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9-11-2001 to 9-11-2011 Ten Years Of Lies
By Karl Schwarz
Hello Jeff,
Many are sending emails and asking if I have any comments about 9-11 and it now being the tenth anniversary of one of the biggest lies and con games ever perpetrated on this world.
Sure, I have some and will be brief.
First, the 9-11 Truth Movement self-destructed due to petty egos, mental midgets, failing to ever ask why 9-11 was done as part of a much larger agenda, and lack of ability to really investigate and prosecute. There are ways to get that done but the great majority of the 9-11 Emoters are akin to an ant walking up an elephant's hind leg with rape on its mind. Most of them need to go back to what they were doing before 9-11 because they suck as investigators, fact finding or connecting the dots. There are some good ones, about 1 in 10 and therein lies the reason for lack of credibility.
Second, the US government and real 9-11 doers did not have to marginalize the 9-11 Truth movement. It did so all by itself with so many tin-foil-hat folks it was never credible. Even when professionals came forward, the damage was already done.
Third, everything happens for a reason and 9-11 was no exception. I put a lot on the line at '9-11-2004, Confronting the Evidence'. That the rest of the 9-11 Truth Movement sat on their butts and failed to understand WHY 9-11 happened is their failure. They were so fixated on the minutia, they could not and would not see the bigger issues. Emoting over the big hole at Ground Zero is a waste of time. Americans need to come to grips with why the WTC towers became that hole in the ground. It was not 19 wily Islamic terrorists who attacked America. They had nothing to gain, while others have pocketed billions, tens of billions, hundreds of billions in the pursuit of tens of trillions and global US supremacy. We lost.  America is in shambles and collapsing.
Fourth, there never was and will never be a Global War on Terror. That is about the most absurd oxymoron ever invented in Washington, DC and the MSM. That total disconnect in logic even eclipses 'military intelligence' and 'Central Intelligence Agency' as a true contradiction in terms. What there is occurring is a US Global War of Hegemony and Global Dominance in all things, money, oil, natural gas, military supremacy, and empire building. The past 10 years from Washington DC and Wall Street have been bereft of honesty and veracity, and replete with lies to hide the true agenda. They do not want Americans to know that the Titanic is sinking and there are not enough life boats. We lost.  Either prepare or get used to the new realities of it.
Fifth, the most credible 9-11 truth people, those who put hard facts on the line that were easily provable, were marginalized. It was not surprising that such actions came from the US government, the MSM and from the thoroughly infiltrated 9-11 movement.
That one of the most easily provable crimes in the history of mankind has not been solved is evidence that those trying to prove it need to go find another job and stay out of the way of those who can prove it.
It both amazes me and disgusts me that the majority of Americans still think Afghanistan is all about terrorists and defending America. There is no accounting that can truly measure the level of human stupidity. Afghanistan was, is and will always be about that damned pipeline that the US still does not control or have built.
It both amazes me and disgusts me that the majority of Americans still think Bush and Blair attacked Iraq due to 9-11. It had nothing to do with it, but all DC has to do is say 'BOO' and the majority of Americans knee-jerk and try to hide under the shadow of their asses.
I am not holding my breath that it will ever be solved, short of death-bed confessions. Americans are too far gone, too distracted to educate themselves as to why it happened at all.
Until Americans figure out that DC is not protecting America, DC is the biggest terrorist enemy American citizens have and the preeminent terrorist in this world, it will never be solved. The Global War on Terror is a US global war and the US is the terrorist. They lost being #1 in all things and trying to bully their way back into the top sport.
Do not hold your breath it will not happen during this century.
When Americans accept that fact, they might wake up, the crime of this century might get solved and the real perpetrators put behind bars or executed. Sibel Edmonds, me and others made it clear, Americans were involved in the financing of 9-11. That hardly hit a brain cell in America and until it does, 9-11 is a diversion and a waste of time.
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