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Excitotoxins In Seizure Meds
Cause MAJOR Problems
By Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum
Aspartame is a seizure triggering excitoneurotoxic, carcinogenic, genetically engineered drug.  Four types of seizures are listed on the FDA's own report of 92 symptoms from seizures and coma to death.  http://www.mpwhi.com/92_aspartame_symptoms.pdf   Drug manufacturers know it.  They also know that aspartame interacts with seizure medication.  To put aspartame in seizure medication which we have known about for three decades is simply depopulation.
In 1986, Attorney James Turner and the Community Nutrition Institute filed a Citizens Petition for ban with the FDA because of the seizures, and the fact that consumers were going blind.  It was taken all the way to the Supreme Court.  I was told the only reason it wasn't banned at that time was because of a corrupt judge..  Informants from Pfizer called and said aspartame was being added to Dilantin.  As consumers realized they were suffering from aspartame symptoms the news spread far and wide on the Internet.  One lady said she printed out all the comments because she knew they would disappear from the Internet.  What power.  While it did happen, then Pfizer reformulated Dilantin again.  The informants called back - "they are still adding aspartame".
How evil can Big Pharma be knowing that even babies and children will suffer, as the case listed below?  As one pharmaceutical company whistleblower said to me when I was in the UK, "There are three things that all pharmaceutical companies  know, aspartame is a deadly poison, Tamoxifen causes cancer rather than stops the spread, and chemotherapy kills.
In original studies, a 52 week oral toxicity study on 7 infant monkeys showed that 5 had grand mal seizures and one died. You think the FDA didn't know?  They were the ones who asked for indictment of the company and later revoked the petition for approval, after both US Prosecutors hired on with the defense team.  Unfortunately Don Rumsfeld, who was then CEO of Searle, used political chicanery to get aspartame marketed.  FDA compiled their report including the seizures and have done nothing to ban it.  As a matter of fact, my Citizens Petition for ban has been ignored since 2002, whereas the law states that it must be answered in 180 days.
The FDA has written twice that they have more important priorities.  In other words the law means nothing.  In 2007 I wrote an amendment based on an imminent health hazard because it required being answered in a week or ten days.  The FDA has refused to answer.  Finally about a year ago someone from the FDA called and told me as to imminent health hazard it would not happen.  I told the FDA that it is required by law, in writing.  When I said people are sick and dying all over the world he said, "So what, we need to depopulate!"
This is a heinous crime putting deadly aspartame in medications that are used to treat the problems it causes.  Aspartame actually interacts with anti-seizure medication. Congress has recently given more power to the FDA when they have already betrayed the public's trust. The first thing they did with this power is go after a company trying to help autistic children.   Aspartame is an abortifacient and teratogen and triggers autism which is now epidemic.
Even FOIA correspondence has been ignored.  When the FDA is guilty they simply won't answer.  It's called taking the 5th.  Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, FDA  toxicologist who investigated aspartame and told Congress it still hadn't been proven safe in 1987, wrote a book called "Eating Maybe Hazardous to your Health".  Here she exposes the FDA and says their doors should be closed and a more consumer oriented agency be started.
Enough is enough.  We should all write Congress and also mention that the information on aspartame being given to the public is nothing but industry propaganda. Children have no way of stopping those who poison them.  We need to fight for their lives.  The FDA just lies and denys and refuses to comply. http://www.mpwhi.com/aspartame_causes_birth_defects.htm
All my best,
Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum,
Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
770 242-2599
www.mpwhi.com, <http://www.dorway.com>www.dorway.com, <http://www.wnho.net>www.wnho.net
Aspartame Toxicity Center, wwww.holisticmed.com/aspartame
Hi Betty,
You'll appreciate this post from my colleague.
Hi All,
I have a little seven year old with Angleman's syndrome. Seizures went out of control a few months ago.  So much so he was hospitalized and put into a medically induced coma.  They finally came out of that, but he was still in very unstable condition.
They took their little guy to Durango to see Shauna Young.  Shortly into her "scan", Shauna told the family he was loaded with excitotoxins.  Mom said "NO WAY".  I know everything that has entered his mouth from birth.  There is no way he has excitotoxins.
Shauna said....let's check his seizure meds.
Seizure meds filled with ASPARTAME AND ARTIFICIAL COLORS AND JUNK!!!  Oh, my.
She was able to find a compounding pharmacy who would compound the meds without the junk.
Shauna homeopathically detoxed metals and the excitotoxin stuff.  He is now walking all over the place (was not independently walking before).
He is "shining", happy, engaged and talking in phrases (not talking previously).
Think of all our precious little ones getting all that crap from their seizure meds.........way too sad!
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