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True Lies And 9-11 - Revelation And Ruin
By Michael Hoffman
James Shelby Downard termed it a cryonic process, free/thaw. He taught that in the age of the Revelation of the Method, a conspiracy is first presented according to an infallible official version in which doubt is banished, skeptics are mocked and everyone is expected to believe what they have been told by "the authorities."
He predicted that years later, through a series of episodic revelations from the authorities themselves, the official story would be slowly revealed to have been not as air-tight as first presented by the government and its mouthpiece media. Inconvenient, indeed even highly contradictory facts subversive of the initial "infallible" account, are then publicly "thawed," and over the years it is gradually revealed to the nation that lies were told and truths withheld. Evidence for a conspiracy slowly leaks into the national psyche like acid from an old battery.
Today in the pages of the New York Times we see Mr. Downard's thaw in action:
Newly Published Audio Provides Real-Time View of 9/11 Attacks
New York Times, Sept. 8, 2011, p. A1 (Excerpt)
"The story of the day, of 9/11 itself, is best told in the voices of 9/11," said Miles Kara, a retired Army colonel and an investigator for the commission who studied the events of that morning. At hearings in 2003 and 2004, the 9/11 Commission played some of the recordings and said civil and military controllers improvised responses to attacks they had never trained for. At 9 a.m., a manager of air traffic control in New York called Federal Aviation Administration headquarters in Herndon, Va., trying to find out if the civil aviation officials were working with the military.
"Do you know if anyone down there has done any coordination to scramble fighter-type airplanes?" the manager asked, continuing: "We have several situations going, going on here, it is escalating big, big time, and we need to get the military involved with us."
One plane had already crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. Another had been hijacked and was seconds from hitting the south tower. At F.A.A. headquarters, not everyone was up to speed.
"Why, what's going on?" the man in Herndon asked.
"Just get me somebody who has the authority to get military in the air, now," the manager said.
The account published this week is missing two essential pieces that remain restricted or classified, according to Mr. Kara. One is about 30 minutes of the cockpit recording of United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed into the ground after passengers tried to storm the cockpit as hijackers flew across Pennsylvania toward Washington, D.C. Families of some of those onboard have objected to the release of that recording, Mr. Kara said.
The other still-secret recording is of a high-level conference call that began at 9:28 and grew, over the course of the morning, to include senior figures like Mr. Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Richard B. Myers. The recording was turned over to the National Security Council. The 9/11 Commission was not permitted to keep a copy of it or of the transcript, Mr. Kara said, and investigators were closely monitored when they listened to it. (End quote from the New York Times)
What's the point of this cryonic processing? It's a type of occult nose-thumbing which breeds psychological defeat in target populations. A decade later and the Establishment is admitting what "conspiracy nuts" have been saying for years: that America's formidable air defense network stood down on 9/11.
They're still playing us for suckers, however -- after all, it has only been ten years and we could still convene grand juries and bring the actual 9/11 conspirators to justice. Therefore, in 2011, they're still insulting our intelligence and retailing patent nonsense. The New York Times says, "...civil and military controllers improvised responses to attacks they had never trained for."
In 2001 America's air defense command "had never trained for" airplane hijackings, or the use of a hijacked plane as a missile, including in the air space over the Pentagon?
In the next ten years they'll drop that laughable story and reveal more of the truth. The question is, why do "we the people" have to wait for our overlords to reveal hidden truths about the most egregious terror attack on American soil in our history? Where are our represenatives in Congress, our national print and broadcast journalists, our retired air force and intelligence officers when it comes to investigating what really happened behind the smokescreen?
These people are in the place where fallen human nature has always been, worshipping an idol, in this case, as David Ray Griffin states in his new book, 9/11 Ten Years Later, the American religion of adoration of the government when it is cloaked in a policeman, fireman or soldier's uniform. Moreover, our elected representatives, along with our ex-military brass, don't want to be libeled in the press or share the fate of Mary Pinchot Meyer, Dorothy Kilgallen, and the other witnesses and investigators who sought the radical truth about who killed JFK, and were themselves killed.
9/11 as Psy War
The Cryptocracy's aims extend far beyond the gradual imposition of a national security police state and the erosion of our immemorial liberties, which George W. Bush's Justice Department torture advocate, John Yoo, recently said in the Wall Street Journal never happened. Their end goal is beyond conditioning us for Stalinist cattle car shakedowns at airport security, or warrantless eavesdropping on phone conversations, and sneak-and-peak home invasions.
Their highest objective is the murder of our minds by inculcating in us amnesia, apathy and abulia (loss of will). "Skynet" military robots -- now rolling off the assembly line -- will be too powerful for any citizen armed with a shotgun or AR-15 to be able to resist. Spiders are being genetically crossed with goats, and pigs with humans, while almost every corn and soy crop in the United States is now genetically modified. There's nary a peep or a whimper from "we the people" as these horrors are slowly imposed through our hypnotic acquiescence to their "inevitabilist" script.
Our industry has been dismantled and our jobs shipped overseas, while big business and the Obama administration call for amnesty for illegal immigrants and the importation of more executive-level aliens from India and China to manage what's left of American enterprise. (General Electric, headed by President Obama's "jobs' adviser," is moving its large medical device manufacturing unit to Communist China).
The yeomanry of America have never been more compromised or confused. On Sept. 7 it was revealed by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, that presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann, one of the yeomanry's war-Zionist heroines, is a disciple of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, a Kabbalist practitioner. Pinto is the nephew of the late Kabbalist con-man, Rabbi "Baba" Elazar Abuhatzeira with whom readers of Revisionist History newsletter no. 58 will be familiar. Kabbalists engage in Babylonian sorcery, astrology and the dispensing of magic amulets and evil eye curses. Rabbi Pinto has tens of thousands of superstitious followers around the world, and one of them wants to be President of the United States, with the help of America's unemployed carpenters, welders, steelworkers and home-schooling moms.
These bipolar contradictions and free/thaw revelations are tearing at the psyche of America to a degree that no one can truly estimate. We're been prepared to think of "The End" of the American dream in terms of instant atomic incineration of our great cities. Actually, our rot is much less dramatic and much more profound. Benjamin Jowett, the Oxford classicist, in his introduction to his translation of Plato's Republic, wrote, "The lie in the soul is a true lie."
The American yeomany are encouraged to wave their flags and believe they live in the "freest and greatest country on earth." In the midst of this blather, Americans see their homes being foreclosed, their jobs sent to China and the national treasury and blood of their youth wasted in two foreign wars. Under such pressures, where no one with national standing will lead them to march on Washington and New York and bring Pharaoh's treasonous business to a halt, they do what every oppressed slave has ever done: they turn on each other.
From coast to coast random shooters are gunning down their fellow Americans and then committing suicide in record numbers. On Sept. 6, near Morgantown, West Virginia, a 22-year-old shot and killed five people including a pregnant woman, before turning his gun on himself. The very next day, Sept. 7, in a breakfast joint in Carson City, Nevada, a 32-year-old man killed four people and wounded five before taking his own life.
Nothing justifies these heinous acts. But these rage-filled gunmen in many cases can no longer subsist on "the lie in the soul" that is our national propaganda story. Called "mentally imbalanced," they may see and feel more intensely what the rest of us suppress and experience as ulcers, heart attacks and divorce. At some inchoate level they know they've been robbed by Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, politicians sold on perpetual war for perpetual peace, and an unending flood of illegal immigration. "True lies," among them the cryonic 9/11 tale, nag at the sub-cellar of their minds until they drive them mad.
The "God bless America" crowd will dismiss my views as unpatriotic defeatism from a conspiracy nutjob. I don't mind. I've seen it before. I was a kid when President Kennedy was murdered. Who today believes he died solely at the hands of one man and one very talented rifle bullet? Let's see what the true believers will have to say in the Sept. 11 thaw that will seep into what's left of our Republic in the year 2021, which just happens to be a sigificant number in the Babylonian numerology of Michelle Bachmann's rabbi.
Hoffman is the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare and executive editor of Revisionist History newsletter.
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Michael Hoffman is the founder of The Hoffman Center for the Study of Anti-Goyimism. The Hoffman Wire is a public service of Independent History and Research, Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816 USA. Copyright ©2011
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