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Look In The Damned Mirror America!
By Karl Schwarz
Hello Jeff,
I looked at a link on your website titled "Why are some Americans so Shockingly Cruel?" The article was originally posted on VeteransToday.com, not exactly a site in tune with what is so shockingly cruel about America and its foreign policies.
I hoped that maybe the veterans would address the sins of America since 9-11-2001 because it as a nation has defined what shockingly cruel means.
Have you ever watched the movie 'My name is Khan'? If not, watch it. I was ashamed to call myself American after I watched it September 16.
That VeteransToday article focused on why so many Americans do not have health insurance but that is no cruelty at all compared to what America has done to peoples of other lands. That any American can think that no health insurance is 'shockingly cruel' while Americans blink idly and think that it is just OKAY and things are just hunky-damned-dory in La-La Land USofA while millions have been maimed and slaughtered on the basis of lies is truly incredible and shocking.
Is it so much worse to not have health insurance in La-La-USA while millions have been slaughtered or maimed based on lies but it happened far out of their sight? It was not their family, so that makes it all OK?
A full 28% of the middle class in America have been reduced and literally forced into poverty, but they still do not get it. They are being led in shockingly cruel fashion to Third World status yet they keep electing the idiots in DC that are responsible for the lunacy America has become in this world. Within a mere 5 years Mexico might be a better place to live than the US.
America has become incredibly, astonishingly shallow! America is also incredibly damned cruel all over this world and Americans prefer to not look into the mirror and face that reality. American citizens are treated in incredibly cruel fashion even within its own borders, but most of the people still do not get it as to why that is so.
Americans need to come to grips with the atrocities done in their name in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and now Libya to look in the mirror and understand what the words 'shockingly cruel' even mean. America is the poster child for shockingly cruel. The nation stands on no moral high ground whatsoever and has not since way before September 11, 2001. (The decline started in earnest in 1988 when George H W Bush was elected and fabricated a Zionist war in Iraq, the callously named "Desert Shield" and later "Desert Storm". The US literally fabricated that war; I know many of the Special Forces soldiers that were involved in black ops to create it.)
I said this in a past article you posted and it fits. "America, America, land of the brave and home of the free. A psychotic nation that believes there is a terrorist behind every tree." They must have learned that from Israel. It is one thing to live in self-imposed, uneducated stupidity, but to live in a delusion too is truly shocking.
How can a nation pretend that not having health insurance for its own citizens is somehow crueler than killing and maiming millions of people on the basis of lies from Washington DC? What sort of nitwits do not see the differences in right versus wrong or good versus evil, or lie versus truth, yet pretends it alone is a nation that God defends and we are always acting in the name of God and Jesus Christ?
God is delivering his justice on America right now, and I think rightfully so. The only 'god' DC listens to are Satan and their own self-delusions of importance in this world.
There is only one possible explanation. The answer grows clearer every day that America is coast-to-coast idiots blind to all that really matters. The matters of civility, coherence, civilized, any sense of shame for the evil that the US has wrought seems to be in one ear and out the other over in La-La USofA. That is what America has become, self-absorbed, self-centered, and oblivious to realities.
Such a nation has no moral compass, no concept of what is being done in foreign lands so Americans can think they are so great, so powerful, so Christian and so compassionate. No concept whatsoever in the difference between Just War and Unjust War, no concept whatsoever between right and wrong or good versus evil. They live a lie because they believe the lies.
Frankly Jeff, the land I was born in, loved most of my life, risked my life for and fought to make better makes me want to puke every time it is referred to as the land of the brave, the free, the land of the rule of law...and claims some moral high ground as one nation under God.
No nation under God would dream of uttering or doing what Washington DC, Wall Street and certain US corporations have done to much of the planet.
Americans are beyond functionally illiterate in world history and now it appears even self-awareness. Much of the wealth of America was literally stolen from peoples of other lands through hostile actions by the US government and certain insiders. And then the mullets, lemmings, morons, idiots, and American Sheeple emote and/or donate to cause after cause in some pretense of helping Americas 'victims' as if that is going to wash them clean of the sins of America.
One Nation under God? What a grand delusion they live in over there in 'United States'.
'Shockingly Cruel' to not have universal health care while wreaking havoc, death and destruction all over the world? Maybe America deserves universal health care when it stops making sure so many foreigners are dead or maimed and have no health care either.
I have said it before, Jeff, and will say it again. When America goes down. the world will throw the biggest party this planet has ever seen. There will be no tears for America because it has not earned any.
I will only weep for one thing...one reason: the rampant stupidity that killed my homeland.
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