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The Money Changers Last Hurrah
By Jim Kirwan
The US Dollar has been working toward this day for 98 years. And as this is being written the overreach of the Money-Changers is approaching their final hours. Everything supposedly at risk here in the great standoff between the stand-in president and the criminal congress could easily be settled if the public would simply begin to chant these two simple words:
Or as one reader said yesterday: "I've read VERY little concerning the recent lies of Obama and company on the SS and debt ceiling, because what I DID read was obvious enough: they're lying and rather badly. What I read was filled with "we don't know" and "might not be able to" and "we're not sure". REALLY. How is possible that the highest officers in the land DON'T KNOW THE FACTS? The tiny article linked-to above gives us enough info to prove the "official" statements are bold-faced lies. I WANT THESE CRIMINALS JAILED FOR LIFE, STARTING YESTERDAY!" (1)
This supposedly final chance to deal with the national-debt-ceiling is nothing more than another threat from the Money-Changers in their temple that was built on greed and money.
When this nation was about halfway into this abbreviated life of the US Dollar there were literally hundreds of professions and millions of decent jobs. "Life" was what this was all about then. And aside from the Cold-War, Life still meant a myriad of things and ideas; and daily-life held promises unending for those willing to apply themselves. 'Regulations' were minimal, and the tyranny of this current form of micro-management of every-day-life was clearly illegal: What changed?
When we thought we were free we each followed our own stars and as we individually succeeded the country prospered. In that day and time people tried to face the CHALLENGE that each life held; whereas in today's world we have stood that equation on its head so that the only thing we ever explore is how quickly we can find ways to COMPROMISE with the truth. The population, while certainly not perfect was a lot more tolerant than it is now; but the elites were just bidding their time until they could spring this trap that was finally able to turn the healthiest economy in the world into a TAR-BABY that answered only to WAR and to Rumors of War unending. But to get there the first thing that the global-corporate-monsters had to do was to eliminate "the public" from every area of life and enterprise; and to do that they needed a completely co-opted government to insure success.
Our lives are very much like the grains of sand in an hourglass, passing far too quickly from the fullness of the upper chamber into the lower regions to await the next chapter of existence. The choke-point for the passage of our lives from useful to "used" did not always have either the thought-police or the Money-Changers standing guard, as is the case today. Creating these illegal and self-appointed watchdogs was the way the elites chose to control every single facet of every human life, from new-born infants all the way to the very old. The medium they used was MONEY in all its forms, so that no matter what anyone might want to do with their own lives, each of us now must have the government's permission to do anything at all. This is the direct-opposite of what the Constitution described for ordinary people at all levels of this society: Yet that is exactly what is in its final stages now, as they are about to make that leap from a working hypothesis to 'graduation' into full-blown tyranny and global-Martial Law. Here's how this particular series of secret-wars against us all got jump-started by Cheney-Bush. (2)
Who has made these decisions that have ruined so many lives; tortured so many victims of their policies; and killed so many more from neglect, from starvation and from the sheer greed of arrogance? Those who say they represent us in the congress work just 52 days every year (according to the Congressional Record): That's right in exchange for $200,000 a year, full benefits, a lifetime retirement for every term they serve, and a generous expense account: Our 'representatives' need only "work" FIFTY-TWO DAYS out of every 365 days in a single year. Roughly that comes out to $3,885.00 a day for each day that these criminals supposedly work!
These are the same people that are demanding that Social Security and Medicare come to end, in order to add that money to the now well over three trillion dollars that they have poured into just the last dozen years of this terror-driven war upon the planet and on everyone else that is trying to live here.
But the Money-Changers are not content with funneling every last dime into their 'unending wars,' because to succeed they must literally control every thought and every action of every person here. That surpasses slavery by huge margin; but it's what we have now and unless we successfully turn this 'debt' back onto the backs of the corporations that created every bit of it-this will bring an end to the dollar and with that collapse everything else will just melt away like a tar-baby left in Death Valley for the summer. The world could easily survive the bankruptcy of the corporations, all of them! What we cannot survive is the end of global society. WAR is the only thing that this country is about now. Yet WAR is never mentioned, much less discussed as foreign policy; War is our dirtiest and most vile secret-agenda, and it has swallowed every creative enterprise that was created for the betterment of humanity and turned everything into either war or the super-secrecy that surrounds our every waking thought.
Other nations have had their own cultures, but the only culture this country has is what it has either stolen or twisted into the only thing that matters to the elite which is 'pure-profit regardless of the cost!' This leaves no room for human life to even-exist, except as transitory slaves to these dark-engines of power that lust for a form of greed that can never be quenched.
Back in that same time in the 1950's when the dollar was just beginning its downfall people were beginning to enjoy their lives; until the House Un-American-Activities Committee put an end to all of that with Black-Lists and the internal terror of SUSPICION that seemed to lurk behind every conversation, every association, and virtually every thought that our creative community every had. That was the trial run for what we have now, but instead of Communism, the Bush-Clinton-Cheney-Bush-Obama nightmare has made every person in the United States the target of every hellish plot they might be able to conceive: Because now All Americans are Enemies of this STATE. Here's how this series of crimes came to be. (3)
Remember when this country made cars and trucks? Remember when we made steel and when we led the world in manufacturing? Remember when you could just go to any airport and buy a ticket to anywhere and there was no TSA? Remember when there were no cities like Detroit or states like Michigan which has just decided to give the state-government jobs they just took away from state-employees to prisoners? Remember when there were public-services, owned by the public and free from the regulation-police?
Remember when there was a pubic-sector before everything was privatized? Remember when you chose a job because of what YOU wanted to do with your life, and not because you needed the meager money to just exist? Remember when you believed the government would honor its promises to you; and when you thought that your representative actually cared about what you think? Or remember the times when you could call the cops and not fear that they might torture or kill you once they arrived?
Remember when there had to be "probable cause" before any search of your person, your car or your home could be undertaken? Remember when officers had to explain why they were doing what they were about to do before they tasered you, handcuffed you, or shot you dead without first charging you or arresting you, before they pulled the trigger? In those days and times the commanding officers all the way up to the chiefs of police would have been fired for such behavior: Today it is just business as usual!
Every single thing we do now has to be licensed, approved of and paid for before it can even be actually considered by you as something that you "can actually do." For this you must remember the guardians of that gateway in the chokepoint of the hourglass-the Money-Changers, and the thought-police they created to protect themselves. With the invention of computers the government and their criminal-partners in the privatized-global world can now track every single thing about any one of us-at will!
In the 1950's no one with any gifts at all even considered taking business-courses in college-because business was for nerds and for social outcasts without imagination. Today literature is forgotten; history is being dropped as a necessary or useful course because the past has nothing to teach today's students. The arts were the first to be co-opted, but now virtually anything and everything that does not have to do with either making vast sums of money, or working for those that do that successfully, is all that anyone ever seems to take the time to study.
What has been created by the Money-Changers is not life, and is in fact anti-life for over ninety-per-cent of the people on the planet. Medicine, law, justice; these professions and many more no longer exist because most of us have become outlaws, just to continue to exist. The police can lie about everything they say to any suspect: and are praised (even promoted) for this but if any suspect lies in response to the police he or she gets time in prison at the very least. There is something called the Department of Corrections (Prisons) how ironic, because instead of rehabilitating people all that this "department" does is insure that when the prisoners get out that they'll be coming back real soon!
Today's Americans-in-Prison can be treated just as we treated the millions of US prisoners that we ran through Abu Ghraib, and then released, because they were not guilty of anything-but of course this is not publicized. The judges, the prosecutors and the defense attorneys are all part of this national-hijacking of the American Just-Us System and that has made this nation the world-leader in the number of people arrested per every 100 people in the population. IfAmerica is so great why must we imprison so many of our own people? And when did we give the government permission to micro-manage our personal lives, our habits and our most private thoughts? We didn't: They just decided that they could-and we did nothing to stop them! So apparently we deserve everything that we have now. Here's more on that story: (4)
The beginnings of the idea of stopping this have started, but this must spread quickly if we are to ever be free-again. The alternative is unthinkable. (5)
1) Social Security is NOT at Risk on Debt Ceiling
2) Through the Hourglass Darkly
3) Endgame- Revisited
4) Rage & Outrage Are Waiting
5) Protester's storm BART, slow the commute out of San Francisco
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