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'Somethin BIG Is Comin'! 
By Jim Kirwan
The last time I beat another human being to within an inch of his life I learned 'something.' This happened so long ago that just being in a street fight did not yet mean that you'd be killed or worse. The 'being' I had just crippled was lying in a pool of his own blood and waste, on busted pieces of asphalt in a nameless alley on a moonless night. His twisted body lay just inches from his smashed weapon and from his ruined mouth these words fell out.
"It weren't noth'in It were jist words. . . why'd ya have to go and get so hot about it?" Then he blacked out.
Yes 'something BIG is still coming' and now all these years later apparently among the powers that be today; words still have no real meaning in themselves and are only there (at the core of government) to be used and abused for power and the omnipotence of their inherent "right" to rule. However there are still those of us that believe in ourselves; (And not this criminal government) so this contest is really just beginning! 
The U.S. Constitution and the US Bill of Rights are also 'jist words'
It don't mean noth'in ­ do it?"
So from those dark and youthful nights of misdirection, to this dreary day of waiting for the axe to fall, things have only gotten worse: Especially among that crowd that has never had to prove anything to anyone, throughout the whole long farce of what they still refer to as their lives. If there is ever to be any difference between having the words and the promises in our national documents broken repeatedly: And the way of daily-life that any people choose for themselves-then those words in our now shattered documents must have meaning and consequences-or we all shall find ourselves broken by these criminals; and left to die in the burned-out alleys of our lives, because we shall have failed ourselves, and in the process we will have failed the wider-world as well.
If this Congress dares to "seat" the SUPER-CONGRESS on September 6th, the day after Labor Day, then this Act of Treason should be met by US Marshals and Congress itself should be held in contempt for violating the terms set out in the US Constitution that governs how these creatures must treat all legislation in the United States.
Listen up America! If you think this place was built on capitalistic enterprise, then you have another think coming. USI is not a capitalistic state at all, it is a communist enclave where corporations thrive by sucking at the public tit for CORPORATE WELFARE that makes public welfare appear to be just a handful of bread crumbs compared to the literal mountains of cash which the corporations rake in each and every day and all of it comes from you and me. These private-corporations have been draining this nations' wealth for private-profits leaving 'the state' impoverished and destitute while the corporations saddle the nation with all of their own failures, and keeping every cent of the PROFITS whenever they succeed, as they rarely do. Moreover these maniacal privateers ought to be forced to de-privatize all public-services and return them to public-control immediately; while forcing the corporations to forfeit their illicit-profits in public-transportation, in energy of all types, and in all public services that have been privatized. Control of everything from our public libraries to our prison-systems to control of every cent of our money, must go back to public-control! The money saved by that one act could easily fix the DEBT-CEILING problem all by itself.
If you are unfamiliar with LBJ's WAR on POVERTY, then you should get familiar with it; because that laid out this insider-track for the Corporations while it created destitution for the poor that it was supposed to "help" and that was 47 years ago. The same thing was true for Nixon's WAR on DRUGS. That was and still is nothing but a protection racket to eliminate competition for the illegal-drugs the US government sells and distributes. That was expanded by ATF which began to go after Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as well as drugs since the same people were involved in all of these "illicit-operations" on both sides of all the laws. LBJ's other favorite nightmare which he tried to impose upon America was called "The Model Cities Program" If you want to see how that worked out, just take a look at today's Detroit ­ where the model cities program is still coming together to end life and liberty amid the ruins of what was once one of this countries most prosperous cities. (1)
America and Amerrikans are the biggest suckers on the face of the planet. This public is so docile they will simply stand by in silence while their families and their so-called businesses are repeatedly raped and plundered to give the corporations whatever they demand just to keep on looting us, and those we love, of everything that matters!
The First Rule of Capitalism: Create a market and sell your products to that market. To do this you must first establish a need, and then a constituency that can afford to pay for what you're selling. In Amerika you have decided to slash what you pay the employees that also used to be able to afford what you want to sell. This holds true for everything from Insurance of all types to products of all kinds that range from cars and homes to appliances and services. If the people that work for you cannot afford to buy your products then your so-called enterprise is destined to fail; sooner rather than later.
When the nation is BROKE as well as broken, there can be no business to profit from? DUH! Some have wondered why this concept is so difficult to grasp? Could it be that because these assholes own these interbreeding Corporate Boards (who control the corporations) have never themselves ever worked even one day in their miserable and protected lives ­ that they simply have no clue about what the rest us need to survive? On one level that is true, but in their world they simply do not care whether anyone besides themselves "survives." The problem with this for the slightly longer term-is that if their workers cannot survive then they will fail as well. (2)
All this excessive greed and fascism worked well back when there was a wider world out there to take up the slack. There were other countries that had not yet lost their minds as well, so there were places to run away to and other places where the goods could still be found. But thanks' to Hillary's imitation husband and all of his global contracts that he forced down the throats of all Americans beginning with GATT and going on until the world is now covered by these criminally designed contracts that have outlawed any protections for any people that want to control their own lives! 
If you are part of the government and you continue to hate the people that pay your salaries and your illegally-created bills; then you should be looking to buy Gallows-Insurance because it is only a matter of time until you will be lynched for your crimes against those people that you have been screwing for decades: And that's if you are not charged in the International Criminal Courts for Crimes Against Humanity or your multiple TREASONS against your own country, and the world!
Here's what it takes to create a prosperous capitalistic state. First insure that the public can live with what you are paying those that work for you: You have failed that task Big-Time!
Second: Insure that the people you employ do not want to assassinate you at the earliest opportunity. Again you failed the litmus test in every way and then some.
Third: Insure that what you do actually helps the society and/or the people that you say you want to sell to. Colossal failures here all round ­ given that every single project that is undertaken in this country is designed to end life here as we know it: And that nothing corporate could ever be conceived as being beneficial to anyone except those that own stock in your shitty little enterprises. Incidentally the public is about to begin making lists of those that have stock in these massively criminal-corporations (Anonymous please note) ­ we need names and addresses of these criminals that are trying to coexist with the corporations for massive and unearned profits, at the expense of the rest of the planet and especially in this country that is caught up in its own premature demise-due to criminal-activity, insider-trading and basic piracy at all levels of "the markets." Once the public has those names and addresses of those people, they too will become targets and it won't be pretty.
You bastards that call yourselves "CAPAITALISTS" are at the end of the day nothing but failed-pirates in that you skim all the real profits for yourselves; and leave the public to pick up your losses while that same public tries to stay alive with the money they aren't allowed to make under your massive CORPORATE WELFARE that attempts to hide every one of the massive fallacies that exist everywhere throughout your entire family of criminal enterprises. You people are nothing but parasites feeding off the integrity and the sweat blood and tears of those that you screw daily, while those who you employ remain trapped in your endless circles of death and taxes, compounded by enough restrictions and personal punishments to fill the Titanic ten times over.
Once the public begins to realize that their so-called jobs are just waiting to be either sent offshore or eliminated because of the total lack-of-any-real-business; then people might just open their eyes long enough to realize that they can and should risk losing their non-jobs in order to get rid of you and yours forever!
If you actually think for one moment that you can continue this charade for much longer, then you are even dumber than your spokespeople look or sound. The public will come for you and they will not be forgiving; if anything they will be far angrier with you than they were before you were outed; because of the huge number of years that this fraud has gone unchallenged while it remained in place. You remember: You fired people just before they qualified for real retirement, screwing those same people that gave you the entire bulk of their working lives with loyalty and pride ­ and then you fucked them royally in the end: That will come back to get you, as it should!
Four: Your heroes are ancient pieces of shit that will very soon be dead; we thank the universe for that. But many of you will still be here when the feces begin to fly through everything that has until now remained immune from attacks by the public. You people have been totally immune to compassion for hundreds of years: In the end all that any of you deserve is a flaming-end to your criminal lives with no trace of you being left for the world to either morn or desecrate. In fact if there is any justice in the actual new world, AFTER THE REVOLUTION, your lives will be erased entirely along with everything you once amassed for your own personal use. You and your corporate people are the scum of this earth and need to be gone forever from this place, along with all your co-conspirators!
How dare you continue to threaten the planet with your bloodlusts and your petty greed and your shallow-ambitions; you creatures are the very lowest of life-forms on this planet and your numbers need to be decimated ASAP. You're not anything at all because you believe in nothing, and you spend your every waking hour on devising new ways to kill the planet. You are just common criminals that aspired to an unattainable power that goes far beyond your abilities to create anything that will actually allow you to obtain everything that you insist upon trying to steal, from the other 94% of the world.
Too bad that someone didn't kick your fat and unproductive-asses back when it might have made a difference, in how your pathetic lives turned out. But what's done is done; all that remains now is how much longer the public will continue to tolerate your global sociopathologies; your unending pathological paranoia's or the ferocity of your hatreds and fears that are roaming the world in search of new victims every hour. To this point you've won a few hundred battles, but the WAR is still pending and until that's over, all bets are still off!
1) Detroit Destroyed - images
2) We Can't Make it Here Anymore ­ video
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