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The Answers Are Written On The Wind
By Jim Kirwan
'There is nothing new under the sun.' Only those who really believe that they are "special,' because they are the ones that will be rounding up the herds of those that will have just 'gone-along to get-along' are in for a huge surprise!
Forget whether or not Americans will ever "WAKE-UP." They will or they won't and that will only affect them because a very long time ago they chose to sever all ties with society; in favor of their own totally self-serving ends. Those creatures are pictured here in this Goya etching as the receivers of the all-too-public-lies being spoon fed their daily dose of deception by an ass-of-state-terror. So their fate will not be affected by what I'm about to say. This is directed not at their pathetic-plight, but rather at the folly of those 'minders' that actually believe they will succeed, because they are going to be the new enforcers of our slavery and our executions. So how different are these 'keepers-of-the-state" from those they are about to torture and condemn?
The only difference between the guards, the spies, and the victims here and now is that the victims are terrified but the agency-thugs still have no idea that they too have been "TARGETED for DEATH." The only difference is that while the herd is beginning to panic-the idiots that are about to become part of the New-Nazi-SS forces that will administer the end-game in the Occupation-of-America-have no clue about what will happen to all of them as well. This was all documented not just during Goya's life; but throughout the history of Joseph Stalin's Russia, in particular; which predated the rise of the Nazi's, in the early nineteen-twenties of Europe. This is the continuous story of The Folly of Fear; here is how Goya saw it.
"The moral of this story, beside the cost of allowing a degenerate elite to paralyze an entire nation of millions in fear for nearly a generation, is that those who help the elite do so, inevitably pay the price as well. They pay the price not at the hands of those they see as enemies, but at the very hands that feed them. While the story of the Russian people frozen in inaction is an instructive tale for most of us, the story of Nikolai Yezhov is for the pundits, the police, the military, the policy makers, and the bureaucrats who blindly serve a system, or worse yet, knowingly serve a system that preys on its own people. When the system is done consuming its enemies, it turns in upon itself. After it is done setting false pretenses to brutalize foreign and domestic enemies, it begins setting pretenses to brutalize its own allies. No one is safe at that point, and the system's brutes soon become the weeping, cowering victims" (1)
A reader gave me his answer to my questions of yesterday in "Who is Leading us to Where?" (2)
"In your article you ask "why" do "we" allow such and such... in my opinion there is no "we" and the truth movement has a blind spot- That is, failure to recognize that the majority of human beings are but reflections of their environment that lack inherent intentionality - with the exception of the drive to survive. They do not truly process information but are meme-based bio-computers who have been variously described as "the herd", "Lemmings", "Organic Portals", "Sheeple", "Spiritless Humans", etc... I don't know what the ultimate truth is of their nature but I do know that it is not possible to "wake them up" - only a direct threat or propaganda by their masters can rouse them to action. And even then they mis-target. This, I believe, is why the truth movement is one more psyop that the Illuminati arranged to engage and direct the energies of those who are aware in a false quest to "spread the word" ."
k ­ However I believe that there is a massive human spirit that will, in the end, arise to smash the fragility of the state machinery that so many believe is impregnable. The reason is simple. As the history of Stalin's Russia clearly shows (In a time of pre-computer, pre technology) many things were possible that are not possible today. His slave-labor camps were the model used for FEMA's 800-plus camps here that are waiting for occupants. Their main purpose now is to keep-the-FEAR-alive. But beyond that all similarity with the tyrants and blood-drenched dictators of the past comes face to face with populations that have stayed in-touch in a world made tiny by the global-reach of communications: Something that was totally absent in both Stalin and Hitler's regimes. Moreover, these bloodlust's of the past were unable to outlast those that created them.
The possible exception is that when Hitler's armies were defeated; the political half of his crimes continued on to become today's New-Nazis of Israel, who are currently forcibly occupying the United States, by coercion. The next phase involves going beyond coercion to Martial Law and the full imposition of everything which that once meant "everything" to the Germans under Hitler and the Russians under Stalin ­ but with the newly added security nightmares of the technological shutdown of the entire world: That is NO LONGER POSSIBLE!
"They say its takes 2 to tango - the world-wide slave farm that we live on is not a result of the evil Illuminati preying upon an innocent population - rather they are the brain and the people are the brawn of a single organism. Populations choose slavery because they do not love truth enough to protect and defend it when others are wronged. When we stand for ourselves we all stand alone. And that is not about to change - Today we have the neck of the bankers on our necks. Its telling that Christ tried to warn about the money changers 2000 yrs ago and the people still don't get it. because they don't want to get it - because they profit from it or hope to. Any long time 911 truth advocate has learned how few people really want to understand. So the NWO is a necessary consequence of human nature of the majority."
What "The State" did to their own populations in Germany and Russia was only possible because those populations were unarmed and unaware of what was happening anywhere else. The USA on the other hand is a huge country and it is armed to the teeth-not just with weapons but with millions of people that have come back from our Wars of Conquest with a growing disillusionment for the propaganda and a determination to do what they can to frustrate the current fascism that is trying to do to us what we have done to over two-hundred countries around the world in the just over 235 years of our so-called existence.
What is being done now to our food-stocks and water supplies (By way of radiation poisoning, Chemtrails, and the releasing of toxins & poisons of all types into the food and soil and air around the globe) is meant to frustrate our ability to survive the onslaught that is planned for us. If you follow this 'ad' you can easily see why this War on the World is now attempting to literally destroy even the physical nations of the world. Not just by redrawing the boundaries of nations but by totally changing the shape and content of whole continents. (3)
However this does not change the threat against us or our ability to defy these threats: All that this will do is to further cripple everyone involved, but especially those who are launching this War upon Humanity because at the end of the day their 'footsoldiers' are not fighting for a conviction but for personal monetary gain and for hollow powers that can be turned upon them like the rabid-dogs that those pulling the strings have always proven themselves to be. What will happen when our money is worthless, as it soon will be - the mercenaries will turn on their employers and slaughter them for whatever goodies they can make off with.
Power always EATS its OWN: They always have and they always will. The proof of this lies in the fact that no one in the inner-circles ever gets to "retire." Instead they receive a heart attack or a bullet-in-the-brain, or if they're really lucky maybe they'll just be poisoned in the middle of a moment when they believe they are about to celebrate. These Fires-That-Destroy can take so many forms; but what they all share is that they are always fatal to the formerly loyal-perverts that carry-out these sadistically-pornographic procedures that have become so common among those who would own the world in whatever era they might have lived or died. All of them will DIE, just like the rest of us-the difference is in the kind of life that each of us chooses to live: And in what we each choose to fight for!
Let there be NO Mistake about "Who or What We Have Become." We are about to launch another unilateral and illegal attack, this time on Pakistan. The entire world KNOWS that we always justify every invasion based on LIES. This time the excuse will be that Pakistan harbored Osama Bin Laden, even though they helped us cover-up his death back in December of 2001.
We are already directly involved in three-wars. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya; consequently this new war cannot be managed, while we attack the people of this nation as well. The entire world KNOWS what we are and they detest us as much as they do Israel. The 'idea' that the US could both continue supporting our over 700-bases around the world, and continue the declared wars we are already immersed in losing, and take on our own citizens in an all-out Martial Law CRACKDOWN ­ this goes well beyond ludicrous!
Our global-bases will be over-run, because we are weak and the whole world can figure out that completely obvious fact. When a belligerent and blatant power can no longer force those that in theory work-for-them to comply with their every command: then that spells the End of Empire!
The very FACT that this has somehow escaped the awareness of the TRAITORS in DC and Tel-Aviv as well as London simply points more clearly toward the lunacy of those that tell us they are "leading" us. In FACT if Martial Law is declared inside the US, that will be the shot heard round the world that will begin the end of USI and all their savage plans to capture, torture and kill most of their own population. . .
Spying, Threats and Thuggery are no substitute for real power, and never have been: Which is why every attempt to acquire Empire by Force has always FAILED in the end, this time is no different. It may take much longer than most would like-but once the population can no longer avoid seeing what is happening-then as with everything else in this age of
technology; the end will smash this arrogant power-grab and will utterly destroy the elites beyond any possibility for any of them to ever return! This is long overdue: Here in the Vestibule of Hell itself, while we wait for the Madrid Fault EXERCISE to begin to change the face of this continent, those of us that can think and act need to "Remember Who We Are" and begin to act accordingly. . .
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2) Who is Leading us to Where
3) How to Survive the Coming Martial Law in America
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