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On The Eve Of Destruction
By Jim Kirwan

Looking back over what we have become since the Medieval Ages, a lot of things have changed and not for the better. It now appears that we are returning to that far more primitive time without any of the personal knowledge that went with life, so many eons ago. This is not new, but it has been massively modified by the creation of dark-side-technology, coupled with psy-ops and weaponry, that serves the owners of the herd today, which was unimaginable just fifty years ago.  

When humanity was nomadic people lived off the land and followed the herds in keeping with the seasons, because that way lay survival. But as we became more inclined toward agriculture, daily life changed into something that could sustain life beyond the simplicity of hunter-gathers. It was here that secret-societies had their first crude beginnings. Those that sought to rule over the human-herd began to form alliances to give themselves an edge over the far more numerous groups of individuals that were focused on the quality of daily life, rather than on the accumulation of wealth or power for its' own sake.

When you look at the literal-corporate-revolution that has gone after total ownership of the food, the water and the environment; coupled with their openly hostile alterations in the society that no longer has any use for 'humanity' as a concept; it becomes much easier to understand the changes that have not happened: Changes that could have stood our would-be-owners upon their corrupted-heads and would have sent them all to hell just for starters.

With the changes to our daily existence we can no longer have expectations when it comes to "owning anything." Our lives must now be lived publicly, in every respect, as there is no longer any expectation for personal privacy, private thoughts or even any right to harbor personal dreams if these do not bow down to the Fascist Police-State as a pre-condition for daily-existence.

To say that 'everything and everyone is SUSPECT' is an understatement to say the least. But where the real damage is graphically clear lies in the fact that the image of anyone's life today can never be their own again-because in the police-state there can be no individual life without the total surrender to the state with all of its continuing crimes against every man, woman and child that is trying to live while having their faces stomped upon routinely by the fascist boots of the state. Crimes of all types are now considered quasi-legal, especially when practiced by the uniformed thugs that have infiltrated state and local police forces nationwide. There is no longer any tendency toward compassion, and virtual control is fortified by ZERO-TOLERANCE for anything that might bring even a small bit of pleasure to someone who insists upon living his or her own life.

In today's world people are indoctrinated very early-on, into the idea that life is just the background for their own private-movie and everything else is just part of the backdrop for their shallow-pursuit of either FAME orFORTUNE; wherein there is no longer any personal standard of behavior or even any real legal-limitation to be observed, for those determined to have-it-all, in a world obsessed with the artificial-pursuits of whatever passion might be roused at any given moment.

FAME involves the climbing up and the falling down; while chasing FORTUNE amounts to becoming part of that eternal-circle that runs wildly round-and-round again: Seeking that which can only be theirs for awhile, until it's time for their hard-won 'fortune' to move on to more ambitious successors. This descriptive illustration is as old as time itself (which was created by the owners) in order to control every life they sought to own or prosper from.

All people are born with a great many talents; most of whom have had those skills beaten out of them by society before they reach the age of seven-because in The Handbook of Human Ownership, there is no room for any individual to follow their own stars or to live their own lives. (1)

Consequently the wide variety that life once offered to millions of people has been severely reduced to a few menial tasks or to rote work better suited to machines than to people. For 'The Special People' those who do not have to work, life is nothing but a series of adventures, starring themselves as the most-important character of all. Consequently, for these fantasy-driven creatures there can be nothing of importance that will ever be allowed to intrude upon their endless days and nights of self-indulgence. In this category Amerika plays the leading role; as our population has no grasp of any real depravity, personal grief or private failure on which to gage how this fantastical life of theirs is going-and nothing short of actual arrest and imprisonment will interrupt their grand-design; except when the ATM refuses to dispense money, or their precious cell-phones cease to function: Then and only then will these useless shadows begin to demand to know "what the hell is going on"!  And of course by then, none of this will matter.

This twisted-view became the reality that it is today because so many chose not to investigate just how it is that they came to have so much when so many millions of their fellow-countrymen and women have nothing any longer. A reader suggested this as being part of the problem:

"Social control does not rest on force but on explicit and implicit and forgotten social agreements.

If we had no social agreements then all would rest on force alone and of course you would be correct up to the point of mass slaughter. Once murdering thousands is part of the control operation you may have token resistance but it won't be much greater than banditry."

k: Social control is a participatory arrangement with both responsibilities and consequences mixed in with the freedoms that get so much of our attention these days. Since so many have opted-out of anything that might take any of their precious time; they have forgotten that the price for that is the end of personal liberty and the beginning of absolute surrender.

And another reader had this to say about "Living with Insanity."

"My main hang-up is I take a dim view of any society in general, conversely I have every hope for the individual. Imagine a world full of people who respected each others space and property.

Society seems to be the problem all through history. Look any of them, even the more close to the earth types like Indian tribes, there's no shortage of hang ups ranging from mild to severe.

k: It took the creation of the Magna-Carta and the rights of man in the 12th Century to give the world a framework for personal and societal freedom. That entire historic document has now been destroyed along with the Constitution in this headlong race to end this world as billions of people have known it since the twelfth century. In addition to that document the formation of a real-Republic was outlined in the US Constitution. The Constitution was flawed as well, but the outline was there to be followed if people could keep the idea of "freedom from" the majority as well as the government alive. That proved to be too difficult for too many for this idea to have lasted. Consequently; that transition form of government (democracy- or mob-rule) was adopted on our way toward the open tyranny of fascism. What was lost in the end were those few that kept the majority honest and subjected them to other ideas than the mindset of a one-thought-society where there can only be one idea for everyone regardless of the actualities at the time: Because therein lies the breeding ground for TREASON and tyrannies of all types.

A further contributor to this obscenity within this society was the destruction of the wall of separation between church and state, which Reagan destroyed utterly. With this separation gone, America became open to the same kinds of religious problems that had poisoned old-world Europe for thousands of years. Old world hatreds and divisions of all types began to infect this society in ways that cannot be easily discussed much less altered.But more important is the death-knell of personal freedom to believe whatever one chooses to believe over what the state mandates as it does today.     

Take the old west; when people would travel to an unknown destination to be free of the shackles of Eastern civilization and all of its feuding rotten societies. A person stood a chance at being independent and exempt from all laws, taboos and scrutiny. Such a pioneer spirit had its pay off, until government came town and that was the end of it. All this insanity comes directly form specific societies, secret or otherwise. That's the nature of it, because, the real source of crazy human behavior is mind generated within each society member. Even the individual living a life of a hermit must deal with his/her own notions and emotions.

We have friends and acquaintances we like, but deep down we know these beloved or friends have issues. Now magnify that into a country's worth of humans and you're going to have a contradictory, ignorant, and sometimes brutal group of primates: a society that hates and outlaws individuality. If you're a professed free-spirit, you're on the terrorist list.

To change the nature of any society, each individual will need to upgrade its attitude, actions and tolerance to some agreed upon standard and today, what would that be? Thousands tons of cocaine, anti depressants, and such are coursing through the blood stream of our fellow society members right now. The nationwide demand for a fantasy life grows every second as the very concept of individuality vaporizes... We're a fine society of mutants all right. Even if Jesus came back to earth today most would just change the channel. It's fair to say the whole planet is a nut house... Perhaps, I'm overly optimistic today."

k: I think perhaps this reader has it right, hence the illustration at the beginning of this article.

Here is what this society has fallen into which does indeed clearly seek to oppress the entire planet, but without the USAthis dire action could no longer be so effective or even possible.

But regardless of whatever else might happen in this time of cataclysmic and potentially permanent changes; Global-Zionism must be permanently dissolved-because our lives depend upon it! (2)




If Americans' truly seeks real change then people need to forget about marches and one-day-demonstrations. Instead we must begin spontaneous occupations of space at key points in this country where people assemble but do not leave in a few hours. Throughout the Middle-East andEurope this has proven to be the only public-action that has been successful ­ and we need to begin to do this here, in response to the vote that is about to held within the next forty-eight hours!


1) The Handbook of Human Ownership -1 hr 45 min - videohttp://www.batr.org/wrack/061911.html

2) The Money-Changers Last Hurrah

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