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The STRIKE Against Us
...Is Over 75 Years Old!

By Jim Kirwan.
People in the United States have a real terror of the word "STRIKE"because it was once the most powerful tool in the working men and women's bargaining array: In fact it was the only really effective tool to insure that contracts were negotiated in good faith by management and the government; in that time before it was murdered after the 1934 National Strike that killed twelve in San Francisco.
Recently the Teamsters demanded that Wall Street CEOS be prosecuted for the current Economic Devastation affecting the entire nation. However in 2011, the Teamsters Hoffa made $300,000, and he introduced Joe Biden on Labor Day to call for Teamster support for the Tea Party. (1)
Joe Biden is an avowed ZIONISTA of the first order and Hoffa represents the worst of the corrupted Union-heads that have been selling out the unions since the Nation-wide General Strike in San Francisco that killed 19 strikers. After that John L Lewis made a deal with the already corrupted government to NEVER-EVER ALLOW ANOTHER NATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE; and apparently Big Labor has kept their end of that bargain from 1934: (2)
Yesterday: The 200,000 member Transport Workers Union, in 22 states, voted to Support Occupy Wall Street. (3)
On October 29, 2011, it will have been 82 years since the great stock market crash of 1929. That too was another bank-caused major-crisis that led directly to the last global-DEPRESSION. Unknown to the general public today; that stock-market-crash was the real beginning of The GOVERNMENT'S STRIKE against all the people of the United States. Think about it. What else could have stripped so many people of the value of their money and jeopardized the future of so many working people, all in one single and deadly stroke? Since that time government has been working to undermine and destroy the value of the working wage throughout this country. And they have succeeded by any measure. Just look at these comparisons.
From Forbes Magazine:
"Joseph Kishore reports that last week Forbes magazine released its annual inventory of the 400 richest Americans. Their combined wealth, points out Kishore, "soared" to $1.53 trillion this year, up 12% from last year. To clear the list, Kishore explains, you have to earn 10,000 times the median net worth of an American household.
10,000 times!
96 of the "super rich" list are investors. Only 4 are from manufacturing.
Kishore pays particular attention to the 17th rung occupant, John Paulson, a hedge fund manager. He is worth $15.5 billion. Forbes attributes to Mr. Paulson something called the "Paulson paradox." According to Kishore, Paulson's hedge fund fell 30% last year, due primarily to poor speculation on Bank of America stock, while at the same time Paulson's personal fortune increased a whopping 25%, amounting to $4.9 billion.
Kishore goes on to further frame the scope of Paulson's vast fortune. His personal wealth of $15.5 billion is approximately equal to the total net income of the bottom 20 percent of the New York CityMetropolitan area, or about 1.6 million people. The "Paulson paradox" making you sick, yet?

The increasing wealth of this layer is a direct product of the infusion of trillions of dollars into the financial system, orchestrated by the Obama administration. Three years after rampant speculation led to the greatest world economic crisis in generations, the speculators are doing better than ever."

Back in the time of the 1929 Crash we actually had a manufacturing base, we also had an economy to lose and we still had Unions. By 1934, we were still struggling with the hangover from 1929: However there was still a very powerful industrial side to the USA, which the already corrupted US government was not willing to "endanger" (in their view) by allowing the Unions to force the owners to pay living wages, with benefits to all workers. The government then was still terrified that what happened in Russia with the Bolsheviks, could migrate to the US. That is what led to the RED SCARE of the 1950's, which was not communism as an ideology; but was the concept that those who did the work could eventually demand a share of the legitimate profits which were made possible by the sweat and blood of the sacrifices that they made every day: From which they could not make enough to even survive. All of this was what lay behind the un-American Activities Committee and Joe McCarthy.

As a consequence; the UNIONS were targeted for destruction by the government, by Wall Street and by Private-Corporations that had begun their dream of owning it all. They are almost there. If Americans had seen unions as the way to equalize the confrontations in the workplace for pay that reflected their true contributions toward the success of any business, anywhere in the world: Then this Oligarchy of political and monetary power would never have been able to do what they are doing to everyone today.

However, as the unions have continued to shrink, the management of those workers has increasingly become allied with the corruptions of big government and Wall Street. So "the good news" about this most recent vote by TWU ought to tempered by welcoming with open arms the union workers, but without those in the management arena that have already sold them out to the government and to Wall Street.

The same thing is true of all the current crop of Sunshine-Patriots from television and Hollywood who have recently emerged to cheer on the PROSTESTORS in Wall Street. They've made fortunes from their celebrity, but when push comes to shove they've disappeared when it counts the most. They're still rich; richer now than ever ­ just as the rest of us are now poorer than we ever were! This is a people's rebellion; an action that renounces being treated as children and is demanding our right to what we've earned over the course of our lifetimes. This is not about communism, except as the Capitalists have used it to protect their stolen profits. When they gamble and win they keep it all: but when they gamble and lose they pass those debts on to the backs of the entire population. Oh, and the money they are gambling with is money that they have stolen from each and every one of us to begin with!

This is about the most basic of human rights the entitlement to the profits EARNED, by the work that is contracted for with criminals that seek only to lower the costs of labor; as they have increased their own take over their workers by a factor of 10,000 to one.

Yesterday another breakthrough was also announced: It seems that the Marines, and potentially hundreds of vets, are coming to defend the Protestors from the thugs in police uniforms-this week! (4)

The United States could be shutdown for just 72 hours, by closing the ports, freezing transportation and closing the banks for audits. Allowing only for emergency vehicles, but NO POLICE, only neighborhood watch people protecting the neighborhoods and this alone would allow this country to both STOP the current STRIKE against the people of this country; and at the same time reverse the power curve to favor the rebirth of American life.

During this 72 hours the criminals will try and flee the country; but in the end if we seized their assets and plowed that money back into the businesses they've been robbing blind for decades, not only would everything return to a degree of normalcy, but we could begin again to replace tyranny in the workplace with ownership, real profits and the pride in workmanship that was murdered so long ago, by all the defacto trade-agreements that have punished us beyond belief; since Clinton rammed them down the public's throat.

It's worth a thought people, if for no other reason: Then do this just to stop the very real STRIKE by the Government against the same people they were supposed to protect and serve. Whose country is this anyway?

1) Teamsters Pass Resolution Demanding Prosecution of Wall Street CEOS Responsible for Economic Devastation
2) 75 Years since the San Francisco General Strike
3) Here We Go 200,000 Member Transport Union Votes to Support
4) Occupy Wall Street Update! The Marines are coming to Protect Protestors ­ 3,000 comments - video
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