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Obsessions & Obligations
By Jim Kirwan
This is "YESTERDAY" from "Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow"
"Man lives and moves in what he sees ­ but he sees only what he dreams." Paul Valery
When all the trivia has been stripped away most authentic lives are about "intentions" and our need to be clear about what those are, within the complexities of this chaos-of-priorities that has become what we call life.
In the image above the foliage contains some human profiles created amid some of the undiscovered natural wonders that we mostly failed to notice. It is the same with the OBSESSIONS that some of us have found within ourselves that have overridden our OBLIGATIONS to ourselves and others; that are of course part of what it means to actually "be free."
Most of the problems that everyone has today, with living in Amerika, can easily be traced back to our personal failures to identify our individual personal responsibilities and how those responsibilities fit within the actual public requirements of any civil society. For many Amerikans "the requirements of any job" tend to outweigh our own preferences; turning people into nothing more than cogs within artificial machine parts that produce profits for others but next-to-nothing for ourselves. "It's my job" or "It's NOT my job" is often the only thing that is ever used to explain whatever we chose to do in this life. And that is never enough to justify what ranges from small white lies up to and including outright murder.
We live in society that has refused to classify "white-collar-crime" as the major-felony-crimes which they are. Instead we punish common criminals with arrest, torture and frequently with murder; before-being-charged with any crime. Yet when corporations or individuals choose to commit actions that directly affect millions of people with massive hardships, personal-privation and in many instances the loss of life or the total destruction of their livihood not to mention their way of life: Those criminals are never even charged with any crimes. This has to change!
When it happens that Corporations or individuals are able to destroy whole aspects of life in the name of private-profits: Or huge areas of the planet that is in reality the property of everyone, not just a bunch of pirates (with illegally-created-copyrights), that are used to privatize everything from the entirety of the human genome system to the forests, the rivers, the lakes and now the oceans of the world, along with the international-water and food-supplies. There is also the problem of massive insider-schemes founded on total fraud in collusion with government at all levels: and every part of this is destructively-criminal and yet no one is ever investigated or charged with any of these crimes that ought to result in life-in-prison, with no possibility for parole.
In brief the thugs have taken over the asylum, (The old USA) in the false-guise of public-security when the truth is there is NO SECURITY for anyone who is not a direct part of the Élites. The so-called cops are now beginning to put Nazi-checkpoints where the Nazi's would have placed them, if they had been in control. Come to think of it the cops today are the Nazi-descendents from the Third Reich; brought to us all by the Fourth Reich which is alive and well and are called the Zionists wherever they are calling home today. So in this world today there can be no personal INTENTIONS that conflict with the Fascist Police-State for any reason whatsoever. And without being allowed to have private-thoughts or dreams or purposes that have nothing whatever to do with 'THE STATE' we can no longer claim to be "FREE" individuals or citizens of anything except PRISONERS in this unmarked prison-camp in which we actually reside.
All of this came about very subtlety as we went about the business of transferring the public's attention from the Gladiators in the Roman Arena's to Football, Baseball, Basketball and on and on and on! Can you not imagine the conversations in the wine-shops of ancient Rome comparing the skills of their 'favorite' Gladiators? How is that different from being able to regurgitate the stats for every member of a baseball team going back forty or fifty years? It's projection and it's pure and unadulterated BULLSHIT which is unworthy of an adult's attention. Yet that is what our world is now filled with; whenever there is a spare moment to fill with fast-food and something cold to drink. Of course all of this is sold with SEX, and lust for acquisitions of any type and on all levels that has nothing whatever to do with anything real in your life or mine.
Contrast this with what it might be like to be chasing your own dreams, free from the hundreds of rules and regulations which the STATE has seen fit to place against anything you might actually 'want' to do with your own time? ALL of these licenses, taxes, fees, fines etc. are all garbage and are all illegal, because none of that appears in the constitution and no agency of government can enforce these fines taxes etc without the consent of the public: And as we all know the government at any level does NOT want to ever hear from the public about anything they do "In Our Name!"
Amerika loves games and video-games in particular that can teach our children how to rape and kill with vengeance: Which the Supreme Court just ruled cannot be kept out of the hands of minors because that might interfere with their freedom to know "stuff." This freedom of information however does not apply to anything to do with political-information: Because that is DANGEROUS and must be strictly monitored, prohibited-at-all-costs; this is FOR THE PROTECTION OF NATIONAL PUBLIC SECURITY, of course! Another similarity to the Roman Gladiators, are the corporate TEAMS that are so necessary to corporate life. "There is no "I" in Team," which is why you must be a 'TEAM-PLAYER" to exist in corporate life; wherein your life counts for absolutely nothing!
Here is the "TOMORROW" (1969 version), that this idiocy will soon have created for those that continue to just follow-orders instead of actually trying to think things through for themselves. The three part mural can be seen here. "TODAY" is Part one. (1)
Our federal law-enforcement agencies are serving the very people that ought to be serving life sentences while they prosecute beyond-all-measure all the rest of us for just breathing, without their arrogant-permission to do so.
What this country needs now is a national and armed version of the Guardian Angels to shut down the coming checkpoints wherever they arise. Because the streets and highways as well as the sidewalks belong to us: We paid for them and they are ours to use as we see fit: The streets and highways of this country are not the property of government thugs regardless of the agency, to use and abuse to fit within their self-appointed mandate for controlling everyone's life except their owners at the top. These creatures need to be asked for their personal identification (driver's license) as well as their official badge and ID before we answer any questions from any one of them about anything. One other thing that is critical in any society anywhere is the ability of that society to believe its government and its agents. (2)
Today; we can not believe in anything this government says: Because if their mouths are moving then you and I know that they are LYING!
It is the presence on our streets of these unauthorized thugs in uniform that cause every problem we have had with out-of-control torture and murder, lately. The word of any official of this government can no longer be trusted; and that goes double for anyone wearing weapons for any reason in this society today. Whatever happened to that so-called veteran "police-officer" who cold-bloodedly murdered both a man and his dog in less than a minute down in Phoenix? We were promised, by Chief Jack Harris, an investigation when the murderer had all his civil right protected from an angry public. Yet just like every other murder by a uniformed thug; NOTHING HAS BEEN RELEASED because they're waiting for 'us' to forget about it! (3)
There is only one focal point for everything that is happening to us now. Despite the nuclear fall-out and the contamination worldwide, the impending threats of flooding and contamination throughout the middle of the USA; coupled with all the rumors of global-financial collapse, amid the impending threats throughout the blood-drenched Middle-East: And that one thing comes down to will you continue to SURRENDER to the Police-State regardless of whatever they demand from you or me? Because if we don't begin to tell them to shove their regulations into that very-personal place where the sun never shines - then nothing else can really ever matter very much because at the end of every day and night-in reality-every single person here is nothing more than a prisoner of the Police-State! (4)
1) The Mural
2) Armed Citizens Confront Nazi-Checkpoint
3) Arizona Police Officer For Telling Them They Needed A Warrant.
4) Prosecuting the Public
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