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Silencing The Children
By Jim Kirwan
The ARTS have been the most heavily censored area of society since before the Renaissance. It's the one area of human activity that has not managed to free itself from the clutches of the world's wealthiest and most influential individuals and organizations. The case-in-point by the Oakland Children's Museum, in their refusal to fund an exhibit by 5-7 year old Palestinian Children who managed to survive Operation Cast Lead, in Palestine; is only the most egregious example. But it is just the latest in a long line of routine censorship by the 'esteemed' members of boards of directors in the "arts community" everywhere. This amounts to ART censoring 'art' for purely political reasons!
Here are some of the images that were banned, in this seven minute video, that was to have opened to the public in September, 2011. (1)
Back in history there have been very few artists willing to go against the powers of the moment to do the work that only artists can do, to illustrate some of what the people of the world suffer from, when politics loses its collective mind and tries to rape, torture, bomb and murder its own populations. Goya was one such artist, and there have only been a handful of others: The "ARTS communities around the world have seen to this tawdry lack of artistic involvement in the affairs of people everywhere.
Here's the complete story of what happened in the case of the censoring of the exhibit in Oakland. But ask yourself: What if the exhibit had been an exhibit of Africa-American Negro art by children, whose lives are caught up in the violence of the ghetto? For example, art from East Oakland or Richmond or the Berkley flats? Would the Museum have caved-in to a group of Jewish donors if they had said NO to the African-American children's art. And would the backers have said that they would no longer fund the museum-in that case either? (2)
Unfortunately the undue influence of the Zionist-Apartheid State of Israel; has become an all too familiar censor of anything that might either cause people to think about wars, or terror, or real fascism: Unless it is of course something horrific that happened to the Jews during the Nazi-era. This nation is overwhelmingly awash with these programs on public television, in Hollywood films and in slanted articles and exhibits that favor current-day Israel, as if that place were not the current day home of the 88 year old NAZI Party that is alive and well and living in Zionist Israel as we speak.
The fact that this exhibit would have shown the world just what it means to have been 5 to 7 years of age during Operation Cast Lead, wherein over 1,300 Palestinians lost their lives ­ was the reason that this exhibit was canceled.
Operation Cast Lead, 27 Dec. '08 to 18 Jan. '09
"Between 27 December 2008 and 18 January 2009, the Israeli military carried out an attack on the Gaza Strip, which it called Operation Cast Lead. The magnitude of the harm to the local population was unprecedented: 1,389 Palestinians were killed, 759 of whom did not take part in the hostilities. Of these, 318 were minors under age 18. More than 5,300 Palestinians were wounded, 350 of them seriously. Israel also caused enormous damage to residential dwellings, industrial buildings, agriculture and infrastructure for electricity, sanitation, water, and health, which was already on the verge of collapse prior to the operation. According to UN figures, Israeldestroyed more than 3,500 residential dwellings and 20,000 people were left homeless.
During the operation, Palestinians fired rockets and mortar shells at Israel, with the declared purpose of striking Israeli civilians. These attacks killed three Israeli civilians and one member of the Israeli security forces, and wounded dozens. Nine soldiers were killed within the Gaza Strip, four by friendly fire. More than 100 soldiers were wounded, one critically and 20 moderately to seriously."
'Art' is supposedly that part of life that helps connect people to the world in which they live; at whatever time the artist is alive. Yet down through the centuries the arts have been used as nothing more than PR and promotional imagery for everything from the Catholic Church who used their powers almost exclusively to secure their hold over a global population. Do you really think that virtually every artist would have filled his or her head with nothing but a bunch of extremist religious images, exclusively for centuries: unless the only way an artist could survive was to be in the employ of either the church or some noble-person who was seeking the good-will of the power that was the church for so many centuries? Well it's no different today: Those who get the commissions now are working for the filthy rich in the same way that those in history had to sign up or starve; back when 'ART' enjoyed the spotlight in nearly every home, church or castle. It was the equivalent of Television and pro-football all in one, and it could only be done, and survive the ages, if you had a patron.
In today's 'ART World' the results of the disinformation, and the formal casting of trends that destroy art's longer range purposes are heavily influenced by the new patrons (same as the old patrons except that today they are Zionists). And this collection of elites just happens to own 94% of all the magazines, newspapers, publishing houses and film companies as well as television outlets and the multi-media firms that support the whole nightmare. So it just makes perfect sense that these concerned patrons who canceled this exhibit cannot allow some 5 to 7 year old Palestinian children to rock their boat of victimhood: When in fact instead of being victims, the Zionists are and have always been the initiators of the most unspeakable crimes committed on the face of this earth.
So the next time you attend the Opera, the Symphony, the Ballet or any of the "Mausoleum's to ART " in the San Francisco Bay Area ­ you might want to ask the management for a copy of their major-donor's list. Don't be surprised if it is not complete; because well, you know how delicate things of this nature can be; especially if it actually "gets out" that the arts are nothing but a huge-con being supported almost entirely by one group in particular.
The entire gallery scene is an extension of this hijacking of the visual arts. For instance did you know that up and coming young artists in New York and elsewhere can pay up to 110% as a commission on what is sold, when their work is displayed? So that if they have a successful show they will owe the gallery 10% more than what the gallery took in? The galleries call this "just routine business." To struggling artists this is highway robbery but it's the only way to "be discovered" today. The museums have special arrangements with the art schools and the galleries that assure these predetermined new prodigies (the chumps that are willing to go into hock, just to be seen) become the "SUCCESS STORIES that the Museums, the most prominent galleries and the 'ART WORLD' in general have predetermined to be; long before the moneyed crowd begins to buy the slop that passes for "art" today.
America has not paid much attention to the graphic arts of late, probably because of the massive fraud that was discovered with signed and numbered prints awhile back. And the idea of selling blank canvases, with a single dot of color for hundreds of thousands of dollars also did not go down well with anyone except the swindlers that were ramping up the prices on this pre-arranged-farce which the critics and museums then tried to pawn off on the public as the very latest in "ART." The buyers for this waste of time and materials were "the Collectors" who planned on making millions from all this contrived hocus pocus that even the public knew was nothing more than another con-job.
The exhibit that was canceled by the Oakland Children's Museum probably had more art in these drawings by children than all of the so-called great works being displayed anywhere throughout the Bay Area by the official fonts of artistic authority that are everywhere here; but whose opinions amount to nothing more than George Orwell's Double-Speak; when it comes right down to the value of any of that "officially-sanctioned work" as 'Art' whose validity you can believe in!
The people that blocked this exhibit are not community leaders, they are shadowy creatures that seek to rule by fiat over the tastes and opinions of everyone they can directly influence with the money they've 'acquired' by rearranging all the rules in every area to favor only the extremely wealthy in every case. These people are just Outlaws hiding behind corporate titles and legendary family names: But they should NOT be allowed to keep this exhibition from being shown in the Bay Area!
MAKE YOUR OPINIONS KNOWN to the Oakland Museum and the Oakland Children's Museum today!
1) The Children of Gaza Lose Again ­ 7min video
2) Muzzlewatch ­ tracking efforts to stifle Open Debate http://www.muzzlewatch.com/

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