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9-11 Information Worth Your Time
The Story That Will Not Die!

From Jim Kirwan
Hi Jim,
It is my understanding that the clean up crews working in the pit were still bringing up track-excavator mouthfulls of dripping molten/melting steel 6 MONTHS later, even after billions of gallons of water were poured on them !
Yes, it's not the exact method, but the FACT is it wasnt jet fuel, and the government lied its ass off. And it LIES to this day...every word that comes out of their mouths.
I still believe micro nukes were used for portions of the demolition project.
1. The dredlock-looking pulverization was so complete, so instantaneous, far beyond any explosion I ever saw at the mines.
Even huge quarry blast just makes rocks...and not that much nano dust.
2.  The Lamont Seismic signature matched exactly the Nuclear Test ban Treaty signature.
3.  The Russians have been able to make mini nuke craters exactly like what we saw swallow the building,
yes even to 5 feet of radius and 5 feet of depth...it's that accurate a technique, created after
they saw the neat rows of craters at NV Test Site. Could micro nukes make lakes?  Well, slightly radioactive ones,
so they failed as a 'construction' tool, but sure works good for demolishing buildings!
4.  Dr Ed Ward MD has also confirmed Mini Nukes and they were what took out entire basements and
also top floor to get things started, while it does look like some form of Therm Ate iswhat was used on individual
collumns/floors, it could not create the dredlock nano particles with I beams flying a quarter mile.  No way!
5.  Radio isotopes were detected even after 5 billion gals of water diluted them to small amounts.
6.  You got to love the lie about how Tritium came from the towers' EXIT signs!  No, the tritium came
from a Laser Triggered Mini H-bomb, which leaves little to trace. just pure energy. See National Ignition Facilit
website for pics of pin head of Tritium being lasered to ignition! (By ignition they mean fusion ignition.)
7.  If it was terrorist who did this, all they would have had to do is call up and demand our surrender, etc,
but there was nothing like that. There were no threats, etc, no real messages of any sort.  No demands means it was
just not terror-based. If they had this technology they could destroy anything anytime, and we would be toast.
8.  When all the world's experts can't figure all this out, then it wasn't rags in caves, even if they had
a fully-accredited University of Tora Bora, still no one has this technology and technique except
perhaps the superpowers, and maybe not even all of them.
I often think it was Israeli Mini Nukes, copied from our labs and perhaps other captured black market nuclear stuff.
They are so good at nuclear physics, and could do this without anyone's help.  For years, everyone has been perfecting
sub-critical nuclear experiments, working up from nothing towards test ban treaty levels, and it's amazing how accurate
and dangerous this all has become, computer modeling also plays a big role. The test are so small, even Israel can do them
out in back of the lab.  Look how small they make MERV warheads these days.
Forget the old outdated Davy Crocket Artillery Shells, or even the infamous 'Suitcase Nukes.'  Imagine a new Hydrogen Warhead the size of a beer can!  I believe its possible now and very likely was back in 2001.
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