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Face The Music - It's Going To Get
Worse...Before It Gets Worse

By Tom Burnett
For the first time I am convinced that the document presented as the President's long-form birth certificate is in serious enough doubt that the original needs to be taken to an unbiased third-party expert for verification. Since the President appoints the head of the FBI, CIA, BATF, Secret Service and every other agency that could do an unbiased analysis it is not going to happen. They sure as hell aren't going to hire anyone whose findings they cannot control. 
The fact that Jerome Corsi picked up the story won't help either. It will just muddy the waters.
The President is still touring around pretending the economy is getting better. It isn't. It is going in the shitter and that commie spy Geithner is happy as a clam because it was his job to cause it and the little brown-noser is doing a heckova job. I wouldn't have cared WHERE Obama had been born if he had kept just ONE canpaign promise - but the day he got into office, all those promises went out the window and the Dick Cheney mind-meld took over.
Bottom line: This country - the one our military is not defending in Afghanistan - is going to fail economically and when it does, the military will be too tired and demoralized to come back and save it from the people who have stolen our liberty. There will follow a popular uprising, as is happening - or about to happen in most of the rest of the world - and it will pull civilization back into the dust-bowl of strong vs weak, predator and prey. I'll deal with that in a minute - in the precious metals section.
It had become pretty clear that the last explosion at Fukushima #4 marked the end of camera coverage at the plant. In a few more months the Japanese government will announce that work is continuing at the plants; that everything is ok but that they will keep the exclusion zones in effect for awhile just to be safe. They won't mention that 'awhile' is thousands of years. In the mean time they will continue to poison the planet and make it illegal for anyone to report it - which is what they are already doing.
The 40,000 Geiger counters and dosimeters in storage at Narita airport will stay there. Since many were shipped with batteries installed, ready to use, the batteries will go bad and ruin the equipment.
All right....the re-re-re redux on precious metals. I'll stick to silver and gold. I know a lot of people who are still playing silver against gold and/ or PMs against the dollar. Every one of them disagree with me about the efficacy of doing that. I contend that the game is rigged and that no end-user (read small investor) can ever create wealth or hedge against catastrophe with silver or gold. Spot prices for PMs are set by traders who buy and sell futures of thousands, thousands of thousands and millions of ounces. Get this if you never listen to another thing I say:
Shares of stock and futures contracts of commodities do not exist as a vehicle for an individual investor to accrue wealth. They exist for one reason only and that is to spread potential losses from corporations and large investors to small individual investors. I am sorry that I cannot articulate the concept sufficiently in plain English, but I was a registered Series 7 and 63 commodity options trader and I saw how it worked.  
Let me explain how it might work. Large Billionaire Investor (A) has a position in Gold. One million ounces. At this point I don't care whether he owns physical gold or futures. He doesn't care what the spot value of gold is because he has no exposure - YOU do. If he needs a few million dollars, he can either sell a million ounces of gold and take his profit, which will also drop the spot price of gold, and then buy it back at the lower price. Or he can sell a million ounces of gold short - which will also drop the spot price and but the short sales back at the lower price. He made money. Someone LOST money because it isn't there anymore - it is in his bank account. YOU lost that money and you have no control over any of it.
Now...you can tell me that you are hedging against anything you like, but you aren't. You are, as with all speculation in fixed markets, betting against yourself. It is a bit like life insurance. You but the life insurance company that you are going to die and thay bet you aren't. And you PAY THEM to take that bet. There is a suicide clause, so that won't work - but anyone who bets they are going to die and then tries not to by being as healthy as possible and getting medical care when required is giving the life insurance company free money. They KNOW you don't WANT to die, so they have a sucker bet with you.
Precious metals are like that except you don't know what you are betting against because no one tells you - all they say is nonsensical bullshit like "Silver has been undervalued for a hundred years and it will correct SOON." No, it hasn't. NOTHING IS UNDERVALUED! Using terms like "XXX has outperformed YYY by %%% over YYYears" means nothing. It is hype to get YOU, the sucker with the cash, to buy something you can't ever use in the real world ( have you tried to buy a house with silver or gold lately?) so that cash will be available for someone else to take it from you as profit.
You may THINK your buying power has increased - you may THINK you are accruing wealth - you may THINK you are hedging against either economic collapse or inflation...but you aren't. Because your PMs are only as valuable as fiat currency. If you trade them, it is in fiat currency - which you must already assume is worthless or you would not be investing in PM.
That's fine - think one more step down the road. PMs will follow fiat currency if it hyper-inflates. If a loaf of bread costs $6,000, your ounce of gold will be worth a loaf of bread. PMs will also follow fiat currency if it deflates or the economy fails. In Hawaii, we already know what will happen. The barges will stop coming. There will be a run on stores and they will be empty after day one. The barges which bring gasoline and propane and fuel for the electric plants won't come, either.
So....can you walk from where you are to somewhere you can get food and water? Not really. You won't dare venture out of your safe zone. And you won't be walking the streets with a bag of silver or gold. So your choices are: Live on a self-sufficient farm and grow enough food to feed your tribe and enough extra to barter to hungry people so they won't kill you for what you have. When you actually NEED your gold and silver to be worth something, they won't.
It's like life insurance. You are betting against yourself that the economy will fail. If it doesn't, you don't need the PMs. If it does, you can't use them.
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