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ADL Is Unworthy to Criticize
Gibson's Film On The Maccabees

By Rev. Ted Pike
Anti-Defamation League head Abe Foxman set himself up last week as guardian of Old Testament Jewish values. He said "anti-Semiticintolerant" Mel Gibson is unworthy to create a film celebrating the ancient Maccabees. "As a hero of the Jewish people and a universal hero in the struggle for religious liberty, Judah Maccabee deserves better. It would be a travesty to have the story of the Maccabees told by one who has no respect to sensitivity for other peoples' religious views."
In 168 BC, Syrian king Antiochus IV Epiphanes launched all-out war against the free speech and moral values of Jews in Palestine. This only added to the cultural siege of the Greeks under Alexander, who brought many flesh-focused obsessions to Judea, including a fascination with the nude human body. Greek culture even embraced homosexuality, especially with under-age boys. Although pious Jews were deeply offended, the Greeks did not actively attempt to destroy the Jewish faith.
Antiochus was different. He banned free speech in Israel, discriminated against Jews and harshly punished those who resisted. In 168, he erected a statue of Zeus in the sanctuary in Jerusalem and offered a swine on the altar, the ultimate insult. This was too much for a pious priest, Mattathias, who ran his sword through a Syrian officer and fled with his five sons to the wilderness. There, many poor Jews and a remnant of faithful priests under the leadership of Judah "the Hammer" Maccabee defeated Syrian armies five times over a period of five years, although outnumbered ten to one. Finally, on December 25, 163 B.C., the Jews cleansed the temple of Syrian filth and rededicated it.
ADL: Antiochus for Today
Foxman objects to the alleged "defilement" of Jewish history by Gibson. But he himself is supremely unworthy to defend the values of piety, freedom, and free speech upheld by the Maccabees. ADL is to the Bible-believing Christian and conservative right what Antiochus was to the Jews: a ruthless corrupter and persecutor. Here's how ADL carries on the tradition of Antiochus today:
ADL publicly takes credit for masterminding 45 state hate laws and the US federal hate law. It created freedom-destroying, Christian-persecuting hate crimes laws throughout the western world. Over the past four decades ADL has left a sordid trail of ruined lives and reputations of many, particularly on the right, whose only offense has been to research and speak out on subjects such as the Holocaust, homosexuality and Islam. The truth about these topics is considered "hate speech" by ADL.
Like Antiochus, who discriminated against the Jews, ADL discriminates against white Christians. It creates hate crime laws that promise protection to all. Yet ADL's laws only give protection to homosexuals, Muslims, Jews and racial minorities -- not white Christians. (Watch NPN film "Holder Admits: No Equality Under Hate Bill")
Like Antiochus, ADL metes out the harshest penalties against Christians who exercise free speech to criticize homosexuality or Islam. In 2005 ADL National Executive Board member Philadelphia DA Lynne Abraham arrested 11 Christians for the "hate crime" of witnessing publicly to homosexuals. She attempted to punish the "Philly 11" with up to 47 years in prison and an $80,000 fine each! All ADL hate laws, in the pattern of Antiochus, attempt to entrap Christians, members of the political right, critics of Zionism, etc. in as many hate crime violations as can be contrived. Once indicted in hate law countries like Canada, the victim must choose between pleading guilty or averaging $175,000 in legal fees to defend their freedom.
Antiochus sacrificed a pig on the altar and desecrated Judaism in every way he could think of. ADL through its sordid 100-year history has promoted under the banner of "tolerance" every assault on true Biblical values it can devise. Most notably, ADL has tirelessly fought to give homosexuals special, triple-tiered legal protection above the rights of the average citizen. Its widely taught curriculum gives favored, protected status to homosexuals in public schools and police forces. Its crusade has spawned numerous "anti-bullying" bills every year in state legislatures. As with its California homosexual-protecting SB 777, such laws harshly penalize critics of sodomy in the public school system. They would expel any student who criticizes a homosexual fellow student for his sexual orientation. A teacher who defends that student's free speech will be fired.
Antiochus mass-slaughtered the innocent. ADL is an arch defender of abortion, protecting the abortion industry and women's "right to choose" against Christian efforts and legislation to halt the killing of the unborn. In Canada, ADL hate law culture is especially vicious in persecuting pro-lifers, meting out enormous fines and years of imprisonment for anti-abortion picketers. (See, Hate Laws: Out to Get Pro-Lifers)
Like Antiochus, ADL desecrates Biblical values in almost too many ways to list. It promotes the "free speech" of pornographers. ADL gave special "free speech" awards to Hugh and Christie Hefner. It promotes the theory of evolution in the public school system, depriving young people of any sense of design in nature and their God-ordained place in it. ADL powerfully uses its influence in the legal system to block initiatives by creationists for equal time with evolutionists in public schools. It tears down Christian symbols such as the cross, manger scenes and even Christmas trees in public places. At the same time, ADL approves the Jewish menorah in public places, even an enormous menorah every year in front of the White House!
Christian Maccabees Must Resist ADL
The task before Christian Americans is to no longer protect ADL by silence and fear of ruin through its accusation of "anti-Semitism." It is time to drive ADL influence from the magnificent temple of freedom God has given us, the United States of America! As the Maccabees finally cleansed the temple from Antiochus' profanations, all who love God and freedom should, through public denunciation, strip ADL of all credibility. We must cover ADL with the shame it deserves. It is long overdue that ADL be exiled from credible participation in opinion-forming in America.
No Jewish organization has betrayed their freedom-loving Biblical heritage as much as ADL. It is hard to imagine a group more unlike the Maccabees.
If Mel Gibson is unworthy of dramatizing the Maccabean story, how much more unworthy is ADL of protecting it!
Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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