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The World's Largest Slave Auction
By Jim Kirwan
Immediately after the "Labor Day Holiday" congress will come back to "work" to finish the 52 days that they officially spend each year actually working for their astronomical compensation packages that we pay them; to do what they do? Would it surprise you to know that this time what is 'first-up' on their agenda is the 'seating' of the new SUPER-CONGRESS?
You've probably heard something about it but what you might not know is that by being sworn in and actually seated; these twelve people will be openly committing TREASON against the US Constitution and the people that supposedly elected this congress to their offices? That is a true statement because everything the constitution spells out includes the fact that only the Congress (all of the congress) shall be responsible for all legislation. Bush began this erosion of the rule of law when he introduced his totally illegal third signing-option; wherein he could decide which parts of any legislation he would be bound by and which parts he as Dictator would ignore. That began the illegal-precedent for criminal-violations by the congress as well as the Executive Branches of this government ­ and so far the courts have not challenged these completely unconstitutional actions.
Back in 2002 Congress gave away their oversight and war powers to the Executive; which was and still is illegal. Now congress and this resident of the Oval Office have decided to consolidate the powers of the congress into a SUPER-COMMITTEE of twelve people, plus the dictator; who shall jointly decide for the people of the United States (without any input from any citizen), exactly what programs will be cut and which programs shall be created in the name of the people of the United States. In effect this would also set precedent for disallowing the public to have anything to say ­ ever ­ about what laws are passed and what monies are to be given to which body within the government: And all of this will be done without any voice being present to represent those who are going to pay for everything they decide to do! Everything that this government does, from now on will be on the table; before this SUPER-CONGRESS only; and none of the current rules either in the House of Representatives or the Senate shall apply to whatever these twelve TRAITORS (who will be replacing the entire congress) decide to do, basically for themselves and those backers that they each represent!
But the government cannot have this both ways. Either they create this SUPER CONGRESS and shut down forever both the House of Representatives and the US Senate (because this act will make them completely unnecessary); or we must force congress to drop this TREASON of the SUPER-CONGRESS, which they euphemistically call the Super Committee.
The day this gets decided is the day that Americans will know whether we still have a country or that we have officially become a totally-controlled dictatorship that is currently running this place as a POLICE-STATE.
What about "The World's Largest Slave Auction"? Well that has been in the works now for centuries; more precisely it has finally come to fruition in the ten years just since 911 became the pivotal moment in what was formerly American History. The final moments of this Slave Auction were begun when the FED put a gun to the head of the Congress and demanded that Americans bail out A.I.G, or face financial ruin back in 2008. This was the beginning of a huge number of similar bailouts that netted those responsible for the corporation-ending debts more than the $14.5 trillion that we are now facing in the DEBT-CEILING fiasco.
But these corporations kept the money, and continued to run up their bill. Most recently that "bill" reached over $1.2 Quadrillion. This too was passed from the corporations back onto the backs of the American tax-payers and it is this "problem," of the need to increase the DEBT-CEILING, that congress can no longer deal with-because no matter how they vote the public will be enraged. So, congress decided to give away the authority to just twelve stand-in's for their votes so that each of those not on that committee can say they had nothing to do with burdening this population with a nation-ending series of taxes that can never be paid off.
The Slave Auction was created by the money that you and I paid to the government that was used to enslave each and every one of us: Yes we have paid for our own enslavement and none of the major parties has said even one word about this travesty of everything that the USA supposedly once stood against.
Why Not?
Because the game is rigged and you and I are not a part of it and never have been! We're just the slaves that will have to pay for it all and in that process we will lose our own government as part of the price that must be paid to these self-appointed OUTLAWS who tell us that "we have no choice, in this or in any other serious matters that come before the nation."
In case you were wondering why TSA does what it does so blatantly; you should know that this is just practice for how every citizen still employed after the auction, will be treated wherever they go. If they still have a job; all employees wherever they work, will have to be considered possible traitors and will need to be searched, patted down and possibly x-rayed every time they enter or leave a building. The same will apply to schoolchildren all the way down to and including kindergarten.
The TSA exercises have been very successful in proving that Americans have no guts when it comes to challenging any authority (regardless of illegalities) ­ and this is what this government believes that it has learned from their treatment of us now over the last few years. The same is true of roadblocks and checkpoints that will also soon become a part of life-unless we stop the SUPER CONGRESS from becoming a reality. This is why the cops are approaching the point where the number of people they kill shall soon exceed the number of people killed by criminals: All of this is possible because ordinary people apparently do not track how these cops are behaving routinely-all over this country.
What is truly mind-numbing about this heavy-handed takeover of this nation is that it does not make any real sense. Who will continue to pay rents on all that real-estate if no one is allowed to keep anything which, in theory, they have worked for? The government plans to steal the contents of every safe-deposit box; all of everyone's retirement funds, while at the same time reducing what anyone can make, that is still working, to no more than $15 an hour. So without an income and no future who will be spending the money that keeps these criminal corporations in business? For that matter who will there be to buy anything beyond subsistence items? With no consumers who will travel anywhere? True the government will control everything from your thoughts to your habits of any kind and you and I will be watched and controlled as never before: But to what end?
Who will make the money for the government to continue to steal? How will this affect our bloated military adventures all around the world? What if China decides to knock out our satellites (which China has proven they can do) with earth-launched ICBM's that can target and destroy our satellites at will?
Moreover the rest of the planet will not remain idle while we implode into nothingness; and besides that, the largest by-product of all this aggression by this government against its own people; will have to be seen to vindicate everything that the rest of the planet has always suspected: Which is that we are nothing but a savagely barbaric-state that has no conscience and only seeks to destroy the entire planet in the name of greed and unending wars that will end up poisoning all the water, the air and the earth so that nothing that survives now can ever recover from our completely uncontrolled rage against life and everyone who is not a Zionist!
After all, just look at our history. We began by slaughtering over 59 million Native people (the red people) that before we came here had been here for over 15,000 years. We then added to that by enslaving mostly black people and running their lives into nothingness for over 400 years as well. Now we've been murdering and enslaving brown people all over the planet because many of them do not believe in Usury or 'interest' or many of the "pleasures" which we and Israel market to the rest of the planet; mostly through sex-slaves, drugs of all kinds, and lately by selling the body parts of those that we (and Israel) have enslaved, for huge and illegal profits around the planet. We have invaded other places over two hundred times in the 230 plus years that we have been 'a nation.' And for all that time we have been the worst of the worst when it comes to our Colonial polices and practices that still continue to destroy so many people around the planet.
After WWII there was Korea (still not settled), Vietnam, Panama, Haiti (3 times), Grenada, Iraq (twice and still going on), Pakistan (still going on), Afghanistan (still going on), Somalia (still going on), and now Libya and soon to be Syria followed by a number of other nations in the Middle-East and Africa. And of course there were also all the unclaimed wars against Chile, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, not to mention Palestine since 1948. How can any of this vast military-machine be supported by an enslaved population?
So ultimately what is the point of all this aggression, this unvarnished hatred of anyone and everyone else who is not part of the Elites that control our private-for-profit financial systems? This is INSANITY INC. and we must come together to stop this slaughter and our global-destruction NOW!
There is a solution that is not very dramatic but which could work if everyone subscribed to it. Just STAY HOME for an entire week, do not answer the phone, do not go to work, do nothing for an entire week; beginning with the day that the SUPER-COMMITTEE is "seated." That simple act would bring this totalitarian government and the corporations that created it to their knees. Have you got the guts?
Because if you do not then lots of us are going to be seeing the inside of those FEMA camps very soon, and a lot more of us will just be shot: Since to them, our lives don't amount to anymore that a $.38 cent slug. By the way what is your life, or the lives of those you love really worth - to YOU?
I forgot to mention that in this coming contest the poor will be siding with what remains of the middle-class and together they will be attacking the wealthy and the super-rich; Of course the super-rich will also be targeted by the government as well, because they have too much to ignore, and too many of them are not candidates for the elites because that requires a blood-line to qualify.
So during the kick-off of this shut-down a large part of this will become a class-war, on top of a nation under siege. The gangs and the prisoners will also play their part. But the really interesting thing is that the symbols of the wealth, which these creatures have amassed at our expense, will be the reason they are targeted: Especially those that are just wealthy enough to have some goodies but not rich enough to have body-guards-say bye-bye, cause your lives will soon be over too!
It is really in the best interests of us all to rid ourselves of these tyrants forever; and the only way to effectively do this is to deny them the fruits of your labor. It's legal and the damages it will cause to their precious businesses will be able to change everything about this totally messed up world: Maybe NOT immediately but in a very short period of real time, we will get our country back.
Think about it ­ please!
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