Reply 2 - 'The Hidden Jeff Rense'  
Reply Posted 2-18-12
(Article First Published Elsewhere 2-14-12)

"Despite making in excess of $450K from his web site, radio show and  businesses, twice a year he duns his readers for "donations." If we are going to expose others, we had better be prepared to look honestly at ourselves."  -- by Henry Makow Ph.D.

REPLY - Another typical lie...they float past like leaves in the wind.  If Jeff were making that kind of money, would he be working 12-14 hours a day, 365 days a year and be approximately $800,000 in debt?  The photo of this beautiful motorcycle was taken in the back of the local Harley dealership on the day of delivery.  A fun photo and a great bike.  If it weren't for Harley Davidson financing, such a dream could not have been fulfilled.  Only 5 more years of payments left!  I drive a 15 year old Toyota and have the Harley.  I first bought a 7 year old Harley but because of my ruined knee, I could not hold it up.  So, I decided to go for a trike which Harley wisely designed for disabled riders like me.  So, no, little man, there is no 'collection' of motorcycles.  Oh, and our modest fundraisers are helpful in keeping the site and program healthy.  Alas, the last one was so meager in donations, I haven't held one since. The economy is so bad that I feel people need to hang on to every available 'dollar'...whatever that is now. We have the best listeners and readers on the net...and that is a priceless treasure.  

"When Jeff Rense said he would no longer link to my web site because of one article I posted, I didn't phone to reason with him."

REPLY -  As explained in our first reply, the decision to offer to post only his own, personally authored articles - and cease linking to his often substandard 'contributed' pieces - was a decision that had been pending for months.  He chose to cut off relations by refusing to send anymore of his own work!  

"At the time, I didn't know why. We had spoken on the phone many times.

I just had a feeling which I can now comprehend.

His actions were so irrational and his manner so pompous and omniscient, I felt a mysterious missing factor was at play."

REPLY - If it is 'irrational' and 'pompous' and 'omniscient' to refuse to promulgate idiocy about nuclear bombs being used to set off the Fukushima quake and tsunami, I'm proud of it.  Funny, I always termed such decisions to be 'editorial judgement' regarding my own site.  I consider such material to be 5 star disinformation and essentially covering for the satanic nuclear power industry and I will not be pressured, threatened or forced into any other decision. By anyone.

"'You have insulted me,' he wrote when I merely questioned his haughty dismissal of a story I posted on my website."

REPLY - Gosh, it WAS an insult!

"I sensed that something was not normal. He had dealt a body-blow to me and everything we had built over 10 years, and I doubt if he gave it a second thought." 

REPLY - Uh...'we' hadn't built anything over ten years.  In fact, I had helped build his site into a small position of readership on the net by linking to his stories.  The owner of a hugely successful blog warned me that I was being hustled and used to build his site's traffic, and that the very same thing had happened over on that blog.  I have no time to write articles now...wish I did...and am not aware of a single story that has been linked TO from his site.  So, no, there is no 'we' and the absolute beneficiary of the 'relationship' was the little man, himself, not

"While the future of humanity hangs by a thread, he terminated a valuable collaboration and friendship due to a minor, passing difference of opinion."

REPLY - One more time...We had been receiving a steady stream of 'contributed' stories written by people unknown to me and I linked to them as a FAVOR.  I was not impressed with many of them, cringed at some, and had wanted to terminate the practice for many months but never got around to it until the 'last straw' recently.  And heaven help us if a link to one of his 'contributed' stories didn't show up on quickly...we would hear about it fast!

"Instinctively, I didn't want to reconcile. I didn't want to continue posting my work on his site. (My many able contributors were banned.) I had done that for seven years. It would be like moving back in with mom and dad at age 62." 

REPLY - Whatever.


"I have since learned that Jeff Rense is not what he seems. Behind the dulcet tones and angst about the world, he is a smooth talking salesman using our fading freedom as a means to get rich and amass a collection of luxury items he can hardly afford."

REPLY - More libel.  If he defines $800,000 debts as 'rich'...he'd best seek counseling.  Now he is claiming I can 'hardly afford' things...hmm...I am confused...I thought I was 'making $450,000 a year'?  Also, it seems that he has never heard of the IRS...and of operating expenses and staff payroll and equipment and bandwidth and production and engineering and 30 other expenses of running a competent business.

"Despite making in excess of $450K from his web site, radio show and businesses, he duns his readers for "donations" twice a year."

REPLY - There he goes again.  IRS and enormous business operating costs, and by the time the net is pulled in, there aren't many fishes left!  'Duns'?  Sounds downright nasty.  I guess voluntary, gracious support of and Rense Radio is not acceptable in his little world of hate.

"These "donation drives" bring in an estimated $20K annually."

REPLY -  They do? Wow.  If we pull in $5,000, we count ourselves blessed and are extremely grateful.  How does this 'journalist' come up with such sci-fi?  As said, I have no plans to even do any more because of my belief people must take care of themselves first in these terrible times. No 'money bombs' here, thank you.

"How is Jeff Rense any different from a Christian evangelist who scams his flock?"

REPLY - Truly vile, depraved stuff, little man.  Mental porn.  You are insulting a huge number of our readers by referring to them as a flock.  Our support base is the antithesis of 'flock'...they THINK for themselves, they DISCERN, they are caring, kind individuals.  To demean them is par for your course.  Disgusting.

"I remember donating myself. At the time, I didn't know he lives in a luxurious cedar mansion on a ten-acre estate near Ashland OR worth in excess of $1.5 million."

REPLY - See my first Reply to this maggot to understand my modest home for what it is and how hard I have worked for it.  Gosh, I just now looked at my new 2012 Property Assessment and it says my home and land are worth barely over $516,000...after 12 years of misery and constant work (not to mention 25 years working in a demanding and grueling profession).  Since I owe far more than that, I guess I have an upside down, underwater mortgage!  I also, personally, built the first floor of my home and I am proud of that.  I guess the little guy doesn't respect that kind of back-breaking work...on only one fully-functional leg, too.  I was scheduled for a knee replacement over 20 years ago.  However, after four extensive surgeries on it, I have had enough cutting, thank you.  I would like to know where this rocks for brains zionist gets his lies and fraudulent information.  He's one heck of a 'creative' writer.  It's called LIBEL.

"I didn't know about the $30,000 Harley Trike shown above, and his other motorcycles."

REPLY - As detailed above, I have one Harley (a Trike), heavily-financed with almost 6 years of payments left, and one much older one I have been trying to sell because I could never physically ride it due to my disability.

"I didn't know he was spending in excess of $100,000 to build a model railroad that traverses his whole property."

REPLY -  Who are your sources, little man?  Step up to the plate.  I can't wait.  SOURCES!  JOURNALISM!  I have loved trains all my life and one day, some day, if I am really lucky, I might be able to realize such a dream at home.  There's a little Walt Disney in me, I admit.  Right now, I have a granite pathway laid out around the property that someday I hope to be able to put little train tracks on.  Right now, it's plenty nice just to limp my way around on.  Furthermore, what I do with my life and what money I do earn after 25 years of intense work, is absolutely no one's business.  One of the hallmark signs of a zionist hit piece is to attempt to violate and desecrate someone's privacy.  Some people pack their noses with coke...I happen to love to plant trees and build ponds.  Some people like to LIBEL and SLANDER...and others, fortunately, still seek to work together, realizing that being in different seats on the same TRAIN is just fine.

"I didn't know he spent $30,000 on a tanning bed."
REPLY - Wrong again.  I built and owned a tanning salon for five years.  You missed that.  I know many people in the industry.  I had a discounted tanning bed at home on a trial but it went back to the company.  No tanning bed here.

"I didn't know he was restoring a vintage station wagon, a "Woodie" at a cost of $100,000."  

REPLY - SOURCES, little man?  I was really lucky to have found a rusted shell of an old Ford woodie in a field three years ago and have slowly, painstakingly, been bringing it back from the dead.  This is one of the greatest joys I have been blessed save and revive a piece of American automotive history.  BTW, anyone who would pay "$100,000" to restore a woodie ought to have the keys taken away.  We expect the final costs to come in at half that, over a period a years.  It's a once in a lifetime special reward for working so hard...I used to have one when I surfed in Santa Barbara.  I can't wait to finish this one.

"I didn't know he was spending tens of thousands excavating ponds and planting trees on his estate."

REPLY - SOURCES, little man?  I confess I have a great and abiding love of nature and rather than buy beer and pizza and drugs, I would buy a small tree instead.  Planting trees, to me, is giving back a little something to this defiled and battered planet we are allowed to live on.  I only wish more people would plants trees.  I also have springs on the property and have rented a backhoe and excavated my own ponds.  I have spent over ten years, sweating in the summers, freezing in the winters, covered in mud and dirt at times...planning, visualizing, dreaming, hoping, digging, shaping, lifting and moving countless tons of rocks, shoveling hundreds of cubic yards of earth, and doing more physical labor on only one good leg, little man, than you can possibly ever imagine.  Is that a felony in Canada, little man?  It seems to really bother you.  So, keep right on sitting there and continue typing out your lies, hate and vitriol, and spewing your filth...what a wonderful life you have.  And know this, if I receive any threats because of your incitement of hate, they WILL be turned over to every available agency.    

"I didn't know he spent a fortune on multiple face lifts."

REPLY -  SOURCES, little man?  Wrong again.  In 1993, I suffered massive and complete paralysis of the left side of my face.  It was a horrible event.  A virus had attack the cranial nerve that controls that half of my face; it's called Bell's Palsy.  Can you imagine, little man, what it is like to look in the mirror one morning and discover that half of your face is lifeless..and does not move when you command it to?  To see your eye staring off into the cosmos with no expression whatever?  To only be able to SPEAK OUT OF ONE HALF OF YOUR MOUTH?  

Well, little man, it took nearly 6 hours of major reconstructive surgery by a specialist in facial paralysis to partially restore the functionality of the left side of my face.  The superb surgeon, India-educated, told me the procedure would only last 5 to 8 years...depending on general circumstances.  I hoped otherwise.  Unfortunately, he was right, and I have had to have the same major RECONSTRUCTION done twice more.  No eye work, no nose jobs.  Get it, little man?  And you mock me by calling my painful, dreadful ordeal as spending "a fortune on multiple face lifts."  I am a gentleman and so will not invoke the words you deserve for your heinous efforts to twist reality to suit your evil ends.


"Jeff often complained that he had money problems. He wanted to sell his web site to "pay off his debts."

REPLY - I hope to cut down from 12-14 hours a day, 365 days a year, and just do my radio program someday. is a testimony to truth and reality...the best I can present.  Above all, it reflects the greatness of its readers and supporters.  Perhaps there is someone out there who would like to take the site to even greater heights of success and respect.  It would be fun to lead a more normal life someday.

"To explain why he was hard up after making $300K from advertising alone, he told me he spent $500K to redo the foundations of his house. When he sued the previous owner, his Jewish lawyer betrayed him."

REPLY - The little man has lost it, completely.  My home situation has been explained and there is nothing to add.  I have never, ever had a 'Jewish lawyer' ... maybe that's why I am in so much debt.  Smile.

"Sure. The sad truth is that Jeff Rense is a child who can't manage his money and lives beyond his means."

REPLY -  The only sad truth is that a 'man' like this little fellow will go to such lengths to try to harm, with premeditation and full deliberation, a dedicated professional journalist who seeks only to help his listeners and his readers become as TRULY well-informed as possible...against a backdrop of treachery, lies, libel, slander and pure deceit.  Beware of ANYONE presenting information without routinely citing sources and vetting information.  Character assassination ... and assassination in general ... is the work of ultimate cowardice.

"I don't care how Jeff spends what he has earned."

REPLY - Nice try, no cigar.  What unabashed, phony hypocrisy.

"Just don't ask me for a donation.

Think of all his loyal readers who sent him their hard-earned $20 bills so the "truth" could be told."

REPLY - Our readers and listeners have more worth, more SOUL, more integrity than this little man will ever understand or possess.  He has shown the world not only who he is and the depths to which he will dive in order to defame, he has also shown why free men and women face such an unrelenting enemy, an enemy responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people in the last century and who are lusting for even more suffering and misery in this new one.  

"I want my money back.  As for my trust, I will never regain that."

REPLY -  What a strange and bizarre little mind, the little man has.  He actually writes that he will never regain his own trust!  Another freudian slip revealing how his own subconscious feels about his vile, filthy and morbid performance...


From Cliff Mickelson

By now I am sure that most of us are aware of the latest series of personal attacks being made against Jeff Rense by a certain disgruntled Internet writer and blogger. These attacks are without intellectual merit and are ad-homenem and despicable. 

As Morgellons sufferers we all owe a debt of gratitude to and Mr. Rense for the outstanding work he has done over the years to defend and further the cause of Morgellons. 
With out the exposure that Jeff has given the Morgellons issue we would all be much worse off.
Below is a short note I have penned to that effect:

I have known Jeff Rense on a first name basis for more than 6 years. During that period of time I have come to know him as a sincere and honest man. I am proud to call him my friend. I will not hesitate to be his friend or to defend him publicly in the face of unfair and unscrupulous attacks. That is what "friends" do.

I have had the opportunity to visit Jeff at his modest home in the Pacific Northwest. I can assure the reader that everything Jeff owns or has built on his delightful property has come into existence as the result of long hours of hard work.

But more importantly.... Over the years, Jeff Rense has been willing to step into the Internet breach for a long list of underdog and high risk causes. In so doing he has often put his personal reputation as well as his life's work at risk. Nonetheless he has done so willingly and without question. Jeff Rense has high standards, a good heart, and an unerring sense of what is right and what is wrong.

As they say here in Mexico...Jeff Rense is made of "Buena Madera"! 

There is no question in my mind that the Internet community is a better place for having Jeff Rense and on the battlements patrolling the front lines of the struggle we wage together for truth and justice.

It is difficult to conceive just exactly where in the darkness the counter-community would be currently wandering were it not for the light-of-day that Jeff's work and have cast over our collective paths. 

Few of us would disagree that it remains quite possible that even darker days loom ahead. Jeff and others like him who have chosen to take a high profile public stand are risking it all in the face of a ferocious foe. Jeff Rense deserves the support and the approbation of the entire Internet community. 

As for Henry Makow....Perhaps he needs to review the definition of "Scruples"...I find it ironic that he invented a game and then chose to name it as such.

-Cliff Mickelson


GLPVC's TheRawFeed

Jeff, I truly find all of this an embarrassing display of rogue journalism, albeit - a strange one; Henry's cheese must have fallen off his cracker, or the latter, fallen into the bottle. Count Drunkula's nuts to even conceive the mere possibility that he could accomplish and or achieve anything positive out of a smear campaign over a declined news story. Any seasoned reader/listener can see this for what it really is - you've maintained your dignity dude, even though he's been on a daily email tirade - he's like the turd that wont flush.....comic Eddie Murphy said it best "what does that chunk want?" We did a podcast on this subject - the listener consensus backed you. For your readers, heres the link



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