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Fortress America
By Jim Kirwan
Immediately after 911 the Bushwhacked Whitehouse announced that part of the purpose of the attacks (supposedly carried out by Saudi-Terrorists from caves inside Afghanistan) was to 'cripple America and to destroy the public's faith in the airline industry.' To frustrate this ridiculous idea Bush countered with another of his now-infamous phrases "Just Go Shopping"!
However people continued to fly. To undermine the public's faith in flying anywhere the Tarnished House began to add to the NO-Fly-List (at the time there were just seventeen names on that enemies-list): Today there are over two million names that have secretly been added to this illegal and totally cloaked list of supposed Enemies-of-America. Interestingly no one from the administration who was actually involved in creating 911 ever made it to the NO-Fly-list. This is because most of our public-enemies fly by private planes that takeoff and land at private-airports where no such checks are ever performed.
The flying public however was not deterred, despite the huge number of public-enemies that have supposedly been IDENTIFIED. So even greater obstacles were apparently needed to impress the public with government's need to instill FEAR-of-the-TERROR, FEAR of their fellow-passengers and perhaps most of all there was the need for the general public to begin to accept the fact that all their RIGHTS gone: And basically, that ANY real RESISTANCE to the POLICE-STATE is FUTILE!
To do this backscatter-scanners were added to pre-flight CHECKPOINTS along with personal-sexual-assaults on everyone from infants through the elderly in ways that have exceeded anything done by the Nazi-SS or even the Israeli-branch of USI. The public has now finally had enough of this, at least in Texas where the Texas House of Representatives voted unanimously to hold TSA agents to answer for any violations of the laws set down in the US Constitution. However once that bill went to the Texas Senate one-ultra-rich piece of human filth, David Dewhurst blocked it: And so it was that the cowardly governor of Texas, went along with the oligarch "Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, a former CIA agent and establishment insider considered to be the wealthiest man in Texas politics."
Acts such as this very-public hijacking of the DEMANDS of the people of the Republic of Texas, by a single corporate-insider, are what have led to public-lynchings in the storied and bloody-past that supposedly removed Texas and other places from the days when Outlaw's ruled the West. Texan's need to make an example of the governor's friend David Dewhurst and let them both face the public's wrath; whether by an official-recall or the much quicker method of simply publicly removing both of these traitors from public office!
The Texas side of this story has another FERAL element to it that makes this of particular significance at this time. Because when this 'vote' was pending before the Texas Senate the FEDS countered with a threat of their own: They told Texas that if they approved the legislation forcing TSA to adhere to the Constitution then the Federal government would declare the entire State of Texas "a no-fly-zone." That would have put the federal government in violation of every federal-statute governing commerce and travel not to mention the right to travel freely within the continental Disunited States. That would also have clearly been an ACT OF WAR, by USI against the Sovereign State of Texas and every single Texan living therein. But so far at least the TEXANS have yet to choose to revolt or to take any substantial actions against the testosterone-challenged Governor and Lt. Governor that have decided to sacrifice the entire State of Texas to the Feral Government; without even firing a single shot. Texans might want to revisit their own history of the Alamo; where they lost that fight but at least they fought for what they claimed was theirs!
In today's world everything is forbidden, virtually everywhere that people gather.
All of this is now in service to the shutdown of this country supposedly in the name of 'national-security.' The USA is an international joke; we have become the most cowardly nation on the face of the planet because we are officially afraid of every single thing in the world that might cause harm to our precious "selves." Our children must wear helmets and protective gear of all types just to ride a bicycle. Adults are nothing but Lysol-driven manikins that fear every possible germ, including the ones that are beneficial: So that now ordinary Amerrikans grow up without having an immune system at all. All of this serves only the self-interest of the herds of shadows that are masquerading as real people but who are nothing more than a waste of air and space, in a world that they have allowed to be poisoned and corrupted, beyond repair, because on one level or another this devastation fits in with their personal greed and their failure to consider the damages, the torture, the death and the massive destruction which our CHOICES have caused 'To the Entire World.'
Since our "founding" the Disunited States is responsible for the rape, the torture and murder of BILLIONS of "other-people." Ironically these same people are now taking this country-back from the descendants of those that slaughtered so many of their ancestors. But perhaps the most damning fact of all is that this nation will not acknowledge the very real wars that have already left parts of this nation looking like Sarajevo or Baghdad; because we have refused to acknowledge what is about to happen to us all!
Detroit was home to the American Automotive Industry; something that no longer exists; along with the entire manufacturing base which the USA was once internationally known for. Detroit is now a war-zone, an empty place that officially still exists but is in reality just a preview of "What's To Come" to cities throughout the USA once TSA succeeds in forcing us to SURRENDER-UNCONDITIONALLY to TSA! (1)
All of our ancient history (symbolized in Detroit, Michigan) is GONE now; shipped overseas or just eliminated, beginning with Death-Squad Ronnie Reagan, The Coward-of-Beirut!
"A suicide bomber detonated a truck full of explosives at a U.S. Marine barracks located at Beirut International Airport; 241 U.S. Marines were killed and more than 100 others wounded. They were part of a contingent of 1,800 Marines that had been sent to Lebanon as part of a multinational force to help separate the warring Lebanese factions. (Twice during the early 1980s the U.S. had deployed troops to Lebanon to deal with the fall-out from the 1982 Israeli invasion. In the first deployment, Marines helped oversee the peaceful withdrawal of the PLO from Beirut. In mid-September 1982 -- after the U.S. troops had left -- Israel's Lebanese allies massacred an estimated 800 unarmed Palestinian civilians remaining in refugee camps. Following this, 1,800 Marines had been ordered back into Lebanon
In his September 2001 FRONTLINE interview, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger said the U.S. still lacks "actual knowledge of who did the bombing" of the Marine barracks. But it suspected Hezbollah, believed to be supported in part by Iran and Syria. Hezbollah denied its involvement.
The president assembled his national security team to devise a plan of military action. The planned target was the Sheik Abdullah barracks in Baalbek, Lebanon, which housed Iranian Revolutionary Guards believed to be training Hezbollah fighters. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger aborted the mission, reportedly because of his concerns that it would harm U.S. relations with other Arab nations. Instead, President Reagan ordered the battleship USS New Jersey, stationed off the coast of Lebanon, to the hills near Beirut. The move was seen as largely ineffective." (2)
From Reagan's failure to condemn Israel for this Attack that killed 241 US Marines and injured a hundred more; Ronnie went on to invade Grenada with 7,000 troops to defeat 300 Cuban construction workers. 7,000 medals were handed out to every single member of that US task force. This was done to divert the public's attention from the Beirut-bombing that used a weapon which only Israel could have built and implemented. The same 'footprint' of that bomb was also used in Syria to kill their very popular leader that was also blamed on Hezbollah. Just as the bombs that were planted throughout the World Trade Center could only have come from Israel; these two "other bombings were part of what was used to turn The USA into Israel's Bitch, led by LBJ's Treason in the 1967 attack upon the USS Liberty, that was followed up by Reagan's Cowardice in the face of the enemy, wherein Reagan ran from the Israeli attack in Beirut, rather than confront the Vultures of Mossad that should have been destroyed for their continuing attacks upon the USA: Instead the tradition of giving tens of TRILLIONS to Israel without-question, was continued-which brings us to today and to the enslavement of Americans by TSA; in yet another Israeli-Mossad operation engineered and created by ex-Mossad-operative Michael Chertoff! Here's the truth about this Israel Attack upon the USS Liberty. (3)
If we do not act to end TSA and the government's attempted blackmail of the State of Texas-IMMEDIATELY; then it is clear that what the public here will be facing will become very much like what has been happening to Palestine for 64 years and what has already happened to Detroit-but which has gone unnoticed by any of America's supposed "media" that has never followed up on any crisis that this nation has either caused or perpetuated.
All the aid or assistance that we have repeatedly promised to places like Haiti, or New Orleans, Iran, or Iraq, or The Gulf-Coast after Deepwater-Horizon; along with dozens of other places during the initial hours when such calls for international assistance come from throughout the world; but somehow magically American aid never arrives because it is going into the pockets to those Americans that caused these events in the first place. If we had a real "MEDIA" in the US then covering the follow-up stories of these catastrophes would just be a normal part of actual reporting. But because this is now USI there are no follow-ups to any major story from all the artificial bubbles that have burst on Wall-Street right down to what is going on now in the area of the New Madrid Fault Zone-not to mention the horrifically underreported story of the colossal failures in Japan.
Has America completely lost all of its nerve-have we already gone beyond the point of being able to resist the forces of evil that apparently have our testicals firmly in one blood-stained hand while they use the other one to sexually molest the innocent! WHY has the public been silent? Let's give the government everything they apparently want. Let's declare the entire US a NO-FLY-ZONE, (Close every private-airport as well). Let's have TSA control every train, every bus, all the highways; and while we're at it close every port of entry and scan every container coming into this country while we leave our southern border wide open for anything and everything coming illegally into the USA.
Continued SILENCE is as unworkable as is the utter ridiculousness of monitoring every singe person and every single cargo of goods entering or attempting to move anywhere within the country. (The reason we pay a fortune for the oxymoron of military intelligence is to detect any real threat before it is put into operation) ­ But apparently these creatures are totally inept-why else would we need to search and molest every person continuously? We still have the same FBI Chief that was in office on 911 ­ and that man is AND WAS a TOTAL FAILURE on 911! Did we ever investigate either NORAD or the FBI for their failures on 911- Hell NO!
If we continue to FEAR-EVERY-SHADOW that will only kill us quicker, just as ABSOLUTE & TOTAL SAFETY IS IMPOSSIBLE, regardless of any government claim to the contrary; so absolute SECURITY is not just a farce it becomes a criminal-act of illegal control over a once free population that is now ruled outright by the POLICE-STATE that we have allowed to take this country away from those that built it and give it to those that came to STEAL all of it and to kill every single one of us!
1) Detroit Destroyed
2) Bombing of Marine Barracks in Beirut - October 23, 1983
3) Israeli Attack on USS Liberty
America's Death Squads
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