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By Jim Kirwan
There seems to be a huge confabulation surrounding what,s at stake with the demonstrators on and around Wall Street. Apparently these people cannot decide on what the FCK they want from the rest of us.
For me this one is easy.
Restore the Constitution and ENFORCE every provision therein.
This ought to be simple enough
For everyone whether they are observers or participants!
We had a Constitution that over the decades became just another dust-encrusted artifact for those that illegally took over power in this place. The deaf, dumb and blind public let them do this: And now they are upset because they no longer have ANY RIGHTS to fall back on.
I simply cannot believe that these so-called demonstrators are having any real difficulty defining what is they "WANT. If they actually knew anything about the roots of this nation or the constitution; there would be a universal cry for the RESTORATION of the  U.S. CONSTITUTION. But since most know absolutely nothing about what that document was created to give to all Americans: They cannot decide what it is that they supposedly want from their public display of dissatisfaction with everything today.
The Constitution was created to protect the public, to guide national polices and to curtail foreign involvement in our own national affairs. All of that was trashed when the New Robber-Barons began to take back, what we took from them, when we chained them up after the Stock Market Crash of 1929. What we,re seeing now with all of those International Agreements on tariffs and trade is PAYBACK for what we did to the bastards after the CRASH of 1929.
The US Constitution began by protecting free speech, and the press from the government. It also protected freedom of religion from both the government and competing views of any other religions: Reagan crushed the wall between religion and the state and ended freedom of religion along with assassinating the separation between the Free State and the dictates of extreme religious viewpoints. All of this has been ended now and there is no longer any "free speech anywhere in this police state. Reagan,s body should be dug up and burned in public for the traitor that he was to this country and to the US Constitution.
The Second Amendment guarantees the public the right to own and bear arms"because of what happened to them under English rule: Now the Extreme Left is trying to eliminate guns because "they kill people when the truth is that guns don,t kill anything by themselves: people do the killing. And the EXTREME LEFT wants to DISARM THIS NATION TO MAKE IT EASIER TO KILL US ALL IN OUR BEDS, or whenever we need to repel the THOUGHT POLICE from our houses or our property in the middle of the night!
Everything to do with the Fourth Amendment has also been trashed and forever destroyed as it regards the right of people to be secure from unlawful searches and seizures. TSA does a tap dance upon the Fourth Amendment every time you go through the criminally-illegal-airport screening systems and the brain-dead public just submissively complies with these continuing crimes supposedly for reasons of a National Security that never existed!
Has no one understood the enormity of the treasons that were committed on 911? Well apparently Ron Paul agrees with the Government that actually committed that act, and he,s running for "prez yet his supporters actually seem to believe this treasonous bastard (Ron Paul) is going to represent them? He agrees with the existing government cover-story: So how willing will Paul be to charge Cheney-Bush Rumsfeld, Rice, Ashcroft & Chertoff, along with all the rest of the bastards that created and carried out 911? Not very if at all!
Those are just some of the Amendments in the US Bill of Rights that also includes the Fifth Amendment that protects Americans from having to incriminate themselves, in court or anywhere else where the illegal thought police now rule this country. The right to REFUSE to ANSWER has been countered by official police blackmail, extortion and intimidation under cover of the badge; to extort that to which they are not legally entitled. The whole "Just-us System has been reduced to a monetarily based system of extortion, punishment and torture: Because the Constitution has been murdered! The profits go to CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) and through kickbacks to whichever criminals inhabit the Tarnished House. Judges, Prosecutors, lawyers and attorneys are all involved in this totally criminal scam that passes for law-enforcement in the old USA.
Consequently it is not hard to see how this nation has been completely corrupted: Nor is it hard to see what needs to be done to get it back! The fact that so many people are still muttering around near Wall Street without actually calling openly for the RESTORATION OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION tells me all I need to know about the veracity or the credibility of their supposed CAUSE!
"WE are all "Americans! Yet most of us, when asked, always begin by giving some political affiliation, as if that was some kind of identification of who they personally actually are. THAT ladies and gentlemen is pure and unadulterated BULLSHIT!
"We are all supposed to be "Americans FIRST everything else is just an addendum that actually means very little because what a political party "STANDS FOR can be changed as often as one changes socks: And the public will never be aware of those official changes until it is too late to do anything about it! So if you want to be understood: Drop the artificial labels and speak from your heart and mind simultaneously, just for a change of pace! "BE an American and then take a look at who is actually trying to serve this country, as opposed to those that are trying to serve themselves at our expense!
So, when it comes to the Wall Street Demonstrations, why not just try to look at them through "AMERICAN EYES and leave all the rest of this garbage for the pundits to debate.
When I do construction projects, the very last thing we always do is make a run to the Public DUMP. What we need to begin with here, as a nation, is that we NEED to make a public run to the DUMP because that hasn,t been done with Politicians, with Politics in general or with the programs and polices of this country for over fifty years: Which is why there is so much confusion: Everything that's WRONG with this nation today was basically not-allowed under the Constitution; which of course is why those bastards behind this government went to such lengths to murder the Constitution before they set about murdering each and every one of us.
We need to DUMP the CRIMINALS
If we ever want to take back our former Republic
The Murder of the U.S. Constitution is what every political party today has in common. Rather than destroying the Constitution we ought to destroy all those political parties that have colluded in the assassination of the Constitution, and all of its extremely important protections. The constitution does NOT allow for there to be a private, for-profit bank that actually owns the money, or the money-supply of the United States, nor does it allow for anyone other than the United States to print our money. That alone would free us from paying interest on the printing of our own money.
In addition, every thing from the illegal Invasions of other countries to the totally illegal "License to Kill" could never have been created or carried out. Everything to do with Illegal immigration would also have been totally impossible according to the U. S. Constitution - not to mention Ronnie's Death Squads in Central and South America or the providing of training for them by the School of the Americas - all of it would have been completely illegal under the U.S. Constitution.
The US Constitution died with the murder of JFK, and with LBJ's TREASON surrounding the events concerning the USS Liberty and that particular TREASON: We lost all sense of what it means to "BE" an American. Had the Constitution been a living document at that time. LBJ would have been constitutionally tried and hung for the TRAITOR to this nation that he proved he was during Israel's 1967 War: And that would have ENDED our TREASONOUS relationship with that shitty little country and all of its CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, ONCE AND FOR ALL!
We NEED to take back the original U.S. Constitution and charge all those that have been instrumental in its murder going back to JFK.
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