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The Twentieth Century Was A Hoax!
By Mary W Maxwell, PhD
In the chronology below, you see 20th century events that were taught to us as having come about spontaneously. Nope. Not even one of them was 'happenstance.' A very small team planned it all.
They found it amazingly easy to knock down nations, religions, and institutions. To perform this trick, they had only to create events that weaken people ­ wars, epidemics, and social quarrelling, and provide whole soap operas of daily life for distraction.
Recall hearing that an amateur video maker happened to catch police beating up a man named Rodney King, then gave his film (for free!) to the TV studios, and that this led to an indictment of cops? And the cops' acquittal provoked the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, that 'justified' new police powers, and tanks on the street? Surprise -- it was planned. The players were from Central Casting.
1901Teddy Roosevelt gains presidency when McKinley shot (by a very unlikely assassin).
1902 End of British-provoked Boer wars, with Dutch rule in South Africa defeated.
1902 Rockefeller opens General Education Board that will influence school curricula.
1904 Russo-Japanese war: Bankers pay Japan to destabilize the Russian czar.
1906 Earthquake in San Francisco, attended by Nikola Tesla's friend Mark Twain.
1907 A cleverly arranged panic makes Americans desire more control by government.
1912 Woodrow Wilson elected; enabled by Teddy Roosevelt's running of a third party.
1912 Hitler, a social dropout, spends year in UK (in order to be trained at Tavistock?).
1913 Dr Sun Yat-sen makes China a republic, imitating US, counters Confucian tradition.*
1913 Sen. Aldrich's and Paul Warburg's coup d'etat: Federal Reserve control of Treasury.
1913 Rockefeller secures control of AMA and medical education, via foundation grants.
1914 The Great War begins; will end with overthrow of Hapsburg and Ottoman empires.
1917 Bolshevik 'revolution.' Lenin replaces czar, establishes 'proletarian dictatorship'.
1919 Treaty of Versailles: Bankers arrange German reparations that will bring on war.
1920 Tavistock's official debut; mentors Stanford Research Inst. for 'control of behavior.'
1920 Pogroms against Jews in Russia, appearing as product of local bias or hatred.
1920s John Dewey influences how public schools will educate children in America.
1921 Laymen meet to assist US's foreign policy making: Council on Foreign Relations.
1922 Mussolini starts fascism in Italy. (Like Fuhrer Hitler, 'Il Duce' came from nowhere.)
1923 Kemal Ataturk maps Turkey out of Ottoman land; urges a Western-like republic.
1926 Edward Bernays, Freud's nephew, develops propaganda and advertising in USA.
1928 Egyptian teacher al-Banna founds Muslim Brotherhood. (Can MI6 be far behind?)
1928 William Paley buys the CBS network, eventually running major media with the CIA.
1928 H.G.Wells publishes "The Open Conspiracy"; now everything can hide in plain sight.
1933 Great Depression arranged by Wall St (softens people up for New Deal socialism.)
1934 Japan grabs Manchuria. Mao (tutored by Yale?) has Long March vs local 'warlords.'
1935 Mrs Wallis Simpson supplied to Britain's king; he gives up throne 'for her' in 1937.
1936 Franco wins Spanish 'civil war.' He stays neutral in WWII, runs 38 years of fascism.
1937 Airship Hindenburg explodes in New Jersey, encouraging a switch to Boeing planes.
1938 Sandoz labs create LSD. (Decades on, Timothy Leary given media ink to push LSD)
1938 'Kristallnacht' signals terrorism and vandalism against German-Jewish merchants.
1941 Allies make deal with Sicilian Mafia, and the deal continues inside US -- indefinitely!
1942 US begins major subsidization of Soviet Union, purportedly to help fight Germany.
1942 Nations against 'the axis' form UN. (Rockefeller will give it New York land in '45.)
1943 Tesla dies; his notebook about a death beam disappears from his New York hotel.
1945 General G. Patton, critical of policy, is murdered ­ media report it as car accident.
1947 Nazi officers migrate to US; form main part of the new Central Intelligence Agency.
1948 As US ambassador Arthur Lane notes, Washington supports Red takeover of Poland.
1948 India partitioned. Migration, genocide, as Muslims create Pakistan ('land of pure').
1949 China 'goes Commie' after US ends support of Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist army.
1949 US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal murdered ­ government calls it a suicide.
1950s Hollywood starts to be main producer of American culture, exported worldwide.
1950 Congress passes first of many Acts of unconstitutional federal emergency power.
1951 MK-Ultra program dissociates US kids' minds, via torture, to make them assassins!
1952 'Congress of Cultural Freedom' promotes CIA's chosen literary persons, musicians.
1953 CIA (really MI6) replaces Iran's popular leader Mosaddegh with Shah, trains SAVAK.
1954 Polio scare. People take new Salk vaccine; it contains SV-40 that encourages cancer.
1956 Walt Disney has majority of US wanting children to join "the Mickey Mouse Club."
1956 Sudan gains independence. Other British and French colonies in Asia, Africa follow.
1959 US helps install Fidel Castro in Cuba; he then fills the role: 'Red threat at US border.'
1962 De Gaulle cries Oncle, ends Algerian war. (French people 'later learn' torture used.)
1962 Pope John XXIII starts Vatican II, eases up Church's rules, modernizes ceremonies.
1963 Most Americans traumatized by psy-op public shooting of admired president, JFK.
1960s FBI Cointelpro finds political activism, and the life of the mind generally, criminal.
1960s The Pill ends the worry of pregnancy, making it almost de rigueur to 'shack up.'
1965 Hurricane Betsy. LBJ's notes: "Water covers × New Orleans, up to eaves of homes."
1965 First episode of TV show "The F.B.I" that will run for 9 years to glorify the G-man.
1965 Northeast electricity blackout, but Braintree, MA had its own power supply, so OK.
1968 Feds' assertion that Clay Shaw 'isn't CIA' prevents Jim Garrison solving JFK mystery.
1968 Sirhan and Ray picked, to obscure the raw politics of RFK and MLK assassinations.
1969 Mind-controlled hippie Charles Manson teaches cult how to murder and rob banks.
1969 Mass media leads the citizenry to decry involvement in Vietnam 'war of liberation.'
1970s Drug laws imprison million men (the drugs are actually imported by US officials).
1970s PLO and IRA in news daily, convey idea of ethnic violence as normal, unstoppable.
1972 Christmas Eve earthquake in Managua, like the one in 1931, kills many Nicaraguans.
1973 American Indian Movement seizes Wounded Knee SD; helicopter practice for govt.
1973 End of draft (conscription, since WWI), beginning of all-volunteer military service.
1974 Leftists replace Salazar in Portugal, abandon folks in Angola, Mozambique, E. Timor.
1974 Watergate 'crime' offloads Nixon; gives NATO man Haig a day in the White House.
1976 Scare-mongering about swine flu knows no bounds, everyone to be vaccinated.
1978 'Rev.' Jim Jones, expert in mind control, invites 900 cult members to drink cyanide.
1979 Carter's Executive Order 12148 creates FEMA, an unconstitutional federal police.
1978 Men in New York given experimental Hepatitis C vaccine are actually AIDS-killed.
1978 Aldo Moro, Prof of Criminal Law and ex-PM of Italy kidnapped and killed by 'Reds.'
1979 USSR drawn into Afghanistan by Brzezinski types; Olympic boycott is US response.
1984 Ollie North patsied. (Op. Sledgehammer contingency is domestic nuclear genocide?)
1985 Reagan says "We are not trading arms for hostages." Iran-Contra 'scandal' erupts.
1987 Rodney Stich, in prison for whistleblowing about air crashes, gets asset-forfeitured.
1988 Savings & Loan heist. (Provides cash for unthinkable 'special ops' in Latin America.)
1989 Steamrolling of a protester in China's Tiananmen Square makes a visual point to all.
1989 Teenager Alisha Owens imprisoned for 20 years on perjury charges re pedophilia.
1989 Operation Nifty Package invasion: capture of Panama's head of state via loud music.
1989 Fall of Berlin Wall seen as end of Communism in East Europe. Families reunited.
1991 Soviet Gorbachev (not a team player?) taken for ride in woods. Later, USSR falls.
1991 Glaspie having encouraged invasion of Kuwait by Saddam, US tries out new arms.
1994 UN Security Council has tribunal for Rwanda genocide, but not for AIDS genocide.
1994 OJ Simpson's ex-wife Nicole is stabbed to death.
1995 US joins WTO without Senate treaty. (No one knows to whom WTO is accountable.)
1995 "McVeigh" bombs OKC; policeman Yeakey who finds other explosives goes suicidal.
1997 Princess Diana dies in a car crash.
1998 Paula Jones's lawsuit forces US president to talk about sex; House impeaches him.
1998 Walker-Smith, saying bowel disease can reach brain and cause autism, is harassed.
1999 Businesses unquestioningly subscribe to wholly fake New Year's Eve 'Y2K crisis.'

 *I can defend every one of the claims listed here except this one. This one I made up. No that there is any doubt Sun Yat-sen did those things, but the claim I am making ­ as for every item on the list ­ is not simply that the event took place, but that it was 'arranged.' Instead of the main characters initiating the event, it was the overlords who set it up.

I realize it is unprofessional of me to state as fact that Sun Yat-sen was (therefore) manipulated, given that I confess ignorance about him, but I mean to be provocative. Try to imagine how a man would get away with influencing hundreds of millions of his countrymen if he was not acceptable to the invisible overlords. Couldn't happen, right? Doesn't happen. Did not happen throughout the 20th century.
Mary W Maxwell, PhD, is busy rejoicing that we have now got a purchase on that century.
Her book, Prosecution for Treason, concerning the present century, is selling like hotcakes at Barnes and Noble. It is also available online for free.
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