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The Story That Will Not Die!
By Jim Kirwan
This 'Story' began for me in September of 2002 when Bush Jr. was about to get his License to Kill from a Treasonous US Congress that was hell-bent on breaking the Constitution, just to avoid any responsibility for what was about to become the national-international horror that we are today.
"Since you have carefully insulated yourselves from the people of this nation by reducing our correspondence with you to a simple matter of numbers for and against - you leave little choice for those of us that want to get your attention. Since it does not appear that there will be massive demonstrations in the streets - yet - I would like to take this opportunity to address you all, as myself alone in this very public fashion.
You are collectively about to grant an open-ended hunting license to The Commander-in-Chief, in perpetuity. IF you do this you will individually and collectively be held responsible by history and by the citizens of the world, for your arrogant desecration of the rules of all recognized ethical behavior and international conduct. In brief - you will officially be opening that Pandora's Box that contains the chaos, the rebellion, the hatred and bigotry that this world has tried for centuries to contain.
Please make no mistake: What you are about to do is a cowardly act, and IF you do it you will be giving little bullyboy Bush a License to Kill on a global scale.
Since this man came to office, the Congress of the United States has failed in its duties to the public you are sworn to serve, and to the Constitution you have sworn to uphold. In instance after instance you have entertained and passed a steady stream of un-American laws and Resolutions that are squarely aimed at undermining the Constitutional provisions of the Bill of Rights and many of the Amendments to the Constitution, which are matters of existing law." (1)
Since that day over a thousand articles have gone up on my site, and around the world, from this desk. But the core issue which has confounded the people of this country has yet to be clearly explained. It will soon be exactly ten years since that bright September morning; and the mega-trillions of dollars that have been generated for those that did this crime against the people of this nation and the world, continue to roll in: While the crime itself is buried in garbage like the FRONTLINE special tonight called "Top Secret America." This is sponsored by none other than GOLDMAN SACHS. This series of lies will air tonight, for the gullible and the terrified to reinforce all the lies of the past ten years.
The truth might surprise you a little but it's been out there since roughly December of 2001. Few have seen it and even fewer seem to remember it. My censor removed it from my files or I'd share it with you. However the thrust of what I want to add today to the general-knowledge-base is in the technical vein and goes directly to the core crimes that were committed on 911.
The first is that above all else those events were not as described just fifteen minutes into the attacks. The senior anchor at NBC at the time said: "This was a terrorist attack. And within minutes there were several 'man-on-the-street interviews with men in civilian clothes. Each of these seeming experts first described the planes hitting the buildings and then very casually just happened to mentioned things like "of course the buildings had fallen because of all that jet fuel" and "the fires were just so hot that the steel melted." Both of which it was discovered later, were totally disproven lies. Several weeks after these interviews were aired it was discovered that these apparent civilians were in reality employees of the CIA and the Pentagon, in civilian clothes. In addition to their comments about the cause of the building's collapsing; they had each also mentioned that this was obviously the work of terrorists, "Osama bin Laden, from his caves in Afghanistan" ­ and of course no one seemed to question this because within minutes of airing those comments all the networks began to parrot these remarks, without attribution ­ for the world to swallow whole as 'obviously the complete and unvarnished truth. The same was true about everything surrounding the 19 Arab hijackers from Saudi Arabia (And not Afghanistan). So that when the imposter who occupied the White House at the time announced his pre-emptive attacks upon Afghanistan, to punish the perpetrators of 911; America just cheered.
But not all of us were convinced that bin Laden had anything to do with 911. I was convinced that the events of 911 were a CRIME, a criminal act perpetrated against the USA, not by an adversary but by those in this country (Project for a New American Century) and elsewhere who were looking for a New Pearl Harbor in order to destabilize America and overthrow the existing government.
911 should have been treated as a crime-scene, because whatever else it was; it was definitely a CRIME-SCENE. Yet the government and the FBI covered up everything and used the MOB to collect the debris and ship the evidence off to China ASAP, so that very little evidence would be left to find. But over a year later the evidence was found in the still burning molten pools deep inside the crater that contained direct evidence of the thermite that was used to cut the beams using explosive charges throughout the structures. By then the lies were all in place and the families of the victims had been paid off and everyone else was supposed to just swallow the lies and move on. Most did, but the few continued to sift through the various government versions that were filled with lies and half-truths, in order to get at exactly what happened on that day in September of 2001.
The long and short of it was that eventually everything was questioned, but the officials refused to answer or explain anything real on the record ­ so life in this country just continued with each of the two presidents opening every important news conference with that now infamous presidential recitation about 911; which was never true! The latest version of it will air tonight to the same sound-track that was used by the networks to herald "Operation Enduring Freedom and the Bunker-Buster bombs dropped from Stealth-planes on a basically unarmed population. We madeBaghdad bleed alright coming as this attack did on the heels of Poppy's war that began in 1991 and never stopped. It takes really brave soldiers to murder lightly armed civilians and to slaughter women and children as the enemy's of American hegemony, just because they wanted to live in their own country.
Here's Part of the 7 minute video defining some of Dick Cheney's War Crimes in Iraq. This interview took place on February 22, 2007.
"Under the occupation of this administrations deadly foray in Iraq From the lack of security to the lack of basic supplies to the lack of electricity to the lack of potable water to the lack of jobs to the lack of reconstruction and to the lack of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: They [the Iraqi's] are much worse off now than before we invaded. "Never Again" should apply to them as well.
Picture this in your mind. A humanitarian worker in Baghdad is quoted as recording the scene after a bomb blast. "I saw a four-year old boy sitting beside his mother's body, which had been decapitated by the explosion. He was talking to her; asking her what had happened."
There is no respite for Iraqi's from the suffering inflicted by American weaponry and American racism. During the first Gulf War destruction of Iraq's electrical grids incapacitated the medical system. What had been a first-class range of facilities, known as the Jewel of the Arab World. After January 1991, primary health care and preventative services ceased to exist. And with economic sanctions there were critical shortages of food and live-saving drugs and equipment. Cholera became endemic in Iraq. Easily treated diseases such as respiratory infections and diarrhea accounted for 70% of the deaths of children under five years old.
This calamity was the tragic state of Iraqi society when the illegal Shock & Awe Invasion came; and with it a vastly increased number of patients. With the dissolution of law & order, after our invasion, came the looting ofIraq's hospitals. Today; lack of security delays the delivery of supplies and no money is being distributed from the U.S. operated Ministry of Health.
Fallujah: God help us for what we have done to the people of Fallujah. On March thirty-first, 2004, four American civilians lost their lives in Fallujah. They were civilians with military backgrounds; in the same way a Para-military death squad in El Salvador was responsible for the brutal rape torture and murder of four American nuns, was comprised of civilians. Though they had GPS systems from Blackwater, those systems were not working that day: And they became disoriented. But they should have known long before, when they were boarding a plane to Baghdad that they were going the wrong way.
Perhaps they nobly signed a contract with Blackwater to achieve financial security for their loved ones. But there is a word in the English language to describe an individual who sells out his body, his principles, his soul for monetary reward: That's "a congressman!"
In the same way that Nazi soldiers fell victim to their system in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, these hired killers from Blackwater got justice served to them on a silver-platter. Then revenge was carried out on a people that can truly be identified as "civilian." In April 2004 US Marines closed the bridge to the city and the hospital road-this is a war-crime. TheUS military and its vehicles stood at the hospital entrance-this is a war-crime. And snipers were positioned on rooftops targeting ambulances and the clinic doors. Between 600 and 800 civilians were killed in that siege but that wasn't enough. In November 2004 the second major siege of Fallujah began. The Jazsall Emergency Hospital, protected by the GenevaConventions was leveled to the ground and Fallujah General Hospital was seized by the US military. Doctors described: "We were tied up and beaten, despite being unarmed and having only our medical instruments." But a cameraman with the Lebanese Broadcasting Co. reported there were American snipers on top of the hospital, "shooting everyone in sight." In addition the US blocked the Iraqi Red Crescent from entering the city for seven days. The result was a death toll from between 6,000 and 8,000 civilians. This means that the Iraqi death toll in November 2004 alone surpassed the invader's death toll for all of 'Operation Enduring Freedom' thus far. As we sit here tonight death, destruction and war-crimes continue in this battered city." (2)
This is but one accounting of one small part of just one of the five "unending wars" that we are now immersed in. And none of these wars could have been created if not for the illegal and covered-up events of 911. Since 911 we have killed millions upon millions of people, maimed and permanently injured many, many more and we have also made millions more homeless refugees in their own countries. And still there has never been a real investigation of the events that led to the attacks of 911.
Soon the congress plans to break the rest of the Constitution they damaged when they granted Bush his License to Kill. This time the 112th congress in collusion with the resident of the Oval Office plans to subvert the Constitution by creating a twelve member committee to replace the 532 current-members of the congress. The constitution requires that the congress is the only body that can create legislation or vote upon it. The president, by law, has no part to play in whatever the congress does or does not do. His only job is to either sign the legislation or veto whatever comes to him for his signature. So when the new SUPER-COMMITTEE finally gets down to business this country will OFFICIALLY no longer be the United States of America.
Our Constitution along with the Bill of Rights is about to be quietly burned, or just destroyed; see the illustration above, just as the murder of nearly 3,000 people was not-so-quietly covered up after 911.
Once that SUPER-COMMITTEE meets then it will be official ­ The United States of America will cease to exist and this place will be governed by United States Inc. USI will just be a POLICE-STATE in the short and illegal traditions of both Mussolini and Hitler; but under this totalitarian government there will be no more freedoms for any American, only proclamations and orders issued to everyone with an unequal set of punishments meted out to everyone that comes into contact with the thugs that will ENFORCE the decrees; while they spit on all our laws and especially upon the first ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
This farce was all bought and paid for by national cowardice and personal FEAR. It will take awhile but the FEAR will wear off, the cowardice is something else all together. You see IF we had had a real government, there would have been a real DEMAND for an investigation BEFORE we attacked Afghanistan (because that 'story' was just an administration rumor), not backed by any facts at all, as it turned out. And Iraq, Part Two ­ absolutely no reason at all and still we've been ripping that country to shreds since 2003, without even a shadow of any reason for our invasion there either. Al Qaeda, in case you haven't figured it out yet does not exist.
Those who have committed these crimes will answer for them one day; but in the meanwhile this country's freedoms and our personal dishonor has been the price we have continued to pay to this point.
It's been almost ten years since these people began to steal the next generations future, while they try to murder most of us that thought we had our lives at least: Only to discover that this situation is strictly temporary and totally dependent upon the whims of the international thugs that are still running the world into their walls at ten-thousand miles an hour. . .
But a lot more is at stake now than just their continuing blood-lust for war and acquisitions. There is an all-out war brewing on Wall Street and the Europeans are panicking over the loss in Germany of their Prime-Minister in the continuing failure of their Austerity plans throughout the EU ­ lots more rebellion awaits us everywhere and together with Israel we are perhaps now the most HATED nation on earth: Justifiably so! And this is only just beginning people. . .
1) Open Letter to Congress http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2002/art0.htm
2) Dick Cheney's War Crimes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp7LdBVfG6Y&feature=player_embedded#!

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