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Owning Is One Thing ...Using Us Is Another
By Jim Kirwan
The latest series of events swirling around the various Occupy Events continues to be under attack, from among others, Freedomain Radio; this time using speed-flash proposals with scraps of good ideas mixed with socialistic-wet dreams, compounded by demands for free money (which is what drove the government into bankruptcy in the first place).
Apparently Freedomain is counting on 'OUR IGNORANCE' to rule the day rather than facing the real problems directly and choosing to take the very difficult decisions that would involve RESPONSIBILITY over simple handouts. Much like the illustration above for the Great Society that of course FAILED, even before it was proposed. (1)
Yes we are owned by the government from birth to death and beyond, by the USI. As such we are the living-human-resource that is traded on the Stock Market, where each of us has a fixed commercial value so that we can be bought and sold, upon the whim of our owners. This of course needs to chang; but perhaps the more critical issue which OCCUPY raises now is how can we take back control of our lives from this criminally-private-enterprise that is what sponsored the creation of the "Corporate-Right to Personhood." Those corporations are the ones that have made all these criminal-defacto-laws that have succeeded in shutting down the viability of this place as a nation state.
The first issue was about land. The Federal government began life as a ten-mile square inside D.C. the District of Columbia that became the District of Crime for the entire USA. Initially the government was docile and stayed within the 10 mile square, with very few exceptions. (Ceding land to the native tribes was one of the exceptions). But as we became involved in the First World War, the government began to encroach, and at first this was seen (beyond military bases & the like) as acquiring huge swaths of land for public preservation. These parks and reserves were to be held in perpetuity, for future generations to enjoy.
Time passed and slowly but surely the government began to sell the rights to those lands for pennies on the dollar to corporations and large land owners for grazing and forestry rights. All the way up to now when the Bush & Obama Administrations have started selling parts of our national parks for oil drilling and other resource acquisitions: over the strenuous objections of the public and the environmentalists.
On the military-industrial-front: The government began to acquire huge amounts of land to build military bases, weapons storage facilities and things like missile silos, along with a large number of secret military installations and for scientific studies as well. And all of that was of course done on "federal government lands."  During Reagan's tenure he began to close the bases and to send the troops overseas, but he kept the land for the government.
Eisenhower created the Interstate Highway program to provide for the expeditious movement of troops and equipment anywhere in the country; and of course that too was built on "federal land." Today that entire system has begun to crumble. Instead of fixing the infrastructure that includes bridges and rail lines as well as highways; the government has been holding fire sales to sell off those highways, bridges and ports to foreign countries for a fraction of their coast to the taxpayers, and these "attractions" are being sold to foreign nations: Nations that are not necessarily our friends, militarily. (China has purchased quite a bit of this fire-sale stuff along with huge parcels of land in the US to develop Chinese Economic Zones wherein the laws of this country are not allowed to apply.
This brings us up to date. So we are at war in a number of countries with several more wars in the pipeline and we are selling off the USA to our enemies for less than bargain-basement prices: Along with timber, minerals, water and a number of other natural resources that were officially the property of the USA? And since part of those things being sold are the militarily-strategic highways and bridges; how is this not TREASON in a time of war? The above is all about setting the stage for what the corporations have done to the people of this country by way of stealing from them not just their jobs but huge chunks of this country, for private-profits that will never go to the US Treasury.
This morning I received this comment about yesterday's article. (2)
Reader: "Kirwan, I can see your point. I do believe that FR has some good points too... The top corporation, besides the US government & the Federal Reserve, is Goldman Sachs... Now we don't know for sure if they've infiltrated the government (and it looks like it) or the government has infiltrated them! The government is the heavy weight stock holder of the fortune 1000 companies and therefore what passes for legal is up to the government. So in that regard FR is right and a lot of the demands you hear from the protesters are really ineffective. If you watched FR's rant he tells us to aim a little more precise and what's wrong with that?"
k) What's wrong with that is that this government is a tool that the corporations have used a billion times over to create the world that the corporations want. The Government is essentially a neutered organism: "IT" can't really want anything because it's just this massive collection of appetites (of the corporations and of those that own the corporations) - to create the very specific thing which the corporations desire, for unlimited profits and they want control over the whole chessboard: with government taking the blame for what the corporations designed and created - and then the programs are just run through the machine to come out the other end with a government agency to enforce their wishes upon the general public. All those agencies, like FDA, EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, the AMA, the Lawyers Guild, ARPP, the UN, - everything is nothing more than the official arm of corporate desires in action.
Too many people confuse the US government with the kings of old world Europe - and their tightly controlled 'states'. This government is a massive complex of competing agencies and powers within the bell-jar that we just call "government." Our 'president is nothing but an M.C. for the corporate state - he's a nothing; a figurehead with no power of his own: because his real power is dictated to him by those that put him there.
What real power looks like today is the people that literally own elected officials, (the best investment that money could ever buy) which they can use to change national and international polices. These owned chess-pieces are parts of the government, but the government itself has no agenda at all - it simply "IS." and in being that; it has become the collection point for all the corruptions and the private-corporations which buy and sell each other every minute of every day - which is the commercial side of everything.
Politically the larger "OWNERS" in the world tend to deal in global shifts and paradigms; composed of hundreds of corporations, and sometimes of many nation states at a time. This whole charade is their's to control and direct. The largest polices moves are suppose to produce massive gains for them, but in this process, part of their plan has always been to destroy any country or group that might threaten their own long term goals. (The whole middle-east) is one example. They want the resources without the population, which is why they have declared this forever war on the Middle-East.
They have recently decided that America itself needs to be cleansed of its population as well. I used to think they wanted the resources as well - but there cannot be any resources that would be usable so long as the nuclear fallout continues to poison the air, the soil and the food as well as the water - so I've stopped trying to figure out what they want: HOWEVER, the corporations have long since succeeded in taking over this government completely.
So if the demonstrators go after only the government they will have missed the whole point which has been (since long before the Spanish sent their corporate expedition to plunder "the New World.") to OWN and PLUNDER THE ENTIRE PLANET for the few over the vast majority or the 99% which the corporations only see as "human resources" to be used and disposed of as needed.
READER: "To recap, the government owns and controls the top corporations and bends the law so they can enrich the government's investments... So, it's the government after all... FR is say, don't aim for the distractions and go for out of control government. That's what I get, did I miss something? Clearly, FR avoided the whole Zionist connection yet so are the protesters! "
YES, you missed the whole point of this idiot's spiel - this video was made to cast government as the criminal, and to let the corporations off the hook "Starbucks doesn't arrest you the government does."?
McDonald-Douglas, Blackwater, The Federal Reserve, the SUPERBANKS, the entire insurance Industry, the entire GRAND FRAUD & THEFT of students fees and loans that have been vacuumed up in the FRAUD of a college education for jobs that are no longer there because the government (under instructions from the corporations) sent those 'promised-jobs' offshore - to directly benefit the bottom-lines of the corporations; while stripping the country of both the jobs and the will to fight by the people left behind for the government to corral. That's part of what you might have missed. The other part, the Zionist part of this question is covered here. (3)
Reader: "In the end, the governments going to bust up the protests with force so time is not on the protesters side... However on side note, what Obama is all about with his cryptic comments is anyone's guess... How a guy, who lives like a king, can believe he's leading rebellion is insane... FR is right that government is a big mafia... Our ideal of the USA doesn't allow for that concept, but, this isn't a fairy tale, it's life and death."
k) Obama isn't even a comma on the world stage. He's a vaudevillian clown, a national joke that is responsible for killing millions of people - because the public has not even challenged any of his bullshit by DEMANDING HIS RESIGNATION!
And that was the end of the correspondence, but its just the beginning of the kind of dialogue this nation needs to have with itself, in conversations everywhere: We NEED to talk a whole lot more; and that is precisely what is happening between the people who are camping out in these OCCUPY demonstrations-they are actually talking and listening among themselves, can you imagine that?
People are actually doing this inside the Police-State within the confines of Big-Brother's roving cages of isolation and cordoned off zones of confinement where people are isolated so that they can be beaten freely and then arrested?
Here's one of the spokespersons speaking in defense of the private for-profit banks and the billions they received in bonuses, while we got absolutely nothing except of course the bill for all this corporate DEBT that we must now pay for; according to the government-which clearly lays out the real fault-lines in this entire swamp of criminal theft and massive fraud which began in 2008. (4)
Over 800 cities in the US have already begun to host these demonstrations: And that number needs to grow, just as the most significant cities need to intensify their own spontaneous gatherings until this country's criminal government is forced to shut down! The question is how long can you refrain from joining in, even if it is only for a few days your oh so precious time?
1) Wall Street Protests and the Economics of Ignorance
2) Overdue Clarifications
3) Rise Against the Barbaric Crimes of Israel - w/video
4) Bank Bailout News: CNBC's Erin Burnett, Banking Apologista, Leader of Idiots
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