Reply 3 - Smear Of
Jeff Rense's Personal Life...


Monsieur Le Pig has excreted another deposit of filth on his site. He has sought to inflict harm and embarrassment on kind and innocent people who have nothing whatsoever to do with his rage over my discontinuing his non-authored articles at

It is one thing to engage in flagrant and vicious personal character assassination, Le Pig, but it is quite another to drag innocent people, by name, into your heinous proceedings. This is cowardly, venomous...the snarls of a rabid animal backed into a corner.

Le Pig's newest libelous, slandering hit piece should outrage all decent people who remember what privacy used to mean. Le Pig has taken God-given 'privacy' and raped it.

Le Pig's new excrement is fraudulent and evil in its intent just as every one of his earlier grotesque fabrications, corruptions and perversions of truth have been.  He writes, "This fight is not personal." Yes, he actually wrote those words.  Can there be a single honest reader who could buy into such laughable absurdity?  If so, they deserve LePig.  And "I don't want to destroy Jeff Rense or his site, even if I could."  Uh...that is EXACTLY his intent, of course. He will never succeed but it is oddly amusing to watch his hypocritical lies and contortions.

I will not spend any more time or energy on this sub-human, soul-less cretin and I do hope the innocent people he seeks to harm and bring grief to will not suffer in any way. If there was ever needed a more perfect example of the evil that has our planet by the throat and is attempting to choke the life out of it, look no farther than Le Pig's psychopathic personal attacks.

His unspeakably vile actions seek but one solitary goal - to attempt to deprive millions of their basic human right to news and information as we at select, edit and present it...and to force his own agenda-driven manipulations on the public.

The agent provocateur behavior of Le Pig is one of a decidedly sick mentality...a personality who has shown the world that he is completely devoid of morality or scruples.

The issue that prompted Le Pig's current hoof-stomping, snorting, and pawing is the FUKUSHIMA catastrophe and the efforts by the global elite to close down all honest and factual reporting of it in favor of Le Pig's style of preposterous, absurd tales of unsubstantiated fiction and gross disinformation. To contend that the Fukushima disaster was a deliberate consipiracy carried off with submarines and nuclear weapons, as Le Pig promotes, is beyond ludicrous as any reasonable mind that has followed the reporting of the crisis on knows.  It was this "dispute" that led to his being jettisoned.

Le Pig's gruesome assault on and its editor-in-chief is a key component of the final thrust to attempt to destroy your access to some of the bravest and most heroic patriot journalists of these dark the amazing Judge Napolitano, the stalwart truth speaker Pat Buchanan, the timeless Ron Paul and utterly brilliant paradigm-shifting David Icke. Similar defamations and smears of David are expected soon.

As stated earlier, Monsieur Le Pig has stripped innocent people from my past private life of their right to basic human privacy and security.  He has exposed them to possible personal danger, public and private harassment, humiliation and embarrassment.  His fiendish efforts to harm innocent lives is as foul and odious as it gets.

One can hope that, sooner or later, karma WILL come knocking on his dingy black rock and Le Pig will reap what he has sown. One can also hope that his wretched slander and malicious libel will properly impact what credibility, if any, he has left.  One thing is certain, and many have said this very same thing, he should never be considered a professional journalist again.

It is true I may be 'competitive' with the likes of a Cary Grant or Liz Taylor in the marriage department but that has about as much to do with the quality of journalism at as Grant's marriages had to do with his superb acting. The common route taken with unsuccessful marriages is to stay in them. The less common route is to end them for the benefit of those concerned. The reasons these marriages did not work out run the gamut: from mutual incompatability to betrayal, from extremely good intentions gone awry to youthful lark to one person trying nobly to help another. The specifics are no one's business but the parties involved. They were and are all fine people, but being a fine person with the best intentions does not guarantee success in marriage.

Some people will stay in a relationship for 10 or 20 years...or even longer...for tragic or dubious reasons such as habit... routine... children... 'security'...psychological co-dependence and so forth. In my life, I have been blessed to have mutually gone in separate ways in relationships that simply didn't work out.  I have many, many female and male friends who have no been so fortunate. Need it be said that divorce, even when necessary or mutually agreed to, is a difficult thing?

While there may be more libel and slander from Le Pig in the days ahead, he has, at least, clearly demonstrated his truly psychotically obsessive motives: to personally libel and slander me, even to the extent of bringing potential harm to innocent people.  Here's hoping that Monsiuer Le Pig makes his final swirls around the toilet bowl soon...and vanishes from his own self-administered flush.



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