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The Society That Fails to Act
By Jim Kirwan
Hypocrisy now rules this land, and this is part of what that looks like, from inside the sewers of our discontent!
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode in on this air of criminal self-condemnation over two thousand years ago. This is what hypocrisy looks like whenever any society allows itself to be regulated to fit within the falsely narrow confines dictated by those that simply cannot stand the idea that anyone besides themselves might ever know real happiness, or laughter, or joy. They can never know these life-sustaining virtues, because these murderous barbarians are consumed with the need to control every aspect of "other people's" lives; on their way to owing the entire world and everything in it.
This is why hypocrisy is the perfect prelude to the introduction of Conquest, War, Famine and global-Death that are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Had the world been allowed to have its simple pleasures, then the monsters could not have found their criminal-footing in a balanced world-so their first order of business was and is to regulate every single thing that anyone besides themselves can be allowed to do. In the USA today all pleasures are controlled, all appetites for naturalness have been murdered; and every response must be explained and justified to their bogus self-appointed authority; while their own lives remain completely free of any responsibilities or any punishments whatsoever, for any of the vile actions that comprise the very-real-crimes they routinely commit during every moment of their waking lives.
To cite one example: Take "the War on Drugs." The first major encounter with this false-flag operation began with PROHIBITION. That was a colossal failure on every front that had to be revoked in the end because it could never work. What it gave the public was what we have today with "illegal drugs" Once booze was outlawed immediately a huge black-market sprang up; along with a massive number of Speakeasies that ultimately were uncontrollable. That gave rise to mob-control over the importation and control of distribution for alcohol across the nation ­ which law-enforcement could not control. Crime skyrocketed, while the cops were helpless to control the manufacture or the distribution of this adult-pleasure.
However instead of learning anything from this crude first effort the Hypocrites proceeded to use the same types of government prohibition against cigarettes and drugs as had originally been used against alcohol.
However with drugs in particular they decided to become part of the game-plan. The government went into business: Growing the drugs, overseeing their manufacture and distribution and simultaneously policing the customer base for intruders into what they consider to be THEIR exclusive territory. At the same time by keeping all the drugs ILLEGAL they kept their profits at the maximum; while taxing the society to the hilt by intensifying the number of addicts, while denying them treatment, to their addictions nationwide. This is WRONG on so many fronts that it is very difficult to see how we have managed to not reject all of this out-of-hand.
If these substances were made legal and were actually controlled, the profits could easily be removed and the crime rate would drop like a rock. Treatment and breakthroughs would rise accordingly and the health of the society, inflated by the huge increase in taxes collected from the legal use of drugs, could begin to fill the coffers of cities and states across the nation-so that everything else could be improved, as this preferred form of addiction begins to come down as a threat to society; while the money provided begins to heal the gaping holes in the society at large.
This War on Drugs has cost American taxpayers trillions upon trillions of dollars and has been a colossal failure worldwide. We have not chosen to legalize drugs because that would severely impact the size of this government's Black-Ops Operational budget that gets a great deal of its money from these cloaked operations.
The other reason we have never even considered this kind of an action is that it would eliminate almost 85% of those in prison for bogus charges related to drugs or drug-trafficking. The crime itself is not something that equates with capital murder, but in most instances involves small amounts of drugs that are enough to put someone inside the system which was and is still the point today. Dealing in huge quantities of drugs is another matter: But then the biggest dealer of all has always been the US government and they do not lock-up their buyers, their growers or their dealers: only the competition goes to jail (aside from anyone that government decides needs to be eliminated)! And this is just one program that relies on dictating the habits of Americans that can be used (once those habits have been made illegal) there are others of varying degrees as well.
"DEA head: A thousand dead children means we're winning war on drugs
Michele Leonhart, our top drug cop, has a funny definition of victory
K) This from the head of Drug Enforcement Agency who probably didn't get the memo that the war on drugs has already been Lost!
"Producing and distributing illegal drugs is a profitable business, because there will always be a lot of demand and because illegality allows you to charge a great deal of money. That illegality also means that the people who produce and distribute the drugs are generally not responsible corporate citizens. So thanks to our expensive, terribly ineffective and endless war on drugs, lots of people are dying.
The Washington Post recently reported that the victims of Mexican drug cartel violence increasingly include children, who are being specifically targeted in order to terrorize people and intimidate potential business rivals:
The children's rights group estimates that 994 people younger than 18 were killed in drug-related violence between late 2006 and late 2010, based on media accounts, which are incomplete because newspapers are often too intimidated to report drug-related crimes.
Government figures include all homicides of people younger than 17, capturing victims whose murders might not have been related to drugs or organized crime. In 2009, the last year for which there is data, 1,180 children were killed, half in shootings.
This article is actually almost a week old, but I did not notice, until it was highlighted by Jonathan Blanks, this astounding quote from America's top drug warrior:" (1)
The point is the money is there to fix the USA-legally if we were so inclined. But the hypocrisy of those at the top in deciding what is called good-behavior and what is "unacceptable" prevents any back-sliding from officialdom at any level. However government has decided to go much further now. It intrudes into private-attitudes, personal-beliefs, use of any substance that might contribute to either joy or pleasure by anyone not approved by them, to enjoy the pleasures which have never been denied to any of the filthy-rich. If the executive offices of any corporation of any size in this country were to be raided; the stock of illicit drugs, booze, cigarettes, cigars and all the other pleasures available would be astounding: but that's never going to happen because it's part of the perks that are a prerequisite for "being in control."
Only the herd is denied pleasure in every form and in every way possible from the bedroom to the office and the workplace-24-7, and 365 days of the year. 'Slaves cannot handle pleasures'; because 'real pleasures' are reserved for the Owners of other human-beings.The above has become defacto public-policy without even hearing the voice of the public on any of their intrusions or the government's illegal-overreach into the habits and lives of all Americans.
Things here have gotten so bad that people might just as well remove their front doors, especially if and when a call has been made to 911 for "help." The reason is that cops no longer wait or announce themselves they simply smash down the door and charge right in shooting anything that might in any way threaten them (like a family dog), or a citizen that does not immediately surrender to whichever uniform or authority figure has suddenly entered what was formerly "their home." The cops no longer wear badges, name tags or bother notifying anyone they confront with a reason for their presence: They shoot first and then hide behind phony investigations that almost always clear the thugs that abused or murdered someone.
This policy is the same as the ones used in the counties where our troops are supposedly working to bring democracy and freedom to people that have not asked for it. Americans on the other hand thought we had at least the freedom part of that; only to discover too late that 'our freedoms' disappeared in direct proportion to our willingness, to torture to rape or to
slaughter other human beings, before stealing their rights and property from them-Israeli-style!
This Fourth of July a number of corporations are advertising their desire to "Honor our troops by THANKING THEM for keeping us Safe." The question of who they are keeping us "SAFE-FROM" magically is never asked. If they gave a damn they would demand to be sent home to protect us from these rent-a-cops with military weapons that are terrorizing the general public, in this country at will!
It's rather like Obamanation's pledge to bring home 10,000 of his surge Troops from Afghanistan now. While failing to mention the 35,000 US Marines he is preparing to send into Libya very soon: Thus enlarging that war and ensuring that this will be the forth country we will never leave, once we have invaded it formerly. We are a nation of liars, and now we have officially become Murderer's Extrodinare, among the global family of nations, worldwide. So while how we treat our own people, might be very offensive to us personally, the wider-world knows that this was long-overdue.
If we want justice for ourselves then we must be involved in bringing real justice to all those millions of people that we have so often slaughtered for fun and profit. That's just what nature requires if we want to save ourselves: and we should begin with forcing Israel to free Palestine without conditions and lift the totally illegal-blocade of that occupied-nation immediately!
1) DEA Head: A Thousand Dead Children means we're winning war on drugs
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