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First We End The Slaughter
By Jim Kirwan
Millions are 'concerned about the Economy, the Stock Markets, their jobs, their retirement, their healthcare. I bring you NEWS! Until you decide to end the mass-murder of other people by this country; not just the billions we have killed from even before this country was formed-but in particular the millions upon millions that we are still killing each every day right now: Everything will only get worse!
What kind of a nation chooses to follow leaders that stand for global-crime, global-bloodshed and global empire over every other people on the planet (we have officially declared WAR upon the entire world) and that fact must be changed. If this is not done soon then everything else will be torn apart right before our eyes; and the survivors shall become nameless faceless slaves.
This is part of a response I just received today: This is just a note in response to Big Brother 2.0. (1)
"Well it wasn't long after the ink dried on Euro Crises, first in Greece then it turned hot in France and England and today's news was quite bad for Germany
NO GROWTH, stopped in its tracks by all this debt, meltdowns and general increasing lack of faith in these corrupt systems, and Euro is among the more benign ones! ALL others will be heading down it looks like, as even today, stocks failed to rally back enough and it may falter on any more bad news. Bad News? Just about anything from anywhere,
Its all going downhill worldwide, sliding into the vortex, as the world reaches 7 Billion People you can hear the frustration and hate from world leaders, too many people they don't want and of course eco minions chime right in on que, people are meat; meat is murder and of course we are all just a virus to eco freaks who know all about
everything, except who their leaders are and where the funding for such drivel comes from.
Sorry to digress, but it's the Economy now forefront on everyone's mind, worry is increasing, No solutions in sight, because well they don't want any! It's supposed to go down, easy money on the south side of Chicago. The South side, where trillions are just sitting ducks for Wall Street banksters, Easy pickings, you can see the harvest coming closer each day. It's SOOOO RIPE FOR PLUCKING! People seem to know about the cops, been that way for decades, and they are used to such brutality.
k) You just proved my case: Nothing is going to stop going savagely down until we end the leadership roles that have been aggressively occupying this government and the nation since 2001.
You just want to scream but no one hears the cries of those in jail or even outside in our wonderful open air prison camp known as California, where to me the barbwire fences along freeways give a clue as to the police state you are entering. Where once barbwire meant cattle country, it now means freeways; access restricted, and also tightly restricted National Forests now! Barbwire everywhere up there!
More wire than a FEMA Camp! And it's all a TOW-AWAY zone to boot! So anyway, it seems to be going faster each day, headed right for some rendezvous with our destiny and it seems almost no way to get prepared to deal with it! The Ranch seems perpetually unable to deliver any productivity, just endless work and rattlers. I can see production, but it's always just out of reach.
Like a mirage, like there will be water if we just keep digging??? CA is a dry hole, water is cutback, (thank Cheney for this one; he's been privatizing water while he drains the aquifers all over this country) No new projects on the boards, eco's have seen to that. So it's just another day at the Purgatory Ranch, always half-way always half-assed, always.
A day late and a dollar short... Plus sitting atop the San Andreas Fault gives extra feeling of doom and California's day is coming as entire
Pacific Rim is hot to go except for West Coast of USA, Eerily quiet. . ."
This is only one letter but there have been many, many more. The point is always the same which is
"of course there are problems with the cops and the politics, but hey I've got to care about ______ first."
What is apparently still unclear to most of America is that NOTHING CAN OR WILL CHANGE UNTIL WE DEAL DIRECTLY WITH THE CRIMINALS THAT ARE CALLING ALL THE SHOTS, AND END THEIR FILTHY CAREERS, FOREVER. Otherwise we shall all become fodder for the vultures that are symbolized above.
This is the legacy that was left to the America Public by an overabundance of COMPARTMENTALIZATION, "Need to Know" and an overarching National Security State that threatens everyone who challenges them with prison or worse.
So until we deal directly with these arrogant global-criminals and the thugs that do their bidding in the streets every day, it will be literally impossible to save anything that is currently on the privatized government's chopping-blocks. Why oh why can so many people simply FAIL to understand this glaring fact! No Outlaw will ever willingly give up his or her ill-gotten gains, or the false-flags of the power they currently wield-the only way we can end this is to take back our power from them and prosecute every single one of them, eventually!
Take a look at this meticulous breakdown of what was really behind the London riots and try to understand just how virtually hopeless that situation has become: BECAUSE JUST LIKE AMERICA THEY TOO HAVE FAILED TO DIRECTLY CONFRONT THEIR ENEMY'S. (2)
This country was once filled with men and women that would fight rather than just lie down and take what's going on now. But what is living here now are not those people from another age. There are just too many craven cowards among us now that must be forced to choose before the wrath of the public snaps and brings this whole house of blood-soaked cards down on all our heads. It all begins by saying NO!
1) Big Brother 2.0
2) Molyneus on Real Source of the British Riots
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