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Defining US Inc & National Insanity
By Jim Kirwan
Congress To Vote On Declaration of Worldwide Perpetual War
With No Borders And No Clear Enemies
"The legislation authorizes the President of the United States to take unilateral military action against all nations, organizations, and persons, both domestically and abroad, who are alleged to be currently or who have in the past supported or engaged in hostilities or who have provided aid in support of hostilities against the Untied States or any of its coalition allies. The legislation removes the requirement of congressional approval for the use of military force and instead gives the President totalitarian dictatorial authority to engage in any and all military actions for an indefinite period of time.
It even authorizes the President the authority to launch attacks against American Citizens inside the United States with no congressional oversight whatsoever.
Just to recap, because that was a mouthful:
Endless War ­ The war will continue until all hostilities are terminated, which will never happen.
No Borders ­ The president will have the full authority to launch military strikes against any country, organization or person, including against U.S citizens on U.S soil.
Unilateral Military Action ­ Full authority to invade any nation at any time with no congressional approval required.
No Clearly Defined Enemy ­ The US can declare or allege anyone a terrorist or allege they are or have been supporting "hostilities" against the US and attack at will.
Authorization To Invade Several Countries ­ The president would have full authority to invade Iran, Syria, North Korea, along with several other nations in Africa and the Middle East and even Russia and China under the legislation all of which are "know" to have supported and aided hostilities against the United States." (1)
Why have you heard nothing at all about his one? For the same reason you heard nothing at all about the USA PATRIOT ACT until it was passed at 4 am without being even read. The way this government works is to keep whatever they do sealed away from the public until AFTER the so-called SECRET Legislation has already been passed: This then is followed by a lot of "patriotic" flag-waving that attempts to 'justify' the crime-committed that isalways completely "unjustifiable." This has become Standing Operational Procedure, throughout the government, since George Junior stole the White House. The difference this time is that now the Supreme Court of Indiana and other courts besides, are getting eyeball deep in these horrific rulings that are attempting to legalize home-invasions, by thugs-in-uniform, masquerading as agents of the STATE.
"Something huge--huge and not good--just happened in Indiana, which will be little more than a blip in the propaganda that passes for national news. The Supreme Court of Indiana just ruled that in Indiana, if a police officer decides to illegallycome into your house, you're not allowed to do anything to stop him. According to "Justice" Steven David, resisting an admittedly "unlawful police entry into a home" is against "public policy." Got that? If you live in Indiana, and a cop decides to invade your home without a shred of legal justification, it is considered a crime for you to do anything to stop him.
Bizarrely, "Justice" David also said that resisting law-breaking cops goes against "modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence." You see, only judges are wise enough to know that when the Fourth Amendment says you have a right to be free from "unreasonable searches and seizures," it actually means that the cops have the right to commit "unreasonable searches and seizures," and you have no right to do anything to stop it."(2)
This goes nicely with yesterday's article on America's Death Squads. That article defines what is transpiring here as an unannounced local-continuation of what is happening throughout the middle-east, right now, wherein no one has any legal right to resist either the illegal-colonial-occupation-forces; while these forces continue to do exactly what that SWAT*TEAM in Tucson did to an ex-marine. Seventy-one bullets were fired to murder Jose Guerena, without charges, or arrest, so that there could be NO TRIAL: It was just another sanctioned US EXECUTION of someone selected at random by the LAWLESS police-forces of the ROGUE POLICE-STATE that USI has created to rule over the former USA. (3)
Here are two videos that capture some of the TREASON behind these 'preludes' to the takedown that's in progress as this is being written. (4)
Some might think that all this insanity is new-to-Americans: But it is not. It has used very effectively since the inception of the United Nations to usher in the N.W.O. concealed behind the blue & white flags of the UN and its creation "Israhell." Currently the UN is pushing the adoption and implementation of AGENDA 21 that will immediately follow the completion of The New Madrid EXERCISE, which should leave the country reeling from floods, earthquakes and general disasters that will largely go unanswered: Except for those portions of it that FEMA will attend to by using those camps, and all those millions of body-bags. There will be so much chaos loose in this land that most will never even notice what will be really taking place once this Trojan horse has been let-inside this country to do 'it's WORST! (5)
But throughout this whole series of obscene effects that are currently underway; there are much larger points that simply get lost in the fog-of-war.
"WE" the people of this nation constitute only about 6.5 percent of the known world: yet by using these new SECRET LAWS that congress wants to quietly attach to the US Military budget: The United States will be DECLARING WAR UPON THE ENTIRE WORLD, including HER OWN CITIZENS ­ and yet no one sees anything wrong with this? As if to rub our noses even further in this criminal-deception: the whole thing is being sponsored by Obama's Victorious MURDER of one of Osama's doubles: An event that was greeted by seven days of unmitigated global-DISBELIEF, followed by lock-step approval by the Psy-Ops in the American Media that refused to cover the TRUTH of the actual-death of Osama Bin Laden in December of 2001 (THUS making Obama's "MURDER" into a totally-criminal FARCE, and another false-flag attack that is now being cited as the NEED to implement this DRACONIAN piece of legislation that will turn us all into OUTLAWS-EVERYWHERE IN THE WIDER WORLD!
People this is not just another political fantasy by a mindless-moron acting out some fantasy of his real-owners: This would declare the entire world to be ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES, and thus liable to be attacked whenever one of our paranoid psycho's "decides" that they "sense" enemy activity in whichever country they decide to attack! No proof required, no charges need be even drawn up ­ the entire world would soon become a FREE-FIRE-ZONE for our Mercenaries and for US TROOPS; which the world might well decide to just completely ELIMINATE, and thereby end the threat of ILLEGAL & Continuing US Colonial-AGGRESSION in the name of greed & international THEFT and MURDER.
Of course this would put the US & Israhell in exactly the same boat the world over: Maybe this is the POINT of why Netanyahu is in Washington now?
"There are two kinds of false flag attacks that threaten the American people for the rest of May, geological and nuclear. Fukushima suffered both two months ago, and demonstrated the logical extreme of disaster capitalism: depopulation.
National Level Exercise (NLE) 2011 has begun, joining ongoing Vigilant Guard 2011, which was kept secret until it began Saturday. The two war games script terrorist attacks, earthquakes and cyber-warfare.
Space Shuttle Endeavour has lifted off, and will remain in orbit for the rest of the month. Its sister Discovery was aloft when Japan's megaquake cycle began with a 7.2 quake on March 9. It was also orbiting during what was probably a HAARP attack against the Houston area on July 28, 2005, as the nearby BP refinery ten miles south of NASA exploded and burned. Because of these events many researchers consider the Space Shuttle program to be part of the Star Wars offensive panoply.
Rahm "The Bomb" Emanuel has been inaugurated as Chicago mayor. He is an Israeli military veteran whose father was a member of the notorious Jewish Irgun terror organization. In the last two weeks he has appointedGene McCarthy, a key NYC 9/11 police official, as Chicago's top cop, and Jewish Chicago Police Department apparatchik Michael Masters as head of Cook County Homeland Security.
Israelis are celebrating the 151st birthday of Theodore Hertzl, who was the father of Zionism, and is alleged to have written the notorious Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a book setting forth a plan for Jewish world domination, which Jews denounce as an anti-Semitic forgery.
Today Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was present for both the U.S. 9/11 and the U.K. 7/7 terror attacks,comes to Washington, DC, and will remain in the U.S. until late next week. The last time he visited, Barack Obama left the country on a visit to India, secret national level nuclear war games began, and four U.S. nuclear reactors had emergencies. All this, five months before the meltdown in Fukushima - where Israeli security was in charge." (6)
The US courts are ruling time and again against the Constitution; against the public and in favor of USI and the FASCISM of this LAWLESS-POLICE- STATE. If you want to see how "states' like ours end up just look atPALESTINE! Look at What's happening to Egypt today, as their military supports the Zionista's continuing slaughter of the Palestinian people. And as if that were not enough the same thing is beginning to come from Syria andLebanon as well. "MILITARY RULE" is the current goal of the Zionista's in every country where the 40 to sixty-year reign of Dictator's were just overthrown. But now every country in the region is facing the same kinds of control over their own people as the Palestinian's are facing in GAZA & the West Bank: This is NO Accident of history: These are the new-colonialist policies that are meant to defeat the people of the world and turn this whole place into one GIANT global-farm where people are the livestock; to be used and abused and murdered at will.
This could happen if we continue to FAIL to RESPOND to what is being done to us inside our own homes, as well as in the streets and through TSA wherever those slimy creatures choose to appear. All the elements are there to be found and studied on the net. I guess if you have not yet been moved by events: then maybe you're just part of the Road-Kill, and since every resistance has lots of collateral-damage, no one should waste time worrying about those that have still not decided. The rest of us need to begin to make some noise and DEMAND some answers from these cowards that are AFRAID of every-single-shadow in the world; as only COWARDS can be!
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