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2016 - Obama's America

By John Barbour


Jack Paar, who was by far the very best Host of 'The Tonight Show,' once quipped in his monologue that he never votes because it only encourages them!  That kind of wit and on-air independence has long since vanished from America, as has any really bright candidates worth voting for.

As for me, I've only voted twice. Once for Kerry and once for Obama; not that I thought they were bright, but because they said they'd stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars that I felt were as falsely manufactured and sold to us as were the manufactured 'terrorist' enemy!

When Kerry lost, he didn't even have the guts to challenge what was later proven to be extensive voter fraud. And all Obama stopped, intstead of the wars,  was the cry from the public, and honest public servants, for detailed investigations and prosecutions of those very identifiable Establishment's Moneyed Interests which created the economic tsunami that swamped our country.

So, I am no Obama fan! And sensing that '2016-Obama's America' would probably be an attack piece, I had absolutely no interest in seeing it. I don't need large-screen visuals to let me know what I already know, that I don't care for him.

But, I have a dear die-hard Republican friend, (and believe me, with Republicans, facts which might open and possibly change their minds don't just die hard, they die quickly!)  and my friend not only urged me personally to see it, to see The Truth, but plastered Facebook with an absolutely rave review.

Well, I like and respect my Republican friend; and I love documentaries, so I went.

From 1969 till 1979 I was the film critic for Los Angeles Magazine, and for five years of that,  the Critic-At-Large at KNBC, LA. When I decided to quit, when I created 'Real People,' I got a call from Playwright and Screenwriter Neil Simon urging me to continue, and asking why I was leaving. I told Neil, 'I've just run out of ways to say it's a piece of shit!'

After seeing '2016' maybe I can think of a new way! Well, trying to see '2016,' because I could only bear about 35 minutes of it before walking out.  The film is the work of an Asian born Indian named Dinesh D'Sousa, and truthfully is more self-servingly about him, than Obama. Dinesh tells us early that he was born in India, and in that culture his Life would have been planned for him; but he read something in a history book of empires that sparked in him a desire to grow up and move to America where he could chart his own future in what he called the empire of ideals!

Oops, I thought, hold it a minute. 'An empire of Ideals.'  Does he think Iraq, Afghanistan, Chile, Granada, Mexico. El Salvador, Manilla, our entire history, including our founding, is America spreading ideals!

Now, I was a little more interested in hearing about him than his subject, which he was quick to do. He did chart his own future here, becoming a successful writer, even for Reagan, and a public speaker. And good for him. He lived and is living his American Dream.

Then after telling us how he shaped himself, like all Republicans are supposed to be able to do, he tries to tell us that Obama, like all gullible Democrats, was shaped by other people.

He begins by telling us that Obama was initially shaped by the Dreams of his absentee father, probably a lefty fighting against the colonial British in Kenya; then brings on a psychologist who specializes in analyzing children of absentee fathers to explain Obama's emotional makeup and tendencies. This reminded me of similar attempts by those Warren Report apologists trying to explain why Lee Harvey Oswald didn't take the much easier shot at JFK as he moved toward him, but waited till he rounded a corner and went behind a tree! Then he tries to explain why he's letting Iran become a nuclear threat, and not once mentions that Israel has a hundred A bombs and imprisoned a scientist who went public with this information.

Then Dinesh tells us that Obama was also shaped by the anti-colonial teachings of his college in Hawaii. To show us how rampant anti-colonialism, and subtle anti-Americanism is still taught in Hawaii, he interviews a Hawaiin scholar and teacher who tells us that President McKinley, just like Bush, without authorization from Congress, 100 years ago invaded and annexed the islands!.Dinesh agrees that's true, but then says, 'So, what. That's a hundred years ago. what's the big deal!' The scholar never gets to answer, but my guess is he'd say, the big deal is that that still is and has been for over a hundred years the unchecked foreign policy of the United States and its corporate interests. Just like Marine General Smedley Butler said!

To show the next shaping of Obama's politics by an outside force, he brings up Frank Marshall, a person of interest to the FBI during the 8 years he was Barack's closest mentor; then has some guy, an expert on communists, on the phone, telling us how and why Frank's teachings became Obama's beliefs!

Now, I don't know if that's true or not. Obama has never talked to me about it. Or to the nation. But I do know, like Dinesh, and the rest of us, no matter whom we run into, we'll figure things out for ourselves.

To state that Obama was shaped by these teachings and influences borders on being stupid. I know five homosexuals who went through 15 years of an education taught by heterosexuals. And not one likes anything but boys!  And if I've heard that some politician or economist read 'The Communist Manifesto' or 'Das Kapital,' I would say good for them. It doesn't make them communists. It makes them informed!

I'm glad Dinesh was able to make and profit from his film.  Again, good for him. America is full of success stories like this. Years ago when Larry King was on radio in Florida, he was convicted of stealing nearly $50,000.00 sent by listeners to help New Orleans DA Jim Garrison in his investigation of JFK's murder, but which was diverted to Larry's bookies. And G. Gordon Liddy was given a talk show, which he's good at, in spite of offering to murder newspaper columnist Jack Anderson to help slow down the investigation into Nixon's watergate.

And recently, Condoleeza Rice, the unindicted war criminal who said of Iraq before the invasion, 'We wouldn't want the smoking gun to be an atomic bomb,' just got in to the prestigious Augusta golf club.

When a corpse is dying, as America and The Constitution certainly are, is when the maggots feed best!



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