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Autism Ideas Part 7 - An Interview
About The Big Picture

By Mary W Maxwell, PhD,
with That Very Helpful Interviewer, Ms Clara Fye
Clara: You have now published six essays on autism, although two of them, by your own admission, were really about something else.
Mary: Yes. Number 6 was about thalidomide and Number 3 was about 'mind files.' But even there I was making a point about autism. The thalidomide doctor's punishment for pursuing the truth is quite revealing, and Henry Kissinger's use of Brice Taylor as a 'memory stick' shows that the National Security types must know a lot about the brain that could help us regarding autism.
Clara: Some readers won't believe what you said about Henry Kissinger
Mary: True. I write what I know in hopes that some who can accept it will see it on the Internet and make use of it. By the way, Clara, do you believe me?
Clara: Mostly I do, but of course I reserve my right to doubt anything at any time. In regard to Kissinger, I felt that you went on to make a parallel point about 'spinning'.
Mary: The mind-control experts put children on spinning tables to deliberately prepare them for indoctrination. Autistic children use spinning on their own initiative, reportedly so they can relieve their problem of lack of sensory integration. I have nothing to contribute about this, but I want to call it to the attention of the autism families who are working so hard to understand the brain. The mind-control literature is eye-opening.
Clara: A main focus of the families, such as those who contribute to the online magazine "Age of Autism," has to do with their belief that the vaccination for Measles Mumps Rubella, given at 18 months, caused their child to regress from normalcy into autism. Where do you stand on that?
Mary: There is a very high correlation, although it does not explain every case. For example, Dr Bernard Rimland, author of the important autism checklist, tells us that he saw that his son was autistic from the day he was born.
Clara: I thought your point in Article 2 was that Dr Paul Offit was not honest in his put-down of the vaccine skeptics, in his book "Autisms's False Prophets."
Mary: Correctaroonie. I find his book very dishonest and I find Andrew Wakefield's book "Callous Disregard" very honest. I re-read it today and saw that he did not call that press conference in February, 1998. Prof Zuckerman and his 'media group' did. Woo-hoo, that raises a big question. Namely, was the 'vaccine scare' done by, say, 'agents provocateurs'?
Clara: Oh, Mary, I'm glad you said that because I have been wanting to ask you: don't you think you are beginning to sound like a broken record, always referring to conspiracy?
Mary: I certainly hope readers note my broken record. The broken record's the thing! For instance, it's because we see the use of agents provocateurs to stir up 'race' 'riots,' that we are tipped off to see them elsewhere. Another recurring theme is the abuse of judicial machinery. Thus, Dr John Walker-Smith in the UK and Dr William McBride in Australia, after very distinguished careers, were 'broken on the rack,' or as near as dammit, in trials.
Clara: You also claimed that the so-called Omnibus Autism Proceeding in the Vaccine Court was improper.
Mary: The setting up by Congress of a court that is not really a court must lead to disaster.
Clara: Isn't this your specialty ­ looking at judicial peculiarities?
Mary: Yes. If I may be permitted an autobiographical note, I got into the conspiracy business in 2005 by way of reading, on a jurist-news website, that Lord Hutton had done some technically wrong things at the U.K.'s Inquiry [read: whitewash] regarding the death of David Kelley. I had led such a sheltered life that I thought judicial independence actually existed. That is, I believed in Santa Claus.
Clara: I see that you have now grown up and are hosting a new website: kisskiss.us.com.
Mary: Good heavens, people will think you mean that it's an 'adult' website. It is about two branches of government in the US , the executive and the judicial, getting all kisskiss with each other when, of course, they shouldn't. Still, that website is just a hobby. My main website is ProsecutionForTreason.com, where I provide a free copy of my book. It's a steal at $0.00.
Clara: I have actually bought a copy for $9.95 at Trineday.com and found it very helpful.
Mary: Clara, you're a girl after my own heart.
Clara: Now, I want you to level with me. You say in the book that AIDS is a genocide. You at least hint that autism is, also. I realize people don't die of autism, so strictly speaking it can't be a genocide, but you know what I mean. Do you think autism is 'deliberate'?
Mary: Allow me to correct you on a legal point. The 1947 Genocide Convention, and the American legislation by which it was 'brought home' (see 18 USC 1091), provides for genocides that are less than death. As for my leveling with you, I am hesitant to knock the autism families for a loop by suggesting that there is malice in the air. But yes, I think so.
Clara: How could it be done?
Mary: I hope this is the one and only time I have to comment, because I'm so conscious of my ignoramusicity. If I use a word here like 'immune system' or 'inflammation' I don't want people to think I have studied such things. I have not. I only skim through the research -- in fact I may get an idea by reading merely the title of a medical article.
Clara: I promise I will not take what you say to be correct ­ just give me some idea of what you have picked up. Plus, I will take it as already stated that you accuse Kissinger of knowing more than his prayers. His knowledge of what spinning does to the brain means that he -- or someone else -- may be able to find their way into the brain to create autism.
Mary: In my articles I alleged that the Rothschilds caused the potato blight in Ireland in 1849 and that the baddies caused the London fire of 1666 and the Black Death plague, also in London, a year earlier. Have you heard of '9/11' m'dear? At the same time I have the impression that some famous disasters simply did not take place at all. Betcha those Congressmen did not receive a letter with white-powdered anthrax, and betcha betcha there was no poisoning of Tylenol pills that "led to the death of six innocent customers."
Clara: Kind of a mixed bag. What have you got on autism?
Mary: Clara, are you paying attention? What I've got on autism is that things like the London fire do get set. (I know for an absolute fact that two main bushfires in Australia --- 1983 and 2009 -- were set by 'the powers that be.') The spinning technique was used on mind control. So -- this is my 'connection' -- it's thin -- if somebody is out to harm the kids in the mind control program, they are out to harm kids, period.
Clara: Could 'autism' have been distributed in the injections?
Mary: Dr Alan Cantwell, author of "Queer Blood," is my teacher on this. He has proof that the 'Experiment' that was done on volunteers in New York in 1979, and for which only gay males were selected, was the source of the HIV infection. It was dispensed as the alleged Hep-B vaccine.
Clara: You're getting spooky. You're saying that someone would harm innocent children.
Mary: Pardon me, Clara, aren't gay males human beings too? Is it okay to kill them for fun?
Clara: Point taken. What do you mean "for fun?"
Mary: Who writes the script for these things? How many anchorpersons did they have to have ready at city news stations to react on cue when the Towers were 'hit' on 9/11? The day it was all planned, the planners must have been getting their rocks off.
Clara: You shouldn't say that in my interview.
Mary: Hello? I shouldn't say 'get their rocks off' but it's ok to say they destroyed the WTC?
Clara: I'm not sure. Perhaps we'll edit you later. Just go on, now, please. We want info.
Mary: I am new to autism but I have picked up the following, which some doctors or medical students should brainstorm with: 1. The Simpsonwood conference of the CDC (which I call Sins-in-wood), and whose transcripts were obtained by Robert F Kennedy, Jr., show that there was great concern to cover up the connection between vaccines and autism; it was the reason for the conference. 2. The thalidomide exposer, McBride, asked a drug company to provide him with dicyclomine so he could study it: he was refused.
Clara: That has nothing to do with autism, does it?
Mary: Well, it might. I searched a medical database today for just one word, dicyclomine, and came up with a wide range of studies. Anyway it's a clue. Ask what the Sins-in-wood people are hiding and that is a trail to follow. A Sherlock Holmes dog-did-not-bark thing. And don't forget that the anti-psychotic Haliperidol works on nausea.
Clara: Go back to what you said about the immune system and inflammation.
Mary: Same thing ­ it's just a clue. Many of the families have noticed either, or both. For example they notice ­ I may be wrong on the particulars ­ that certain foods or vitamins are helpful to their child's immune system. As for inflammation, go look at a study done by Scripps Institute seven years ago. To my beady little mind it looks as though, right on the face of the document, something is being discussed in a too-gingerly way.
Clara: In your essay, "The No New Diseases Hypothesis," you said that your late physician-husband was very puzzled by autism and Alzheimer's. Did he suspect that these could be genocidal?
Mary: I don't think so. He died before 9/11, so never heard the big conspiracy theories. He also would have been incapable of imagining that members of the medical profession could engage in evil (though if he read the Sins-in-wood transcripts he might have twigged). But he did say for sure that autism and Alzheimer's can't increase so rapidly.
Clara: Do you think it is evil?
Mary: As far as I know (See my "Twentieth Century Was a Hoax"), the guys who run the world actually planned world wars I and II well in advance. Never mind the nonsense about "Archduke Ferdinand's being shot at Sarajevo triggered the Great War." The top dogs are evil in that they do what they 'must' in order to stay in control. Supposedly now they have a plan to reduce the world population. Fires and earthquakes are tools for this, and so are epidemics.
Clara: I see that the subtitle of your book is "Weather War, Epidemics, and Mind Control."
Mary: My publisher, Kris Millegan, who is no dope, wanted the subtitle to be "What We the People Can Do" That would have better reflected the contents, which have much more to do with remedies than with conspiracies. It's actually a cheerful book.
Clara: Is there any cheer regarding autism?
Mary: I can think of two things. First, and I say this with awareness that the families have had their hopes raised and dashed a number of times: I think that if Kissinger (or his many, many comrades) were made to reveal what they know from mind control, from the dispensing of AIDS, etc., the existing children could possibly be helped. Second: it is truly amazing how intelligent and purposeful the autism families are. Can they do what needs to be done in terms of 'inviting' Kissinger to sing? If anybody can, they can.
Clara: One more thing, Mary. You are on record as having raised the subject of XMRV -- you said that you remember it as "Malcolm X re-versed." Could this be a lab-created virus or some sinister thing?
Mary: There you go again. How the crikey would I know? I read about it on "Age of Autism" website, written by a parent named Heckenlively. The offending item has turned up in prostate cancer, and other odd places, so tongues are wagging. I say: Wag away!
Clara: I guess we'll wrap it up there. Thank you for your time, Mary. And good luck.
Mary W Maxwell, PhD wants to hear from you at prosecutionfortreason.com. No CIA please. Note: Her last chat with Clara was published April 9 as "Clarification Interview." 
Need to learn about mind control? Google for 'Svali,' or 'Sidney Gottlieb,' or 'Carol Rutz.' Also, see Chapter 7's section on the crime of menticide in "Prosecution for Treason."
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