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Our most effective natural-weapon against infections

By Jim Kirwan
Whenever you see something that just makes your blood just boil your body manufactures adrenaline out of the natural anger that erupts. And that adrenaline can knock out so many infections in a single stroke that it is nothing short of amazing! Similarly whenever real anger enhanced by genuine fear appears, it gives you additional strength that can see you through some of the most difficult moments of your entire life. That is why having both Fear and Anger in your court is so important for maintaining the ability to live a normal and healthy life.
Conversely if you are not allowed to have either the natural anger that circumstances sometimes require or are blocked from identifying those things that we should definitely fear-then we are crippling our own ability to survive naturally amid the many challenges of everyday life. This is what the government wants to make sure that you no longer have-whenever they outlaw anger or try and strip us of the ability to identify those actions of theirs that should produce real fear.
Out-of-control-anger is not good, but genuine anger is healthy. Unfounded or contrived fears are as unhealthy as they are politically dangerous, because they are created solely to hide their self-serving lies.
Yesterday in Texas it was announced that the Lt. Governor who blocked the unanimous vote of the Texas House of Representatives by strong-arming the entire Texas Senate to defeat the bill to outlaw TSA's sexual molestation of Texans has had a sudden change of mind. Now he wants that bill to be reconsidered in the Senate. But the government is standing by its declaration that if that law passes in Texas then all of Texaswill become a NO-FLY Zone. (1)
The government has said that it will make all of Texas into a NO-FLY ZONE if this bill passes: And that is where most commentators have chosen to leave the argument. What few seem to realize is that IF government does that then the State of Texas will secede from the union and simply go back to being the Republic of Texas-something that will cost USI far more than they can afford to have happen at this point in time (But the thugs in HOMELAND INSECURITY simply haven't thought that far ahead)!
The same issues are also about to be raised again over the public's demand to control the movements of their own bodies along with the right to be happy whenever they choose to be happy; regardless of whatever this government might think we should do according to the illegal demands of the police-state that has OUTLAWED DANCING! What will soon begin to happen here will be the discovery of the fact that we don't need the government to do anything for us, in any capacity: Especially given the fact that no one in the government actually represents the people that pay them and provide so handsomely for everything they have or could ever want.
We should fire the lot of them convert the capitol into part of the Smithsonian and keep all the money that we used to pay them for ourselves. Strip them of every possession they own, except the clothes on their backs and send them all to Israel, because of their undying support for that shitty little place that has no honor among the nations of the world or in the hearts and minds of anyone who is not a Zionist.
We don't actually need these kinds of bandit-leaders; what we need are men and women that can think and act for themselves and demand that contracts and responsibilities are honored, and that all violations of either will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws that were in effect before the New Millennium threw all of our laws away. The constitution should be revived and those in government that failed us ought to be immediately removed from the offices they hold now. That happened to Mussolini and his crowd when Nazism failed in Italy. Raw-Capitalism is failing here, just as Communism failed in the USSR, so we should be prepared to throw out the bastards that created this massive collapse of the whole society, before they can run away to any safe-haven anywhere else!
We've been paying these creatures as if they were royalty and we have NOT gotten anything but lies and more thievery here and mass murder, torture and enslavement abroad from most of them throughout the last fifty years. They have not only not honored any of the contracts they made with the public, and they have actually set out to kill all of us to complete their plans for global domination-while we have allowed them to come this far without ever questioning them about any of their actions against us all-WHY is that!
One of the major reasons for this has been their very effective shutdown of everything that we should feel which always begins with getting MAD! That is no longer allowed (BY LAW). Now even simple anger is measurable and criminally prosecutable: Because if it were not then there would have been a real-revolution long ago!
And then of course there is the omnipresent FEAR that is now everywhere which is being used to justify virtually every criminal act imaginable against both our people and the population of the whole planet.
Here's what one reader suggested: "We must stop denying our innate responses to what's happening to us. Let it come forth: the fiercely true, nakedly honest expression of justified anger and legitimate fear. In these lay the opening to furthering a course of action for freedom. Anger is now nothing less than spiritual, and fear is its favorite cousin, alerting it that something must be done!! Do not fear anger, and do not fear, fear; they are allies in our effort to secure our survival.
Bravo, Jim. I think this will be the first of many writing on the subject, as we know it takes many varied and angled repetitions to even make a dent. I suspect more journalist will pick up on this and we will see a deluge of essays running the gamut:
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Here's one more video but this one has a twist: There is not a single uniformed thug anywhere in sight and the words describe a time that has long since vanished. Today we've outlawed booze and music, along with the fact that we no longer make Chevy's or Fords in the way we once were able to ­ and now we have so many provisions AGAINST ANYTHING THAT COULD ACTUALLY MAKE YOU SMILE ­ that this seems like just a quaint memory from a long dead past that can never be recreated because we have sold that innocence for the blood of innocent peoples that we've murdered by billion, just to maintain the totally failed version of that "Shining City on the Hill" that is nothing more now than just the modern ruins of Detroit; once you get close enough to really see what we've all become today.
But watch it anyhow just to see how beautiful Grand Rapids Michigan is when there are no thugs in Kevlar behind plastic shields with military weapons at the ready! Remember when every city looked like this, back when people actually had their own dreams and could speak well enough to share those with their friends? (2)
1) Texas TSA Pat Down Ban may be back
2) The Grand Rapids Lip Dub
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