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What Have We Become
By Jim Kirwan
In recent years this nation has surrendered virtually everything we said we stood for; most especially our freedoms and our lives, along with our natural rights and the Constitution. In exchange the cowards we've become have sought "safety" from the international-backlash we ourselves created by attacking the entire planet, in a lawlessly-shameful bid for global conquest unlimited. Everything we did to the world has now returned to tear this place to pieces.
We have succeeded in creating a bully-driven society that is afraid of its own shadow; more precisely we are afraid of the Shadow-Empire-Government that calls itself the US Government. In reality this government is nothing more than the new-government of the Fourth-Reich, founded in 1923 by a secret-pact with Hitler that after WWII became the lawless-state-of-Israel. Zionists control Israel and the USA through US INC. whose every office is now in the hands of these new-Nazis that are in reality people without any loyalty to any national state. This is the shadow-reason beneath Cheney's Shadow Empire Government.
Last week Obama initiated the first-step in rounding up US citizens in a new TERROR-CRACKDOWN that was to have begun based on the killing of a man that is ten-years dead. Despite being in-charge of the global-media, all the INTEL, and all the forces used: The Obama Administration managed to completely destroy its own story and turned this murder into a global-political farce that only morons could ever believe. (1)
However; with eggs still dripping from all the faces of those involved; this 'administration' has gone forward as if that political-criminal-act were true. The public has still not been heard from about this LIE that is being used to intensify a much deeper interior-crackdown on all Americans.
"In the wake of rampant and escalated fears over terror attacks on transport systems in major US cities, and a spate of false alarms, a US Senator is leading the call for a government "no ride list", that would see potential suspects banned from boarding trains. The move is part of a long-planned agenda to force Americans into accepting an internal passport that they would need to display at security checkpoints littered across the country at so-called "soft target" locations like subways, malls and sports stadiums. An internal passport for Americans is codified under the December 2004 Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, which Congressman Ron Paul warned at the time would, "Allow the government to establish a Soviet-style internal passport system" that would subject "every citizen to surveillance and screening points"."
k - This program passed the congress on 5-5-2005; and has been successfully blocked year after year since its passage. The false-flag murder of a Bin Laden double was suppose to jump-start these new calls for more protection that, ar not and never were needed, because there is simply no PROOF whatsoever, AND THERE NEVER HAS BEEN ANY PROOF of any real threat since the New Nazi's attacked us on 911. (2)
"It's also about isolating so-called "domestic extremists" under the terms of the MIAC report who will have their freedom of movement restricted and basic liberties such as Second Amendment rights stripped by the federal government. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants people on the "no fly" list, and by extension a "no ride" list, to also be on a "no buy" list and be prevented from purchasing firearms. Just as the federal government currently maintains a terrorist no fly list, Sen. Charles Schumer is calling for the same rules to apply to Amtrak trains in the US, following the claim that intelligence was recovered from Osama Bin Laden's computer pointing to apparent spectacular terror plots to target trains."
k ­ First of all there is no legal basis for either The NO-FLY-LIST, or for any of what is being proposed now. If there are real threats from anyone then the government has the responsibility to arrest those persons and try them in US courts. This is NOT done because the government has no case and cannot make the case because there is no evidence against any of the over two-million people on the so-called NO-FLY LIST (which is an abrogation of all the rules of Law and human decency)! The "No-Fly-List" is simply an outgrowth of Nixon's "ENEMIES LIST" and has no standing under US law.
""Anyone, even a member of al-Qaida could purchase a train ticket and board an Amtrak train without so much as a question asked," Schumer said. "So that's why I'm calling for the creation of an Amtrak no ride list. That would take the secure flight program and apply it to Amtrak trains."'
k- There is no al-Qaida: Despite eleven years of demands from people the world over; no such group or organization has ever been found except in the secret files of the CIA, who created this organization to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. Torture has produced all kinds of so-called proofs-of-existence; yet there has never been anyone arrested here (that was not part of an FBI or a CIA sting operation). These false-flag arrests were created by the same government that brought down the WTC towers on 911 to try to justify the hundreds of billions we have already spent on bullshit security machines and devices; as well as on an army of thugs to molest, intimidate and generally terrify the flying public. Chertoff the creator of the Backscatter scanners was the head of FEMA during Katrina, where that agency was responsible for all the deaths that happened after the storms hit. Chertoff is an unapologetic Zionist, and a member of Mossad. He was also the first head of TSA. Do your own research and find out just who this little bastard really is!
"The Democrat Senator from New York says the list is vital in order to prevent future attacks. Critics charge that the move would represent nothing more than an open move towards domestic checkpoints and internal passports."
k ­ Schumer and Lieberman are both Zionists and ought to be deported as the traitors to this country that both are.
"Last week the government issued an advisory to law enforcement agencies, warning them to increase security around train stations and subways. Material supposedly gleaned from Osama's house in Pakistan revealed "an operation against trains at an unspecified location in the United States on the 10th anniversary" of the 9/11 attacks." reported NBC News. The advisory claimed al-Qaeda plans "to tip a train by tampering with the rails so that the train would fall off the track at either a valley or on a bridge.""
k -This supposedly valid "intelligence" is about as phony as it gets and it illustrates the oxymoron behind the phrase "Military-intelligence."
"Yet, it is not clear how the government reached this conclusion, given that according to US officials there are no references to specific plots or to specific cities, nor is there any imminent threat."
k- The answer is THERE IS NO THREAT!
""We have no information of any imminent terrorist threat to the U.S. rail sector, but wanted to make our partners aware of the alleged plotting," Department of Homeland Security spokesman Matt Chandler said in a statement." We want to stress that this alleged al-Qaida plotting is based on initial reporting, which is often misleading or inaccurate and subject to change. Since the ever increasingly farcical Bin Laden death raid, there has been an overload of paranoia and false terror alarms in major US cities. A show of force has been initiated at major rail stations with militarized police in camo-gear and TSA VIPR teams conducting increased amounts of random warrantless searches."
k ­ To increase this "threat-preparedness-capacity" would cost this nation something on the order of a trillion dollars (and would end completely any real security enjoyed by anyone today). The money would be spent chasing shadows created by the same people that would make all that money, from the completely false "TERROR-THREAT-POLICES" that have FAILED throughout this nation to date. All of this crap is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ILLEGAL and an insult to anyone that has any self-respect or who accepts any real responsibility for themselves and their own actions. The cowards who seek these so-called added-protections are too cowardly to live in the real world, and deserve neither security or freedom: The rest of us however do NOT deserve to suffer-from these political-criminal-actions (being committed by the New-Nazis) any further. "Terror" is a tactic and is not something that can be defeated as a policy. Those who choose to use it however can easily be found and prosecuted.
"The following CBS news video highlights these suggestions and notes that such heightened security is the norm in Israel, intimating that the US should follow suit."
k -Watch Alex's video and please note who the speakers are, because the two shown are both Zionists in good standing with HOMELAND SECURITY. And the last line of the video says it all: "Soft Target Security is a long standing practice in Israel; where people and their possessions are carefully examined, in many public venues." But "we" are supposedly NOT Israel, and we should not be subjected to the same restrictions as the worlds most famous Outlaw-state must endure. Unless of course "WE" are the same as Israel (which we are): In which case then maybe we ought to SUFFER identical-punishments with what Israeli's have to endure, because of our part in what makes this video TRUE! (4)
"There have even been suggestions that security checkpoints could be installed at all "soft target locations" including transport hubs and even department stores. We have long documented the agenda to shift strict airport style security, including radiation firing body scanners, to the streets of America.
The current government terror watch list represents a subversion of the first and fourth amendments, is inherently flawed and, it can be argued, is harmful to the security of the nation. The list now contains well over one million names, and is exponentially expanding. Reports have confirmed that the watch list contains the names of thousands of innocent Americans, including children, lawyers and even a retired Air National Guard brigadier, now a commercial pilot for a major airline.
In some cases credit reports have been used in calculating the risk score, while the list has also been used to target political activists opposing the death penalty and the Iraq war. Some, including former White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel have suggested restricting the constitutional rights of those placed on the list.
Those flagged on the watch list, established pursuant to the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, can be blocked from flying, stopped at borders or subjected to other scrutiny."
k- The 911 Commission was a totally false-flag investigation conducted by some of the same people who paid for the attacks on this country. Their 'report' has done much to continue the coverup of the attack and nothing to get to the truth behind the events of that day.
"In 2008, the chairman of a House technology oversight subcommittee warned that the database used to produce the government's terror watch lists is "crippled by technical flaws," and the system designed to replace it may be even worse.
In a letter to the inspector general at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC) warned that the upgrade "if actually deployed will leave our country more vulnerable than the existing yet flawed system in operation today."
k ­ And of course we CANNOT AFFORD TO IMPLEMENT IT either financially, physically, or strategically.
"Critics have charged that the list is already far too expansive to be in any way effective. Expanding the list to include Amtrak trains, as suggested by Senator Schumer, would only add to this problem. The idea that "members of al Qaeda" could board trains, as Schumer suggests, are predicated on the long debunked notion that there is a sophisticated web of interconnected terrorists operating inside the US. In reality, every single major terror threat to have emerged since 9/11 has been proven to be vastly over hyped, contrived or outright staged at the hands of government intelligence. Restricting the movement of more innocent Americans and implementing more draconian police state measures will do nothing to increase security and serves only to foster a constant state of fear and unease." (3)
What we MUST do, as Americans, is to listen to the wisdom in this video about the resistance in Palestine and take our literal responses to this additional "NATIONAL-INSECURITY obscenity from there. (5)
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4) I AM ISRAEL ­ video
5) Return to Palestine
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