxes in differing conditions.

By esoterically I mean the stories as yet not in the mainstream that recount the experiments by aliens on these boxes. Stories abound of kidnapping of human boxes, regardless of who is in the box, in order to steal gametes, zygotes and foetuses from those boxes and make hybrid PHYSICAL creations, in other words, differing boxes, a la Darwinian evolvement.

To complicate the matter, superior aliens who are billions of years ahead of us in knowledge have also learned to make artificial consciousness. And this is the consciousness of those whom I have labelled ROBOTS.  I have dealt with that aspect in my books.

Thus, you see, the facts are rather complicated.

But the point you must remember is that who you are is the identity occupying a box, and not the box.

Now you see why I and many other True spiritual teachers have stressed the need to make the inner connection to your Higher Self, your True Being within. That connection is going to be ESSENTIAL in the Endtime when general communications may be cut severely and all you can really trust and rely upon is your Divine Inner Gnostic Nous to guide you.

All the negative emotions and fears are properties of the box.

And people are scared spit-less because they do not know or have forgotten they are NOT the box.

Those who never awaken even just a little can live life after life after life as the box and nothing else, with the consciousness blocked from expressing all that time. They are spiritually comatose, even as they claim they are ‘alive’ on this level.

As I have repeated many times, the ultimate purpose of the box is to drain the energy of the occupying true consciousness residing within it. There are many mechanisms and emotions to do this as I have explained in my books.

The Evil System would have it no other way.

Thus, you may now be able to accept the assertion that the longer a consciousness resides in physical boxes, the more and more it is drained of its vital energy, which the Evil System desperately needs to run its Empire, and the closer that True Consciousness comes to spiritual death.

That is another reason for Correcting this Abomination as quickly as possible.

The ignoramuses who want to argue about timing should review my writings where I mention that, although 14-16 billion years have passed on this level since the Celestial Error and the manifestation of Evil’s Physical Dimension, a few short hours have, in fact, passed at the site of the Error.

Thus, now with the talk that we must all leave the physical, that we must all die, those who are not awake to this DUALITY OF EXISTENCE,  are panicking as stupid fools are want to do.

This point, of truly knowing who you are in spiritual terms, is of paramount importance, and I cannot stress it enough.

Contrast this knowledge to the idiocy of the unawakened, the robots and demons who spend an inordinate amount of time catering for the box, and who try to make it last forever. Fools, are they not?

The boxes have timing telomeres in their cells to tell them when to expire, when each individual cell is to die.

As is the case, fools are attempting to alter their function so the boxes will live longer.

From what I have just written, you must understand that Physical Immortality is nonsense. If the Universe is to end like I say it is, how can there be immortality of the boxes?

Do you see how stupid these people are without the spiritual knowledge?

Before we leave this topic, you should be aware of these repeated facts:

·        The boxes are created by Evil. They serve Evil. They are inimical to the consciousness occupying them if that consciousness is not Evil-created.
·        Thus, if you are a divine consciousness, or a Viable one, your box will have done, and will do, everything it can to disadvantage you on this level. This is not paranoia. This is reality.
·        The boxes have been created to PREVENT expression of the spirit within.

Thus we have the battle of the flesh and the spirit.

That is why Discipline is so very important, as are Cleansing of the box and its mind, and Protection, as well as minimization of programming, pollution and indoctrination of the body and its mind.

To be continued …………

Copyright Dr J Chiappalone

October 2, 2012



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