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Autism Ideas ­ Part 10:  
When Is A Syringe Not A Syringe?

By Mary W Maxwell, PhD
The answer, we shall see below, to the question "When is a syringe not a syringe?" is "When it's a Kalashnikov."  And that brings us straight to the question of whether it is proper to use humor when discussing tragedies. I have received a bit of criticism for it and have cut back accordingly. But, of course, when the bozos in charge of the tragedies make statements that are roll-in-the-aisles funny, I have to quote them verbatim. And they often do.
Next, there is the great Political Correctness issue of the moment, which goes like this: Public health is a beautiful thing. Public health requires that everyone use the miracles of modern science by submitting to vaccination.  If you raise doubts in your neighbor's mind by speaking of the hazards of immunization in general, or the XXX [name redacted] shot in particular, you are a worthless scumball, and ought to be silenced.
Needless to say I am having none of that. Yet it should not be thought that I want to tell anyone to stay off the bottle. I mean the syringe. I mean the Kalashnikov. Whatever. I'm a New Hampshire-style conservative Republican holding the normal conservative, i.e., anti-liberal, position that a Nanny state is not desirable. Let every man think for himself, and if he wants a Kalashnikov stuck in his arm, that's fine.
There are at least three amazing things that have lurked in syringes ­ WITH FULL APPROVAL OF GOVERNMENTS. One is an anti-fertility toxoid that affects the chorion of young women; another is AIDS-infested blood from Arkansas prisoners (who were probably given the AIDS in the first place via a syringe, why not). Still another is nano-particles that lead to death by way of a damaged lung. I shall now describe these, but you can skip over the section if it's already part of your Weltanschauung that government does malicious things.
Question: Why did the World Health Organization -- if you can even imagine an entity operating under such a name -- undertake to run a tetanus vaccine campaign in Philippines, Mexico, and Nicaragua? It gets better: Why did the WHO choose as its target population only women , no men (wait, who is more likely to step on a rusty nail in the shed, a female or a male?). And better: why were only women of child-bearing age included?
Answer ­ no prize if you get this right ­- WHO wanted to lower the fertility in those countries. The tetanus shot had a little something extra in it. As one would have known if one had been following the research for anti-pregnancy drugs, the female body produces hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) to help the fertilized egg settle into the uterus. Thus, an ability to interfere with a woman's hCG would have an aborting effect.
In fact it was Catholic anti-abortion groups who figured out what was going on. They noticed that many Filipina women were unable to get pregnant. They asked Why were the women being required to get boosters for their 'tetanus' shots, when everybody know a tetanus protection lasts ten years? In 1994 these same groups grabbed a few vials of the offending liquid and had them lab-tested. They contained hCG.
The point of mixing actual hCG into the tetanus vaccine is that they wanted the woman's body to react to the hCG not in the normal way but as an invader. This was accomplished by tying it to 'the tetanus toxiod.' Then, later, if the woman gets pregnant and she creates her natural supply of hCG, her immune system fights against it. The WHO "Special Programme in Reproductive Health" (oh dear) began in 1972, and by 1993 this vaccine was in use. Ohio State University participated in the research. Rockefellers and the NIH did too, natch. And did I mention the World Bank?
Now to the incredible story of Bill Clinton's team, including Vince Foster (who had to be taken out, but then so were dozens of Clinton staffers). In the 1980s they sold blood, to Canada, from prisoners in Arkansas. Any person with an IQ in the double digits can see that prisoners should not be blood donors, as the likelihood of coercion is too great. This blood, moreover, was contaminated with the HIV virus -- and also with Hepatitis C.
A Canadian man, Mike McCarthy, who has hemophilia and therefore needs occasional blood transfusions, caught onto the problem. Of course he could get no help from our attorney general, Janet Reno. He found that one of the "health companies" trafficking in the blood was Connaught ­ which, incidentally, was also named as a provider of the aforementioned tetanus vaccine in the Philippines! (Leave your conspiracy theories at the door, please.)
JERRYISTICS # 3, 4, and 5
A remarkable moment occurred in Parliament in regard to the fact that the then cabinet member (later, prime minister) Paul Martin, was being chased down because of his business dealings with Connaught. As writer Paul Likoudis put it:
"During the raucous session of Parliament where Martin was grilled intensely by Commons members, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien jumped to the defense of his fellow Quebecois, and chastised those asking Martin to come clean. 'I think the opposition is reaching very far when they want to attack the minister of finance who is very well known for his integrity. For the opposition to reach that far into the past to try to find something against the minister who was doing his job properly is making a mockery of democracy,' said Chretien."
In my opinion, when an incident like that occurs, nothing more needs to be said. It all clicks at that moment. Click!  Allow me to interject a mention of my project on "Jerryistics." That is the name I give to 'epistemological tools' that can help us get around some of the illogic and irrationality that comes at us from the media and the courts.
My collection thus far has only two Jerryistics. Number One holds that when the government frames someone up for a crime (such as James Earl Ray for the assassination of MLK), we should take it as a rebuttable presumption that the government itself was the perpetrator of that crime. Logical, eh?
Jerryistic #2 is as follows: a sudden gap in information should be taken to mean (again, rebuttably) that someone is deliberately hiding something. For example Greg Hallett, who has good reason to think Adolf Hitler was Tavistock-trained in 1912, shows how every biographer of Hitler skirts around that year. Woo-oo-oo.
Now for Number Three. Nothing of merit could cause Chretien to come up with the notion that to hold a minister accountable in parliament "makes a mockery of democracy." The statement is itself absurd and should lead right straight to another rebuttable presumption. Thus, I hereby identify, as Jerryistic #3, a new epistemological tool, which holds that when a politician resorts to 'value words'  -- such as apple pie or democracy ­ it's an indication  of guilt and cover-up.
For another tool, we can go back to the hCG story. In the article "Are New Vaccines Laced with Birth Control Drugs?" we find:  "When the first reports surfaced in the Philippines of tetanus toxoid vaccine being laced with hCG hormones, the WHO and the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) immediately denied that the vaccine contained hCG."
When "confronted with the results of laboratory tests that detected its presence in three of the four vials of tetanus toxoid examined, the WHO and DOH scoffed at the evidence coming from 'right-to-life and Catholic' sources. So let's say that Jerryistic #4 will apply when parties confronted with their guilt start to 'scoff.'
And Jerryistic #5 will cover, as in the following, the sudden morphing of a denial into a whole new excuse (in this case, two excuses):
"Four new vials of the tetanus vaccine were submitted to St. Luke's (Lutheran)  -- and all four vials tested positive for hCG!  From outright denial the stories now shifted to the allegedly 'insignificant' quantity of the hCG present. But of 30 women tested subsequent to receiving tetanus toxoid vaccine, 26 tested positive for high levels of anti-hCGWhy were the women harboring anti-hCG antibodies? New arguments surfaced: hCG's apparent presence in the vaccine was due to "false positives" resulting from particular substances mixed in the vaccine."
Bill Engdahl, who deserves to be trusted, because his book "Seeds of Destruction" gives such a wonderful warning about our imperiled agriculture, has pointed out, in an article at <http://globalresearch.ca>globalresearch.ca, that the next thing we have to worry about finding in our syringes is nano-particles. Unlike the Arkansas AIDS blood, and the surreptitious anti-fertility vaccination, this potential disaster has not yet received coverage by activists.
Engdahl notes that two approved vaccines containing nano-particles are about to be mass distributed in Germany, despite the fact that Beijing Chaoyang Hospital recently discovered, in the case of women who were exposed to nanoparticles at their workplace, that serious lung damage is to be expected. Their report said:
"Pathological examinations of patients' lung tissue displayed nonspecific pulmonary inflammation, pulmonary fibrosis and foreign-body granulomas of pleura.Nanoparticles were observed to lodge in the cytoplasm and caryoplasm of pulmonary epithelial and mesothelial cells, but are also located in the chest fluid." (See Y. Song, "Exposure to nanoparticles," European Respiratory Journal, 9/2009, 559-567.)
Of course it is not my wish to add a new fear. Quite the opposite.  If health officials are aware of the lung-damage threat and would yet subject their people to it, all we have to do is understand clearly that this is not an act of God. It is plain ordinary crime. We should make the criminals do a little dance -- in an arboreal setting, so to speak.
Enough is enough. I recommend we find out who it was that recently re-engineered the 1918 flu virus. Call me a spoilsport but I say that's murder. And if he or she happens to be an American, working for the government and thus performing such 'work' in my name, I want to have a go at him/her personally. Why not? I can't very well look to the government, i.e., the accused, to sort it out, can I? Ah, but that opens another matter that cannot easily be discussed here. Please see my series of articles entitled "Delenda est cabal."
The present article is the final entry in my 'Autism Ideas' series. Granted, this one did not discuss autism at all. I hope it gives the autism families the notion that malice cannot be ruled out in regard to the autism epidemic. I am ashamed to be the bearer to them of the news that anyone could have knowingly caused their child's devastation. But Mike McCarthy, mentioned above, says 1,000 hemophiliacs died from the tainted blood, and it certainly looks ­ if on no stronger grounds that Cretin's defense of Paul Martin in parliament ­ that those deaths were planned.
I used to babysit for a hemophiliac boy who grew up to be a fine choir director in Cambridge MA. At the age of 35 he died of AIDS.  That left a big hole in his family. And what wonders might he have accomplished in music if some sick minds -- the minds of the cabal ­ had not played God with him!
I once asked Dr Alan Cantwell why more gay men had not kicked up a fight when he and others (such as Robert Strecker and Len Horowitz) laid out the truth about AIDS, namely that it was a genocide. (Twenty five million human beings dead so far.) He said they were too sad to handle it, as so many of their friends had died.
We can help each other. We are a society. Margaret Thatcher said there is no society. What did she know? Poor thing.
Mary W Maxwell, PhD, can be found at Trineday.com. She welcomes republication of her articles.
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