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The Real Problem On The Missouri River
By Tom Burnett 
The REAL problem is the danger they are in. No one seems to be able to look past the end of their nose...but if the nuclear plant in your neighborhood is flooding NOW...and the river still has about seven feet to go until it crests, what OUGHT you to be doing?
Finding out what is upstream of you....in case it comes DOWNSTREAM. Like this: 
Missouri River Flood Information Websites
"River Watch" for daily information on reservoir levels, inflows, releases, inundation maps, weather forecast and much more: http://us.vocuspr.com/Publish/520028/PRAssetNWORiverwatch.xml
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Omaha District, flood information: http://www.nwo.usace.army.mil/html/op-e/flood.html
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, has established a Joint Information Center to ensure timely and coordinated release of accurate information to the public by providing a single release point of information.
E-mail questions to the Joint Information Center at MRJIC@usace.army.mil or call (402) 996-3877.
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Kansas City District, flood information: http://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Flood/index.cfm
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Northwestern Division, Missouri River Water Management, Reservoir Control Center: http://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Flood/index.cfm
Does the below story reflect the same symptoms as radiation poisoning?
Kansas Health Officials - Don't Use Missouri River For ANYTHING
The Associated Press
TOPEKA - The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is advising people to avoid contact with the Missouri River.
The health department issued a health advisory Tuesday for all portions of the Missouri River that flow through the state. It advises that the flooding could sweep pathogens from surface water and partially treated sewage into the river.
The department is advising people to avoid contact with the river and to restrict pets and livestock from the river until flooding eases, which might not be for weeks. Pathogens can cause skin, ear, respiratory, eye and wound infections and diarrhea.
The KDHE says it's working to evaluate the risk of flooded wastewater treatment systems and has notified downstream water suppliers of the threat.
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