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ZATO's New Temple Of Babel
By Jim Kirwan
Some of the reasons behind the ZATO attacks on Libya
Jeff Rense: 'The GMR of Libya is "the great man-made river"that serves 70% of Libya. It is an extrodinary complex. Gadaffi himself calls it 'the Eight Wonder of the World.' It dates back to the mid-nineteen-fifties, to an effort to find oil in southern Libya but instead led to the discovery of enormous quantities of Ice-Age water. Perfect water, beautiful water, fresh water in almost unlimited amounts underground. It is said that if Libyawere to use it to its maximum it will last at least a hundred years, probably longer. In the last week the pipes (used to carry that water) were bombed by NATO; and the factory which made these huge pipes was also destroyed. Another effort at "humanitarianism" if you've never seen it! These are war crimes of the first magnitude.
Susan Lindauer: I was the US intelligence asset covering the Libyan Embassy at the United Nations, from 1995 to 2003; right up until the war with Iraq. I'm a fair broker on this because I have pushed Libya to do things that they did not want to do and at the same time I have known them very well. I am convinced that this war is a catastrophe. It is totally unnecessary and unlawful. At least in Iraq we had a phony justification for the war but it was a false justification entirely: But in Libya that haven't even tried to give a pretext for doing this. They have just starting attacking and bombing for no reason.
JR: They're not even pretending anymore to use stealth to try to hide their nepharious genocidal actions; they just "do it!"
SL: This is crazy! Gadaffi has been in power for 41 years. However he also is the most advanced on women's rights and modernist Islam in the whole Arab World. Most of the Arab Rulers have been in for thirty to forty years. The Jordan Royal family has ruled for a hundred years. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, all these countries are in the same situation. So for us to pick on Libya ­ there was no provocation ­ there was. . .
JR: There were other reasons, but the water issue would have made Libya completely independent: Self-sufficient and it would have made the Sahara desert; and in fact is making the Sahara bloom the most beautiful green you've ever seen: It's an incredible project. Not only that but Gadaffi had set up a new financial paradigm as it were; which by-passed the Rothschild Cartel completely and it set up a new way of trading and exchange in North Africa. They didn't like that they wanted his oil and this water too, I guarantee you that.
SL: I can tell you they will never allow the country to be torn in half.
JR: Who is 'They'?
SL: The people of Libya. There are several reasons that have nothing to do with humanitarian interests. Obviously one is the oil. It costs one dollar per barrel of oil to get at Libya's oil. Libya is willing to sell it toyou; so there's no reason, you don't have to go into Libya to force them to sell it to you. The other thing is that Libya has vast reserves of gold. And Libya was in the process of championing an African Dinar, backed by gold. That would rival the Euro.
JR: Well it would have sidestepped the whole Rothschild game.
SL: And with Libya's ties to China as far as oil sales, and the major contracts for oil sales going to China; using an African Dinar, a gold-backed Dinar this would have put Africa; combined with the water: This would have made a desert country very fertile, a desert country capable of producing food ~
JR: On the way to becoming the bread-basket of Northern Africa.
SL: That's right and NATO has now destroyed 22,000 acres of agricultural lands." (1)
Operation Mermaid Dawn ­ the slaughter begins
In researching this; it is now being reported that Gadaffi has been captured.
"On Saturday evening, at 8pm, when the hour of Iftar marked the breaking of the Ramadan fast, the NATO command launched its "Operation Mermaid Dawn" against Libya.
The Sirens were the loudspeakers of the mosques, which were used to launch Al Qaeda's call to revolt against the Qaddafi government. Immediately the sleeper cells of the Benghazi rebels went into action. These were small groups with great mobility, which carried out multiple attacks. The overnight fighting caused 350 deaths and 3,000 wounded.
The situation calmed somewhat on Sunday during the course of the day.
Then, a NATO warship sailed up and anchored just off the shore at Tripoli, delivering heavy weapons and debarking Al Qaeda jihadi forces, which were led by NATO officers.
Fighting stared again during the night. There were intense firefights.
NATO drones and aircraft kept bombing in all directions. NATO helicopters strafed civilians in the streets with machine guns to open the way for the jihadis.
In the evening, a motorcade of official cars carrying top government figures came under attack. The convoy fled to the Hotel Rixos, where the foreign press is based. NATO did not dare to bomb the hotel because they wanted to avoid killing the journalists. Nevertheless the hotel, which is where I am staying, is now under heavy fire.
At 11:30pm, the Health Minister had to announce that the hospitals were full to overflowing. On Sunday evening, there had been 1300 additional dead and 5,000 wounded.
NATO had been charged by the UN Security Council with protecting civilians in Libya. In reality, Franceand Great Britain have just re-started their colonial massacres.
At 1am, Khamis Qaddafi came to the Rixos Hotel personally to deliver weapons for the defense of the hotel. He then left. There is now heavy fighting all around the hotel." (2)
'This has nothing to do with the so-called Arab Spring. There is no Arab Spring. NATO Special forces and NATO mercenaries have already come ashore in Tripoli; it is they who are attacking the civilians, trying to create enough chaos to produce panic among the people there. With these radically-bold new colonial raids upon so many other countries in addition to the Libyan Bloodbath, such as Somalia, Syria, Egypt. This war on Libya is part of a broader front. It's part of the war on Afghanistan; it's part of the war on Pakistan; part of the war in Iraq. It's part of the Palestinian Front, It's part of the pressure on Lebanon. It's part of what's happening to Syria. It's part of what happened in Chechnya and Dagestan to the Russian Federation. It's what happened in Tibet, it's what happened in western China. It's part of the coup against President Chavez and the Venezuela government. It's part of the terrible pressure against the Cuban government that's prevented Cuba from developing-it's part of what's happening inSomalia. . ." (3)
With this kind of blatant global war having been quietly declared but carried out mercilessly against the population of Libya and elsewhere targeting babies and women and civilian men; there can never be any justification that could ever possibly justify even one-thousandth of such an action anywhere: Never mind everywhere simultaneously against the human race as the declared enemy of the same people that minted this coin in 1934.
"Nazi-Zionist" medallion was issued by Goebbel's daily Der Angriff to commemorate a joint visit to Zionist Palestine by SS officer Leopold von Mildenstein and Zionist Federation official Kurt Tuchler. A series on their tour, "A Nazi Travels to Palestine," appeared in Der Angriff in late 1934. The inscription (right) says "A Nazi travels to Palestine." ("Zionism and the Third Reich")
Zionism is an Illuminist construct. Its purpose is to fulfil the Satanic World War 3 Plan and sucker millions of Christians into the Satanic counterfeit Zionist '666 Israel trap. Zionism is the caused of the problems of the middle east. Listen to what some of these mentally ill Zionists said. (4)
For those that still think that this stuff does not matter, because it is not happening here then look at this video and think about what it means when six Amerikan cops basically murder an unarmed man in Fullerton California
Is this what it takes for people to wake up?
"What does it take for a community to show up in force and take back control of its government? In Fullerton, it takes six police officers savagely beating a harmless and unarmed man to death for no reason on camera and in full public view.
That's a pretty high threshold, but this case shows that communities can do itand when they do show up again and again in large numbers, the official vermin are at a total loss. This is continuing to grow, and it will have real consequences!" (5)
It is the same everywhere when we fail to pay attention to what the self-appointed thugs will do to the very least among us: Just imagine what will happen when these same forces that are murdering Libya now turn their hatred on full blast, against Americans, which is just around the next corner!
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5) Savage Cops Crooked DA ­ when uniformed thugs go too far
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