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America Is Dying Of Paranoia
By Jim Kirwan
Actually we are 'dying of paranoia and collusion' with the Nazi party that survived the Second World War as the new Israel.
In the 'Bad-old-days of Watergate" there was a somewhat diminished form of insider-paranoia that 'ruled' the world behind the curtains. But as we moved on into the far more blatant world of Death-Squads, Iran-Contra, and the total farce of The Global-War-on-Drugs; everything began to change.
Paranoia was no longer just part of the SECRET-WORLD of global spies and global schemes: Instead it had become an accepted form of "flight from reality." In that process the Shadow Government began to put out the lights in the ordinary world.
People who spent their lives spying on others, and lying for their inner-circles, became like mental-patients for whom there was 'no reason' not to over-react. Moreover they became completely unable to any longer distinguish between genuine dissent and treason. 'As far as they were concerned anyone who rocked the boat was a threat to their idea of good and patriotic-order.'
Back in Nixon's era, when Watergate had just begun to leave its stain upon the US government: Ninety-eight percent of the general public was still unaffected by these in-house attitudes that put SECRECY and national-security above all else. That was before the traitors went public with their globalism and their formal end of the USA as a Republic.
After this began in earnest, with Bush junior and Total Information Access, in February of 2001, quite literally "EVERYTHING CHANGED" for the 98%, and now all of us are well beyond just being "AT RISK"! We have all been labeled 'ENEMIES OF THE STATE" first; and only after and "IF" we have proved ourselves to be innocent, can we still claim to be citizens (until the next time we are challenged) by some other thug in a government uniform.
You see the problem is within our own minds and thoughts; which have up-until-now been sacrosanct. But now our own emotions, or words and even our thoughts are all automatically suspect. For NOTHING must be allowed to exist that is contrary to the good of the Nazi-occupation of the old USA.
At bottom all of this global-crap has been about their attempts to STOP global-progress toward a global-health and freedom for people everywhere. In its place the Police-State has put the unchallengeable power of the filthy-elites acting-out their corruptions of the Nazi-Amerrikan Alliance that seeks nothing less than the ENDING of the natural-world in favor of an enslaved planet where there are only two classes: The owners and their completely impotent slaves, among the ruins of what was once a functioning and beautiful world with real possibilities for everyone that wanted to be both alive and here!
Truth cannot be protected or honored when it is "encased' inside a ring of Lies and Massive Paranoia whose only purposes are to constrain, to torture, to enslave and ultimately to murder anyone that disagrees with anything that the filthy-elites might suddenly decide they want to do. . .
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