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Anger & Fear
Lifesaving Tools You Aren't Allowed To Use!

By Jim Kirwan
Anger and Fear are two of the most important tools that every animal has in its inventory of survival mechanisms. Here they are depicted in life asDefiance and Submission. That's why this Fascist-Police-State has moved heaven and earth to keep their real value concealed and permanently denied to any citizen of this country. This is why we do not become angry, or show any real emotion whenever we are confronted by the outrageously callous acts of the Death Squads or the uniformed thugs without name tags or badge numbers that routinely assault people anywhere they feel like doing that; with absolutely no justification whatsoever.
Anger is within each and every one of us, to alert us to those circumstances and or situations that could severely harm us or the ones we love. It's as natural as breathing, and yet we have allowed the Thought-Control police to outlaw its use. Now it has become the single most accusatory part of the new mind-control technology that is about to be unleashed by TSA to find those people that still get angry when they are illegally violated. The new thought-control technologies will detect changes in blood pressure and eye movements to "catch" the terrorists that exhibit these "traits-of-the-terrorist."
However living in the USA today without getting angry at the self-appointed rulers of this police-state; would provide just cause to certify those who do NOT get angry-as a danger to themselves and to others-because such behavior goes against every normal instinct that has always enabled survival.
To show any emotion, but especially Anger or Defiance inside any legal situation is reason enough to condemn any suspect who is accused of anything; because "the law", that no longer exists, has always considered the emotional side of life to somehow exist outside the human beings they are putting on trial, sometimes for their very lives. If ANGER is not a valid emotional response to massive and personal-injustice then what is?
'Fear' is something else that people have to use judiciously to warn us of things that could harm or kill us. Here it is shown as the flip-side of Courage. Since the New Millennium dawned in 2000, FEAR has become about the only thing this country has continuously worked to develop in everything they say or do; to the point of pure unadulterated farce!
In USI today FEAR is the only real coin of this realm, because it is everywhere and it is invisible to the naked eye: Anything or anyone might be a source-point for mega-fear. And as this idiom moves through the public spaces of our lives it kills all possibility for any possibility for any trust of even the slightest hint of FEAR-of-strangers, FEAR-of-Dangers unimaginable, FEAR of everyone and everything except the real FEAR that must be recognized which is the total and abject-FEAR of the criminally-obsessed government in all its forms. While ANGER is prohibited by law and newly accepted custom; FEAR has become the end-note of every argument and is now the only justification for every bogus reason for doing anything that the government has not directly licensed. To BAN-DANCING in the publicly owned monument to Freedom of Speech seems to have brought about perhaps the first push back, from the public, against the militarized forces that are threatening every life in this country, 24-7, and 365 days of the year.
Here's what Freedom Looks Like in the words of Adam Kokesh from the steps of the Jefferson Memorial, beneath the words from the Declaration of Independence:
"This is not about me; this is about Jose Guerena, the American Marine veteran who was killed by a swat team in Tucson in a drug raid that found no drugs. (1)
This is about a guy that was thrown out of his wheel chair on U Street metro, right here in Washington DCand was left bleeding on the sidewalk, while two officers stood over him. This is about the baby who was molested by the TSA. This is about everyone who's ever been molested by the TSA.
This is about standing up to a police-state that is out-of-control and No One is safe from. This is a card that transcends partisanship or theology of any kind because this is about BASIC HUMAN DIGNITY!
The president of the United States of America can no longer call himself a president of 'a free country' and not face up to that basic fact! While this has become quite a national phenomenon with events in protest of inane ordinances or just in solidarity, happening as we speak. In 34 cities and 22 states across America, it is also a global phenomena. There are people gathering today in at least 27 countries, in countless cities, and all over the world countless individuals are standing, or DANCING with us.
The world is dancing because oppression by the police-state is a feature of modern government that must be ended one way or another. If our government refuses to treat us like human-beings, then it is time for open revolt.
To be explicitly clear it is time for PEACEFUL NON-COMPLIANCE. It is time to withdraw our support from government and this is a process that is already underway.
~ We had to make this about dancing to show that the freedom to regulate the movement of your own bodies is not something that the government thinks it can take away from you. To make this about the first amendment; I thought there was consensus on that one! I certainly know where Thomas Jefferson would have stood on the issue: And in his spirit we will continue to dance when we must to ASSERT our RIGHTS. My mother taught me that the best revenge is 'living well' and I've found the hard way it's the only revenge worth having. The freedom to be happy can never be taken away from you! And as for this whole life thing ­ well, if you're not having fun, well you're not doing it right-SO LET'S DANCE!"
"Once you understand that 'the anger' and 'the fear' are a life-preserving tools and not something to run from - provided you remember to turn them OFF when the life-threatening-dangers have passed - the rules governing this also apply to all the shadow-forms of FEAR. Only when you have faced and been able to control these two very important parts of your life that are in your way now, can anyone be said to have become their own person."
It's time to choose America will you go willingly into the grave this police-state has dug for all of us or will you chose to resist with everything that you can do now to change the outcome of this CRIME against all the people of the United States of America?
Take back control over your own angers and all your own fears: Do not listen to their dictatorial demands but to your hearts, your minds and your spirits because that is where each of us must really live if there is to be a future for any of us anymore. . .
1) America's Death Squads,
2) Dance Party Protest at the Jefferson Memorial ­ Kurt Nimo
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