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The Deepest Secrets
Jim Kirwan
As promised to the listeners of Jeff Rense on 8-31
The deepest secrets of life and freedom have always been with us in plain sight and while these most intimate secrets are perhaps one of the smallest of truths; they continue to affect us, for both good and bad, throughout our lives. What are these secrets? Where can they be found?
They are associated with the invisible parts of our DNA, and that would be our personal bloodlines: Because these are the original 'ties that bind us' first to the families that gave us life and eventually to all the other things that allow us each to survive, in a world that for all too many is often a very hostile place.
Each of us is born into a world that literally consists of "a country of one." Then most of us spend the rest of our lives trying to regain the freedom that the not-so-simple-act of 'birth' gives to each and every one of us.
While this quiet knowledge would seem to be obvious to many, this is another of those 'secrets' which the illuminati detected early on and immediately began to cultivate: To enslave the individual, rather than to allow freedom to any person, not of their bloodline. The Illuminate used this "secret' to enhance their lifelong project to become as successful as possible by enslaving the individual; from long-before your birth or mine even happened. This smallest of secrets has also been used and abused throughout history, to control people on many different levels simultaneously, so that almost every possibility to escape this trap; is by design prevented, by tradition, by religions, by politicians and by the darkest of forces that have roamed this world almost from the beginning.
Most of us rarely become aware of these phenomena, until we are well along into early adulthood-if at all. And by then most of the real dependencies have already been so strongly established that these simple almost invisible ties, that had by that time, become the heaviest of anchor-chains that are resistant to almost every opportunity to escape the draconian demands; which these  secrets are there to insure.
These unconscious-predetrminations are very subtle at first but over time they become very demanding and tend to force compliance upon the individual throughout the lifespan of most of those they have ensnared.
This secret and its problems are characterized in this card that was part of the ancient knowledge, some say 'secret-wisdom.' This card is 'the hanged man' and it tells the story of an individual that at first tends to see himself or herself as a HOSTAGE to others or to a set of circumstances; and in this position 'that self' is upside down (Hence the hanged man).
However once any individual is able to decode the problem that caused the situation; the individual is then able to right him or herself and is able not only to RELEASE the 'self' from bondage; but they find that they can finally go in search of his or her true nature, after having first freed the self, to be able to have the freedom that each of us was born with. (RELEASE)!
In this 'task' there is something almost invisible; called 'our invisible means of support.' This moral-assistance is symbolized here by the line of fire just below the knees. It's available to everyone but only on the unconscious level of our thoughts, which is why when we allow the unconscious levels of our beings to be bulldozed into non-existence we lose a lot of our real strength to combat the nearly invisible chains that seek to bind us to something we rarely can acknowledge; because it has been with most of us since birth.
How does this 'secret' actually work?
Families are the smallest unit of the humanrace and are part of the bedrock beneath the bloodlines that hold families together. The loyalties and obligations of 'family' are determined differently from one family to another, but they are usually organized around the need to ensure the survival of the family, over the personal preferences of the individual-for the continued survival of the family unit. When the survival of the 'family' is assured; then the interests of the family will expand outward to include a village or a community of which the family is 'a part.' The process continues to advance to the extent that the "needs of the original family unit are fulfilled. And as this happens the family becomes part of a community, maybe a larger city, a county or state or even a nation: But only after the survival of that original family unit has been assured.
Throughout this process the individual sublimates themselves to the good of the family first and therein lies the hidden-obligation that can haunt the life of those not strong enough to challenge the authority of either family or community. This beginning process is generally the beginning point that goes almost entirely unnoticed by far too many; and it's what accounts for so much conflict throughout life; as individuals continue to grow while trying to keep those early direct associations alive.
As we begin to mature some will drift away from those original ties; others will become completely immersed in the family traditions and still others will simply cut all ties and begin new lives. Most however will not recognize how much of their own lives were actually formulated by those early direct ties to the survival of the family; regardless of the success or failure of those you or I might feel indebted to, for all that time when we were very young.
Whether it is a career choice, a love-interest or an education; family has an abiding interest in all that each family tie represents; which is part of why severing these family-links becomes so very important; even when the conflicts-of-interest might not have anything to do with any choice which the family member might be trying to discuss. Later on, or if real distances are involved some turn to shrinks or advisors for advice as they find that they are very lonely without the direct and immediate support that they expect they should have from "family." The one common denominator that most seem to share is that to be alone with yourself is a very scary proposition; which is why so many people are only comfortable in groups or crowds. But this artificial-busyness (games, TV, gossip and all the crap related to any mind-numbing job) ultimately cannot stave off the personal choices that each person must eventually make for themselves. But remember we were each subjected to an entire litany of beliefs from the very beginning of our lives. To go against that system is to require courage and self-determination to strike out on your own. Because if this is not done then "to be alive" would only consist of repeating everything that went before, unless of course what was instilled in the children had to do with creating people that will think and decide for themselves; because part of what they were taught was how to question and how to think critically about the lives they would be living. I was one of those lucky ones.  
If you can picture the universal-newborn infant, much like the Universal Soldier of the Vietnam era you might tend to see the universal-infant like a tiny version of Gulliver being set upon by the Lilliputians of dogmatic-belief systems: Systems that have wrapped the child into a vice-like web of beliefs and practices even before they learn to speak. These initiating principles can be as different as are the billions of people in the world from each other; and yet: We still have far more in common with-each-other; than we have in opposition to one another. Here's the Universal Soldier whose impossible-situation describes this 'deepest-little-secret' as well (1)
If we have never been truly free to make up our own minds about most things; then we feel disconnected about our lives and therefore we tend to seek out others with whom to share the now absent or hostile family members. Some turn to lovers, others to shrinks and still others immerse themselves in idiot-games like business where the RULES (the rights and wrongs) are crystal clear and the goal is only money, money and even more money; which in the mind of the confused amounts to having an occupation (translation: something that has clear answers for everything regardless of how right or wrong our observations of others might be); while beginning to move through that outside world as if we were partially blinded by all that dangerous "uncertainty' which the real world with all of its conflicting-dimensions always brings.
Here's an image of our universal-INNOCENCE that is born from the opening of the flower produced by the Devils' Claw; which is contrasted by the life-long shadows of EVIL itself that is never very far away.
"The Deepest Secret" is that this innocence has been carefully undermined by the New World Order for a thousand years to enslave the universe through the perversion of each new generation. This has frustrated, in all too many cases, the genuine reaction that most people would instinctively embrace if their lives were not so burdened with so many false-choices in our controlled lives. Lives that were manipulating of our loyalties even before we were born.  And this will continue in far too many cases until we (as their cattle) are of no use to them anymore.
Remember how US policy refused to help with birth-control when black-Africa was drowning in over-population, hunger, thirst and disease? That happened not because our-owners were enforcing a religious belief (regarding birth prevention through condoms) but because they wanted to flood the world with potential human cattle, to increase their options while choking Africa and the world with population problems that drove up prices, for their food and their water as well as everything else. Their full plan is in this video entitled The Handbook of Human Ownership (2)
This is one topic that has been at the very core of everything for so long that everyone has forgotten that this 'most basic of all facts' has been pivotal in creating these massive herds of docile sheep since long before the officially sanctioned invasions by big-pharma, big-government and the global-criminal empire even came from the shadows around the world to kill us all in broad daylight!
1) Buffy Saint Marie ­ Universal Soldier ­ video
2) The Handbook of Human Ownership
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