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Ackerman Is An Illiterate Ass!
By Jim Kirwan
"Ackerman says effort to hold Israel to int'l law is 'anti-Semitism'"
Posted: July 3, 2011 by crescentandcross in Uncategorized
"Here's Gary Ackerman, congressman from Long Island, in the Jerusalem Post, professing his Zionism. A lot of excerpts because this is so crazy. The Jews are a "separate" people, Jewish legislators from around the world must represent Israel, Palestinian statehood initiative is devastating"
ACKERMAN is an illiterate ass, because he will not admit the obvious LIE that Israel was founded upon. And apparently he has completely forgotten the Motto of Mossad, shown here:
"While many differences exist among Jewish parliamentarians, the concept of ahavat Yisrael­ literally, "love of Israel" ­ is common to us all. It is for this reason that 55 Jewish parliamentarians from 22 countries have assembled in Jerusalem under the auspices of the World Jewish Congress.
I don't believe that increasing attacks on Israel's right to exist and efforts to label its acts of self-defense "war-crimes" or even "crimes against humanity" are actually rooted in a belief in international law, or a principled evaluation of Israeli military operations."
k) And that statement is proof of the inherent fallacies that his twisted ideas of global prejudice are based upon.
"What I believe is really driving most of these claims is a deep-seated and stubborn refusal to see Jews as a people. This conceptual failure ­ whether rooted in anti-Semitism (which it is) or ignorance (which it is) ­ leads to a refusal to accept Israel as a Jewish state, or to accept that it, like every state, has a fundamental right to self-defense ".
k) To be sure there are Jews in Palestine and Israel, but it is not the Jews, as such, who are what the world is reacting to but rather the perverted power of the Zionists that are in control of all Jewish policies and the military inside that blood-drenched land. In fact the Jews themselves are also under attack from the Zionists inside Israel; because they stand against Zionism as well: And Zionism is not Jewish, nor is it a race of people it is a perverted philosophy that has used Jewishness to hide the machinations of its political-plans to crush all resistance to Zionism in the wider world beyond Israel. It was toward that end that Hitler signed that pact (1932) with Zionist International (ZI) which when added to the NA that represented the German National Socialist party that became the word "NAZI" and led directly to the eventual empowerment of Hitler and to the rise of the Third Reich! Because that succeeded we are now seeing the rise of the Fourth Reich, with the Nazi's still in power!
"Only Israel, the one and only Jewish state, is subjected to the humiliation of having its right to exist routinely questioned, and the right of its people to be free from violence openly rejected. Only Israel is the permanent whipping boy of the United Nations."
k) With good reason, because there was never a natural right for Israel to exist: Israel was a fictitious state created out of whole cloth that was originally Palestine. Then this was given illegally to Israel by the actions of those internationally affiliated Zionists and introduced into the UN by Harry Truman. There never was a natural state called Israel, which is why every action they undertake is suspect to every other human being on the planet and ALWAYS will be!
"So we are faced with a paradox: While the anti-Semitism and discrimination Jews have historically faced (and in some places rightfully continue to fear) are based on the view of Jews as a people apart, the ongoing assault on Israel's legitimacy is built upon the idea that the Jews are not a separate people at all, and are thus not entitled to self-determination"
k) The Palestinians are Semites; how is it that Israel can arrogantly imprison 1.5 million Semites in an open-air concentration camp, for over sixty years and not have to explain their actions to the whole world? Of course Israel must attempt to explain itself because in reality Israel does not actually exist, according to any of the norms that come with being any other nation in the world today! If the Jews were a separate people; then how does Ackerman explain why they have never had a homeland in the modern world-prior to attempting to steal Palestine?
"THE PALESTINIAN plan to take their case for statehood to the UN General Assembly poses great danger for Israel. If this initiative were to succeed­ or worse, to slip out of control, ­ the results could be devastating. Israel could be exposed to sanctions and pressures beyond the wildest hopes of its worst enemies."
k) Exactly! This is what must happen; The completely complicit UN must reject Israel's claims of their supposed right to their own supposed state and dissolve any so-called right by the alleged-Jews (who have been co-opted by the Outlawed-Zionists) who are in reality the actual-airs to the Fourth Reich that survived the death of Hitler to continue in this world as the New-Nazi's.
"But in addition to these external challenges, we face a more intimate one that we share with the entire Jewish people. How do those of us who are representatives from all over the world and every part of the political spectrum come together to protect and advance our common interests?" (1)
k) That part of this confusion is butt simple: YOU DON'T! Such a gathering is an insult to the rest of humanity that must treat their citizens with respect instead of constant torture and imprisonment. There are no "common-interests" among the Zionists because all they want is "MORE, MORE & EVEN MORE," in fact they want to OWN EVERYTHING there is in this universe! And they will gladly murder anyone that gets in their way.
Their vaunted army is an international joke which could not exist without the total support of the USA in every single aspect of their supposed national life. Take a look at the result of the last Israeli Invasion of Lebanon, wherein despite the UN's refusal to halt this illegal invasion Israel was unable to get more than five miles into Lebanon. So much for the natural-superiority of Zionist military forces, and all the armaments we gave or sold them. Israel had their asses kicked by Hezbollah, just as that has also happened to them at the hands of Hamas (both of which were political affiliations that were originally created by Israel to pervert the Palestinian people) but which ended up supporting the same people they were created to oppose. (2))
Their "troops" can only be victorious so long as those they attack remain unarmed and starving. Israel is a false-flag on so many fronts that to even speak of that place as a nation is an insult to the other 129 nations in the world today.
Israel as it is currently-configured needs to be officially-dissolved by the community of nations because as long as that medieval cancer continues to exist upon this planet then there can never be any peace anywhere in the world.
The fact that Ackerman cannot understand the obvious is proof positive that this shill is nothing but just another bag of hot-air trying to sell the world more snake-oil in the guise of a supposed humanity inside Israel that does not exist! The "people" of his "district" ought to remove him from office ASAP!
1) Ackerman says effort to hold Israel to Int'l Law is Anti-Semitism
2) Who Will Stop the Countdown
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